Trump calls in the heavy gun, the Vice President for the talks on ending with Grace (as he is a devout born-againer), the Federal Governments shut down. 

Thus it would appear the VP is doing a good working job in deference to his contributing, inspiring, bringing forth collusion between those who do not want the wall and the Evangelicals who are suffering from Donald T-Rumps promise of building a wall and Mexico paying for it...

Washington (CNN) Progress in talks to reopen the government remains at a standstill after Saturday’s meeting with Trump administration officials and congressional staff, acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Saturday.  

This was photo-op time two following the verbal blow-jobs at the Vice President’s staff meeting.  And the closed door meeting with Mike “Jesus” Pence AKA Code Name:  “ Worthless” was declared worthless.    

These Whitehouse photo-ops are bullshit. They usually accomplish nothing, Trump knew it and dumped it on the VP and thats exactly what happened.  He played Golf...  Nothing and it didn’t matter Trump would change the game anyway, and I truly believe he’s looking for a new ass-kisser to run with him in 2020 like Lindsey Graham.  I believe Trump for 2020 is looking to change pack horses.

Who is now a noted side changer and devout T-RUMP Scumbird.  I admired him once as I admired John McCain but somethings changed, Lindsey has gone to the dark side... I see the 2020 ticket if Trump lives that long, as Darth Trump and his present “ Two Pence”  VP “ Jar-Jar Binks”... replaced by Lindsey...’General Grievous’.

VP Mike Pence has been described as puny, weak, ball-less, one who is a devout faith healer for Donald Trump.  Forget about all those jokes about him having his head so far up Donald’s nether region he can tell you what Donald had for breakfast.  Not true, it was dinner he could tell you all about it  including desert!  Dinner allowed him to work his way up in the world.

He is simply loyal, out of fear, afraid of Trump, and not a good practitioner,  and comes across as the last person after Trump we would want in command of this country.  Never has a Vice President so faithfully and wrongly taken on a surrogate job for such a blatant sick ignorant, maniacal nutcase and sucked it up like melted ice cream...  

Democrats are asking for an official justification from the Trump administration of the demand for $5.6 billion in wall funding and border security.  Never happened... You want money, tell us how and put it in writing as to how it will be spent!  Tough to answer since everything TRUMP does has to be scrutinized since he robs everybody, fake taxes, fake foundations and lies. He steals from charities...whom he promises and doesn’t deliver.  True scumbagism!

Democratic staff in the room also said it will grow increasingly hard to start formal negotiations with parts of the government closed, a Democratic source familiar with the discussion said. But administration officials rejected the demand, the source said.

STINK TANK - Temporary Chief of Staff Mulvaney told CNN’s Jake Tapper that they “ did not make much progress” at the meeting, adding that he thought Democrats were “ actually, in my mind, there to stall.”   

Not true!  Tapper said they did not order the shutdown nor were they there to stall.  More frickin lies from the clones...  Mulvaney called Saturday’s discussion “ productive.  So was his last bowel movement. 

Adding that it was “ Beneficial” to have Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen  “ Finally be able to outline the crisis at the border in detail without interruption, given her prior efforts were cut off by Democrat leaders.” 

Here we go again, more lies, she is nothing but a T-Rump clone, scared and in fear of TRUMP.   Useless as her executive powers are nil, equal to her talent,  just a figure head and not even good at that.  Usually there is no interruption,  she is so party line boring, no one is listening. She won’t stand up to Trump...

Trump said during the meeting Friday that he was prepared to keep the government closed for an extended period of time, according to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who told reporters that Trump said,  “ He would keep the government closed for a very long period of time -- months or even years.”  


Federal employees all 870,000 and more if it keeps should take note that the real scumbag this season was their leader who had a temper tantrum pissy-fit.  He should be judged as a traitor.  It was not the will of the people.  

Pissy-fits are a condition of tantrum usually found only in three to five year olds, occasionally found in delusional imbeciles at later stages in life.  I get it, lets build his wall... of Legos, perfect! the man is sick, needs help...

Questions arose as to what the wall will look like.  His critics want to know if Donald builds the wall,  will it include moats and drawbridges, and can we place archers high on the ramparts.  How much extra for boiling oil and the Black Plague Virus?   I can’t stand to watch a grown man cry out, If I were him, I would be more concerned about living.  Walls mean nothing, he is pressing the wrong people. I think it’s a matter of time...

And the democrat’s said  “ No way Jose”!  We are not paying for the wall.  Both the present and former President of Mexico Vincente Fox has stated many times 

‘No way Gringo, we are not paying for the friggen wall’...  And I said, 'You rock El Presidente Vincente’   You told that schmuck off!  

Vincente was the President of Mexico and while visiting Texas at George Bush 43’s ranch, they got into a conversation about horses.  

George did not know that  Vincente is an avid enthusiast of the Mexican Charro (sometimes called dancing horses) and at some point later Vincente described ‘  George Bush as a pickup truck cowboy’.  But nicely... a no bullshit guy who weathered his own share of Mexican politics and elections commonly called  “ Viva La Revolutions”.

Donald, what is it about NO that you have a problem with.  You can have all the wet dreams you want about a wall.  You lied, and lied again, you threatened and the truth is the Mexicans will not pay for your wall.

69% of the Americans do not want that wall. It was more of your bullshit promise’s you made to those weak minded GOP base idiots  and Evangelical supporters you have.

Next time, as sooner or later folks wake up from the ether, many will rejoice maybe at your impeachment, funeral or  assassination, the wall issue will be dead, the timing is wrong, you were using it for political rhetoric and now you are in the toilet over it shutting down the government.

So you should not make promises you can’t keep even if they are stupid enough to believe you and the blames and excuses you use for failure.  You are a looser, a rich looser who wins by cheating.  “ The Art of the Deal should be the new version coming out soon called  “The Fart of the Spiel”.  You,  Mr. President can count on one thing, sooner or later the people will revolt against you. 

You, Donald, personally have robbed and cheated enough people in your lifetime to build ten walls, you truly are a lowlife.  Please don’t travel anymore for ideas and quit listening to GOP Fake Conservative Radio and TV celebrities.  In any other country they would be considered traitors or shot.   


😨  May I make a suggestion... when Donald T-Rump pushes someones nuts far enough to take him out with an assassination, or a firing squad is used for being a traitor, please use a minimum .338 Lapua Round, or the 54-AKM Draganov and have Vice President Pence and Senate Leader MCConnell standing directly behind him, holding him up and supporting him... It’s the moral thing to do, and collateral damage is not that important to Donald.
                                                                                                                               Submitted by  IOSIF VISSARIONOVICH DZUGASHVILI

😨 There is a reason Donald Trump will never testify in court even if they subpoena him and drag him into court. Before you testify you are told  “WE WANT THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH”.  Not a good idea for TRUMP... He can’t spell ‘ Truth’.   

Most likely he will gag at that point,  start gasping for air,  lightning will strike him dead, or his hair will start to burn and toast his brain already diminished by gallons of Diet Coke which can rot the ganglia of nerve cells in the smallish brain he has and it can also take paint off a car.  

Donald doesn’t understand truth, it’s not part of his DNA, he lies over and over again to cover his lies with more lies, then calls it fake news. There is little fake news, thats the big lie right there.  Most things said about TRUMP are the truth, and he is no good with truth.

Hopefully I have made that point clear and thats the truth....

😨 Donald J. Trump came into the office aimed to set the world on fire... He did, and the frickin world is still burning, but it’s all about him, he hates everything and everybody who is not on his side... some call it a back-side. 

😨  Now we know Donald will do nothing about gun control.  Thats a bad move for him.  He should be quite worried about all those military style powered rapid fire rifles floating around.  Add Russian collusion with the NRA, with the gal spy who pled guilty and will most likely be deported.  It occurred to me the odds:  And he better give this some consideration. 

  • 350 million or so Americans and Illegals...who live in the United States, most are legal enough to own a weapon, but bad guys don’t register their guns...

  • Close to 250-275 million guns or more, many are illegally owned... garnered by trade, by illegal gun merchants, not authorized dealers, or stolen property.  That is lots of bang for the bucks as most high powered rifles like the AR-15, M-16, AK-47 , AKM, and K54 Draganov’s never were made for hunting bucks.  They were made for killing people.
  • He is popular with his base but hated about 68% of the people hate him and more after the shutdown... And it only takes one person and one bullet between the eyes and the rest of the numbers don’t matter.
  • In the song by Three Dog Night the repetitive verse is:   One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, Two can be as bad as one, It’s the loneliest number since the number one”.  I agree a double tap is always best, standard training in small arms and called The Mozambique Drill,  also known as the Failure Drill or Failure to Stop drill.
  • Informally,  the short version which is “ Two to the body, one to the head, that insures the bloke is dead”... It is a close-quarters shooting technique AKA known as a double tap, and followed up with a head shot that, will instantly stop the target if the previous shots failed to do so. According to anecdotal history, the technique originated with a Rhodesian soldier, Mike Rousseau, engaged in the Mozambican War of Independence (1964-1974).

  • Note:  It was part of my military training and as a competitive shooter in three disciplines, its ground floor basis as targeting involved minimum two shots on target, some contests were the Stop Drill protocol with three on target.
  • It is not my style nor thoughts thereof or preferred choice, for settling or elimination of political matters, though most conveniently my wish:  ” I prefer T-Rump just drop dead from Diet Coke Poisoning”.  

😨 And you can’t argue the fact he did get rid of the swamp, but why did he replace it with an open-air cesspool?   No answer, thus there is the possibility the nuts may fall close to the tree, but in this administration, his family represents “ Sh*t falls close to the ass”

😨 Lets face it, Trump has full command of his ship, so did the Captain of the Titanic... and his bases are covered, many fools work for Trump, in the Webster dictionary look under F.A.M.I.L.Y.  or F.I.E.N.D.S. He has taken it further he commands the entire armed forces. This is a very dangerous situation..

😨 And if you work for him while you researching your future with Donald,  think of JOB Security... You might stand a chance getting another job in Washington if you worked for Trump and were fired for insubordination, or talking to the press with truth.  You will then be safe.  If that doesn’t work... Here are three suggestions...    

😨 Try ticking off Melania by telling her, her royal ass is starting to droop.  Start a rumor that she shops at Target, now that K-Mart is closing.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and she will get rid of him

😨 You will get fired for asking Donald’s confidant Kelly Condom Conway what exactly is  “ Alternative News” ? Why the condom nickname?  She needs one on her tongue, lots of bad news, untruths, lies and bullshit come from it. 

😨 Ask Sara Notawara  “What time is it”?   And getting in response   “ I’ll have to get back with you”.  Tell her please don’t!

😨  When you consider TRUMP had to get Rudi Giuliani to be his representative media lawyer you realize he has chosen not only the bottom of the barrel but the dirt beneath the barrel.  As if that isn’t bad enough, they hit a sewer pipe!  Just ask Rudi if he still cross dresses.   

😨 It’s more than the concern of the damage Donald will do in the last two years of office. A few things are evident all revolving around the deficit, the 17 investigations, the flip flops of former consorts, and conspirators.  He is under a lot of pressure as his world is being autopsied.

😨   √ Impeached or  √ Assassinated...  who cares, time to take out the trash.  His deficit promises, just fake promises that he will get rid of the deficit in eight years will be up 6 trillion dollars due to his mismanagement and hurt our economy, have fun while it appears good.  Think of flying what goes up sometimes comes down nicely,  sometimes mother earth steps in. 

😨 Applicants for the job of Cabinet Member or any other title like Commissar (Russian) or Supreme Leader of the United States, ( Kim’ s favorite) has promoted fear for some to not wish to take the job because of Trump.  You would have to be crazy or hard up for a check. Whether he leaves head first or feet first, really doesn’t matter.   

😨 But the effect will be brutally nasty for us as who would be stupid enough to walk into the chaos and mess he has created;  Who is smart enough to fix the physical damage he has done to the environment, school systems, housing;  Who can draw a partisan government together to secure and repair infrastructure, and immigration. and Medicare;  Who will solve the riddle of Medicaid, Medical Insurance problems, OPIODS/Fentanyl problems;  

😨 Who can put the trust back in the DOJ, the FBI related organizations, our Judicial system and reunite them as truthful and not just political favored hacks;  Who, and this is a great challenge, will have the ability to encourage good people to get into government after this ass-clown has polluted Washington with the worst bunch of handpicked scumbirds and losers ever in the history of the country.


(CNN)A federal judge in Texas said on Friday that the Affordable Care Act's individual coverage mandate is unconstitutional and that the rest of the law therefore cannot stand.

Legal experts say the ruling won't immediately affect Americans' health coverage, and a group of states led by California is already vowing to appeal. But the invalidation of the landmark health care law popularly known as Obamacare throws into doubt the future of health coverage for millions of Americans on the Obamacare exchanges and in Medicaid expansion.

The ruling and expected appeal sets up another cliffhanger in which the fate of the law, which Republicans have unsuccessfully tried to repeal for years, will likely once again ultimately lie with the Supreme Court.

Trumps words spoken by a true draft dodging fake hero who like Hitler cared little for the poor and financially challenged to get health care.  And may he and the others of wealth who care less get hit by a meteorite since TRUMP is canceling the command responsible for the observation of a million things that can hit us, mainly what goes up, will come down or what GOD sends through the universe eventually finds a home.


NOTE:  The most used chant and expression used by Trump at his rallies was “  LOCK HER UP” It was first coined and used, written by and promoted by...(Fanfare)  Lt. General Michael Flynn.   How ironic when things ! The traitor and ass-kisser to TRUMP who messaged Hillary with a remark,  is the guilty one now of far more consequence.  Trumps invented charge of NO Collusion is far reaching for Flynn with Russian dealings and the Judge knows that.

Our new mantra expression, for Lt.  General Michael Flynn is   “HANG HIM HIGH”  with a possible screenplay by Clint Eastwood and new song by Ted Nugent.  Great supporters of Trump till the truth comes out.  I expect Clint to become American again but I fear Nugent is too far gone.

TRUMPs lineup of noteworthy guilty people was graced by former Lt. General Michael Flynn, one of TRUMPS early position people in the transition,and selected to be the Secretary of defense.  He has attained a new level on the despicable rating scale at minus eight! Trump holds fast at minus ten.

Well, thats off the table as our temporary defender of the nation was also under the table paid 600,000 dollars by the Turks, and attended nice Russian conferences conferred with, and violated about every rule there was by not registering as a foreign agent.  

One word in the courtroom after hearing a real Judge, we honor Judge Emmet Sullivan as a true independent judge, honoring our laws and constitution.

Judge Emmet Sullivan was at the heart of Michael Flynn’s dramatic sentencing hearing Tuesday, once again delaying it.  Sullivan tore into Flynn, President Trump’s former national security adviser, telling him he couldn’t hide his “disgust” or “disdain.”   “Arguably, you sold your country out,” Sullivan told Flynn.

The 71-year-old judge also questioned whether Flynn committed treason before he walked back those comments. He said he wasn’t suggesting Flynn did, in fact, commit treason but asked prosecutors about the potential crime because he was “just curious.”  “After looking at the definition of treason, we have no reason to believe he committed treason,” prosecutors said.  One said “yet” 

Both sides now have until March 13 to file a status report with the court. Flynn’s sentencing date has not been rescheduled, and will likely not happen until there is a conclusion in the separate federal criminal case in Virginia, in which his lobbying partner has pleaded not guilty.  

Flynn left the courthouse without speaking to reporters.  Security guards ushered him to a waiting car as protesters chanted "USA, USA."

A real courageous hero doing his job, no nonsense, Sullivan ordered Flynn to stay within 50 miles of Washington and to surrender his passport. The judge said he was imposing the restrictions because they were typical for defendants released on personal recognizance but he had just learned Flynn had not been under such a restriction.  Sullivan said the restriction starts January 4 and he was approving already-planned international travel that the court had been informed about.


What exactly is a TRUMP rally?  They are reminiscent of the despicable conduct, language and accusations made by Hitler and Mussolini before World War II.   The PRAVDA style Trump committee adds free preprinted signs, people chosen with smiles and hats,  lots of moms and kids, many with missing teeth, and or missing brains.  

Glistening in their stupid support of the most dangerous man in America.

And true “ TRUMP FANS ”  who seem to forget that little incident called World War II since they failed History in school but excelled in watching football and eating wings considering that those attributes are the American way.  WWII left the earth 60-70 million people less because of simple words like Trump uses, words of hate.  

With his latest visit to France TRUMP embarrassed our Military, Our Soldiers and family losses from WWI’s who died or were wounded the millions killed.  He embarrassed our country and our people.  He should rot in hell for what he did this day of mourning, total disrespect for those who fought and died.  

These reality show fans attending are no better than the crowds that the Axis drew in Berlin for their stand-up propaganda routines.  If these people cheer his lies and believe him, part of this country has died already killed by the scum leaching from the cesspool.  

And the lack of civility is appalling, we are no longer a nation of together, we have been socially drawn and quartered, by a lieing, cheating Leninist coward.

I see him as a reincarnation of the Fuehrer since he uses the Fuehrer’s playbook, “Mein Kamph” by Hitler”.  Donald’s Newest Book, which I am putting together is the sequel to “The Art of the Deal”  and will be is available at your local Republican Propaganda Office and other despicable locations.  

It’s called the “FART of My SPIEL”  and highlights his best lies to date that he is so proud of and got him into office because of the enormous amount of stupid people in the GOP base.  Critics have acknowledged the new book should be even better since “ No one knows shit better than TRUMP   preorders accepted, cash, check, money orders, bitcoins, and Paypal, goats, chickens OK.  

Make the checks payable to the Trump Family Slush Fund Charity.   
Make the checks payable to me...


It started with the run-up to the election.  It continued during the election and got thicker than three day old soup cooking on high on the stove.  Even the crowds at the inauguration were about to be tampered with, well faked.  

Oh, the staff who took the pictures for his inauguration had no choice, the task went to the Parks Department who after the shots were taken were instructed ( told) by the White House to beef up the images with Photoshop.  

Starting with his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, his photo-op tour of buildings in Singapore with Kim Jung Un, his screw-ups concerning everything from gun control, interference in the 2016 election, parades, funerals and other harmful and vindictive proposals.  When scored by my ninth grade class’s I introduced into a class, “ I call Intro to Government (13-14 years old)”  they rate his politics and management as very stupid.

Most damaging is the hatred he spews, his neglect of people in need, his immigration tactics, his disregard for facts concerning aid and becoming a state, Puerto Rico, the California fires and the stupidest statement of rejection of the Forestry service Responders needing to rake the state of California. 

His tweets are more obnoxious than ever, his lies are more prevalent now that he really has nothing to talk  about. Oh the economy which is based on more mistakes.  Obama did put more people back to work and did beat TRUMP and Obama did score higher than Trump on a couple of quarters with the economy.  

But TRUMPS lies lead the airwaves, thats the real FAKE NEWS and he owns the airwaves with an ally like FOX but there is a day of reckoning coming.  And I think it will be brutal.  Simply put his lies and stupid moves are like a daily reality show only “We the people”  will pay the price for allowing this bullshit to continue.


Simply explained, working for Trump is a toxic move if you intend to stay or live anywhere near Washington, Virginia or in some way be involved with a government position. 

Some opportunities do exist for former employees of the
T-RUMP debacle.  They may seek employment in the District Of Columbia, Department of Refuse.  Their  Street Pickup Division is looking for a  “FEW GOOD MEN”. 

Our Fuehrer and Entertainer in Chief took his road show all over the world and just about managed to just about screw up everything. ( I was nice, I didn’t say f*cked up everything, some good was realized as the allies realized it was all true, Trump is insane and should not be allowed overseas, even to cross the Potomac. )   

To hear him tell it, “ He killed’ em” !  True but not the way you expected.  His speech to the United Nations, Hong Kong, Paris, twice, England, Germany...  all well covered by lies and more lies and at the UN they laughed out loud at him.  He killed it all right, kiss most relationships goodby.

The only possible way some of those allied countries respect us again would be with a full formal apology and someone entering the UN Building with Trumps head still bleeding on a stick.

But that was not the story he told the American people.  Telling Americans how great he was, well the consensus tells us he did kill it, right, he did kill it in a different sense, and it will take decades to fix it.  He went FUBAR every time Air Force One stopped on the trips abroad and enough FUBARS to keep FOX news in business.

You should read the foreign press. They were not kind... Insults, couth of an outhouse, no manners, disgusting, unsuccessful deals, splitting our allies, The real Press reports what a really sick man Donald Trump is and the destruction of this country by him.  They did their job, his attacks on the press don’t work there.  

The job of the PRESS  is to protect the people by sifting and selection of truth, not fabrication and lies our politicians are capable of.  Sorting the wheat from the chaff, not really in this WhiteHouse, it’s sorting the bullshit of today from yesterday’s bullshit.  More lies..

Fact:  he blames everyone but himself - just like Adolf Hitler did.  He blames the Democrats, how frickin stupid can people be to believe this... if the GOP ruled both the House and Senate and used obstructionism and not moving on Democratic bills please show me how can the Democrats be the problem.  More Lies, Lies after Lie, and More Lies, the man is sick.

This is simple, if all the news 24/7 is all about Trump then the information brewing has to be coming from Trump.  It’s not coming from Boris and Natasha, Jesus, Gandhi, Alfred E. Neuman, Boris Badinoff, Emma Kazinsky, Counselor Troi, or Goofy of Mickey Mouse fame.  His thoughts do come from Lenin, Hitler and Trotsky, Stalin and others who down through the ages hurt a lot of mankind.  He admires some of the worst scumbags of the century, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Mohammed bin Saud, Duarte, and others. There are a lot of dead people that will back that statement.