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News that the FBI launched a counterintelligence investigation in 2017 into whether President Trump was working to advance Russia's interests sparked an angry denial from the president. And Trump has reason to be indignant, suggests Jack Goldsmith in Lawfare. The FBI may have a mission of “identifying and neutralizing ongoing national security threats,” but  “ the president defines what a national security threat is, and thus any action by him cannot be such a threat.”

"The FBI can fully investigate Russia’s interference with the 2016 election, including matters involving the president, as it has been doing for a while now," Goldsmith writes. "But it cannot cross the line of taking investigative steps premised on the president’s threat to national security. The Constitution leaves crossing that line up to Congress and the American people." 

“ The FBI was not merely justified, but actually compelled, to investigate the president," counters David Kris, also in Lawfare.  Given the FBI’s pre-existing counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, and given Trump’s behavior toward Russia and his firing of FBI Director James Comey, " the FBI effectively could not avoid investigating the president." 


Meanwhile, as new revelations surface about Trump’s efforts to maintain secrecy in his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, House Democrats are mulling a subpoena of Trump’s interpreter.

David Frum, who served in the George W. Bush administration, argues in The Atlantic that Democrats should indeed take that extraordinary step, despite the risk that,   “ Such a subpoena would create a new precedent that would shadow all future confidential presidential conversations with non-English-speaking heads of government, allied as well as adversarial.”

The swirling questions about Trump’s relationship with Russia are too grave to ignore, he believes, and “Trump’s own determination to defy normal presidential operating procedures to keep secret his private conversations with Putin only lends credibility to the worst suspicions.”

Trump has a habit of creating quandaries like this, Frum writes – “autoimmune disorders” wherein “Trump’s breaches of norms force other agencies of government to breach norms in reply, in order to protect supreme public interests threatened by Trump.” Frum’s solution: “Subpoena the interpreter now;  Write a new law formalizing the confidentiality of interpretation later.”


•  GONE -- Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Darrell Isa and Orin Hatch left Congress and the Senate and I say good riddance. Two main problems left - Mitch McConnell the obstructionist,  and Up-chuck Grassley, a devout GOP ( Good Old Pr*ck)are still there as front line scumbags for the GOP despite the hopes an prayers of the nation they are currently f*cking up.   

•  POSTPONED HANGING  -  LT. Gen. Flynn - Adding TRUMPS gang of losers, It was Lt. General Flynn whom we know started the “ Lock Her Up Hillary chant”  The irony of it all was none of what she was accused of was true, and the author Flynn is the traitor to our country and will most likely around March, “ He will be the one LOCKED UP”.   The judge extended the sentencing a few months so Flynn can get fresh underwear and spill some more evidence. Flynn knows more and maybe can share a cell with Manafort or T-Rump.

•  CONCLUSION -- Upon hearing about Flynn, it was Sir Alfred E. Neumann of Mad Magazine, noted intellectual,  spoke of the irony of it all and said, “ Never throw shit straight up and stand in the same place”.

•  THE KITCHEN --  Chef Mueller -- The other trash can is filled with the likes of Manafort, Cohen, Corsi and Stone,...  and the T-Rump propaganda machine all due to be opened like a can of Chef Mueller.  Robert Swan Mueller III is an American attorney who served as the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation from 2001 to 2013.  He is head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections and related matters and he is also a great American dealing with those (screw the word presumed) guilty of heinous actions against our people and the United States Constitutional laws.


 Sara Notawara, possibly the dumbest and most useless press secretary, who is the daughter of Mike Huckabee (That might explain a lot of the stupidity and more untruths and his claims as a minister of God.  That would petition some to think Hitler was a Pope.

•  Stephen “ Littledick” Miller, the Dr.Goebbels of the T-Rump Party... To whom truth and bullshit are firmly implanted in every stupid thing T-Rump says since he put most of that trash together.

•  Kelly “ Condom”Conway,  the gal who needs a Trojan on her tongue for all the bullshit and lies she tells banned on a few talk shows on cable as she is so far off the wall, they couldn’t control her.

•  The Trump Household,  which consists of Ivanka, Jared, Mini-Me Donald Jr.,  and Eric the Wine Merchant...  There are other bad asses.

•  Rudi, Rudi, Rudi  His other cohorts they haven’t found yet in hiding, who got caught but the one scumbird that I know from NY that sets the bar about two inches from the floor is whom we tagged as the “Gollumanator”  Rudi Giuliani.  

•  Scumbaggers Winners - Soon we will announce the winners of the 2017-2018 Scumbaggers Award previously held by Sara Palin for two years.  Donald Trump as president cannot compete, we know what a humongous scumbag he really is and it wouldn’t be fair to the other scumbags.

•  The Scumbaggers Awards, Golden Penis Awards, and the Alfred E. Neumann Recognitions are open to Politicians, Wannabe Politicians, Cabinet members, TV Evangelical Fakirs, Republican Lawyers, Talk Radio Hosts, Fox News Employees and others whose actions, words, character and legacy is in doubt.


Rudi Giuliani, (AKA Gollum, from the Lord of The rings),  the lawyer for Trump who will ruin him with his mouth, his stupid claims and misrepresented lies, the man who took credit for saving NY, and tried to steal the recognition from those who really did do something, the first responders.

And a new statement 01/16/2019 Rudi made about collusion may hurt Donald Trump who was stupid for keeping Rudi in the same state, country, planet, universe he’s located in.

In the past we had great liars like Rush Lindbaugh, Sara Palin, Ann Coulter, the list is as endless as the dirt FOX NEWS puts out, but no one compares to Rudi.  

PENCE:  He killed the competition and may surpass VP Mike Pence for the Outstanding Golden Penis of the Year Award.  Don’t worry Mike will fight hard as he always does for Trump. 
And on  
01/16/2019 Pence and his statement about ISIS loosing the war two hours on the air waves after several Americans were killed. As usual he was once agin foo-pahed and useless.

It has been said that Mike Pence has his head so far up Donald’s ass, he not only knows what Donald had for breakfast, he ordered it.  Not true, the breakfast order went in the night before. But he does park his cranium in the nether-land.

All these folks are good at criticizing  but never offer suggestions to make things better.  This is how scumbags operate. They are the ‘dark side’.

BACK TO RUDY:  Rudy lies for Trump again... and again... and again... on a daily basis.  And in my accountability, his actions are those of a creep.  A perfect match for TRUMP and a real scumbird. His greatest days were when he took down the Mafia in NY.  

Surprising as it was known that T-RUMP had contacts within  the Mafia and union settlements but thats another story.  At that time Jared Kushner’s father was indicted by Chris Cristie another liar on the Trump team who is cautiously staying away from TRUMP at this time.  He has enough of his own bad press.

Some kind of amazing grace as Rudy is still alive, missing half his marbles and the limelight.  But missed opportunities by the boys, I hope he doesn’t plan any trips to Sicily...  they have long memories. 

ERRATA:  Its what you don’t know...Did you know that some of the boys in Europe in the Mafioso club are involved in a 16 Billion dollar a year Olive oil Business and few olive oils are virginal even if marked so.  The movie, “ The Godfather” emphasized the relationship as Vito Corleone started in the beginning with an Olive Oil business.   Most are blended 2nd generation oils, or multiple batch oils with endorsements from chefs but when tested by the institute they were not, some blended from more than one country. It may exceed more than 83% of the market.

SEE for the entire story.

Soon, as Mueller gets a-round to him, meaning contact, not meaning the business part of a .45 caliber bullet, watch Roger Stone playing the loyalist tough guy till they threaten him with twenty years, and he thinks T-RUMP will be there for him. Because a pardon is only good in Federal, there will be charges lodged by the state. And the whole T-RUMP empire will be looked at.

Jerome Corsi of the third conspiracy who must smoke some really bad smack for his stupid renditions of truth.  He is also known as the plumber for the amount of leaks he has conspired with.  Thinking out loud, If TRUMP gets dumped or impeached all those pardons will go down the drain.  

Last but not least, the mini-Trumps, those privileged little nomes whose thinking is poison too.  Something about DNA, we know the seed falls not far from the tree.   It was also found that poop doesn’t fall far from an ass.  Donnie, Erik, Jared, and Ivanka are all mini-me’s, not for a second think they are not corrupt for acts or what they know.

Those poor souls who think they supported the greatest liar of all time and soon will be screaming for help when the tax season is over and their insurance goes away.  Oh, lest I not forget the Evangelical vote.  Those of the GOP who support a liar and false prophet and call it Gods work.  Please spare me...  So, get your tickets early, the Hell-bent Express train will fill up soon after January twentieth, and remember Heaven is not on that route... it goes south, real south...

Sadly Senator John McCain, a true hero passed on and I’ll never forgive that scumbag DRAFT DODGING lying pile of crap Donald J. TRUMP for the words he said about John McCain.  He should rot in hell for what he said and news surfaced this month (12-26-2018)  from the family of the Doctor who wrote the letters to the Draft Board for that coward using Daddy’s influence to avoid the draft.

The DR. who never saw TRUMP was renting office space from TRUMP senior. He avoided the draft with fake letters and 58,000 young hero’s died in that war.  He is not and will never be accepted into acceptance by any military group because as a draft dodger he is the lowest coward of all.  He is a coward plain and simple and Daddy who gave him millions, estimated at 413 million,  forget that self-made man bullshit, saw to it that he avoided the draft.  

The tax cuts came at an unusual time. The economy has been growing steadily for nearly a decade, so it arguably didn't need extra stimulus. Tax relief for companies and most taxpayers created a sugar-rush effect, temporarily jolting the economy. But most expect the rush to wear off.  This was as I had predicted, it didn’t work for the common man, under Reagan, under Bush and nothing works under TRUMP.  Something about three strikes...

"The tax cuts helped initially but the impact is starting to fade in the distance. The evidence from recent months is that tax cuts don’t change long-lasting corporate behavior," said James McCann, senior economist with Aberdeen Standard Investments.  "There has been no major boost to capital expenditures, and the US economy is now naturally slowing," 

Critics of the tax law say its benefits haven't been fully realized because most of the money has gone to investors. Corporate America has given out $1 trillion in stock buybacks this year. And the argument is that average Americans don’t really gain much from rising stock prices since many are not investing in the stock market. 

Companies might be better off using tax savings to hire more workers, build plants and do other things that could have longer lasting impacts to boost the real economy.

We have lost value as a good broker in our world.  He has the Far East closer to China,  and Europe closer to China and Russia.  And we are losing credibility in the world as being a bad broker is just not an expression financially, now everything we do will be under increased scrutiny and possibly not acceptable to you allies.  If they still are our allies. You can ’t ask countries to send men to fight war and die if there is no partnership.

It’s being dragged into a wormhole, bigger than a rabbit hole, of what is called popularism, nationalism, isolationism, brought upon us by a greedy, faulty, selfish political environment.  We are a very liberal country, almost anywhere else in the world, some of the things our politicians get away with would be hanging offense’s elsewhere. 

Just yesterday TRUMP declared himself a nationalist. As one who studies history every day of my life I conclude we are approaching an era of anarchy, and we are doing nothing about it.  I pray you start with the History Channel, instead of the sports and dancing with the Stars and lots of Talk Shows.  Learn how these words grew into hatreds that killed sixty-million people.
I have read about every former empire ( Roman, Goths, Greeks, Nazi’s etc) who went through cycles and failed and we are on track for those same reasons.  Caesar did not get stabbed because the Senators had nothing better to do that day,  Hitler failed when his stupidity and isolated thinking went awry,  Mussolini betrayed his own people,  Hirohito thought he was God and all were swayed by incompetents with their own agendas.  

I think I just described Trump, he has all of those failings... Thus the outcome is not that difficult to assume.

And some really stupid ridiculous statements by our pretend fake supreme being, Donald J. Trump.
Trump states global Warming is not real and promoted by scientists with an agenda.  Donald Trump is one of the two or three people in the world left who don’t believe global warming is real and is a danger to the US as announced today by the Environmental Agency.  He is in the minority and when it comes to intelligence he scores much lower, somewhere between Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon.

Global Warming is and probably the most dangerous thing we face other than a direct hit by an asteroid, a fact that has happened when a large one hit the Gulf of Mexico about 500 miles west of Tampa, Florida ( 263 degrees W)  and is considered one of two possible reasons for the extinction of 95% of the animals on earth.  Possibly part of a larger asteroid or meteorite force thats occurred.

The common ground against Evangelicalism and the Big Bang theory is truth... that scientifically man and Dinosaurs never met.  Dinosaurs and people coexist only in books, movies and cartoons. The last dinosaurs – other than birds – died out dramatically about 65 million years ago, while the fossils of our earliest human ancestors are only about 6 million years old.  

Dear FRED FLINTSTONE LOVERS - So much for big bang theories which are more “ pass the grass”  big dino-crap.  The cave men never killed the dinosaurs.  Just more Evangelical horse-poop with no scientific merit or believe-ability and fake research by even bigger liars and religious nuts than T-RUMP.   

There is an agency that tracks asteroids and meteors for this purpose.  Occasionally, we have been able to reach some of these terrestrial objects and gain information about the creation of the earth.  Donald TRUMP is cutting their budget and may do away with it.   If one day a ten thousand ton rock lands in your garden and kills you. You have been warned as thats what killed off everything on earth million of years ago.

In fact a giant asteroid which might of crippled earth just passed through our solar system. “It has already been shown that its observed characteristics are consistent with a comet-like body ejected from another star system.  “And some of the arguments in this study are based on numbers with large uncertainties.”  This thing was huge and a hit would have devastated us.  Yes,  movies have been made about nuking errant asteroids and sometimes the future does catch up with us and its real.

Astronomers from Harvard’s Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics detected an unexpected boost in speed and shift in trajectory in Oumuamua as it passed through the inner solar system.  The change in course and speed was so pronounced, they concluded the object “might be a light-sail of artificial origin.”  Constantly streaming solar particles, called photons, could be harnessed in huge sails in the same way wind is on Earth.

Trumps budget calls for the elimination of this agency.  Dinosaurs diverged from their archosaur ancestors during the middle to late Triassic period, roughly 20 million years after the Permian–Triassic extinction event wiped out an estimated 95% of all life on Earth... and he’s too stupid and stubborn to admit he’s that stupid.  But we know his secret.  He hides it under his hair.

There was global climatic change; the environment changed from a warm, mild one in the Mesozoic to a cooler, more varied one in the Cenozoic. The cause of this climate change, and the speed at which it proceeded, are the major concerns of both schools of thought for the short lived dinosaurs.

As well as a permanent global climatic change, there is evidence that there were less lasting changes at the end of the Cretaceous period. These changes may have been the result of a massive terrestrial disturbance, the Gulf of Mexico Asteroid which threw up soot into the air, causing short term acid rain, emission of poisonous gases, and cooling (similar to a nuclear winter). Long term consequences would have been a global greenhouse effect (warming and reduced sunlight).

SCIENTISTS AGREE:  Many organisms; both marine and terrestrial, vertebrate and invertebrate; went extinct. The reason for this extinction was probably this climate change.

BOTTOM LINE:  Our President is both ignorant and stupid.  IGNORANT stems from to ignore the scientists,  and stupid in his argument.  Plus willing to take deadly chances we can’t afford to take.

No money for schools, teachers, and eliminate the department of education, he slashed the education budget by billions... Just another place Donald don’t think money is needed. Our education standards are slipping badly and getting serious nationally.  So he puts an Evangelically declined Jesus juicer born-again fruit-keg in the Cabinet position not fit to run a lemonade stand in the desert in a third world country.

Legislation to foster school choice has not passed in Congress, although the new tax bill does allow families to use tax-free college savings accounts to pay for private, K-12 education. 

Basically, the nutcase Trump hired to do the job, Betsy DeVos has more to worry about like being kidnapped and hanged, she is incompetent, arrogant, an Evangelical nutcase, a rich bitch who bought her job, many people feel, and not well liked. 

Thats means she fits right in the cabinet.  Right now the status to better education, is do nothing, doing nothing, done nothing.  Our kids on the world scene are failing horribly...  Our kids and yours will suffer at her hands...

Forget the chant, “ Lock her up,  first started by Michael Flynn against Hilary and now he is the one for whom the derogatory remark will go to jail for his traitors’ actions.  Hillary in eight investigations did nothing legally wrong, nothing ever proven but the GOP wasted 8 plus million dollars on a witch hunt.  But Flynn tag lined her and TRUMP pushed it.  With that said I hope when Flynn is in jail Hillary sends one disgusting fruit cake per day to Flynn.

My point is slogans and chants have meaning and are effective: So I will in the best of Washington tactics offer my chant for Betsy Devos...” Throw The Dumb Ass-Kissing Trump Bitch Out”

Today, President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released their proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year. The Trump administration’s budget proposal for this year makes strikingly similar drastic cuts to the administration’s fiscal year 2018 proposal, which represented the most devastating funding cuts to the US Department of Education since Ronald Reagan’s presidency. 

She with T-Rump will pass the good life of the rich to the burden of the future middle class if there is one.  She needs to be replaced, gone, forgotten about, removed, exterminated before any kid in this country loses out because of her.


The country’s infrastructure "will become, by the way, second to none, and we will put millions of our people back to work as we rebuild it", he said in his victory speech in November.  Has repeated his vow to spend big on the country’s roads, rail and airports, but as yet, there is no sign of action.

Donald Trump ran for president as an economic populist. This fact has been largely forgotten, buried by the flurry of bizarre and outrageous actions, and activists on both sides have had little reason to bring it up. 

One outcome that seemed foreseeable was the passage of a major infrastructure law. Democrats had long favored such a measure, and Republicans, who had blocked it largely to deny a victory to President Obama, no longer had any such incentive. 

The opposition was eager, or perhaps simply obligated by the pretense of bipartisanship, to cooperate. “As President-elect Trump indicated last night, investing in infrastructure is an important priority of his.

Trump promised during the campaign that he would not only work with Democrats but that he would outdo Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure proposals. “Her number is a fraction of what we’re talking about. We need much more money to rebuild our infrastructure,” he announced on the Fox Business Network in 2016. “I would say at least double her numbers, and you’re going to really need a lot more than that.” 

After the election, Steve Bannon told Michael Wolff — who, at the time, appeared to be jostling for a role as court stenographer — that Trump’s infrastructure initiative would leave a massive imprint upon the physical and political landscape:

I’m the guy pushing a trillion-dollar infrastructure plan. With negative interest rates throughout the world, it’s the greatest opportunity to rebuild everything. Shipyards, ironworks, get them all jacked up. We’re just going to throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks. It will be as exciting as the 1930s, greater than the Reagan revolution — conservatives, plus populists, in an economic nationalist movement.

As it turned out, we have reprised much of the excitement of the 1930s — presidents demanding the imprisonment of journalists and members of the opposing party, Nazis holding torchlight parades — but no infrastructure bill has materialized. After months of inaction, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced today, “I don’t know that there will be one by the end of the year.” And so the once-fabled infrastructure bill has died a quiet death.


Hailed as a Movie Media genius, he was great in his former job in movie production with the hit ‘  American Sniper’  mainly because it was from a book about Chris Kyle and Clint Eastwood directed it.  He is a part time WhiteHouse Financial Guru  AKA “ Steve McDouchbag.   He called six of the nations bank chairmen to calm them down citing the 2600 point drop in the new “ bear” market was nothing to worry about, which made things worse as the bankers know anything said by Trump or his stooges is a lie and the opposite is usually the truth.  Get out while you are still breathing and get a real job.  Before some `other American Sniper practices on you.

Steven T. Mnuchin is an American former investment banker who is serving as the 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury as part of the Cabinet of Donald Trump.  Previously, Mnuchin had been a film producer and hedge-fund manager.

Trumps unofficial budget which crashed the government is about 60% more than Obama spent in money being wasted on a 21 Trillion dollar debt.  It extrapolates and expected if he lasts two more years to go to 24 million.  And thats if we do not get into a nuclear war with someone, anyone like North Korea who is lieing thru KJU’s teeth. it will get a whole lot bigger.  On that subject... what was also apparent was the fact that T-RUMP now holds the record for more shutdowns than any other President. The latest is the biggest into the new year.

Where are all those Republican-nots who were protecting our money, making speeches and lies about the opposition and crazy spending like walls, parades, golf trips, secret service family needs and the list is endless in wasteful spending.  They are making a killing with TRUMPS trumped up Tax Bill and many will retire richer than ever before.   

And you can make America Great... Simple,  one good vigilante committee like they did in the old west.  Hang him, then we’ll have a proper trial after,  get the peoples business done first and then our politicians can make all the fake speeches at the funeral.  

Great time to grab some of them and we’ll have a Bonanza... ( clue the music theme)  Maybe... the importance is the more he is in office, the more damage he does. The vigilante concept makes sense and rope is sustainable and reusable.


Don’t  blame the government because the shovel used to move earth, or coal became mechanized and was replaced by the bulldozer,  repetitive boring jobs were replaced by robots who don’t take vacations.  Robots work on Holidays, don’t get maternity leave or get pregnant, nor sick days, and rarely take time off, and some even have Robot Doctors who go along treating the other robots with new drill bits, an oil change, lubrication and alignment of the jigs and supports.

Don’t blame the government when natural gas replaced dirty coal, a pollutant and cancer causer.  We learned how to frack and the coal mines went obsolete. They only coal we have, we export, we ship it to foreign countries and that has been dropping at about 15% per annum. 

The coal tailings, basically the residual dirt and bad coal left with is now a critical mass after the hurricanes now leaching into our streams and ponds.  TRUMP rescinded that regulations and those dirt piles of carcinogens leaked or flooded out and spread into our ecological system.  Thanks Donald for another FUP-Bomb 

The unqualified became their own worst enemy with educational shortcomings, lack of job skills, education, union failings, competition, and along came SNAKE MOUTH TRUMP with lies and they were  just looking for some excuses for their misfortune.  And TRUMP threw a bunch of raw meat to them WITH TALK OF SWAMPS AND HATE and they ate the botulism it was infected with.

He would drain the swamps, open the mines, he would put a Buick and/or Caddilac in every pot,  ( some models are now made in China) they rallied, shouted, called people names, make fake accusations, got lazy, and with Trumps lies and false promises continually feeding the frenzy, they went nowhere.  

The dumbasses fell for the whole bullshit and he cannot deliver.  Now GM has closed five plants.  They beat reporters, following his comments, called them disgusting names, all in the name of freedom.  They believed the false prophet.  And it was all lies. Now they will suffer more, I have no sympathy for stupidity, I do care that they are hurting and the answer is retraining and that will not be easy. 


But there is another chapter we have to be concerned about.  It’s radicalized individuals we as Americans should be most worried about.  The power of online communications, those lies and the effect they have to drive up violence across the political spectrum,” they write.  

“ Whether expressed in right-wing, left-wing, jihadist, or black nationalist ideological terms, today’s acts of political violence share a common lineage in the above mixture and together have resulted in almost 200 deaths since the 9/11 attacks”

For T-Rump Yes, results do count, and yes the stock market has grown, thanks to being pulled out of a recession by Barack Obama.  Yes, the rich got richer, by virtue of fake tax breaks set up to look good for the middle class and benefitted nothing for them by Ryan.  So far the only consequence will be a recession when the three trillion dollar debt which is on the horizon.  

Leave Trump in office for a second term and we might be looking at six trillion dollars in debt and the possibility of the US going virtually bankrupt.  The reason is simple even for a moron to understand, you can’t tax the poor, if they are broke for the benefit of the rich, that unbalance will destroy our economy and our people.

At the same time billions have been removed from education, infrastructure, and hundreds of programs that thwart illiteracy  health and good for the common man,  and the rich got richer. And that schmuck wanted parades, 21 million dollars estimated cost,  sent troops to the border, 21 million dollars estimated cost and build a wall 24-34 billion dollars.  The man is sick and no one has the balls to go against him.