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I write about things that annoy or affront me.   It’s all about lies, corruption, cheating and scamming, basically or categorically involving Religion, Politics and Sex.  All three are the things you were told not to talk about.  Really?  We still do and possibly the only way to stop talking about these things would be to  remove the water cooler, coffee pots and close all bars. 

If you believe that you should not discuss any of these things then this is not the place for you. Thats why God made sand, a place to bury your head. Thats just called denial.  And those who do bury their head expose another part of their anatomy for the world to see… not exactly putting your best face forward.

corruotionwheelWhen you turn on the TV, pick up a paper, or cruise to the office coffee pot, thats a good part of what people talk about, sometimes thats all they talk about.  I am a news junkie.  I am also a researcher,  slightly relentless, antagonistic, stubborn and I get to see this world very clearly and from varied viewpoints.  

If you see life in a clear light, all of the main topics are connected.  Just look at the five sided corruption wheel, which came to me five minutes after being awakened from surgery just before they gave me Oxycodone.  It made less sense later on after the Oxycodone which was the first and last pain killer of that stature I’ll ever take.  What a trip, I’ll stick to Tylenol.

And thats important.  Because the news today is all about follow the money, whether its Politics, Religion or Sex trying to find the truth in media driven by money, ratings, through the venue of distortion.

I have a short fuse dislike and write about:

  • Fake, Corrupt, Greedy, Phony,  Insincere Politicians: To date about 80% of Congress.
  • Fake, Corrupt, Greedy, Lying, Phony TV Evangelists and most fake evangelists period. About 90% of TV.
  • Corporate Guano Food Chains with synthetic pre-cooked manipulated food based on the bottom dollar not nutrition. Also 90%.
  • Selling Sex using marriage vows as a PR campaign, as just a simple formality, the use of sex in selling, and taking advantage of the young, those that can't defend themselves and those used by others for profit.  About 95% of Hollywood.

NEW stories and several updates:
The truth as I and others see it on the Malaysian air disaster  MH370
Fact: Ebola over 10,000 have died, Ebola

Updated stupidity from the following Boehner, Rand and Christie
The truths and untruths, and stupidity about the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson, 
Telling it like it is:  Israel’s Ambassador spells it out at the UN.  
Bibi Netanyahoo spiels it out to Congress
Gun Control:  The Killing Fields, Children and Guns...


We send people to Washington to represent us and share our views, solve problems and make a more perfect union.  Instead they are the problems, lingering too long, being bribed to the point of uselessness, total out of touch with their constituents, and in the case of John Boehner only in touch with the imaginary constituents, the ones on the bar-stool on the left and his right who are demanding the repeal of Obamacare or anything the President wants to get done as long as Boehner keeps buying.   Even his favorite bartender wanted to kill him…says a lot for his tipping.  The only perfect union they see is the joint the toilet trap makes with the mains. 

Today, I vote as a non affiliate, and permit me to make that perfectly clear, right up front, to your face.  In the past I voted Republican about forty five plus years, straight ticket, party card holder and verbal marching volunteer.  I guess I was a Goldwater and Reagan Conservative, because they were frugal in the size of government, but they had morally compassionate leanings to those of lesser financial stature.  

For the past three elections with no party affiliation, I am a firm believer in the expression, "Birds of a feather”.  I vote for the person and I believe that was the intention of voting.  The parties have become corrupt clubs, bribe inspired and loyal, sold, bought, and paid for.  I pick a person, I search, dissect, track and investigate that person and I am a bulldog. I'm, not a political party stooge.  Especially a party that is bought sold and traded just like stock in a super corporation.  I'm convinced that is not the Republican party I stood with for all those years.  

I’m sick of the electoral rhetoric, the Democrats calling the Republicans a bunch of goose stepping white haired old Southern Loons, not totally true, thats only 65% of them.  The other 35% are born-againers, Evangelicals who never quite grasped the theory of the separation of Church and State.   And I hate Republicans blaming Democrats for shaking hands with President Obama.  You would think hand sanitizers hadn’t been invented.  I include Santorum, Huckabee, and the usual crew who sling Jesus like hash at a road diner, and don’t really live the life they profess. I don’t really know what you call religious prejudice.  Based on the scamming voter registration tricks the GOP is backing, prejudice is again rearing it’s ugly head, it never went away, just stayed dormant but on the rise.

The Party chased me away with their stupidity, selfishness and greed.  I’m not liking the picture of what the party stands for today, bribed,  controlled by big money and corruption.  Like the NRA, it's not the same party I joined years back. Too far to the wrong right. Pushed and controlled by the Tea Party, spenders like Adelson and the Koch Brothers, big money with threats of primary challenges.  And a total frickin ideological idiot self serving jerk at the forefront, Senator Ted Cruz, Our “man of the year”.  Thats the good news, the bad news is others are following in his footsteps and hopefully, eventually they might lead to quicksand.

The Tea Party and the NRA are threats to this countries safety, they already killed it’s integrity.  Henceforth the party mantra is based on the fact I have declared tea partiers "TEA POTS".  Just remember the mantra, "TEA POTS scream and whistle a lot, but other than for putting out boiling water, totally useless”.  We had also considered TEAT POTTERS but that was too sexist.  Most of the 65% consider women based on how these loons voted as unimportant and insignificant 2nd class citizens.  I’m waiting for the frying pan revolution when some of the southern white hairs get their brains knocked out.

And when twenty people get killed by a screwball with a semi-automatic weapon and the NRA shrugs it off as a common event, they should be held accountable. I have  solution for the NRA, since they spend the dollars of their members dues (millions) to fight gun legislation.  Lets declare them the insurance provider for the GUN country.  When a child or innocent is killed have them cough up a cool million for the family.  Then, I would say things were fair and balanced.  They pay Wayne LaPierre a million a year to twist the truth, why not pay the victims?

When you are immersed in the political game carrying camera and notepad and get to meet these folks up front, backstage, off the camera, good and bad times, the light changes as we say in photography, and you make adjustments. You also see the real person. And I have to be honest, in the arena of the big lie, getting caught, thieving, cheating, lying and corruption, the Republicans are winning hands down.   The birthers, deathers, obstructionists, prejuidistos, gerrymanderers false statements on voter polls, are all hurting the common people, the lower and middle class, not the President.  

Thats what this site is about, exposing the two largest groups of slime who seem to be slithering out of the vents just like in the movie "The Blob".  Fake politicos and fake religionists.  Politicians are always claiming God is on their side, and the religious right is claiming they know who is the best God to lead this nation.  Maybe they should read the constitution, something about Church and State.  Which brings us to Religion. Religion, the gift of GOD to man has killed more people than the plagues, alien abductions and Pee Wee Herman reruns… the era of the false prophet or is it profit?

Politicians and polling is likened to a horse bettor checking his tout sheet, a scorecard to see if ones greatest lies are actually working.  If it looks like a crook, smells like a crook, acts like a crook, and wants your vote or money for whatever cause they claim to support you with, most likely it is either a politician or a religious scam.  

We have a large section of our "friends" we elected not because of their skills or patriotic beliefs and the honest will to serve but many were the lesser of two evils;  Or we were not informed enough and believed the lies and spins put out by the paid professional liars hired by these political hacks.  Or as Fareed Zakaria explains it,  "voters usually decide in the voter booth where they will usually select a name they recognize”.  And just like the proverbial cockroach these money changers like Karl Rove turn up at every election with some title or position and claim God is behind them.  

In politics, I just target the liars regardless of political stance or affiliation or what they just lied about as a talking head.  And we did not leave out those who were busy banging secretaries, continent hoping for love in all those Argentine hotspots which never fully made it, or those chasing Senate pages around in addition to the usual bribes, favors, cheating, and all around scum bagging some of them are known for.


The founding fathers came to this land because they couldn't worship the way they wanted to.  Few religions are perfect.   Only God is perfect, it’s man who screws things up and down through the ages.  Sharia law and the Inquisition were and are equal opportunity killers and maimers.   No preferences, believe as you wish but that didn’t last long…witch hunts… And today we have a strong right, passionate voice about this becoming the United States of Jesus.  This country was based on religious freedom,  not the "My God is better than your God thinking of many groups".  The Horrible Fact is: "The Better God Syndrome" has resulted in the death of more people than any other man made philosophy in the world.

But anyone in politics who has to take an oath declaring to defend the constitution. Thus the order is Country, God, Family and so forth.  for the Evangelical it’s God, Country, Family.   In a totalitarian society like the Taliban, Al Qaeda  or ISIS, ISIL or Boko-Haram then  it's their convenient and not benevolent God, then the AK-47 is first and nothing else counts.  Family means nothing as women have no rights anyway.  Just like the way the some Republicans see things. 

It's the separation of Church and State, the abortion changers, and the Texas Evangelical School Board librarians that threaten the United States of America. Whether they call themselves evangelicals, patriots, Tea Pots or anything else, NO GROUP has the right to take anything away from anyone else regardless of the cause or the one they made up because of their man-made fabricated pointed hat bred spooky ritualistic religious beliefs.  


If you are watching a guy on TV dressed like a preacher that tells you to send him money to do Gods work, call his hotline and tell him, God has spoken to you and you were so moved you decided to give to the poor box at the local church you attend instead and you saved 44 cents postage and soon 49 cents. 

You just wanted him to know your money went direct to help the poor and not to put gas in his Rolls Royce. If you can afford a Rolls Royce, and million dollar mansions on both coasts, why ask for money.  Tell the crook to cash himself in, sell his Rolex’s, get a sundial, don a brown cloak and sandals and walk on water….he’ll frickin drown.

And ask him to send his financials to Senator Grassley's sub committee. Our Lord never hired these guys or their fake cohorts and he gets around pretty good in real business class making floods, landslides, and burning bushes with ease, never asking for financial help.

If you try selling something today without sex in it. Good Luck. This isn't pushing GEICO, you buy GEICO because the law requires it. You buy AX to smell good because you want to copulate more often. That is the message thats sells in the products, they are called pheromone sales.  

Even FOX NEWS sells sex, drop dead gorgeous women, peek-a-boo tops, the long haired tresses, short dresses, long legs and slightly short on thinking, long on tele-prompters.  Few if any have degrees in Journalism, most in runway and hairstyling, stage makeup and breathing heavy. 

A smaller segment is called the infidelity or Hollywood section. Thats where we are compelled to hear about on at least three major channels all about who is "boffing" who!  Or as in the case of Hollywood, the marriage of the week which will probably last a week, the pregnancy of the week, which will last nine months, or the ongoing Kardashian series, one who is married, another who is cohabiting on and off and Kim who is in and out of love and marriage as fast as the concubines of some fourth world countries. 

But they manipulate, conjugate and in some instances do show growth in the public relations world as you compare before and after shots of Kim doing what Kim does best, putting her assets right up front. Just compare last years shot with this years.  Even Einstein got into the equation. Thats a 50% increase in size by volume.

This insight into the rich and famous promotes fatherhood by Bruce Jenner trying to keep straight the three celebrities, with fatherly advice which is totally ignored and soon to be expanded to five as the next generation of concubines in training get of age before the reality show voted him off the scene.  

Too bad he’s leaving the show, but not without consequence. Bruce has done more for promoting bad plastic surgery than anyone else by using and sacrificing his own face for the subject manner.  Do not let your children see pictures of Bruce, our Olympic hero other than at Halloween. Thank Kris Jenner for talking him into it…

You heard it here first but is only a rumor:  The “Eu de Toilette Paper by Kardashian”.  A line of decorator toilet papers endorsed by some of the biggest asses in Hollywood for some of the most discriminating asses.  All paper designs were personally tested and selected by Kim Kardashian and we agree, “No one has more assets to offer than her”.  No rolls of paper were wounded or destroyed in the testing process.  And letting it all hangout is the way of the future… just look at what happened to Hannah Montana.

MILEY CYRUS aka Hannah Montana

The latest entry in the field of asset whoredom exhibitionism is Hannah Montana, she grew up real fast and made a real statement, Hannah found the Banana… and made “ twerking", a tweenie word, but her seemingly twitching out of control skinny behind is no match for Queen Kardashian.  Not in the same league…  on the other hand if Kim Kardashian twerked we would have to put out road cones for safety measures.

Tweenies into twerkers… kicked off by Miley Cyrus's song and dance extravaganza on MTV hailed as a breakout.  She went from Disney's plainness inspired Hannah Montana known for adding costumes to giant swinging wrecking balls with no clothes on other than boots. 

Hannah Montana is an American television series still in rerun that originally aired on the Disney Channel from March 24, 2006 until January 16, 2011. It aired ninety-eight episodes across four seasons. 

The series focused on Miley Stewart (portrayed by Miley Cyrus), a girl who lives a double life as an average teenager by day and a famous pop singer Hannah Montana by night. She conceals her identity from the public, other than her close friends and family. The two year older Miley now reveals in the video everything in public short of her genitalia.   What a transformation in two years.

Life imitates TV or the other way around.  The series was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program from 2007 through 2010. But the star had a hidden agenda brought out by MTV and the fast track.  Now her work should be banned from children.  Kids have little money.

This went electric on the web and her single, probably album into first place.  Good job Miley you really set the bar for those 12-14 year old fans who will be imitating you soon.  Bad enough when you see HBO 's special on 13 year old children in middle school servicing the football team with oral and anal sex.  

I graduated High School at 15 (the main subject I got "A"s in was Truancy and Home room) and with only an average education from the city college, , I was challenged to become the Captain of the Bad Spelling and Run-on sentence team.  As mentioned I suffer from a speech defect called "brought up in Brooklyn". To overcome this, I have been blessed with a good two-fingered Apple keyboard, a super loaded Mac Pro computer, a darn good spell checker most of the time and a frickin morose sense of humor. 

I speak fluent Brooklyn and they tell me thats how I write... Of the almost 6000 languages and dialects on the earth, "Brooklyn" is doing well.  Expressions like "Doz Bums" and " Arrgh Jeeze" all owe their heritage to Crown Heights. Home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, Carl Furillo, Duke Snider, PeeWee Reese and Ebbet's field who were actually neighbors.  I grew up on Montgomery Street, five blocks from the field.

My "ALMAH MARTYR"  G. W. Wingate High School, is responsible for the skills I have today which I learned from my English teacher.  Her favorite paraphrase was "Jacobs to Detention.  Her hero was Shakespeare, it did not amplify my reading skills. I always carried a good book in my schoolbag, I received more education reading in detention. 

NOTE:  George W. Wingate High School is now a defunct comprehensive high school in the Prospect - Lefferts Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It opened in 1956 and was closed down in June 2004 due to poor academic performance.  it was the first racially 50%/50% black-white school in the United States.  

I hated English, looking back, it was a mistake.  language skills are the carrier deck of communication and if my writing skills were equal to my thinking skills I would be flying F-18 Hornets.  And had I paid attention in typing class, my two index fingers would not be a full half inch shorter than the others. Nevertheless, I made a few points in life,  I got a lot of dates from the typing class.  I have learned to write in html and I can photograph in .jpg and RAW.  I managed to fly as a PIC for 27 years, saved two planes while on fire, the passengers, and my buttocks on mechanical failures, and bouts with mother nature .  

And after 29 years I successfully "mastered the TV remote" though I can't remember how I did that.  I write five assorted blogs and created numerous websites and new words, so I wrote my own dictionaries for my new words.  You will see it here.  DICTIONARY

I remember the first tools I made at Wingate in the metal shop (totally unauthorized program) and even today they still talk of the Jacobs Hubcap Remover, not sold in stores, available in Midnight Black Only. You too can have a career in hubcap "restoration" for only $39.95. Make it back on your first job even if you only got the front ones! Comes complete with instructions for both domestic and foreign jobs. 

BUT WAIT! Order now and we'll double the offer and send you my new book " Guide to the Great Bail Bondsmen of America".  

I managed in my spare time to build and own a one man manufacturing and consulting company in the photo industry located at  I needed the freedom of being self employed to take care of my wife who had Cancer. I left the Corporate world and went on my own. 

I understand the little guy and business, all phases.  At times it left me humble realizing the battle my wife fought with Cancer was the reason I left a corporate job to help her and be with her to the end, she was more important to me.

She was my strength, her courage unflinching.  I'm human, middle class, not wealthy, I suffer from the agony and frustration of a broken corrupt healthcare system, meeting bills, praying for a simplified and fair tax code, one that a mere mortal can understand and on one page.  And it is why I attack corruptness, bigotry and thievery, by researching, chasing, and tracking down information, and I never stopped learning. I am inquisitive about anything. Even at seventy-two.  My body is like the old sponge, but the brain is still going strong.  I still work and I'm not leaking water yet.


I may see things differently than you, and this site is all about viewpoint, my viewpoint, I hold nothing back and owe no one.  I welcome discussion, I am involved every day in think tanks with intelligent people who seek solutions. 

I don't argue with idiotic slogans, immoral rhetoric, not the BS they taught on Fox Media by Glenn Beck (and others) on a chalkboard from a 1/2 term college dropout, former druggie, hyped with a morose sense of values with no credentials, or party lines written by morons on forums with anonymous names. If you have to hide your name and identity, how can I believe anything you say?  How can you believe Beck when he needs thirteen writers and  producers to deliver that spittle.

And I like to draw comparisons. I once explained Washington as a Poker Tournament. Lots of bluffs, eye contact, playing with someone else's money and losers.  Thats till you get to the final table, the cards are on the line and then you show your real hand.  Yup, in Washington, in the sleeve, thats where the two aces were hidden. There are six in a deck, aren't there?

My unique logo represents No Bullsh*t/No Smoke "emblification". Go chase that word in your Funk and Wagnalls.  So lets get a few things out of the way because it may take a while to get used to my sense of humor. I have no problem with communication, I speak in tongues, the Brooklyn tongue and it's a very "sardastic", language.  If you grew up in Brooklyn, you are both sarcastic and slightly sadistic. It's a new word, "sardastic". 


The race to win the coveted Alfred E. Newman Award for 2014 was off to a great start. It's a political year! Yippee, a-holes galore warming up for the onslaught.  The Alfred E. Neuman award for Political Brilliance in and out of the political arena. In the past this award has been given to such "extinguished" candidates as George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Sara Palin and Glenn Beck. 

There is more money in being an instigator, than in problem solving. Just ask SARAH PALIN our 2010-2011 Winner. No ideas, no answers, just complains and complains and if you jiggle the letters in the word COMPLAINS, you get PALIN MOCS.  

Michelle Bachmann pushed the envelope in 2012 and is retiring soon. The biggest jerk in the running for 2013 was Ted CRUZ, the Master of Disaster and he took first place from 100% of the jury polling.   This award recognizes those who did little for the country except tear it apart and prove cranial-rectal dyslexia does exist even in 2013.  We did have a healthy choice of possible candidates, they are all winners, in my mind, but TED CRUZ proves Texas was capable of producing another great classic winner after George Bush.


I rely heavily on some websites that uncover the distortions and lies, half-truths semi-truths, partial truths,  and creative writing by those lightly equipped with brains and sensitivities.  Yes, I may repeat a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out. Truth is truth.  And Im making  appoint probably shared by others.   

Adding to this collection are the quotes and sometimes “ sick" thoughts of brain-farters, aka "entertainers",
those who come up with things lending comfort to other mentally deprived thinkers, truth or not. 

My three favorites check out sites are, Politi-facts and for general information, I reference WIKIPEDIA, the online encyclopedia.

For ten years, David and Barbara Mikkelson have devoted themselves to double-checking the cannon fodder that permeates the web. Their site is one of the best on urban myths and flatus dependus moronus. For those not understanding Latin, it means "fart headed moron" which is one who suffers from cranial-rectal dyslexia. 

Their site, Snopes, has grown into one of the most popular and influential fact-checking destinations on the Web. In a given week, Snopes tries to set the record straight on everything from political smears to old wives’ tales.


PolitiFact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times to help you find the truth in politics.  Every day, reporters and researchers from the Times examine statements by members of Congress, the president, cabinet secretaries, lobbyists, people who testify before Congress and anyone else who speaks up in Washington. They research their statements and then rate the accuracy on their Truth-O-Meter – True, Mostly True, Half True, Barely True and False. The most ridiculous falsehoods get the lowest rating, Pants on Fire.  They also rate the consistency of public officials on our Flip-O-Meter using three ratings: No Flip, Half Flip and Full Flop.  A few bottom lines about urban myths. Dr. Goebbels, Glenn Becks mentor was right, tell a lie, a big one, tell it often and make it loud. Our conclusion: There are a lot of people out there posting items that have only a glancing relationship with the truth and the worst part is they themselves rarely care if it is the truth or not.


"It stopped being just a website a long time ago. For many of us, most of us, Wikipedia has become an indispensable part of our daily lives."  Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. Its 15 million articles  have been written collaboratively by volunteers around the world. and almost all of its articles can be edited by anyone with access to the site.  Wikipedia was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and is currently the largest and most popular general reference work on the Internet.

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