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The Siege — Lying Douchbags And Actors

SEC Charges Kim Kardashian for Unlawfully Touting Crypto Security

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced charges against Kim Kardashian for touting on social media a crypto asset security offered and sold by EthereumMax without disclosing the payment she received for the promotion. Kardashian agreed to settle the charges, pay $1.26 million in penalties, disgorgement, and interest, and cooperate with the Commission’s ongoing investigation.

The SEC’s order finds that Kardashian failed to disclose that she was paid $250,000 to publish a post on her Instagram account about EMAX tokens, the crypto asset security being offered by EthereumMax. Kardashian’s post contained a link to the EthereumMax website, which provided instructions for potential investors to purchase EMAX tokens.

"This case is a reminder that, when celebrities or influencers endorse investment opportunities, including crypto asset securities, it doesn’t mean that those investment products are right for all investors," said SEC Chair Gary Gensler. "We encourage investors to consider an investment’s potential risks and opportunities in light of their own financial goals."

"Ms. Kardashian’s case also serves as a reminder to celebrities and others that the law requires them to disclose to the public when and how much they are paid to promote investing in securities," Chair Gensler added.

Actor Steven Seagal Charged - Unlawfully Touting Digital Asset Offering

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced settled charges against actor Steven Seagal for failing to disclose payments he received for promoting an investment in an initial coin offering (ICO) conducted by Bitcoiin2Gen (B2G).

The SEC's order finds that Seagal failed to disclose he was promised $250,000 in cash and $750,000 worth of B2G tokens in exchange for his promotions, which included posts on his public social media accounts encouraging the public not to  miss out" on Bitcoiin2Gen's ICO and a press release titled "Zen Master Steven Seagal Has Become the Brand Ambassador of Bitcoiin2Gen. 

"These investors were entitled to know about payments Seagal received or was promised to endorse this investment so they could decide whether he may be biased," said Kristina Littman, Chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Cyber Unit. "Celebrities are not allowed to use their social media influence to tout securities without appropriately disclosing their compensation."

The SEC's order finds that Seagal violated the anti-touting provisions of the federal securities laws. Without admitting or denying the SEC's findings, Seagal agreed to pay $157,000 in disgorgement, which represents his actual promotional payments, plus prejudgment interest, and a $157,000 penalty. In addition, Seagal agreed not to promote any securities, digital or otherwise, for three years.

The Siege — The Fourth Reich 

I am looking at the establishment of the Fourth Reich led by Donald T-RUMP  certified Authortarianism believer who admires the cretans of the past and present like Hitler, Mussolini, Putin and others  —  

He is best defined and literally once declared himself the King, the Messiah, the True One and a bunch of other titles to cover his real identity — An ignorant scumbag defined by a callous, indifferent,  narcississtic and vulgar personality developed and nurtured by his father and grandfather.  His hand picked cabinet did more harm to this nation in four years than the last three Presidents.  He should have been hanged a long time ago — 

FBI Learns That Trump Directed Boxes To Be Moved At Mar-A-Lago  Pamela Brown  

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A Trump employee has told the FBI about being directed by the former President to move boxes out of a basement storage room to his residence at Mar-a-Lago after Donald Trump’s legal team received a subpoena for any classified documents at the Florida estate, according to a source familiar with the witness’ description.

The FBI also has surveillance footage showing a staffer moving boxes out of the storage room, the source told CNN.

The witness account of Trump’s actions after the subpoena was served in Maycoupled with the footage could be key to the federal criminal investigation that’s looking into a range of potential crimes, including obstruction, destruction of government records and mishandling of classified information.

FBI agents executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago in August and seized thousands of documents, including about 100 marked as classified. The FBI also subpoenaed the Trump Organization for surveillance video from the resort.

The Trump employee initially denied handling sensitive documents or boxes at Mar-a-Lago, according to the source. But the FBI developed evidence that prompted investigators to go back to the witness, who revised their story to say Trump had given instructions to move the boxes, the source said.

The Department of Justice has previously alleged that classified documents at the resort were “ likely concealed and removed” from a storage room at Mar-a-Lago as part of an effort to “obstruct” the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s potential mishandling of classified materials. 

After Trump returned 15 boxes of materials to the National Archives in January, the Justice Department subpoenaed Trump in May, seeking documents with classification markings that were still at Mar-a-Lago. 

According to a lawsuit he later filed, Trump directed his staff to search for any remaining classified material to comply with the subpoena. After federal investigators retrieved documents from the resort in June, his lawyers later told investigators that they had searched the storage area and that all classified documents were accounted for. 

Prosecutors said in August that that some documents were likely removed from a storage room before Trump’s lawyers examined the area, while they were trying to comply with the subpoena.  “The government also developed evidence that government records were likely concealed and removed from the Storage Room and that efforts were likely taken to obstruct the government’s investigation,” prosecutors wrote at the time. “This included evidence indicating that boxes formerly in the Storage Room were not returned prior to counsel’s review.”

The Florida Siege - Sun, Surf, Sand and Scumbags

FLORIDA HAS AN 'EXTENSIVE' NETWORK OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS  —  Members of the Proud Boys protest near the Friendship Torch, where people gathered to remember George Floyd on the one-year anniversary of his death at the hands of a police officer, in Miami on May 25, 2021. - 

The family of African American George Floyd appealed today for sweeping police reform on the anniversary of his murder by a white officer as they met President Joe Biden at the White House. The legislation being considered to increase police accountability would be named after Floyd, who suffocated after being pinned down under the knee of Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin on May 25, 2020. 

(CNN) — A new Anti-Defamation League report has found an "extensive" network of White supremacists and other far-right extremists in Florida, which the organization says is home to the most people charged in the January 6 insurrection. 

“ Florida is home to an extensive, interconnected network of white supremacists and other far-right extremists," the Anti-Defamation League says in the report, warning that new groups have surfaced in the state in recent years while existing groups "have broadened their audience both online and on the ground.”

Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 10.33.34 AM

The anti-hate group's findings are documented in a new report titled "Hate in the Sunshine State: Extremism & Antisemitism in Florida, 2020-2022."   Citing data from the George Washington University Program on Extremism, the report says Florida is home to the most people charged in connection with the January 6 insurrection. 

About 34.4% of those individuals "maintain ties to extremists in the state including Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Percenters," data from the ADL's Center on Extremism shows.  The state has been a "major hub of Proud Boy activity and influence" since Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, founded the Miami chapter, the report says.

The Justice Department has charged Tarrio and four other leaders with seditious conspiracy in connection with the January 6, 2021, attack in June, and all four have pleaded not guilty, CNN previously reported. 

Florida has 15 chapters of the Proud Boys that are "actively recruiting new members," according to the report. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 3.49.16 AM

The report says a recent leak of membership data shows some 2,700 people have signed up with Oath Keepers using addresses in Florida. While that doesn't “ necessarily indicate present Florida membership or activity in the group" its recruitment efforts in the state are “ still troubling," ADL says.

An Oath Keepers cell from Florida used a military-style "stack" formation to enter the Capitol on January 6, according to the league. CNN in July reported that members held a training session on "unconventional warfare." 

At least seven members from Florida have been charged in connection to events that day.  Florida has also "become a hotbed for 'America First' and Groyper activity in recent years," the report says. 

These groups, many of whose leaders and members have recently relocated to Florida, seek to bar immigrants, oppose rights for LGBTQ+ people and “ preserve white, European-American identity and culture," according to the report.

The report also highlights an alarming rise in antisemitic incidents and hate crimes in the state over the past two years, noting that the number of reported incidents of antisemitism rose by 50% in 2021 over 2020. 

The ADL's Center on Extremism also recorded the distribution of more than “ 400 instances of white supremacist propaganda" in the state from January 2020 to August 2022.

The GOP Siege  —   Gerrymandering  — 

(CNN) Former President Donald Trump’s campaign of lies about a stolen election just delivered a huge victory with a new Georgia law that could suppress the votes of many of the citizens who helped eject him from the White House.

Republican state lawmakers rushed through a broad law Thursday making it harder to vote that disproportionately targets Democratic and Black voters in a battleground vital to the 2020 election and future presidential and congressional contests.

The move confirms the Peach State as the epicenter of the fight for American democracy that raged through Trump's presidency and during the insurrection he incited against the US Capitol -- and now threatens to taint future elections as Republicans in multiple states pursue new laws to limit voting.

"What I'm worried about is how un-American this whole initiative is. It's sick. It's sick," President Joe Biden said at the first news conference of his presidency that afternoon. 

The Georgia law raises the question of whether election safeguards that prevented Trump's energetic efforts to rig the 2020 White House race after the fact in the state will stand firm in future elections amid false claims of electoral fraud by a president.

After leaving office, T-RUMP demanded that Republican state legislatures pass laws to ban mail-in voting and to prevent courts from weighing in on electoral disputes. 

Using his massive popularity in the GOP, the former President has made the acceptance of his false conspiracy theories about voter fraud in 2020 a litmus test for Republican candidates seeking his support in upcoming primary elections.

The Georgia bill is only one example of GOP efforts in multiple states -- including many crucial electoral battlegrounds -- to hold back a diverse demographic tide in cities that favor Democrats, which critics see as an attempt to cement minority rule in the United States.

Iowa has already passed a measure to limit absentee balloting and voting hours. Texas is taking steps to cut voting hours and absentee balloting in big Democratic cities like Houston. New voting laws are being pushed by Republicans in another swing state T-RUMP lost, Arizona.

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 3.43.41 AM

23 Salmonella Illnesses VITKIN and IIIB  Linked To Bearded Dragon Pets 

The Siege —  Church vs State —  

The lack of belief in the  “ Separation of Church and State”  is the most dangerous platform against the Constitution.    Simple,  because the separation defines whose country this is.    Is it a country for all beliefs ands peoples or is it owned by a secular group. We are not the United States of Christianity because an Evangelical bunch of radical over the top believers thinks it should be.  Our core is the belief that all people regardless of religious beliefs are entitled to the freedoms and benefits of a free nation where you make the life decisions and changes for yourself as long as it does not affect others.

Titles, I am not a Traditionalist, nor Conservative, Socialist, Communist, Democrat or Republican, I vote Independently for who can do the job best, not the clone, acolyte,  imitator, schmuck, frickin idiot or imbecile sponsored by the party with lies and deceit as it’s do-nothing obstructionist platform.

Or the party serving those who would turn our country and its freedoms for all into an authoritarian form of management defining one group over the others.  And in our case the definition is clear, those who have money,  wealth,  and power and then there are the other ninety-eight percent who are just getting by.

POINT:  Hitler tried that, it took 60 million deaths to stop him and other members of the NAZI  PARTY and six years of hell, annihilation of those who were not of a certain Aryan kind.   Some called him the Angel of death.  Believe in reincarnation now we have the new Angel of Death,  Adolf Hitler found likewise thinking and incorporated other thinkers and leaders from Japan and Italy to his side.  One mans sick belief, that  he was ordained to save the GERMANIC people almost destroyed the world.  Sound familier?  T-RUMP is going to save America !  

Now I have to face Secular Prejudice from Internal Terrorists in the country I fought for, I lost many Brothers in Arms and friends and I will not go down easy.   And my family two generations back came from Odessa , Ukraine ( It was Russia then ) and now watching them being slaughtered.  I wanted to go there, but the Golden Years are when you give all your gold to the doctors,  and fight but at almost eighty years old, probably would get in the way.

The Siege - The Patriot Front


(CNN) After receiving an alarmed 911 call, law enforcement in the city of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, arrested 31 men believed to be affiliated with the White nationalist group Patriot Front who allegedly had plans to riot at a local Pride event Saturday, authorities said. 

The large group was seen piling into a U-Haul at a hotel with riot gear and were later pulled over and arrested, Coeur d'Alene Police Chief Lee White said during a news conference.

The group was headed to a "Pride in the Park" event, police said. The event was held at the Coeur d'Alene City Park Saturday and included a Pride walk and performances by local musicians, dancers and drag artists.  Coeur d'Alene Mayor Jim Hammond said in a statement that "hate and violence has no place" in the city. All 31 individuals were from outside of the local area, Hammond said. At least one of those arrested is from Idaho, investigators said



Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 3.59.32 AM


Members of Patriot Front (  IQ’s  too low for print )  believe their White Ancestors conquered America and then           “ bequeathed it to them," according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).   Unfortunately, this was not proven as their ancestors, were the  Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons who left no written memos or notes and those we did find in Congress (GOP - Good Old Primate) did not want to have anything to do with them.   The ADL says Patriot Front members espouse fascist and anti-Semitic beliefs, which they spread through online and real-world propaganda campaigns.  100% true scumbags and certified not curable — They have signs of severe Trumpiosis, sometimes called "Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia" or  “ sh*t for brains”.

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 4.04.56 AM

The Texas-based group was formed following the 2017 "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, when members of the existing White supremacist group Vanguard America split off to form their own organization, the ADL says. 

EDITOR:  We responded by assigning our top reporter  Oben One-Lombogo since most of the sh*t coming from these guys was monkey business anyway and the Neanderthal's wanted nothing to do with them.  He told us he had Capuchin's smarter than them.

Spurred on by the Oben-Fuehrer Donald T-RUMP, that was the preamble to the march on Washingtons capitol building on January 6th.,   Among those arrested Saturday was Patriot Front leader Thomas Ryan Rousseau, according to Kootenai County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Shane Moline.  He’s the scumbag pr*ck on the left.   

According to the ADL, Rousseau led several dozen members of Vanguard America Texas during the "Unite the Right" rally and would soon after lead the splintering of a contingent of VA members to create Patriot Front.  

The Siege - The Congressional Cohorts

Complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them an intent to act to complete the crime.   Thus if the Proud Boys or Oath Takers did hang  Mike Pence or kill Nancy Pelosi they all would be charged with murder and the death penalty invoked immediately —  

You want solutions, the courts and the frickin lawyers who defend these bastards need to smarten up, where there is no immediate and severe penalty,  these morons exist.  Public hangings did work in the Old West, maybe we have to bring back the sheriffs and vigilantes.  Theses three scumbags your Congress people are traitors — just as much a the previous moron —  Cruz, Hawley, Brooks — 

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 6.25.26 AM

JERKOFF                          SCHMUCK                        DICKHEAD 

THE LAW — These Three Bastions Of Bullsh*t   In Congress supported And encouraged The Seditionists on January 6th  which included Murder or Negligent Homocide. Seven died at the Capitol.  A person is legally accountable for the conduct of another person when:  

Acting with the kind of culpability that is sufficient for the commission of the crime;  he or she causes an innocent or irresponsible person to engage in such conduct;  or He or she is made accountable for the conduct of such other person by this title or by the law defining the crime;  or He or she is an accomplice of such other person in the commission of the crime.

The Siege - The Supreme Court
Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney,  a columnist for The Daily Beast. 

John Roberts Should Blame Himself For The Supreme Court Losing 'Legitimacy'

(CNN) — Chief Justice John Roberts says he's worried that the Supreme Court is losing “  legitimacy" in the eyes of those disagree with its decisions. Addressing a judicial conference Friday in Colorado, Roberts acknowledged, "The court has always decided controversial cases and decisions always have been subject to intense criticism and that is entirely appropriate."

🏛  But Roberts, whom President George W. Bush nominated to his position on the court, added: “ Simply because people disagree with an opinion is not a basis for criticizing the legitimacy of the court.”   The chief justice is absolutely right to be concerned about Americans losing faith in the Supreme Court:  A June Gallup Poll found that a record low 25% of respondents say they have confidence in the court -- down from 40% two years ago.   The hard truth, however, is that Roberts must pin the blame for the loss of confidence in the Supreme Court on himself and his five fellow conservative justices.

🏛 Decisions delivered by the conservative justices this past term on hot-button issues such as abortion, climate change regulations and gun laws felt more like rulings written by the Republican National Committee than the highest court in the land.  The most glaringly partisan decision overturned Roe v. Wade, ending a constitutional right guaranteed to women since 1973. Roberts voted to uphold Mississippi's law banning abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy but didn't join his conservative colleagues in Roe's reversal, a ruling that nearly two-thirds of Americans disagree with, according to a July CNN poll. 

🏛 According to a Pew Research Center poll, the high court has fallen from a 70% approval rating in 2020 to 48% this year -- the lowest since Pew started tracking public approval of the court in 1987. But the Dobbs v. Jackson decision to overturn Roe isn't the only reason for the court's precipitous drop in the eyes of Americans.   The same week that the Supreme Court ruled that states should decide if a woman has the fundamental right to control her own body, the six conservative justices -- including Roberts -- struck down a century-old New York state law that 

🏛 All of this helps explain the recent Pew poll that found only 28% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents view the Supreme Court favorably, compared with 73% of Republicans and those who lean Republican who held a favorable opinion about the court. It marks the largest partisan gap in terms of views of the court in the 35 years Pew has conducted this poll.

🏛 If Roberts wants to improve the legitimacy of the court, then he should direct his attention to his fellow conservative justices --  not to the millions of Americans who rightly view this 6-3 conservative court as little more than an arm of the GOP.  Barring that, the chief justice should not be surprised if a future Congress controlled by Democrats reforms, or even expands, the Supreme Court, in hopes of increasing confidence in our nation's highest court for the millions who have lost it.

 The GOP Siege - on Women's Rights  —  

Who the hell do those grey-haired GOP bastards think they are?  Women's Rights, Gender Rights,  LGBTQ rights, we are all equal, pro-choice, the mother body, the mothers choice, and pro-civil rights. We are all equal and the laws have to be equal for all.  

How in the name of heaven can you vote for someone who takes a woman’s right away by some political hack ass-hole Governor looking for the Evangelical vote.  He denies a woman her rights, it’s her body and soul, not those grey-haired schmucks, and I believe Rode Vs Wade had it right.    Time to dump a few of these Evangelical nuts by any means possible and not tell the rest of the country what to do.  And dump the phony supreme Court it is tainted by political appointees who are hacks and corrupt and really sing off-key.

TRAVESTY AND OUTRIGHT LYING —  The biggest threat to women is the Supreme Court now biased by the three idiots T-RUMP and McConnell got approved onto the court who lied and lied again.  They should be locked in a room and subjected to watching their appearance's while they were being vetted for days on end till they remember what they had said.

The pollution of the voting system by the all out war on a persons right to vote needs in 49 state's to be repealed and those who promulgated this atrocity sent to jail.   

Let's get rid of those by simply having all the women voters stand up and vote.  Examples by GOV. Abbott, DeSantis, Kemp, others are hacks, Politicians looking for the promotion of a bad decision, and not allowing women their medical, safety and allowing her life to go on uncomplicated need to be castrated in return and set forth as an example of staying out of bad policies by the following:    

The only correct way is a person’s right to choose — It is critical and the I believe the state  government has NO right to dictate morality to the public if it violates their freedom to choose.  Morality is the church domain but not the law. They deal with souls not cells.  Give the mass murderer all his rights, right after he is executed.   A fetus is not a person who has entered society thus society does not partake in the fetus’s future.  Scientifically, a specific length of time for development which basically is  Roe VS, Wade undertook  was the correct decision.

The Siege - The War Scene  —  Aftermath


Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards was asked by Committee Chair Bennie Thompson if she could describe a memory that stands out "most vividly" from the Jan. 6 attack. 

Screen Shot 2022-09-15 at 9.06.19 AM

Edwards went on to describe what she likened to "a war scene," saying she witnessed "carnage" and chaos." 

"I can just remember my breath catching in my throat because what I saw was just a war scene. It was something like I had seen out of the movies. I couldn't believe my eyes: There were officers on the ground. They were bleeding, they were throwing up. I saw friends with blood all over their faces. I was slipping in people's blood. I was catching people as they fell. It was carnage.  It was chaos. I can't even describe what I saw. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that as a police officer, as a law enforcement officer, I would find myself in the middle of a battle." 

She went on to say, "I'm trained to detain a couple of subjects and handle a crowd, but I'm not combat trained." 

Edwards said there were "hours of hand-to-hand combat." She added that there were "hours of dealing with things that were way beyond what any law enforcement officer has ever trained for.” 

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards described her experience confronting rioters and Proud Boy members on Jan. 6, 2021 and the injuries she suffered after an altercation while defending the US Capitol. 

"They started approaching the first barricade. They ripped the first barricade down, and they approached our bike racks. At that time, we started holding on, grabbing the bike racks. There were not many of us, so I grabbed the middle between two different bike racks, and I was not under any pretense that I could hold it for very long. But I wanted to make sure that we could get more people down and get our Civil Disturbance units time to answer the call," Edwards said. 

She said that while trying to hold the line with fellow officers, "we started grappling over the bike racks. I felt the bike rack come on top of my head. I was pushed backwards, and my foot caught the stair behind me, my chin hit the handle, and at that point, I had blacked out. The back of my head clipped the concrete stairs behind me." 

Edwards said that she was knocked unconscious, but when she regained consciousness she returned to duty, where she was sprayed in the eyes by rioters and tear-gassed.

Capitol Police Officer Caroline Edwards, who was injured after she was part of an altercation involving members of the Proud Boys while defending the US Capitol during the riot, said that the day of the insurrection was the first time her patriotism had been questioned, during her opening statement. 

"I was called a lot of things on January 6, 2021 and the days after. I was called Nancy Pelosi's dog, called incompetent, called a hero and a villain. I was called a traitor to my country, my oath and my Constitution.  In actuality, I was none of those things. I was an American standing face to face with other Americans, asking myself, how many times, many, many, times, how we had gotten here? I have been called names before, but never had my patriotism or duty been called into question. I, who got up every day, no matter how early the hour or how late I got in the night before, to put on my uniform and to protect America symbol of democracy. I, who spent countless hours in the baking sun and freezing snow to make sure that America's elected officials were able to do their job. I, whose literal blood, sweat and tears were shed that day defending the building that I spent countless holidays and weekends working in," Edwards said. 

Edwards shared that her grandfather fought in the Korean War and "lived with the rest of his days with bullets and shrapnel in his legs, but never once complained about his sacrifice." 

"I would like to think that he would be proud of me, proud of his granddaughter that stood her ground that day and continued fighting, even though she was wounded, like he did, many years ago. I am my grandfather's granddaughter, proud to put on a uniform and serve my country. They dared to question my honor, they dared to question my loyalty and they dared to question my duty. I am a proud American, and I will gladly sacrifice everything to make sure that the America my grandfather defended is here for many years to come," Edwards said. 

School Board Siege —  The Dorks of Fargo — 

The People Responded

🇺🇸  — The Pledge of Allegiance  -  A North Dakota school board voted to stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings because the phrase 
“ Under God " doesn't include all faiths.  

ED:  If this is all they had to worry about I think they better get a new smarter school board.  N. Dakota is ranked 34 of 50 in K-12 public schools.  The lower half of good schooling, many call 34th place a failure. What a bunch of righteous morons — and they are the school board — OMG --

They should be worried about security and safety of the children, hiring motivated teachers, expanding their universe besides farming into the sciences.
promoting higher educations.

The pledge of Allegiance has had changes since its inception, a word or two here and there.   Basically nothing is wrong with it, the schmucks on the school board is whats wrong.  These people are so politically correct and so stupid, I would home teach my kids if I lived there.

🇺🇸  I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of  America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation,  Under God, indivisible with liberty and Justice for all.   Works for most!  Doesn’t offend, does seem to be inclusive, what you call your GOD is your business. — But their version could be modified, substituted with the term “ Under All Gods”     A simple solution but the people of Fargo and the country stood up and they spoke out—  

The real problem is the Evangelicals who do not understand Church versus State.  Stay out of politics!   Clusterf*ck your sick world, stay out of mine.

FARGO, ND (AP) — The school board in North Dakota’s most populous city reversed course Thursday on its decision to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at its monthly meetings, following complaints from conservative lawmakers and an angry backlash from citizens around the country. 

The Siege - Texas Book Taliban

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 6.50.26 AM

A Texas school district is removing and reviewing dozens of challenged books, including the Bible and an Anne Frank adaptation —  Before I go Any Further — they need to remove the Texas Taliban on Books.  This is how they do it in the mogul empire of Afghanistan.

(CNN) — Officials in a school district near Fort Worth, Texas, have directed school staff and librarians to temporarily remove books that have been challenged through the district's formal complaint process in the past school year, including the Bible and an illustrated adaptation of Anne Frank's diary.

The Keller Independent School District Board of Trustees adopted policies last week that set new standards for how books and other instructional materials are chosen for schools, including putting books up for 30 days of public review before they are purchased by libraries and removing challenged materials from shelves while they are being reviewed.

"Right now, Keller ISD's administration is asking our campus staff and librarians to review books that were challenged last year to determine if they meet the requirements of the new policy," the school district said in a statement after an email sent to principals about the policy was obtained by the Texas Tribune newspaper. 

"All of the books included in Tuesday's email have been included on Keller ISD's Book Challenge list over the past year. Books that meet the new guidelines will be returned to the libraries as soon as it is confirmed they comply with the new policy," the statement said. 

The Keller school district allows parents, employees and district residents to file formal objections, or challenges, to books and instructional materials used in schools. A committee then considers whether the materials are educationally suitable and makes a decision on whether the material will remain in schools, the district website says. 

The group may also decide to limit use of the materials to particular grade levels or students who get parental permission.

Books that were challenged in the past year include some that explore LGBTQ experiences, such as "All Boys Aren't Blue" by George M. Johnson, which the committee decided to keep in high schools, and “ Gender Queer" by Maia Kobabe, which was removed from the district's campuses, according to the district website. Toni Morrison's novel "The Bluest Eye" was also challenged and kept by the committee. 

The new library and educational materials policies were approved unanimously by the board on August 8. The decision came as discussions over school library books and curriculum have become key issues across the country. 

An April analysis from PEN America, a literary and free expression advocacy organization, found 1,586 books were banned in 86 school districts across 26 states from July 31, 2021, to March 31, 2022.  Texas led the country with the most book bans at 713, the analysis found, followed by Pennsylvania and Florida.

"We are very pleased that our new un-woke (?)  school board has made these changes," one speaker said during the public comment portion of the August 8 Keller school board meeting. "This is just the beginning, I hope.” Thats nice and I have a wish too, I hope a meteor hits her in the head.  Wednesday is the first day back to school for the district.


The Siege - The Newspapers Attacked For Truth

Just as with Hitler,  T-RUMP destroyed the last bastion of truth at one time, the newspaper is simply vanishing.  Hitler killed the papers by killing the staff and fire.  T-RUMP killed them with the Goebbels Fake news Concept —

Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 7.06.04 AM

In Britain under the control of Rupert Murdock,  another fascist lies through his teeth, hacking of personal telephones, eavesdropping and other slimy forms of information gathering is the norm.  The same Rupert Murdock who runs FOX news.  It is so bad the paper that existed for 165 years was shut down. Two reasons, the internet and social media made more money, always follow the money.

Murdoch bought the New York Post in 1976, making that paper famous for its salacious coverage of crime. Murdoch decided to move into television, but US law mandated that only Americans could own US television stations; thus he was naturalized in 1985, purchasing Metro-media the following year using it to launch America's fourth television network, Fox Broadcasting. In 1996 he started the Fox News Channel, delivering a staunchly conservative perspective on the news, as overseen by former Republican campaign wizard Roger Ailes.

It seems it's easier and faster to text and scroll rather than read and comprehend.  Papers who who simply reported the news as it really happened now don't exist anymore, Not in the numbers that were the real public opinion at one time and they have now been replaced by reality type TV, news non qualified shock jocks, moron commentators and the girls, those beautiful women who don’t have to say a word.  Twits with nice breasts and legs.  Gals of enormous beauty and BIG HAIR, short skirts and long legs.  The major benefit is the high heel industry as every gal on Fox gets to show new show styles, stilettos and calves.

After a greeting, the question I ask at every meeting, conference speech and gathering is as follows — Dear Friends, “ Are people really that Stupid” — 

Influencing the public by shock mis-information, exaggerated snips, and hips and a controlled press, with an agenda like FOX requires nothing more than a reader, a cause and a paycheck.  It's all about the show and ratings, news thats secondary for some stations. If they don't have it, by G-d,  they'll make it up.

Print media and in-house photography is losing the battle of the dollars. Other than local shooting for most papers, coverage is by AP, Reuters and the other services. The print media and investigative reporting was the direct honest NEWS and reporting.  Walter Chronkite, you are sorely missed.  And so are the reporters who followed the simple dual-verified source of information not inflammation.

—  The Siege - The Supreme Leader Liar  — 







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