Its pure, its real, it is very real 



One thing about TRUMP,  “ Lord, Give us this Day of Continued Daily Bullshit, keep it alive and well” for the false God does support the media...

“America has a history of paranoid politics, infused with the belief that there is some hidden conspiracy to betray the republic. But these forces used to be peripheral, voiced by marginal figures. ( Translate: Sick Fuking Minds)

When they seemed to be growing, as with the John Birch Society in the 1960s, mainstream conservatives such as William F. Buckley publicly and forcefully denounced them. Today senior Republicans emulate them.

Under T-RUMP we are experiencing an Authoritarian Government - a form of government in which state authority is imposed onto many aspects of citizens’ lives.  And the major loss’s involve, truth, honesty, respect, humility and desecration of a more perfect union.  (TRANSLATE: Sick Fuking Minds)

It is total destruction on all fronts brought upon by an ignorant self-embodied, wannabe dictator and narcissistic sick man who has to be removed.  Impeach, assassination, trial,  jail, the methodology hardly matters.  Someone compared it to Cancer, get rid of the cancer, stem-cell, chemo, radiation, surgery, it really doesn’t matter,  just get rid of it, before it spreads.


They will be in power in the Senate. They do not run nor own this country and never will and the Blue Wave in the house was a Tsunami and the next logical step is working to get rid of the Republican Senate. Those white haired GOP KKK remnants of a bygone era bullsh*t artists have outlived their terms and usefulness,  just like the lock-stepped Gestapo following T-RUMP like they followed the Fuehrer and Himmler.  And the Israelis chased them down for decades. 



I do not believe those who quote Lincoln and Reagan and especially in the Senate, have not stood against T-RUMP.  But most have doubled their income at the cost of the economy slipping potentially three trillion dollars under T-RUMP into our deficit, we are already half way there, and the fact they have chicken blood flowing in their veins. 

They will regret the next time they are up for reelection just as the house learned Election day supporting a leader who thinks he was declared divine and absolute is wrong.  No one signed up to join something like the Hitler youth camp, or the SS Breeding program, or anything else a sick mind produced.  His cabinet is a joke, do nothing, accomplish nothing, compete nothing.

It was the most important day in our lives to send a message to that Supreme Arrogant Leader Schmuck of the free world.  His fellow scumbags in Congress and the Senate that he and his GOP base and the fake Evangelicals will destroy the role of leadership on this planet.

Three years ago I warned about Donald Trump and today, day after the election we found out many Americans have found out now we have to take back the country.  I knew him from NY.  He was known as a scumbag there just like his father and not as loved as he would tell you.  No banks will lend him money,  he defaulted and took bankruptcies for millions and screwed them. He has had over 3500 lawsuits for non-payment and fraud, most unsettled since he has lawyers on retainer and keeps refiling. His money comes from overseas, quite well hidden, Germanys Deutsche Bank, Russia involving possible millions in money laundering and Saudi Arabia through his son-in-law, another piece of work. 

It’s a start, think what has happened to his enemies and how he uses that power against them which is an act demanding impeachment.  He thinks he was elected as the Fueher, I only say because as I perused more and more of a history of WWII, I studied and wrote many papers on the Third Reich because I am Jewish, my family generations back, my elders were in the concentration camps, I have seen their tattoos, they knew fear, prejudice, oppression and death.


THE PLAYBOOK - The former German leader and Donald Trump are partners in crime and time.  Trumps playbook is a carbon copies of Hitlers tactics and in some ways word for word with Hitlers playbook, words, chapters and verse.  

He has initiated what Hitler did by destroying the press,  Adolf Hitler stooge Dr. Goebbels after becoming the propaganda minister for Germany saw to that,  Newspapers and Radio, both fell to the propaganda Goebbels put out.

TV was not yet invented in Adolf’s day, but today the biggie is supreme media scumbird Herr Rupert Murdock taking over with FOX news,  all the papers he owns, and sports broadcasting.  His regime is the perfect component of a lying Presidents propaganda as they have as many scruples in reporting as TRUMP has in tweeting which is none.

He is calling the real press, Fakes, and enemies of the state.  They are the last line of truth.  They report the fake news because Donald spews the filth and lies and then disembowels himself from it and calls it fake.  

The use of  “ disembowels” might cause my Ex-English teacher to drop her jaw in disbelief but in defense, when you spew that much sh*t, what else would you use? 

He has twitted derogatory remarks, challenged Police that are not under his control, and using the FBI and attempting to use them as his Police force against any challengers, political or personal which is illegal.

The Secret Service are the family protectors just as Hitler had his unit, the Stosstrupp-Hitler (SSH), was set up specifically for Hitler’s protection.  Air Force ONE as the Official Golf Mar-a-lago Shuttle Bus and personal rally vehicle costing millions of additional dollars to carry his fake lies and bullshit all over the country.

He actively sends twitts and stupidity defaming the FBI and the DOJ.  Adolf and Goebbels did the same but taking them over with the SS and the Gestapo was easier, he just killed those in charge, and devoting time recently to ruining the Supreme Court.  

The object is to remove the power of the two pillars of the three of our system leaving only the executive branch to make the decisions of government.  That was how Hitler did it, with the night of the Long Knives, murder, and assassinations of those who might oppose him. 

He is not the Fuehrer, not the dictator though it appears he acts that way.  In that case we need to stick him in a bunker and blow it up, or hang him by his draft-dodged heels like Mussolini.  If you take the time to study history ( again my passion) you find connections we have not exposed.  Soon, and it’s scary.


EUGENICS - When Trump made a statement that the immigrants he would allow in this country came from Europe, preferably from Norway and Sweden, and not from shithole countries, it was obvious he is prejudiced in so many ways.  It’s not new,  its part of a NAZI program that evolved from EUGENICS.  We know he is prejudiced, he cannot hide behind words, especially since he suffers from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia or sh*t for brains, and when he opens his mouth we expect a dialog from the other end.

If you have the initiative look it up, learn that EUGENICS was the basis for the extermination program by the NAZI’s and called the “ The Final Solution”,  is neither new nor unique.  

It was first mentioned around 400 BC and popularized last century in the higher education learning centers in the United States.   Yes, it was a United States Program.   I suppose you didn’t know Ford was building vehicles for the NAZI’s before the war, that wasn’t that well known either.  This is why we study history.   Six million Jews and 60 million people died under the ARYAN philosophy of Adolf Hitler.


Eugenics is a set of beliefs and practices that aims at improving the genetic quality of a human population. The exact definition of eugenics has been a matter of debate with Plato suggesting applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BCE.  

It was embraced by Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich,  (Heydrich authorized By Reichsmarschall Goering) , as the number two and number three staffers of the NAZI’s and were the creators of the extermination projects and the concentration camps, ovens, and killing of six million Jews known as the Holocaust.  They were Hitlers project managers for the Death Camps and the Ovens calling it “ The Final Solution”.

Not that others were left out of the cleansing project, “Ethnic Cleansing” is the more modern term.  In the annals of history it shows the Axis powers (Germany - Italy - Japan)  were responsible for the deaths of 55-60 million people.

Frederick Osborn's 1937 journal article "Development of a Eugenic Philosophy" framed it as a social philosophy—that is, a philosophy with implications for social order. 

That definition is not universally accepted. Osborn advocated for higher rates of sexual reproduction among people with desired traits (positive eugenics), or reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization of people with less-desired or undesired traits (negative eugenics).

Alternatively, gene selection rather than "people selection" has recently been made possible through advances in genome editing, leading to what is sometimes called new eugenics, also known as neo-eugenics, consumer eugenics, or liberal eugenics.

While eugenic principles have been practiced as far back in world history as ancient Greece, the modern history of eugenics began in the early 20th century when a popular eugenics movement emerged in the United Kingdom

It spread to many countries including the United States, Canada and most European countries. In this period, eugenic ideas were espoused across the political spectrum. Consequently, many countries adopted eugenic policies with the intent to improve the quality of their populations’ genetic stock. 


Such programs included both “ positive” measures, such as encouraging individuals deemed particularly “fit” to reproduce, and “negative” measures such as marriage prohibitions and forced sterilization of people deemed unfit for reproduction. 

People deemed unfit to reproduce often included people with mental or physical disabilities, people who scored in the low ranges of different IQ tests, criminals and deviants, and members of disfavored minority groups. 

The Eugenics movement became negatively associated with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust when many of the defendants at the Nuremberg trials attempted to justify their human rights abuses by claiming there was little difference between the Nazi eugenics programs and the US Eugenics programs.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews managed to flee into the depths of the Soviet Union, but millions of Jews remained under Nazi occupation and approximately 1.5 million of them were the victims of mass murder carried out by the Einsatzgruppen units. In less than half a year, by the end of 1941, about half a million Jews had been murdered within the areas of the Soviet Union conquered by the Nazis.

The murders generally took place in forests, valleys and abandoned buildings close to the homes of the victims. The Jews were forced to undress and hand over their valuables a short distance from the mass graves. They were taken in groups to the pits and shot. Many were buried alive.

In September 1941, members of Einsatzgruppe C murdered 33,771 Jews from Kiev over two days in Babi Yar. Babi Yar also became a site for the mass murder of Sinti and Roma (gypsies) and Soviet prisoners of war. Ponar, a forest located 6.2 miles south of Vilna, became a killing ground for tens of thousands of Jews. From July 1941 to July 1944, more than 70,000 people, the vast majority Jews, were murdered in Ponar.

From November 1941, Jews and other victims of the Nazi regime (Soviet POWs, partisans, hostages and others) were murdered in the Blagovshchina forest, close to the village of Maly Trostinets, southeast of Minsk.  The first to die were some 100,000 Jews from the Minsk ghetto, and starting in May 1942,  Jews were brought from Germany, Bohemia and Moravia, Poland and the Low Countries and murdered there.  Some were murdered in gas vans, and the rest were shot.  All the victims were buried in pits that had been dug in advance. According to different estimates, between 206,500 and half a million people were murdered in the Trostinets area.

Towards the end of 1941 the Germans realized that they would not defeat the Soviet Union in a lightning war as they had originally planned. The German army would require a workforce that would help in paving roads, clearing minefields, producing ordinance and equipment. 

The decision was thus made to temporarily leave Jewish prisoners alive in camps and ghettos in order to employ them for the German war effort. The extermination was renewed in its full intensity in the spring of 1942. By the winter of 1943 most of the Jews of Belorussia and almost half of the 2.5 million Jews of Ukraine had already been murdered.

In the decades following World War II, with the institution of human rights, many countries gradually began to abandon eugenics policies, although some Western countries, among them the United States and Sweden, continued to carry out forced sterilizations.

Since the 1980s and 1990s, when new assisted reproductive technology procedures became available such as gestational surrogacy, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, and cytoplasmic transfer, fear has emerged about a possible revival of eugenics.

A major criticism of eugenics policies is that, regardless of whether "negative" or "positive" policies are used, they are susceptible to abuse because the criteria of selection are determined by whichever group is in political power at the time. 

Furthermore, negative eugenics in particular is considered by many to be a violation of basic human rights, which include the right to reproduction.  Another criticism is that eugenic policies eventually lead to a loss of genetic diversity, resulting in inbreeding depression due to lower genetic variation.




As the US peaks, China rises as “the largest trading partner of major economies in Latin America, Africa and Asia.” China’s economic initiatives are “creating… a string of allies and dependencies. It has expanded its control over the South China Sea in ways that neither the Obama administration nor the Trump administration has been able to block.” Current Trump policies stem from “a Fortress America mentality that seeks less engagement with the world, politically and economically.”

For example, US withdrawal from brokering in the Middle East has only left a power vacuum in which “Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are all jockeying for influence.” Meanwhile, the US is essentially “encouraging the Saudis’ reckless behavior," "resulting in the world’s gravest humanitarian crisis, the war in Yemen, where 12 million people are on the verge of famine.” “China simply watches quietly and pockets the gains.”

THE G20 MEETING - President Trump’s visit to the G20 “is likely to be something between a waste of time and a disaster,” This is in part due to the G20’s disorganization and “mishmash agenda, with no binding resolutions attached.”  “Trump has cards to play, but he knows nothing about interests—neither his own country’s nor the other countries’... Worse still, he doesn’t think he needs to know about them.” 

“ The United States still stands at the center of the world.” But what’s around the corner?  “The global economy looks as if it’s at ‘Peak America.’  US stocks have outperformed the rest of the world this decade, the recovery is “due for a downturn.

“The one thing Trump might accomplish this weekend is averting a trade war with China. This could be the summit’s banner headline, depending on the outcome of a one-on-one meeting, scheduled for Saturday, with Xi.  If the meeting goes well and Trump assents to holding additional talks, rather than imposing steeper tariffs on Chinese goods, he will only be averting a crisis that he created.”   

AFTERMATH ED: There will be more talks, but nothing other than his BS reflects the real moods. And as usual he claimed how well he did.  (He did do well he somehow averted an assassination and / hanging by leaving early, he made no friends, even the Saudi’s danced with Vladimir Putin. 



Meeting with true world leaders and other intelligent people who differ from the GOP base and Evangelicals known to have super low I.Q.’s  is tough on President Trump. He would have to pretend to be normal, but that didn’t happen.  He had a class “ A” nuclear level FUBAR.

He is amongst folks who now know him, they all have intel people and departments who brief them on his modes, moves, and mayhem of the day.  And they know he is unpredictable, a phony, ignorant, unschooled, a grifter, an imbecile, unadvised dork and dangerous all rolled into one.  

Trump and dozens of his global counterparts gathered at the Arc de Triumph in central Paris to mark 100 years since the nightmares of World War I ended, a conclusion brought about partly by the entry of the United States into the bitter, nationalism-fueled conflict.

But decades later, as living memories fade of the trenches and the poison gas, nationalism is on the rise. It's been fueled by Trump himself, who has proudly identified himself as a nationalist as he advances an "America First" agenda.

In his address, French President Emmanuel Macron -- who has emerged as Europe’s most vocal sentry against a global tide of nationalism -- repeated his warnings.  "Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism," he said through a translator. "Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism. By saying our interests first, who cares about the others, we erase what a nation holds dearest, what gives it life, what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values."



He managed to put this trip into the shitter quit well and when he returned home he nit-tweeted his alternate twitter reality friends, twitter dumbs and twitter dee’s, fellow scumbaggers GOP Base Evangelical a resounding approval of himself.  
(Normal people didn’t think so)

On the plane he managed to insult Merkel, Macron and Mrs May by tweets ahead of time insulting them before Air Force One hit the ground.   World leaders stayed silent and wary.  They have watched Trump’s downward drift from the democratic principles they hold sacrosanct, and have learned to adjust their measure of Trump by ignoring him, possibly shake hands, use a liberal dose of hand sanitation, and walk away not talking to the moron.  He is about as welcome as an outbreak of syphilis in a state run whore house. 

He made a ridiculous point of not attending the mass graves of the American soldiers who died saving Europe from the first World war during a scheduled visitation, claiming inclement weather for the helicopter and turning down the car ride.

But politics should not get in the way of serious reflection on Armistice Day, from 1914 to 1918, “more than 65 million men from some 30 nations fought this so-called  ‘total war.’ “ The war to end all wars...

More than 9 million died, and 21 million were wounded in a conflict that reaches into our lives even today.  Four empires fell. The world changed forever: Those dense and consequential years brought “  Advances in prosthetics, debates over collective guilt and women working in ‘ ale jobs,' the use of chemical weapons, and the idea that language can never express war's horrors."

“There is No Grand Bargain with China.”  “Don’t believe the hype,” argues Ely Ratner for Foreign Affairs. An agreement reached at the G20 “will be a tactical pause at best, providing short-term relief… but having no material or long-lasting effect on the slide toward a high-stakes geopolitical competition between the United States and China.”
“The days when the world’s two largest economies could meet each other halfway have gone.”

Why? “Over the course of his first five-year term, Xi passed up repeated opportunities to avert rivalry with Washington. His increasingly revisionist and authoritarian turn has instead eliminated the possibility of a grand bargain between the United States and China.” 

As a result, Ratner argues, “there are no serious prospects for Washington and Beijing to resolve other important areas of dispute, including the South China Sea, human rights, and the larger contest over the norms, rules, and institutions that govern relations in Asia. Nothing Trump and Xi agree to in Argentina will substantially alter this course.”

“The United States should not shrink from strategic competition with China,” Ratner writes. But “ Competition does not mean confrontation, much less war. The United States should sustain dialogue with China to manage potential crises and seek opportunities for cooperation on areas of common interest, such as climate change.  Washington’s focus, however, should ultimately be on making the United States its best and strongest self.”

While the US State Department and members of Congress are contemplating punitive actions against the Chinese government, Samuel argues, “Trump, for his part, has signaled that he’d rather be done with punishing Xi.   Although the two leaders’ rapport deteriorated with the trade war, their old friendship may soon get back on track.  Trump this month called Xi a ‘great guy, great man from China.’”  Silently, I don’t doubt Xi calls Trump something else.


The US and its allies “must go out of their way…to state that no coastal state may modify the law of the sea by fiat… If and when Moscow overplays its hand, Washington should rally fellow seafaring states to oppose Russian encroachment.”And the US must develop “the military tools to restore American mastery of the marginal seas.” 

“Seashores and coastal waters bristling with armaments are hardly a desirable solution,” Holmes concedes. “But it’s the best of a bad lot. A feeble response would endanger a system that serves the seagoing world well.”

“China’s Trojan Ports”: “It is estimated that state-backed Chinese investors state own at least 10 percent of all equity in ports in Europe,” writes John Lee for The American Interest, “ and a growing investment portfolio of at least 40 ports”across six continents and the Pacific. 

China’s design is to “introduce into Europe commercial processes and standards preferred by China rather than Western liberal democracies… and prevent any intra-EU consensus that might be critical of China’s economic policies and authoritarian values.



“One of the largest economic costs from unchecked climate change in the United States will arise from premature deaths,” writes James Temple for the MIT Technology Review in his analysis of the recent National Climate Assessment.

“Economic damages from premature deaths due to high heat alone could reach $141 billion a year, under a scenario assuming high greenhouse-gas emissions. While the dangers are often little appreciated, heat waves kill more Americans than hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes combined.”

“Increases in extreme temperatures could lead to more than 9,000 additional premature deaths annually in just 49 large cities by 2100” as the vulnerable fall victim to increasing temperatures.  “Those costs and deaths, however, could be drastically reduced if the world makes rapid progress in cutting greenhouse-gas emissions by shifting to clean energy sources,” Temple writes—tens of thousands of lives hang in the balance.

While about 70% of Americans “believe climate change will harm future generations of humans,” less than half “think it’s harming them personally,” writes Adam Rogers for Wired. Yesterday the British medical journal The Lancet released a study of the public health consequences of climate change to address that very problem. The impetus behind the Lancet study is, as Rogers puts it:“Show them how climate change affects them personally, and describe those effects in ways that transcend their politics.”

The new study grounds its findings in “individual experience,” eschewing “abstract numbers and distant-future scenarios” for language like: “Today’s babies, by adulthood, will live on a planet without an Arctic. Prevalence of heatstroke and extreme weather will have redefined global labour and production beyond recognition” and “ multiple cities will be uninhabitable and migration patterns will be far beyond those levels already creating pressure worldwide.”

But even if it raises emotions, will this language actually have a tangible impact? The problem isn’t climate denialism on the level of the individual, argues Rogers. “The real problem is an absence of climate policy.” 

“The clock’s ticking.”


“Consider the most recent example. Trump has scared much of the country about a small group of Central Americans, mostly women and children, fleeing poverty and violence, who are hoping to come to the US border and apply for asylum. It’s reasonable to oppose letting them in, but Republicans have not been content to oppose granting asylum.  So Trump started a war on the border.

They  He has concocted facts out of thin air, claiming they are MS-13, full of diseases such as leprosy and  other communicable’s and invented conspiracies about who is behind this group of impoverished migrants”  So far he blamed Soros, the Democrats, and Ally Baba and the forty thieves (couldn’t be them, they were Republicans) and Big Bird.

We have right now 6,000 agents from many police agencies on the border outnumbering the refugees 18 to one and he’s sent 15,000 additional Army troops at a cost of 221 million dollars plus.  Maybe Melania’s hotel bill in Africa for one night of 95,000 dollars was excessive too.  We paid it,  nice fashion shoot, the rest was bullshit.  We don’t need her either, she can attend Fashion Week in France on Donald’s dime.

I can see it now, our borders attacked by homeless refugees fleeing their land for the lives, some robbed, some raped, some murdered in their former country traveling in a caravan because there is safety in numbers in a caravan. 

Wondering when he will threaten to use nukes on them, after all dirty diapers he considers biological warfare.

He did use tear gas and pepper spray across a border and his statements are false, most of the pictures show women and children.  Unable to defend themselves from the air attacks of the gas and pepper spray.

THE DIAPER DEMONS WILL ARM THEMSELVES -  I can see it now, inner tubes stretched between trees, with dirty bottles, dirty diapers rolled into balls, slingshotted against heavily armed troops.  Only in a T-RUMP world can a war be started against abused, starving abused and scared peoples.  It’s a time for humanity, not the rambling of a modern day Hitler.
He’s nothing but a frickin coward and loser.

I hope the scumbag is happy taking our troops on Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and probably Christmas away from their families to stop this fake invasion.  Which they don’t believe is real, no one believes its real, Congress is stagnant which is normal and useless out of fear of offending him.

It will serve no purpose other than a fake invasion stunt for his Evangelical and GOP base.   And I don’t think any one of our finest even under orders is about to shoot anyone and the schmuck just cost us 221 million dollars.  


Bottom line:  where are the Republicans, the advisors,  the normal people,  in Washington to stop this sick maniac? In the past history of man, people were assassinated, which is a nice word for killed because someone did not believe in their philosophy.  But why only good people...?

I pose and back my question, with names.  A few good people, President Kennedy,  His brother Bobby Kennedy,  Martin Luther King,  President Abraham Lincoln,  President William McKInley,  Mahatma Gandhi,  President James Garfield,  Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Franz Ferdinand, Yitzak Rabin,  Julius Caesar,  Malcolm X,  Benazir Bhutto,  Alexander Litvinenko all had something in common, they were assassinated by crazies, lunatics, ultra right wingers and communists.  Just like the friends Donald Trump keeps.

But they did not encourage hatred and divisiveness, most of them were builders and creators of society so it could move forth.  I call them positive role models.  They also had some things in common, their opinions and ideas were vocal, and they respected the other side.  They did not deserve what happened. 

So why do we have only the good people assassinated?  There is a maniac in the WhiteHouse, the reincarnation of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, all rolled into one with friends like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Duarte, and a few other scumbags as his idols.

He has just as Hitler did,  with attacks on to destroy the FBI, the Supreme Court, the DOJ, 9th Circuit Judiciary, the attacks on all phases of the Economy,  added hate for and problems for Immigration, refusing help for Puerto Rico, robbing our economy and using the federal government against political opponents, and dissenters.  The reasons, for some reasoning lots of people,  60%,  don’t like Herr Donald Trump.

Listen my dear ignorant friends and this is for those of you so stupid you don
’t get it, the fake tax break was for the rich, not you, and a three trillion dollar deficit added to the debt went into GOP and the money went into rich and corporate pockets.  As my economics teacher once explained it, in typical Brooklynese, “ They Got Money, You Got Shit”.  And when the program starts to collapse as it did for Reagan attempt and Bush’s attempt, (remember the stock market at 6000) the financial wailing will get loud.

Now I don’t encourage anyone going that route with T-RUMP,  though the hatred he has provoked certainly one day will trigger someone into adding a notch on their gun,  I don’t believe in killing.  I’ll settle for anything that incapacitates him.  A random golf ball, Melania having a tantrum and putting a six inch heel through his eye socket, anything that removes him from office...  Oh my God...that leaves us with VP Mike Pense who thinks this is the United States of Jesus.

But I do believe in Impeachment, and a public hanging, firing squad, televised on all channels as he pollutes the airwaves now.  This man has done a lot more bad things than any one who was involved in impeachment rulings, Clintons problem was he couldn’t keep his pants zippered and advise from bad attorneys.  

Nixon wasn’t exactly as straight a player as he professed.  This man is different, neither of the two had pulled the damage and corruption Donald Trump has.  He is hurting the soul of the country, lying is acceptable, our core values and our democracy, our rules of law have gone down the toilet, day after day and he is the biggest frikken liar the world has seen since Herr Sturmenfukkergruben Dr. Goebbels.


His vow to build a wall along the US-Mexican border was one of the most controversial of Mr Trump's campaign promises. Mr Trump also insisted that Mexico would pay for it. 


Mexico maintains it will never pay for it, and even Mr Trump has conceded that the US will have to pay up front and then seek reimbursement in some way.

The cost of President Donald Trump's promised U.S.-Mexico border wall could be much higher than previously thought because the administration has not fully accounted for factors that can add to the price, a new report from a congressional watchdog agency says. 

The U.S. Government Accountability Office report, published Monday, found the agency overseeing the planning and construction of border barriers, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, has identified 17 priority areas for wall construction without doing a cost analysis for each area. The cost to construct 722 miles of barriers in those priority locations was estimated at $18 billion.

When the truth comes out as it does on all FUBAR projects by the .GOV It might stretch to thirty-billion plus dollars and won’t solve one stinking thing except adding to the national deficit.  And Paul Ryan who should be held on charges of being a traitor for the tax break scheme and is leaving Congress this year as Speaker of the House will get away clear when,  “ The composite of human feces and bodily acid combined into log role shapes come in contact with rotational blades of an electric motor driven device and rapidly dispersed.  ( eg. the shit has hit the fan)

But costs vary widely depending on topography — increasing with the steepness of the terrain — and the price of land, especially in Texas, where most parcels along the border are privately held, the report states.  That was not in the reports jus like the IRAQ war was not in the budget by George 43 - the mental giant who caused the biggest recession since 1929.

"Without assessing costs as part of the prioritization process, CBP does not have complete information to know whether it is prioritizing locations that will use its limited resources in the most cost-effective manner," the report said.

The US Congress is exploring funding options for the wall, but many Republicans will be unhappy about footing a bill which could rise to $21.5 Billion to a high if there are problems as much as 70 Billion ( Democrats sent their own guys out to check on costs, add another 10-12 Billion) according to a Department of Homeland Security internal report.   One thing they disclosed is there are also landowners who protest against a “  Government land grab” - and a lawsuit from an environmental group launched in April. Prototypes are being built but not one brick has been laid of the “big, beautiful wall”.


Decades ago my family lost loved ones during the pogroms in Russia and the NAZI death camps.  Information from various sources might have provoked me into learning all I can about them and who they were hated by.

Hatred, prejudice, bullying, lying, corrupt public officials don’t have to support the bad players but ignoring them in the face of need of the people they support have to be addressed.   Donald Trump, meets the criteria as a sick prejudice narcissistic  paranoic individual who does nothing to stop hatered and prejudice. In his own way not doing anything supports it.

He repeatedly told his supporters that every single undocumented immigrant - of which there are 11.3 million - “ have to go”.  But as polling day approached, his stance began to soften slightly, then after the election he scaled it back to some two to three million deportations of people who “ re-criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers”.  He plays racism every chance he can get to rile his base against others of color and ethnicity most of the time the fact checkers being forced to cancel vacations and other projects because non of it is true.

Setting aside the fact that the number of illegal immigrants with criminal records (including border crossings) is thought to be below a million, the president has failed to deliver on this promise.  In the fiscal year 2017, deportations were at 211,068 which is lower than they were in the previous year. That is despite a huge jump in arrests since Mr Trump took office. The number of removals peaked in 2012 and has been falling since.  It seems most of these arrest didn’t have enough strength  to qualify. Just numbers.  Needs to be looked into.  

But small hints at infection just as a germ creates a cold leads to other things.  Expressing his disdain for other ethnic peoples, he calls it protecting the United States, Hitler called it protection and growth of the Aryan Race.  Movements like this send the wrong message and we see a large growth in hatred and prejudice.  Charlottesville brought the rats out of the nest and the scumbag said nothing.  One death with the intentional car crash and twenty with sever injuries and TRIMP says nothing.   TRUMP has placed himself in that path by not denouncing the NAZI movement which is alive and well with the likes of David Duke and other Hitler lovers what ever they call themselves.


From the beginning the most hated man on the planet has been prejudiced against Muslims and those from Latin-American countries.  His attempts at changing laws with out Congress have failed.  Not by anyone in Congress, they are too busy at the banks cashing checks from the NRA, but by the Supreme Court who he has attacked through the Ninth District.

Here in the earliest weeks of 2018, the worldview that last gained wide acceptance nearly a century ago has found perhaps its most succinct expression yet — distilled, this time, to a pungent question from President Trump:  Why should the United States take in immigrants from “shithole countries” in Africa over people from places like Norway?  Mr. Trump, who made the remark while discussing potential immigration legislation with members of Congress at the White House also asked,     “ Why do we want people from Haiti here?” 

“ Take them out,” he added. Mr. Trump denied that he had used some of the derogatory language, while a Senator who attended the meeting confirmed that he had.  Racial disparity and comments from the leader of the free world show who Herr Trump really is a despot and a genetic racist.  If he had his way, many of us would learn from history all about Eugenics which is rarely spoken about.


During the campaign, Trump promised to lift restrictions on domestic energy production including oil, natural gas and coal. The administration has worked to open more land and offshore waters to drilling, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. But the boom in domestic energy production predates the Trump administration and has largely been fueled by technological improvements such as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”

When President Trump took office, US coal was in a state of decline. Between 2007 and 2016, coal production and consumption both fell by more than a third, and mining jobs fell from 125,000 to 75,000.

Trump promised to reverse that trend. Did his deregulatory agenda work?  About as good as a bandaid on a wound from a .338 Lapua round.
In 2017, US coal production grew by 6 percent. 

That increase, however, came from a factor unrelated to Trump administration policy:  A demand in foreign markets for coal but domestic coal consumption fell by 2.4 percent last year.

Trump says, ‘the coal industry is back.' The government’s jobs numbers say otherwise. President Donald Trump tells a rally in West Virginia his administration is putting coal miners back to work.  Government data show the United States added about 2,000 coal mining jobs since Trump took office, but economists say the change is not statistically significant and will decline as the export-fueled bump in coal production and coal-mining employment is forecast to fade next year.

The U.S. is on track this year to “easily exceed” a previous annual record of 14.7 gigawatts in coal retirements, dropping 15.4 gigawatts of capacity, according to a recent report from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis.

The research organization expects this retirement trend to continue in coming years, according to data compiled using sources such as corporate announcements, integrated resource plans and news reports. The current U.S. coal fleet still sits at about 246 gigawatts of capacity. But retirements forecasted at 36.7 gigawatts from the beginning of 2018 through 2024 will reduce that capacity by 15 percent. 

IEEFA notes that federal or state policy changes, like the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan, could influence closures. But the report also reiterates that policy is not the main driver behind retirements.   Economics will push “sizable” retirements in 14 states including Indiana, Minnesota, Ohio and West Virginia.



This was election week, there is were plenty of my simple words  which I used or tried to change thinking from believing in a liar who promised you the moon and green cheese and delivered stale thirty year old Gorgonzola from a collapsed mine in Southern Botzorga, in north Krazukostn. 

Hopefully I changed peoples minds and souls, with truth, even though much of what TRUMP does defies logic.  The man is sick, mentally, he is a chronic and very dangerous mess, easily stimulated to rage and dangerous moves.  He has destroyed  much of the government.

I pray for those to show some courage and get this madman out of our lives permanently.  So we can stop the damage he doesn’t talk about.  His tax cut alone just put us three trillion ( with a “T”) more in the hole by the end of his term alone and he bragged how after eight years we would owe nothing.  More lies, over five thousand four hundred to date. He tells us thats how he sees it, and i guess Mike Pense, another coward sees it the same way.  He should it’s rumored,  “VP Pense had his head so far up Donald’s ass” he can tell you what he had for breakfast.

The corporations and the stockholders made out like bandits, his people got rich, they got the money, and the tax breaks, we got the debt.  Corporations are making record profits but not trickling down, not even tinkling down.  The profits go to the stockholder and most of you aren’t stockholders of any consequence.  



President Donald Trump is saying he has a plan for a middle-class tax cut, but there is no such plan. He is just making it up.  And much of what he says is making it up, he is the worlds greatest liar.

And there is not going to be any such plan, either, however many congressional Republicans may be spending this week pretending to get on board with the president’s idea.  They belong on the Academy Award Show for acting, I would rather see them on the gallows, being hung for lieing and not protecting the public by serving the constitution and their office.

We know this because Trump and the GOP have an actual tax bill that is not only written but has already passed the House of Representatives. If Republicans hold the House in November, they will pass this real tax bill again.   

And if they gain seats in the United States Senate, they will stand a chance of passing it there, too. The real tax bill is not a middle-class tax cut — it’s a huge windfall for the rich, just like every other tax bill Republicans have written for the past 30 years.  

There is a kind of entertaining randomness to the things Trump says and does. The president decides it would be smart to start pretending that he’s working on a middle-class tax cut, so he just blurts it out with no preparation. Everyone else in the Republican Party politics knows that when Trump starts lying about something, their job is to start covering for him.

But there’s actually nothing funny about tricking millions of people about matters with substantial concrete consequences for them and their families. And that’s what’s happening here. Trump is lying about taxes — and about health care and many other things — because he will benefit personally in concrete ways if the electorate is misinformed about the real stakes in the election,  their future is doomed, the damage is set in stone.


The $1.5 trillion tax bill signed in December was Trump’s first major legislative accomplishment.  ( Accomplishment or ruse)  And while many economists are skeptical because it never worked for Reagan nor Bush and won’t or isn’t working now.  The big lie... the measure will spark the kind of economic growth Trump has promised, it will put more money in many Americans’ pockets. “Hardworking American families will receive tremendous tax relief," Trump said last week.

If you call twenty dollars a week tax relief.    “We lowered our tax rates, nearly doubled the standard deduction, and doubled the child tax credit.”  He gave you hot air,  not money.  Notice the global warming is real, the two people in the world that don’t  believe in global warming are TRUMP, and Sean Hannity.  

The tax savings in the bill are heavily tilted toward the wealthy. But the bill does offer some of the savings for child- and elder care that Trump promised during the campaign.  Smallest part of the bill, more of a concession to play to the audience.  Make Ryan and the other thieves look like they actually worked.  What is the consequence , what did that bill cost...


Deficit reduction in the United States refers to taxation, spending, and economic policy debates and proposals designed to reduce the Federal budget deficit. ... Further, CBO reported that high levels of debt relative to GDP may pose significant risks to economic growth and the ability of lawmakers to respond to crises, like wars, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and repairs to the toilets in the White House to handle the enormity of crap being spewed.  
’t worry about it, your kids will get stuck with the bill when the US gets bankrupted by a debt it cannot handle. When it has to borrow more to handle disasters because your money is spent on TRUMPS  Gamesmanshit.  
He wants 21 million to send 15,000 additional troops to the border to stop 1000 women and children, he truly is sick. at least so far the parade was cancelled, and the 25 billion plus for the wall is stalled. 



No money for schools, teachers, and eliminate the department of education,  he slashed the education budget by billions... 

Legislation to foster school choice has not passed in Congress, although the new tax bill does allow families to use tax-free college savings accounts to pay for private, K-12 education. 

Basically, the nutcase Trump hired to do the job, Betsy DeVos has more to worry about like being kidnapped and hanged, she is incompetent, arrogant,  an Evangelical nutcase, a rich bitch who bought her job, many people feel, and not well liked.  Thats means she fits right in the cabinet.  Right now the status to better education,  is do nothing, doing nothing, done nothing.  Our kids on the world scene are failing horribly...  Our kids and yours will suffer at her hands...

Today, President Donald Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released their proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year. The Trump administration’s budget proposal for this year makes strikingly similar drastic cuts to the administration’s fiscal year 2018 proposal, which represented the most devastating funding cuts to the U.S. Department of Education since Ronald Reagan’s presidency. 

On the heels of that widely criticized proposal, the Trump administration has doubled down this year with a $7.1 billion cut to the Department of Education’s funding—a 10.5 percent decrease from 2017 levels. And while an unusual addendum—released on the same day as the original proposal—seems to restore $3.3 billion to the education budget, Trump and DeVos have made their priorities clear: Starve public schools to fund private school schemes that benefit the wealthy.

Last year, Congress ultimately maintained funding for the programs the Trump administration tried to cut. However, DeVos strived to overcome this clear rejection of her agenda by spending her first year in office trying to fulfill Trump’s campaign promise to eliminate the Department of Education. 

DeVos rescinded Obama-era guidance and protections for vulnerable students, downsized the department’s workforce, and pushed for the expansion of tax incentives that benefit private school parents rather than students in public schools. Through their proposed budget for the upcoming year, Trump and DeVos are taking another swing at the department and public education by proposing to gut funding specifically for supporting the teaching workforce and providing after-school programs.

This year’s Trump-DeVos budget would slash $7.1 billion—10.5 percent of the Department of Education’s 2017 funding—while allowing $500 million in new money to flow to private schools through voucher-like initiatives (with another $500 million added through the addendum, for a total of $1 billion). Similar to last year, Trump and DeVos have proposed to completely eliminate funding for the $2 billion Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants Program (Title II, Part A) of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) as well as the $1.2 billion 21st Century Community Learning Centers program (21st CCLC, Title IV, Part B) of ESSA. Such cuts would hit working parents and their families the hardest. In fact, 80 percent of parents participating in 21st CCLC-funded programs say that these after-school initiatives help them hold on to their jobs since the school day often ends before the work day.

By, once again, proposing to slash funding for teachers and after-school programs, Trump is effectively recommending that Congress cut teachers’ salaries, increase class sizes, and cancel after-school programming to pay for tax cuts for wealthy parents who can already afford to send their kids to private schools. 

Meanwhile, working class families will bear the brunt of depleted funding for public schools and tax breaks for the rich. And with the deficit rising will pass the good life of the rich to the burden of the future middle class if there is one.



The country’s infrastructure "will become, by the way, second to none, and we will put millions of our people back to work as we rebuild it", he said in his victory speech in November.  Has repeated his vow to spend big on the country’s roads, rail and airports, but as yet, there is no sign of action.

Donald Trump ran for president as an economic populist. This fact has been largely forgotten, buried by the flurry of bizarre and outrageous actions, and activists on both sides have had little reason to bring it up. 

Conservatives have pushed the administration to forget its unorthodox gestures and follow Paul Ryan’s lead.  I suggested right after they hang Trump, they should hang Ryan and McConnell too.

Progressives have emphasized the racist and sexist nature of Trump’s appeal. But Trump’s ability to distance himself from his party’s economic brand formed a decisive element of his appeal.  

Voters actually saw Trump as more moderate than any Republican presidential candidate since 1972. And he has violated every one of his promises.  That makes him a moderate scumbag.

THIS WEEK, THE ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCED VERY QUIETLY there would be no infrastructure bill this year.

During the campaign, Trump promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, end international trading abuses and impose a tariff on US companies that locate factories overseas. The US has entered negotiations with Mexico and Canada over NAFTA. But much of the president's broader trade agenda has moved slowly, if at all. In the first 11 months of 2017, the US trade deficit grew by nearly 12 percent.

"Donald Trump, early in his presidency, signed a flurry of executive orders related to trade," said Scott Paul, whose group represents domestic manufacturers and the United Steelworkers union. “ while all of these trains left the station, some of them got derailed, and others didn't arrive when they were supposed to and we're still waiting on concrete action from this administration."

We have a new NAFTA treaty but it’s really NAFTA TWO and the leader has made a big deal over it, more like cars and milk did better. Otherwise it provoked more animosity between the US and Mexico/Canada partners more than it will produce which is typical of a TRUMP plan of action referred to in the military as FUBAR...

Despite repeated efforts, the GOP-controlled Senate never mustered the simple majority needed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The president has vowed to keep trying, although it's not clear there's much appetite for that in Congress during this election year. While Trump has repeatedly tried to sabotage the health care program — by halting cost-sharing subsidies to insurance companies for example and slashing it’s marketing budget — nearly 9 million people signed up for Obamacare coverage in the most recent enrollment period.


  • On his Oval Office report card, written by Donald Trump, Barack Obama earned a massive fail on the immigration issue
  • He broke his campaign promise to reform our immigration system
  • Deported about 3 million people
  • Dragged his feet for three years before giving executive relief to young undocumented immigrants through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
  • Shipped out thousands of Central American women and children refugees without hearing their asylum claims and lied about what he had done by shifting blame to Republicans. 
  • Hmmm, a little one sided considering Mitch McConnell said “ Anything Barack Obama wanted would get stalled in Congress”.   Its call obstructionism.  
  • All this coldheartedness helped make Obama the most anti-immigrant president in modern U.S. history"


His over-the-top and ignorance-fueled demands to Congress in exchange for supporting legal status but not citizenship for Dreamers, it’s clear that President Trump wants a shot at the title. He complains Obama did nothing and then kills the bill

  • Trump claimed in a statement that each item on his restrictionist wish list will “ensure prosperity, opportunity, and safety for every member of our national family.”   Trump tried to accomplish all that by pitching his policy goals as a remedy to what boneheaded Republicans glibly describe as Obama’s “illegal executive amnesty” for undocumented young people brought here as children.
  • For those of you interested in a little thing called truth, DACA is not “illegal” because the executive branch sets deportation policy and not “amnesty” because it is conditional with strings attached.
  • Right-wingers confuse feeling strongly about immigration with actually knowing something about it.  Trump made the same mistake when he said the Obama administration granted in 2012 the “same benefits” that Congress had considered and rejected when comprehensive immigration reform went off the rails several years earlier. 
  • Wrong. DACA is temporary relief. Congress was debating permanent legal status for undocumented immigrants.
  • Trump also claims that Obama’s olive branch to Dreamers resulted in a surge of illegal immigration.
  • Wrong again. Even before Trump took office, illegal immigration into the United States from Mexico and the rest of Latin America was on the decline because it was easier to find work south of the border.


Mr Trump said he would approve waterboarding “immediately" and "make it also much worse", adding "torture works". But after his inauguration, the president said he would defer to the opposing belief, espoused by Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA director Mike Pompeo.  Mr Pompeo said during his confirmation hearing said he would “absolutely not" reinstate such methods.

It was also concluded that Trumps constant mis-telling of truth about this and other subjects should be resolved by first washing his mouth out with soap and then waterboarding him in a toilet bowl from the countries he called backward and dished on.  


Mr Trump repeatedly questioned the military alliance's purpose, calling it "obsolete". One issue that bugged him was whether members were pulling their weight and "paying their bills". In one New York Times interview in July 2016, he even hinted that the US would not come to the aid of a member invaded by Russia.

After: But as he hosted Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the White House in April, the US president said the threat of terrorism had underlined the alliance’s importance. “  said Nato was obsolete,” Mr Trump said. “ it’s no longer obsolete."  Yet on several trips to Europe thats all he talked about and insulted our allies.


Prosecuting Hillary Clinton, “Lock her up" was one of the main rallying cries of Mr Trump's supporters.  They wanted to see Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in prison over the use of her private email server while secretary of state.  And Mr Trump was more than willing to back their calls for, at the very least, a fresh investigation. During the debates, he told Mrs Clinton: "If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation."

The president-elect's tone changed almost as soon as he had won, describing the woman he had said was "such a nasty woman" as someone the country owed "a debt of gratitude".  Later, he said he “ hadn’t given the prosecution a lot of thought" and had other priorities.  On 22 November, Mr Trump’s spokeswoman said he would not pursue a further investigation - to help Mrs Clinton “heal”.

2018  (CNN) It was bound to happen.  We all knew it was coming. Hillary Clinton’s name was going to re-emerge as a possible presidential contender for 2020. A recent opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal titled "Hillary Will Run Again," argued that the former first lady, senator and secretary of state would definitely be back in the 2020 mix.

Many Democratic insiders found themselves silently burying their heads in their hands.  Rank-and-file DNC staffers who still maintain a hardened belief that 2016 wasn’t about a Trump victory, but a Clinton loss -- a defeat in a most spectacular fashion, brought on by her campaign's hubris.

“Dear God, please, yes," tweeted Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway upon hearing the news. She is the Trump talking horn blower.  His main horn besides the Brunhilda Sarah Nota-wara Sanders.  And with the fanatical nutcase Stephen Miller at the helm of the Good Ship Fuck’n’nuts, how can you miss being the three most hated people in the universe.

It's also possible that the op-ed could be some sort of trial balloon, sanctioned by the Clintons, simply to take America's temperature and calculate the odds of one last hurrah before riding off into the sunset.


Washington (CNN)A political clobbering, bickering aides and now a public grenade launched across the White House by the first lady have placed President Donald Trump in a position he loathes: backed into a corner.   
A week after standing in the East Room and declaring victory in the midterm elections, the President is isolated and growing more furious by the day. He's openly speculating about replacing more members of his Cabinet, though so far has stopped short of executing the dismissals, leaving those aides in a career purgatory.

At an election night party at the White House, Trump left attendees guessing when he was spotted in a huddle with a potential replacement for his chief of staff, John Kelly, who himself stood awkwardly in a corner.

"Yes, he's pissed -- at damn near everyone," a White House official said, noting the mood in the Oval Office is darker than normal this week. After nearly a month straight of campaigning before adoring crowds, the applause has gone silent and the President has retreated. The tempest has led to rampant speculation inside the building about the fates of other senior staffers, some of whom are beginning to plan their exits.

Friends of the President describe him as embittered by the election losses and troubled by the Mueller investigation. He met Monday with his lawyers to go over a series of written questions from the special counsel. Some of his longtime confidants are worried for his health, believing he's gained weight and looks unwell.

The timing for the President's fury couldn't be worse, considering the White House is heading into uncharted territory with Democrats assuming control of the House.  Trump has told some advisers he's itching for the fight, believing it can provide him a political foil. Meanwhile, special counsel Robert Mueller is inching closer to issuing his report on the Russia investigation.


It was a 24-word statement from the East Wing, where the first lady and her small staff work, about a presidential adviser that revealed how the dysfunction inside the White House is deeper and more tangled than previously known.  "It is the position of the Office of the First Lady that she no longer deserves the honor of serving in this White House," a spokeswoman for Melania Trump said Tuesday afternoon.

Mira Ricardel reported to work in the suite of offices in the National Security Council. After Ricardel was not even given the dignity of being named in the statement -- which referred to her only as “ she” -- everyone in the West Wing was saying her name on Wednesday as anxiety intensified about what this latest feud would mean for the President's mood. 

Later Wednesday, press secretary Sarah Sanders issued a statement confirming Ricardel will leave her White House position, while noting that Ricardel will "transition to a new role within the Administration."

In the last week, the President’s frayed and fraught relationships have been laid bare for all to see:  

•   He’s furious at Kelly for a Paris trip that ended in a public relations debacle.

•   He’s blaming his political advisers for losing the winning narrative of the midterms. 

•   And he was caught off guard by his wife’s shot across the bow at one of the top advisers in the West Wing

•   Thats a sign that their private conversations clearly aren’t functional. He’s lucky if he doesn’t get stabbed by a six inch stiletto...and kicked in his testicles...

•  The President’s mood was dark and intense after what officials said was a blindsiding by aides who do not report to him.


If the sudden public interest in Ricardel, a behind-the-scenes operator, came as a surprise to the President, however, the underlying issues between her and the first lady’s office were not new.  Melania is the Diplomatic Corps Representative  that serves the Fashion Police, the Paris Fashion Shows, Reality Appearances and the Press Pants Corps.  It was not known whether she will be invited to the Paris Fashion shows... ever again...mortifying...heart breaking but she got a great figure for her age... she makes a nice prop... and no other First Lady can claim she bared it all for the cause. 

In one of his first acts as president, Trump formally withdrew the United States from a 12-nation trade deal negotiated under former President Barack Obama. That made good on a pledge Trump made during the campaign, although his rival Hillary Clinton also opposed the trade deal and Congress was unlikely to ratify the agreement in any case. "The president kept a key promise," said Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. "I would add it was one of the easiest things for him to do." Critics argue that withdrawal has weakened America’s standing in the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region and handed a windfall to China.