Since one man took office three years ago, and the previous eight years of obstruction,  we have been lied to almost 10,000 times (9427 4/2019)  and have had to endure one miscalculated stupid insidious embarrassment after another as a nation...

The Republican party ( the gentle Elephant giant died years ago) and their leadership of McConnell and McCarthy should be relieved as obstructionists and violating their Constitutional beliefs actually working against Americans rather than for the American people.  

Anywhere else in this world they would be called them traitors, in some countries they would be shot.  Thats a good idea.  The party once represented by an elephant is now represented by a Chicken.  Trump is not alone, it takes the cowards in the Senate and Congress afraid to stand up to him and they are not serving the people they are serving Trump. T-RUMP is the third party and the fourth part of the Government.  

AKA The Chickenhawks, is composed of many ball-less cowards, needing to be culled out as swift as possible or there will be no party... they are mainly to blame under the leadership of Mitch McConnell who has been the leading scumbag of the party... followed by a grand assortment of idiots, liars and imbeciles with gutless wonder... and nothing is being done about it,  thats the part that says if the voters are that frickin stupid, they deserve him.

We call them 
THE CHICKENHAWKS...  they talk like Hawks but are really Chickens.   Thus,  that the Republican symbol,  officially the elephant should be replaced by a Chicken.  It won’t be a chicken in every pot but a GOP chicken in many House and Senate seats and that leads to seats filled with CHICKENSHIT.

What a bunch of real fake cowardly CLUCKS  fraid of Herr Donald.  And if they don’t vote Donald’s way, a tweet will follow.  Tweet-Tweet, the only media Donald trusts because real media seems to see him for what he really is, very sick, and needs immediate help.

I see how our fake politicians operate, more fake hair than a Gaither Family Evangelical Gospel Sing-a-long.  I see the same, lock-stepped, in perfect tune, we are unfortunately inundated by scumbags, now called SCUMBIRDS because they all fly in formation, and most should have been thrown out a long time ago. 

PHOTO-OP:   Here is a shot of T-RUMP addressing Mitch McConnell, the Head Chicken of the Senate, a real  CLUCK-SUCKER.  I would like to see guilty sentences passed down, and treason charged to some.



There is no Republican Party anymore, it was a party of cowards anyway controlled by McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and McCarthy.  It is now the party of Trump which is so close to Leninism / Marxism leading to an Oligarchy.  Heavily coated in Hitler philosophy, carefully crafted by Steve Miller, and somewhat supported by cowardly clones.  

The swamp is no longer, as many see it as a huge, really huge septic tank.  Swamps are usually not-problematic with dirty water filtered in some cases, and well thought out by nature,  in some cases essential for the environment.  Like the Florida Everglades ruined by the ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS.   (Hmmm, Army’s destroy things, not engineer things)

ON the other hand  Septic tanks are filled with sh*t and thats something only T-Rump, McConnell and Graham does best who added so many incompetents to handle things backed by losers who were already in office... the do LIES well.

The naive and hopefuls fell for the whole bullshit and now he cannot deliver.  Now GM has closed five plants.  They beat reporters, following his comments, called them disgusting names, all in the name of freedom.  They believed the false prophet.  And it was all lies.  

Five journalists because of T-RUMP rhetoric were beaten at rallies.  Now truth will suffer more, I have no sympathy for stupidity, I do care that they the base are hurting,  and it will get worse, the answer is rethink, plan, move on, dump the T-RUMP and look for good people to lead them and that will not be easy.  The worst part is the swamp, now it’s a cesspool, and serving ones country will need a new breed.

Now we have more than half the Cabinet leaders and Secretaries of Departments missing or quit, got fired or scared of hanging around a madman.  Careers have been bashed,  and those who got out early were the smartest, they just leave it off their resume.

For T-Rump Yes, results do count, and yes the stock market has grown, thanks to being pulled out of a recession by Barack Obama.  Yes, the rich got richer, by virtue of fake tax breaks set up to look good for the middle class.  But they were tricks and benefitted nothing for them by PAUL RYAN the do-nothing speaker of the house who left with the worst clusterf*ck the house has ever been in.   

So far the only consequence will be a recession when the three trillion dollar debt which is on the horizon comes to bear at the end of the year and a possible duplication from the unrestricted president   

At the same time billions have been removed from education, infrastructure, and hundreds of programs that thwart illiteracy,  health and good for the common man,  and the rich got richer. And that schmuck wanted parades, 21 million dollars estimated cost,  he sent troops to the border, 21 million dollars estimated cost and build a wall 24-34 billion dollars.  

The man is sick and no one has the balls to go against him.  Millions wasted on N. Korea and he has softened our power by elimination of training with South Korea.