Welcome to my world.  I am a month or so shy of 76.  I never thought I would last this long.  Maybe I have had a good life, I don’t drink to excess nor smoke, gave it up fifty years ago, joined a gym, only 16 pounds overweight and love quality home cooking.  I stayed married over three decades to the most wonderful woman in the world till she passed from cancer.  She was my rock...  SEE 

Writing, photography and journalism and a wicked sense of humor has sustained me, you can’t ask for more.  I have been blessed, my maker treats me fairly. My world evolves around the good and bad people with fascination and I served in wars, and further supported the troops as a contractor, did charitable work for decades, flew real planes for thirty something years, did corporate work and at the same time managed my small personal businesses.       SEE

A love of travel took me to conferences, trade shows, unique wonderful places and I have been privileged to meet incredible real purposeful  people and more than a few Scumbags too.  But, sooner or later you catch up to yourself... it’s called AGE.

I’m done, it should be time to kick back and take it easy.  I can’t. I simply cannot totally retire, not now. Too much bad going on.  I tried it three times and failed.  I have too much nervous energy and I’m driven. There is still some gas in my tank, the old heart engine runs good, and I’m off.  

My biggest fear is not keeping this active brain functioning, I believe that not keeping the mind working is a primary cause of depression and Alzheimers anxiety.  And those at the clinics and research labs tell me there is a definitive connection.  My brother has Alzheimers,  I’m a heavy researcher by interest and also a cancer care giver, I know all about those horrible things.  I have seen what idleness and depression can do. 

There is a national disaster facing America today, involving not only a wall, but a resurgence of the Imperial Empire Philosophy,  concealed under the title of Nationalism.  Usually it’s a battle of have and have not states and countries.  It’s not the  genius of Trump but also claimed by Adolf Hitler and others.  

The wall shutdowns, threats, prejudice, divisiveness and untruths have not only separated this great nation into left and right,  but right and wrong...  and even the possibility of our President Donald J. Trump serving his cause as a foreign agent. The man is critically and dangerously sick in the mind.  He has already destroyed the core values we cherish.  He has leaked info to the Russians whom he supports.  (They are his bank since most banks will not deal with him) 


There are no checks and balances in a government of crooks and liars, obstructionists, party players not giving a damn about the people, self indulgent seeking actors pretending to be politicians who should be lined up and thrown out of Congress.  NOTE:  Some have suggested better they should be thrown out of Air Force One at 30,000 feet following their leader for violating their Oath of Office. Oh and don’t forget Sara, Kelly and Stephen too.


I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.


I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me GOD.

The plot thickens.  Indications are Trump did what is not right,   ‘Impeach’  becomes ‘Traitor’ and hopefully if so.  A paper I wrote decades ago on Motivation By the Great Leaders ( Gandhi, Sitting Bull, and Stalin) used fear motivation by Stalin as a chapter.  He was as ruthless, as Hitler and worked very similarly.  He too eliminated the competition. He called them “ Complainers”.

Stalins philosophy said: One bullet solves most arbitration on three levels when you have a complaint and the complainer.  First the complainer is gone, second the complaint from him is gone, and third no one is stupid enough to bring it up.  If T-Rump has acted not in our interests he has violated the oath of office ‘To support the Constitution’.  

He complains about everyone else giving them demeaning name and third grade intelligence twitts.  Not anything a real president or normal person would do.  If he like to do that, he should google his own name, over 500, some nasty monikers for the schmuck.

Declare his twitter account and Facebook illegal as propaganda devices.

He deserves no better, he should be removed, feet first, his claim as a draft dodger with bone spurs was a lie and falsified, he has done enough to ruin this countries core values and harmed thousands, domestically and internationally 

And I am more motivated than ever when a ghost of the past comes alive. I owe it all to TRUMP, I am a New Yorker as he was New York’s biggest cheat, liar and thief from my past and like at McDonalds, Burger King and other pits of Corporate poison, now he is super-sized and a target of opportunity.  

My position in the Ladder is blinding me with fury, messing with the peace in my life, and that topic is TRUMP POLITICS.

I lived, worked, and know a lot of people who got screwed by the Trump Corporate, corrupt machine in New York.  

That number was an incredible 3500 lawsuits at one point and many bankruptcies which he calls financial strategies in the courts 

Expect some reckoning when the Democrats start looking into how he has screwed the people of this country more ways than one.  It called the  Southern District and the 9th Court of Appeals.       


I did not expect any changes, he is Trump and will never change, it will get worse as he is incredibly sick in the mind with a form of narcissism considered dangerous by many professionals whom I have spoken with.  The incredible amount of pressure building against him as things he promoted have not worked, will trigger something eventually forcing the DO NOTHING COWARD REPUBLICAN-NOTS to realize how dangerous this man can be.

It’s the kind that only gets worse.  I predicted it when he first showed up and no one listened.  It appears just the weak minded, not able to see through the lies which come faster than the press can handle its till support him.  It will change when their checks stop coming.  Starvation is a good cause for a party shift.

It’s the true reality show of the WhiteHouse Circus, clowns and all.   The difference is,  in this reality the show is real and dangerous to the country.  Thanks to the photoshop artist of that shot...someone sent it to me...great piece of art. If the origional artist contacts me please let me give you full credit for your work...

LASTLY A TRULY WIERD CONNECTION - The Politicians and Pastors... The Piranhas of Society
I should know better having taken courses in the people sciences, psychiatry, religion, science and humanities, and I should have declared myself nuts... for doing so and taking this challenge... of bringing T-RUMPS lies to the surface.  I’m not one to just stand by and watch whats happening.  And then if divine guidance is real...  

Something did happen.  From a parallel universe in the midst of research on another chase of mine, the Prosperity Gospel or Fake TV Religionists came into focus with similarities to T-RUMPS craziness.  Like Piranha, they pick off and devour the weak.

Techniques, stories, collusions, lies, fraud, all started to meld together.  It seems fakes, frauds and political scumbags work the same way.  And they are supported by the connection to the Evangelical wing of the GOP base with whom they melded, made from the same dirt some of our politicians are made from, so I am putting them together. 

So you will see the Politicians, Pastors, Evangs and the GOP’s mentioned together as brothers in simpleton stupidity who believe much of what they are told and lack the intelligence or the knowledge of how to get to the truth and to the surface.    
It’s called  

NOTE:  For those who wrote me and asked where are the stories, I had over 100 on this site alone,  I have published over thirty years on this specific site?  Thanks for asking, its simple.  I have always put words into stories, I am a better story teller than a  writer.  

Many of my research stories in twenty categories over fifty years from food, nature, people, history, cars, shooting sports, football to outer space, all non-trump subjects have been temporarily deleted from this site, and with help from a ghost friend being archived being put into PDF drop downs and mostly used in my part of my E-book I’m working on --  The Ascension of Jacob, Fact and Fiction...and they will return and downloadable as some were written for teaching.

It will be available as soon as the insanity of the T-RUMPS DYNASTY family administration is relieved, eliminated, impeached, ended or assassinated, burnt at the stake or let the vigilantes handle it. ( I’ll gladly contribute or even pay for the rope or the wood ) then I will go back to my regular beat, which is anything and everything wonderful in the universe that I see that draws my interest.  

Not the crap this degenerate family manufactures,  not the filth and lies perpetrated by a very sick delusional man.  Right now T-RUMP guides the universe on the ‘Dark Side’.  And my hero was Obi-Wan Kenobi, the teacher... and Simon Wiesenthal who said to me at my uncles Funeral  ‘Never Forget and his profound statement in his book, so simple and true  “ For evil to flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing”  which is the mantra of the Republican Party. 

I fear the resurrection of sanity and putting our destroyed government back together will be tougher than the destruction, one man has caused.  We are talking decades.  But he did not do it alone.  There were enough scumbirds hanging around who saw a free ride.  And they too will be mentioned. 


CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, great writers, great courageous people, etc

Again one might ask, and several did, how in heavens name (pun) did you put Politicians and Pastors into the same dialogs and processes.  Simple, oh so simple!  Traits, they share a lot of commonality.  Not all,  but many of both crafts lie, cheat and steal, those TV fakes that are in the prosperity game, not saving souls,  just like politicians, taking their money for nothing in return, except lies and promises never kept, no different.  

To find truth you follow the money and as with both politicians and pastors the money is big and real. Your TV preachers managed a lot of dollars, 894,000,000 and thats from those that reported the money they grifted. (Not gifted, grifted from grifter...a crook) 

I write in a Brooklyn mode which is both sarcastic and sadistic at times in an out of the box format or tone. It created a new word I cloned and submitted for the Webster Dictionary and hopefully it will be accepted. It is “ SARDASTIC”.  If you are offended by the occasional “ blue word, phrase or sentence” you are discharged, ask for forgiveness, you may leave and I wish you well.

If you don’t see the lies and corruption I’m tableting about this perverted time in our history,  the One-Eye Specialists of LARGO has a 79.00 dollar special, and it includes frames.   If you are a part time born-againer, tambourine player and certified Amen-er and support TRUMP, better be gone now, because TRUTH is obviously not a virtue of yours.

I rely heavily on some incredible journalists and websites that uncover the distortions and lies, half-truths semi-truths, partial truths,  and creative writing by those lightly equipped underachievers with white powdered brains and sensitivities.  Yes, I repeat a few lines from articles and information after I have sourced them out. Truth is truth.  And I’m making  a point probably shared by others.   

Adding to this collection are the quotes and sometimes “ sick" thoughts of brain-farters, aka "entertainers", false assumptions, and conspiracists, those who come up with things lending comfort to other mentally deprived thinkers, truth or not.  I call them gas hacks, always throwing fuel on the fire.  

Those requiring a checkout, my three favorites check out sites are, PolitiFact’s and for General Information, I reference WIKIPEDIA, CNN, The Washington POST, the online encyclopedia cross checked with multiple sources.  After compiling from those three, I start my own searching and verification, friends at papers and Tv , some politicians, then I compile and only then is it good to go.

ERRATANo politicians, the good, the fake or otherwise full bodied scumbags, fake preachers, religious leaders, perverts, pedophiles and other scumbirds nor horses, sheep or canines were injured during the writing of this blog and website even though I had wished a few would have had something really unfortunate happen to them,  a few deserved boiling in oil.  Motor oil, it has a higher temperature rating, why waste good Olive oil.

If you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  We use two, sometimes three or more ICONS to represent certain circumstance.

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WORDS HAVE MEANINGS:    I use the words that best describes topics actions the most.  My favorite is SCUMBAG or Scumbag followers who are SCUMBIRDS who flock together like the GOP.   For your information SCUMBAG is not considered an offensive a word.  But, someone being called a scumbag might not appreciate it.  There are others I use believe me, I’m from Brooklyn.

a person whose behavior is offensive to others.
You may at your pleasure substitute any of these other synonyms.

SYNONYMS COMMONLY USED FOR SCUMBAG  -- THE WORD CAME FROM THE BRITISH -- bastard, beast, bleeder, blighter, boor, bounder, bugger, buzzard, cad, chuff, churl, clown, creep, cretin, crud, crumb , cur, dirtbag , dog, fink, heel, hound, jerk, joker, louse, lout, pill, rat, rat fink, reptile, rotter, schmuck, scum, scuzzball, skunk, sleaze, sleazebag, sleazeball, slime, slimeball, slob, snake, stinkard, stinker, swine, toad, varmint, vermin, barbarian, brute, caveman, Neanderthal, savage, loudmouth, vulgarian, lowlife, miscreant, rascal, rogue, roughneck, scab, scamp, scoundrel, villain, wretch, booby, doofus, fool, jackass, nincompoop, and fifty others.