Michael Richard Pence is an American politician and lawyer serving as the 48th and current Vice President of the United States, in office since January 20, 2017

BornJune 7, 1959 (age 59 years), Columbus, IN
SpouseKaren Pence (m. 1985)

ChildrenCharlotte PenceMichael PenceAudrey Pence

Did you know: Mike Pence cast the eighth-most tie-breaking votes (9) among Presidents of the Senate of the United States

Famous Quotes Spoken Like a True Uninformed Ideological Moron

  • While that amendment failed, human cloning continues to advance and the breakthrough in this unethical and morally questionable science is around the corner.
  • To date, embryonic stem cell research has not produced a single medical treatment, where ethical, adult stem cell research has produced some 67 medical miracles.
  • Sadly, embryonic stem cell research is completely legal in this country and has been going on at universities and research facilities for years.
  • It’s time to stop the raid on the Social Security trust fund and start allowing Americans to invest their Social Security taxes in personal savings accounts.
  • My votes against the education bill and my votes against the Medicare bill got huge play at home.
  • Let’s win the peace and democracy the good people of Iraq so richly deserve after decades of tyranny.


  • 2017  CONTENTION and WON the “Best Verbal Ass-Kissing Speech” ever on the White house lawn resulting in tremendous plant growth, better than Miracle Grow.  Awarded a plaque by the plant growers association, who said we should bag all that shit he’s throwing out, its great!
  • Best Donald TRUMP Agree-er Speech on the planet at a round table discussion, outdistanced Price, Pruitt and Reince Priebus who all showed great succulation above and below the table in quality and quantity of arse-kissing.  Unfortunately within 120 days they were all released for more common reasons of incompetence, lieing, cheapen, being a dumbass, arrogance and just plain f*cking up.        Succulation  (see Jacobs Dictionary)    
  • Rated A+ on the Society of Universal Congressional Kooks for his patriotic speeches, mostly praising Trump.
  • LOVED by the GOP Evangelical Base for his so called “Christian Beliefs” which supersede Human Being beliefs
  • Not loved by others, He is severely Homophobic, and not as pious as he pretends
  • Not loved by Jews, Muslims, anyone not his faith, nor Gays, LBGT, nor women
  • Especially not pregnant women who thinks he looks like Mengele
  • Suspected of having a deep dark secret in his past, which he hides on his Christian sleeve and possibly his underwear, afraid to go out on the town without his dowdy looking wife.   Something is not Kosher with this guy....


On the Paris Accord  His Speech Full of Mistruths

“Good afternoon" (One line - two words - he got right) 
Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, members of Congress, distinguished guests, on behalf of the First Family, welcome to the White House.

It’s the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Vice President to a President who is fighting every day to make America great again.   ( For himself and friends)    Since the first day of this administration, President Donald Trump has been working tirelessly to keep the promises that he made to the American people.  President Trump has been reforming healthcare, enforcing our laws, ending illegal immigration, rebuilding our military.  And this President has been rolling back excessive regulations and unfair trade practices that were stifling American jobs.   ( A supremely large dose of shit with appallingly bad results and hurting America)

Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, American businesses are growing again; investing in America again; and they're creating jobs in this country instead of shipping jobs overseas.  Thanks to President Donald Trump, America is back.

 And just last week we all witnessed the bold leadership of an American President on the world stage, putting America first.  From the Middle East, to Europe, as leader of the free world, President Trump reaffirmed historic alliances, forged new relationships, and called on the wider world to confront the threat of terrorism in new and renewed ways.    
(Not So)

And now both China and Japan have new trade accords signed and sealed with direct routing planned for Europe completely circumventing the US.  Good job! Herr Trump and Pence,  a team that will truly lower our standing in the world in prestige, honor,  trade, and global leadership as we are left out.  The Euro-Asia direct pact will hurt America, another blunder by idiots.

You’ve probably heard of the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that once ran between China and the West during the days of the Roman Empire. It’s how oriental silk first made it to Europe. It’s also the reason China is no stranger to carrots. 

And now it’s being resurrected. Announced in 2013 by President Xi Jinping, a brand new double trade corridor is set to reopen channels between China and its neighbours in the west: most notably Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

According to the Belt and Road Action Plan released in 2015, the initiative will encompass land routes (the “Belt”) and maritime routes (the “Road”) with the goal of improving trade relationships in the region primarily through infrastructure investments. 

The aim of the $900 billion scheme, as China explained recently, is to kindle a “new era of globalization”, a golden age of commerce that will benefit all. Beijing says it will ultimately lend as much as $8 trillion for infrastructure in 68 countries. That adds up to as much as 65% of the global population and a third of global GDP, according to the global consultancy McKinsey.



1. He signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country.

In April, Gov. Pence signed into law a bill that forbids abortion on the basis of fetal chromosomal abnormalities, including Down syndrome, among other factors. The law further bans fetal-tissue donation — requiring any aborted or miscarried fetus to be cremated or buried. And it placed onerous restrictions on abortion providers nearly identical to those that the Supreme Court recently found unconstitutional in Texas.

2. He signed a bill that made it OK for Indiana businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers.
In 2015, Pence signed a “religious freedom” law, whose sweeping language permitted Indiana businesses to refuse to serve LGBT Americans, much like Southern businesses used to discriminate against African-Americans during the days of segregation. 

Backlash against the law was swift and intense. Pence was forced to quickly sign a bill amending the legislation, which the governor claimed had been subject to “mischaracterizations.”

3. He blocked the resettlement of Syrian refugees in Indiana — and illegally tried to cut off federal aid to existing refugees.
In the wake of the massacre in Paris last fall, Pence issued an executive order to block the resettlement of Syrian war refugees in Indiana. Not content to keep new war widows and orphans out of the state, Pence upped the xenophobic ante by also trying to cut off federal aid to those already in the state. A federal judge blocked Pence’s action, writing that the governor’s order “clearly constitutes national origin discrimination” and “in no way directly, or even indirectly, promotes the safety of Indiana citizens.”

4. He’s an unreconstructed drug warrior.
At a time when lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are tackling the nation’s drug problems with less focus on incarceration, Pence signed a bill to reinstating a mandatory minimum drug sentence. Many drug users sell drugs on the side to support their addictions. Thanks to Pence, any Indiana resident convicted twice for selling meth or heroin is now sentence to a full decade in prison. Expressing his pleasure at signing a law stripping judges of discretion in drug sentencing, Pence declared, “We need to make it clear that Indiana will not tolerate the actions of criminals.”

🇺🇸 Spoken like a true ass-kissing scumbag 5th Degree
I suppose he will worry about that if Mike Pence has to take over, he picked Mike because Mike is the consummate yes man. Or shall we say the consommé yes man, thin skinned and watery, little substance, Jesus ado-rant, to love Jesus that much, what are you so guilty of for that much forgiving, could it be the “Obstruction of Justice charges brought back as Governor”’?

And just to worry even more, Pence is dumber than a rock, and thats dangerous.  The Koch-brothers tool so feared by liberals because he might be more efficient at bringing America to its knees than his boss.  Were Pence to ascend unelected to the presidency after a Trump collapse, still more scandals would pour out, Republicans in Congress would be fighting for their political lives, the economy would be rattled, and Washington would default.  Pence is the quintessential GOP extremist, a radically anti-choice former governor and fierce opponent of gay, women, abortion, and civil health and regulatory rights.                                     



Mike Pence Tangles with Olympian 

Adam Rippon Over Gay Rights Record

The 2018 Winter Olympics officially opened on Friday but the first bit of drama has already boiled over: a dispute between:

•  Adam Rippon, the first openly gay American man to qualify to compete in the Winter Games; and Mike Pence, the conservative vice president and longtime opponent of gay rights; did not hit it off.    And USA today also is a participant.   Mr. Rippon also declined an invitation to meet with Mr. Pence before the Games, his agent said.

•  As controversies go, this one seems to have it all. Mr. Rippon, a charismatic 28-year-old figure skater, newly minted gay icon and social media darling, criticized Mr. Pence for his opposition to gay rights and long-rumored support of conversion therapy, a discredited practice that proponents claim can make gay people straight.   

This holy roller treatment sponsored and already banned in several states is also promoted by bat-Shit crazy Michelle Bachmann’s husband  ( see Michelle Bachmann)  The government is investigating , it is believed to be a fraud wasting Medicare and Medicaid funding. 

Mr. Pence and his spokespeople have pushed back, arguing that he does not support conversion therapy, which has been discredited by the medical community and condemned by rights groups.  

He Is Weirder Than Michelle Bachmann 

Mr. Pence has been dogged by claims that he supports conversion therapy since his 2000 campaign for Congress. After stating his opposition to same-sex marriage and anti-discrimination laws that protect gay people, his campaign website addressed the Ryan White Care Act, which provided federal funding for H.I.V. / AIDS patients:

Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.

That was widely interpreted as signaling his support for conversion therapy. Representatives for Mr. Pence did not respond to emails seeking comment this week. But in January, a spokeswoman, Alyssa Farah, responded to Mr. Rippon, telling USA Today, “This accusation is totally false and has no basis in fact.”

In 2016, a spokesman, Marc Lotter, denied that Mr. Pence supported conversion therapy and said his campaign website proposed federal funding for “groups that promoted safe sexual practices.”   But Mr. Lotter declined to explain what Mr. Pence meant when he referred to groups that “celebrate and encourage” activity that spreads HIV Gay and transgender groups view that language as directed at their community.

An invitation and a rejection
But two weeks later, things escalated. On Wednesday, USA Today reported that Mr. Pence’s office was so concerned about Mr. Rippon’s criticism that it had taken the unusual step of asking the United States Olympic Committee to arrange “a conversation between the two. 

Mr. Rippon, true to his word, would not meet with the vice president, the paper reported.  That seemed to be too much for Mr. Pence. On Thursday, he lashed out at the paper, tweeting that the report was “fake news” and that the journalist who had written it was bent on dividing Americans. But he was careful not to criticize Mr. Rippon.

Donald Trump, a man who senses weakness and picks stooges like the farm workers during picking season.  He picked the boring, and collared Mike Pence.  A born again (first time was a complete f*ck up) with his talent for saying the right words even if they are unbelievable for the position of Supreme Ass-Kisser to the President. 

Trump knew, he might become America’s most repulsive public figure. And Mike Pence, who dethroning his benefactor, is augmenting the public stock of useful knowledge.  Simple Trump is his own party and Pence is the authentic voice of today’s lock-stepped liars called the GOP or the Republican Party, he clarifies this year’s elections: Vote Republican to ratify groveling as governing.

Between those two Cabinet meetings, Pence and his retinue flew to Indiana for the purpose of walking out of an Indianapolis Colts football game, thereby demonstrating that football players kneeling during the national anthem are intolerable to someone of Pence’s refined sense of right and wrong.

Which brings us to his Arizona salute last week to Joe Arpaio, who was sheriff of Maricopa County until in 2016 voters wearied of his act.

Noting that Arpaio was in his Tempe audience, Pence, oozing from every pore, called Arpaio “another favorite,” professed himself “honored” by Arpaio’s presence, and praised him as “a tireless champion of . . . the rule of law.”

Arpaio, a grandstanding, camera-chasing bully and darling of the thuggish right, is also a criminal, convicted of contempt of court for ignoring a federal judge’s order to desist from certain illegal law enforcement practices. Pence’s performance occurred eight miles from the home of Sen. John McCain, who could teach Pence — or perhaps not — something about honor.

Henry Adams said that “practical politics consists in ignoring facts,” but what was the practicality in Pence’s disregard of the facts about Arpaio? His pandering had no purpose beyond serving Pence’s vocation, which is to ingratiate himself with his audience of the moment. The audience for his praise of Arpaio was given to chanting “Build that wall!” and applauded Arpaio, who wears Trump’s pardon like a boutonniere.

Hoosiers, of whom Pence is one, sometimes say that although Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky and flourished in Illinois, he spent his formative years — December 1816 to March 1830 — in Indiana, which he left at age 21.

It is said that one cannot blame people who applaud Arpaio and support his rehabilitator's, like Trump, Pence ( Who else but haters)   Republicans silent about Pence have no such excuse.

There will be negligible legislating by the next Congress, so ballots cast this November will be most important as validations or repudiations of the harmonizing voices of Trump, Pence, Arpaio and the like.

Trump is what he is, a floundering, inarticulate jumble of gnawing insecurities and not-at-all compensating vanities, which is pathetic. Pence is what he has chosen to be, which is horrifying.

 07-2018 aljacobsladder.com