•  The list grows as another reality star, former Mayor Rudi ( I’m great, I am the savior of NY ) Giuliani the man who claims to have saved NY after 911, and tries to take the glory from those first responders who really did the work and paid for it with their lives.

• In his latest infartuation (see the Jacobs Dictionary)  step up to the pump as special advisor legal to T-rump.  Yet seen by most people with an IQ of over 100, he is irrelevant and his stories and misconceptions are designed to take the heat off TRUMP who actions deserve not only boiling in oil, but bunker fuel would be better. I would orchestrate it with chefs from ISIS.

•  Its simple,  it’s the good doctor theory.  Good doctors hang with good doctors because of their concern for patients and someone on their level. Bad doctors , incompetents, unskilled, are content with their level and their associates are also equivalents.

•  Rudi is truly is the biggest bullshitter after Donald on the TRUMP team.  What a group of misfits, Giuliani, Bolton, Miller, why it looks like a team suitable for the Fourth Reich. They could make Hitler proud.

•  It is rumored the Queen of England would have loved to take back her knighthood of Rudi fearing it would diminish the importance of that quaint British custom.  With Trumps twists about the relationship between the US and England, I think she would of said something like,  “WTF was I thinking...  he didn’t save NY, the people of NY saved NY”.

•  Rudi also has appeared dressed as a drag queen, a roll he plays very well. This is the representative of the President.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and scumbag to scumbag.

•  That’s easy enough today, a simple Twitter, message attacking someone and just like a fart, hopefully it does not have any substance and will be gone by tomorrow.  Twitter, the communication device is perfect for T-RUMP, its simple, allows explicatives, rarely accurate, emotionally driven short bursts of lies and stupidity, and an idiot can use it.

•  240 letters constructed in imbecilic filthy rhetoric coming from the President.  Perfect for a man who is emotionally narcissistic,  immature with multiple personalities and a bunch of other problems our psychiatrists have to explain as they are above my pay grade.  Nevertheless the perfect communication for those with an IQ below the normal line.

• I told a colleague of mine, TRUMPS bullshit is so absurd we just don’t know anyone in the press corp with enough chutzpah to create that kind of crap.  I was wrong.  FOX (FAUX), Sean Hannity,  and the NRA stepped up to the pump.  The two other biggest liars of all time.

•  To all the nit-twitter followers, those words of Donald Trump and claims of Fake news are real!  Thats because the source of the FAKE NEWS is a FAKE PRESIDENT duly followed by the second biggest agreement liar Vice President and total Arse Apologizer Mike Pence, recently called a political hack  by Kim Jung UN.  He’s a puppy dog on Trumps leash.


•  32% in US have a favorable view, 45% unfavorable opinion of Giuliani
First time he has had more negative than positive ratings
•  Mike Pence's ratings stable, with 42% viewing him favorably

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans have a more negative view of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani today than at any other point in Gallup’s trend, which includes multiple ratings in the years 2004-2008, along with two updates over the past two years. 

Thirty-two percent now say they have a positive view of Giuliani, his lowest favorable rating. It is also the first time more Americans have had a negative (45%) rather than positive view of the man called “ America's mayor," after he led the city through the 9/11 tragedy.

The real hero’s of 9/11 were the first responders and the New Yorkers who helped rebuild the city.  He was hired to do the job and he did the job.  But he was not a hero, thats a PR stretch.