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Many writers will blog you to death, pretending to be the guardians of the written language and they use some new and spectacular words.  But it has become confusing lately, and I am undertaking some of the new language which has to be brought forth and explained.  Hopefully much will be entered into Merriam-Webster in the near future.

We sometimes reluctantly, due to the discourse, divisiveness, hatred and prejudice share the news and views with you.  Named after the Brooklyn Bridge, because I am from Brooklyn.  Most of you were smart enough not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was a scam — 

However one ignorant gentlemen ( In Brooklyn terms, we call them  a ” MARK")  did however purchase the mineral rights under the Bridge — Barnum’s lawyer accountant was right — there is one fool born every minute, he must have been thinking of voters in America.   I grew up with peoples of all faiths, colors, ethnicities, and I write in Brooklyn slang, called street-lingo.  It is a language of “ Getting to the Frickin point”.

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With all of the cannon fodder T-RUMP supplies with his healthy dose of ignorance, and obviously off-the-mark in mental capacity, an illiterate, reading speeches from a sheet of paper and coming across like a death bed confessional from a poor standup comic with hatred as his mantra. 

Today your brains are obsolete the minute you think a thought.  So as a public service, I felt it necessary to bring forth the latest non-technical terms made for everyday lexicon communication on WEB BLOGS about Politics. 

This guide has been approved for use in the halls of Congress and the mens room at the Ernest Hemingway Bar in Key west   Both stink to high heaven from “ פּישעכץ” and represent tinkle down Republican theory.  

And here’s a spot of trivia, as soon as you think new words are being added, many of the languages and dialects are vanishing.  There are 6000 known languages and dialects and linguists expect we will lose a third of them in the next 20-30 years.  

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A —   📕📗📘📙  

Alternation (all-turn-a-nay-chun)  Stemming from the melding of Altercation and Alteration and the root “ lter” or to change. We have in the new form expressed one idea. ALTERNATION is defined as bombing the crap out of a foreign country to improve life for all of it’s citizens.  

Since we are the author of the word,  we would be remiss if we did not give honors to the one citizen who brought this word literally to the kitchen table.   President George W. Bush defined the word ALTERNATION.  Several critics have told us we should hyphen the word. Eg.  ALTER-NATION.  Not in Georges world.  He doesn’t know what a hyphen is. 

Note: A second meeting of the minds indicated that Alternation is used by Kellyanne Conway as her way of explaining the bullshit she sprouts, lies and all as sort of an Alternative Nation or reality. If she worked in a house of ill repute she would call it “ spermicidal de-wrecklamation”.   She made the final decision and called it under T-RUMP Alternative Reality. If thats what you call it we simply say,   she’s full of sh*t."

Algorithim ( al-gore-wryth-them)   A mathematical computation of the moves and dance steps former Vice President Al Gore makes in and around the political scene. To say he moves to the beat of a different drummer might be construed as accurate. Think of it as the late Gene Krupa on two red bulls.

B —  📕📗📘📙
Bull-Itus — 
Again, McConnell bully reputation for herding GOP Senators into horrid decisions none of which in three decades was for the country, it was for his pockets  —

Bablification (baa-blie-fick-k-shun)   In religious circles this is the art of quoting stories from the Bible and pretending to live life that way.  In modern times we call this, “ Talking the walk not just taking the walk".  Many current members of the TV religious crew requesting your money are Bablificators and tend to get caught as whore-mongers, pedophiles, liars,  cheats and common crooks.  This term has been applied to certain members of Congress on  frequent occasions.

Blohardisation  (blow-hard-is-anion)  A new word added in 2018 to exemplify self love and mental mastibation encased in bullshit smelling stronger than the holding pens at a rodeo. We thank Donald T-RUMP for the development of this his latest foo-pah into the real world from the reality TV world he lives in.

Begetting  (Bee-gcat-ting)  First used in the English Language in 1350 or so, and used a lot in the bIble.   It means to make or produce progeny.   We called it frickin anything that walks and is female in nature… Adam begat Cain and Able.  Today politicians do a lot of begetting as the tend to screw almost anyone they can.  Today we sometimes use Frickin, Friggen or F*cking for the same reasons.

Burpiousis  ( Burr-pee-o-siss)  For the politician, when most of what comes from their mouth is burped rather than digested information that has been sourced, confirmed, verified and the truth.  "Birthers" were Burpists. Michelle Bachmann and Ted Cruz, well known for their burpisms.

Bananical (bah-na-na-kill)   Something so stupidly designed or said, it’s like a banana sitting on a floor just waiting for someone to step on it and slip, its funny but tragic  —  Bananical  — .

Bubkes, or Bupkis **.  (butt-kiss) It’s a word he used to describe Bullsh*t or information with no research whatsoever from reliable sources.  This word is considered a nasty reference meaning goat or horse droppings.  It may also be related to the Polish word for overindulgence in beans which causes similar droppings. 
Most commonly used by voters who went hook line and sinker for false information disseminated by, hacked by and fake propaganda by the GOP, then they got nothing but bupkis.

C  —  📕📗📘📙  

Crapo-zoidal  —  Something that’s really bad beyond normal bad and should of been left in a porcelain container.

Corpo-Guano -- The Corporate level leaky crapo-zoidal that appears usually before and after the incident similar to the BP crapozoidal during the oil spill.

Corkizoids  (kork-izz-oids)  For Presidential supporters of Trump   With very conceivable move made by the new President,  supporters protected by the “ Legion of Doom” nit-tweeter club, need personal protection in the form of corks.
A terrible shortage of cork futures would take place, since most of the Trump supporters would need two since we don’t know which end supports that that crap.    Thus we would call on the French to supply corks for both ends since telling the difference is impossible.

Clintorial (klint ori-re-al)   When a customer has a problem I remind them of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton summed it up, when he said,  “ I feel your pain”.  Everybody suddenly felt better. Of course he was also known to feel some other parts of female anatomy so he had a well rounded painless life.  Of course if you went around feeling other things you might still experience some pain like from one of those old cast iron frying pans.

Cliff (kli-if)  A theoretical place that Republicans and Democrats go to when judging how they will portray their budget ideas.  The common man sees it as a place they would like to throw the Congressmen off of.

Concubining  (konq-que-bine-ink) “Concubining” means screwing with the enemies best prostitutes and paid informers,  literally, in Trumps trips to Russia it might mean sleeping with the enemy and sharing more than just showers with a few of the girls... and it wasn’t for medical tests...

D  —  📕📗📘📙  

Dismality   Stemming from dismal, it recognized anything Mitch McConnell says is not good and he is a spreader of dismality —  his thoughts being dismal 

Douchbaggyness  — Actions by female appointees chosen by officials who are as useful and incompetent as a Boar Hog suckling young — Chosen for their political affiliation, donations to the appointers accounts, nice physique, and other talents—  Best example:  Ms Betsy DeVos in T-RUMP cabinet who set education back ten years but donated two million dollars to buy her job from T-RUMPS election fund. Which he paid lawsuits with.

E  —  📕📗📘📙  

Edulation (ed-u-lay-shun) An idiot who hasn't figured out the use of the spell checker yet. In praise, one could say “he was highly edulated".  

F  —  📕📗📘📙  

Fartdemic   An early warning the Gestapo of the Fourth Reich, the GOP Reptilians are about to rally and bullsh*t all over the airwaves —  usually during a Politidemic  

Farticulation (far-tic-u-lay-shon)   One who  loudly sings the praises of a fellow politician. Eminent, sometimes pronounced Enemasos Farticulation occurs when a new bill or law comes to passage time and a lot of farticulation occurs.  This explains mysterious brown stains on noses. 

Fartenling (far-tin-lee-ng)   A very junior Congressman, new in the business who hasn’t learned all the tricks yet.

Fartware (far-t-wear)  This is basically Vaporware, the phrase stolen from the computer world. It's stuff that gets announced with big words and new scientific breakthroughs which usually ends in file 13 or the village dump.  Think of “ Fartware" as verbal appeasements so the real bills and the secret deals may be hidden from view. In Congress it means the guy knows nothing and is bullshitting quite extensively. In a sentence,  “ Boy is he full of Fartware".

Fuller - Bluster  (ful-er-blust-her)  The best way to describe Harry Reid’s latest broken promise, he's not as much of the problem as Mitch is.  Well, not quite…  he retired.

F*cked Up  (fuk-ed-up)  The local colloquial expression used to describe President T-RUMPS  Campaign; Officials selected for his cabinet; His thinking;  His resume: His business practices; His marriage; His truth; His competency;  His Firing of key people;  His political knowledge; His ability to work with Congress; His venom toward people; His paranoia; His totally screwed up base he lies to which is killing this country.  

Fubar (foo-brr)  “Fucked up beyond all reason”  Borrowed from the military decades ago, it indicates an operation thats not only gone wrong but caused by a series of stupid events.  For example the election of Trump to the Presidency is a classic FUBAR.  Poor campaigning, the Comey insert, people stupid enough to believe all the lies and the list goes on. It was truly a FUBAR event.

Festerfeuck (fez-der-f*ck)  Only someone like T-RUMP with his skills could do as it requires a certain amount of stupidity to f*ck something up more so that humanly possible. This is not an easy task but we feel secure no one can match his f*ck ups and his skills and you can be taken to the bank.

Financial Blowjob  -  Some one who donates to an election fund in large amount's to secure a position in an administration they are totally unfit for  —  Best example in the T-RUMP administration was Ms Betsy DeVos our Secretary of Education who never went to a public school,  is a secular nutcase, devote Evangelical fruit keg and robbed our kids of millions every year because Donald wanted the money for the wall — They should put her ass in jail for allowing it and in the end,  she left after January Sixth -  Good riddance,  bitch— the harm is done, see you in hell.

G  —  📕📗📘📙  
Gerbil Fodder (Grr-bill-fa-der)   
The unique term for the BS those right and left wing bloggers and political activists, and talking heads throw out. Named after gerbils who spend part of their lives procreating making more gerbils and spinning their little feet on wheels trying to be "big wheels".  Generally they cannot see the truth because it would serve them no purpose.  See Lemming Juice

Gorgazolarized  (gor-gan-zoller-eyes-d)   Something that makes people go phew, what stinks! 

Greedified  ( gree-dee-fied)  The mental obstruction in the brain of the Republican politicians who accepted a dance with Mitch the Bitch McConnell  to the music of the Washington Two-step Cha-cha that earning power and money is the goal of seving — 

H  — 📕📗📘📙  
Hammurized Code  ( ham-more-i-zed)  
Alfred E. Neumann expressed a very profound statement as the thought of the day.  Often we hear “ What goes around comes around”.  Survey and research tells us it a castoff of the Golden Rule. “ Do unto others as they have done unto you”.  Which could also lead you to the “  Hammurabi Code” which consists of 282 laws, with scaled punishments, adjusting “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” (lex talionis) as graded depending on social status, of slave versus free, man or woman.

Menta-Physical Foresight  —  Alfred E. Neumann’s insight was different as he aimed more at the dangers of self infliction.  Sometimes you harm no one other than yourself.  He said, “ Never throw shit straight up into the air and stand in the same place”.  He was referring to the smart ass chant General Flynn directed at Hillary Clinton when Gen. Flynn said “  Lock her up”.  It appears she was innocent and now General Flynn who pled guilty turn to be locked up even after Barr, our corrupt DOJ ATTY.  GEN. under orders by T-RUMP stuck his two cents in for this traitor.      Lock That Lying Traitor Bastard Up”. T-RUMP pardoned him 

Heinz site (Hinds-sight)   Actually two meanings: Something Senator John Kerry knows all about involving a place or location where apologies are given for stupid remarks either by the Senator or his wife and the view of Mrs. Kerry after she insults a reporter with foul language and leaves the building. 

Hind-Lick Maneuver  -  If  you happen to b e in a bar and this cute gal is choking on her drink, lift up her skirt and kiss her ass using the hind lick maneuver - the resultant small noise of pleasure you will hear,  will stop the choking— 

Hypo-typo ( hy-po-typ-oh)   Succulation in it’s most blatant form.

I  —  📕📗📘📙  
Infartuation  (En-fart-U-a-shun)  
when a politician comes up with a brain fart so bad he is infartuated with it.

Insipid  (nin-sip-id)  Its Latin ancestor translates very loosely as "without wisdom, good taste, or good sense." That ancestor comes from sapere, which means "to taste," "to have good taste," or "to be wise." Sapere also gave us savorsavant, and sage.

J  —  📕📗📘📙  

Jabberwockey  —  A person who says something and tries to be funny, but sadly makes no sense and is a complete dumbass.   Best case is listening to a Republican Governor like ABBOTT or DE Santis and others.

Jabroni  —  Is really an Italian profanity. It is slang for "ass hole" or "dumb ass” and again relates to much of what Republicans are all about.

Jagwacker  —   Someone who plays with themself a lot.  This is what happens when Republican Governors who are Jabronis Jabberwockey a lot.

K  —  📕📗📘📙  
Kerfuffle   —
In many Western countries it’s not polite to state or use the military expression CLUSTER F*CK so to be polite one may use Kerfuffle —  When something goes wrong its all a kerfuffle — 

K’tanked  — Completely wasted  —  Eight beers, two shots and you think that pig sitting next to you is gorgeous you are K’tanked — 

Kickin’  —  Means cool or wicked ("that was kickin'”)  Dual meanings need to be more specific like Knicker snot.

Knicker Snot  —  The fluid from sexual contact with one of your younger interns so valued by our politicians, except when they get caught and DNA sends them to jail.

L  —  📕📗📘📙  

Lemming Juice ( leh-ming-jew-swis)   Lemmings are the little animals that follow a leader off the edge of a cliff, really dumb animals. It is  a term used by some cool Journalists as a hack job or  “Lemming Juice”.  It is predominant in political or hollywood rumors, stories that are (you guessed it, pass it on) FOWARD's on the web. This stuff is Lemming juice, similar to Gerbil fodder, stories that have been manipulated or altered from the original writer, and tainted to go on the web usually for political or social embarrassment. Good Journalist’s ignore this and check the record.

Libidofacation  (–noun, lee-bi-ie -far-kay-shon)   Used in a Sentence:   “ Senator Sanford got caught in the act of Libidofacation". Recently you might of noticed many of our distinguished Political leaders have been caught at "Libidofacation".  Some have been outed who seem to have a lot of libido lately with a myriad of mistresses and mattresses some as far away as Argentina.  Not surprisingly it leaks out, because Washington is like a leaky barrel or condom for that matter.  Everyone is out for the head of any competition they can ruin.   Please note what organizations these “ Gentlemen in Congress belong to. One in particular is involved with the board of Promise Keepers and another serves on the Senate ETHICS committee.

Leadershit  ( lee-der-sh*t)  What happens to a politician after he is elected by a naive group of voters who never vetted him correctly.  The find out they have a useless jerkoff controlling their future and as far as being a good leader he is just another one of the many leadershiter's we have making lots of money and bribes at our expense.

M  —  📕📗📘📙 

ME-KA-KA (me-cah-cah) —  Senator Allen defining his career after referring to a photographer from the opposition who was black as Micaka  —  After the election it was changed to HE-KA-KA. Mi-ka-ka is also used by little diaper bound children when it comes time for a change of venues.  There has always been a close verbal association between politics and poop.

Moronisis  —  The art of dealing with morons showing great restraint, observing enormous amounts of politeness and secretly wanting to rip the idiots head off and throwing a dead cat down the hole. Used in a sentence: "He exhibited a great deal of moronisis in dealing with that individual. Often used in the political arena.

N  —  📕📗📘📙  

N.E.R.D  —  Not even remotely dorky — couldn’t hold his own in a political runoff class President contest with students of the ninth grade --

Nedantsin  —  A very very extremely naughty sin like sleeping with your cousin, hiding a camera in the girls bathroom or jerking off in the Church bathroom — 

O  —  📕📗📘📙  

Opinionape —  A person pretending to be a Journalist on a Conservative  right-wing hate station who have nothing to contribute in real news stories, substituting hate made up by a bunch of script writers with little or no honesty or an understanding of truth. This we call mis-conception alternate universal horse-sh*t — some with a more passionate feeling  just simply call the f*cking liars—

Ober-sevation   That art involved in spying on our citizens with cameras and cell phone hacking.  When used to fight crime I have no problem with ober-sevation either looking or listening. Shouldn’t we put these spy devices in places to really catch the bad people — lets install them in Congress and the bathrooms bar,  John Boehner hangs out in — 

Over-Schtupped  Over glory of the product. A person or product completely over the top in praise (self denial of sanity or a failure to rationalize) for a product. Sort of like taking the rusted 87 Cadillac Sedan de Ville with severe pitted rust on the door frame and rocker panels and putting 3500 dollars worth of Shiny Chrome Spinning Wheels on it followed by the Boom Buster stereo to wake the neighborhood.  

Fortunately, this only lasts till the repo company finds the car via the police hot sheet or the frickin wheels get clipped by a rival gang.  The product like most of our politicians are more sizzle and a lot less meat unless you count the pork as steak.

Overcrapilization  (Ov-rrr-k-rap-iili-zay-shun)   Over self glory of the author.  The simple way of expressing too much about nothing.  Think of it as the big box of candy you get at the movies and then when you open it, it is half filled. The process leads to Over-schtuppeding.

"Oy vey iz mer" is Yiddish: (Oil-vase-mir)    It was my grandfathers favorite term or expression when one of the nine grand kids, got into a mess. Being the oldest, I got more than my cousins.  It is an exclamation of either dismay or exasperation, meaning "oh woe is me."  It sounds similar but differs from the Anglo Saxon verbiage which is"OIL VEY iS MER" which translates as "Where did all this frickin oil come from in the Gulf”.

P  —  📕📗📘📙 

Politidemic —  When members of the GOP Reptilians all quote the same talking points laden with bullsh*t on the Sunday morning News Shows  —  

Partisanship (PARTI-ZEN-SHIT) PARTI-ZEN-SHIT ex. "hit the fan".  The usual comments coming from members of one particular party when in reference to the opposition.  Used mainly by the Republicans who invented, invested and use the word so quite often.

Pedophilia Photography  (Peh-dogh-feel-ia)   Basically the lowest form of human behavior exhibited by Cretins who should have most of their limbs ripped from their bodies and then beat to death with a large bat or tire iron.  

Polidicks  (pol-y-dik)  Those engaged in politics -  There are times when partisanship is stupid, inexcusable and really shows what a bunch of self indulgent greedy dumb asses we have in the Congress. This is one of those times and many like myself have had enough. It's time for a third party (Not Tea) based on common sense. Even the party symbols reflect stupidity no matter how artistic they are made to look. We have heard enough from Dumbos and Jackasses.

Polidicnicks  (pol-y-duk-nicks)   Followers of those who have studied and mastered the art of graft and bribery for personal gain neatly dressed in false concerned public exposure and support Polidicks.  It is also a group who can lie thru their teeth even with their mouth closed when sprouting party lines.

Proprietary  Information (Webster's Unabridged) Something is proprietary; exclusively owned by someone, often with connotations that it is exclusive and cannot be used by other parties without negotiations. It may specifically mean that something is covered by one or more patents, as in proprietary technology. It can also mean that the copyright is used in a way that restricts the users' freedoms.  See Brooklyn version

Proprietary (Brooklyn Bridged) (Pro-Pry-it-Tory) Made up from three words. The art of making something so as to trigger a response from a user whose has his money pried from his hands by a bunch of gangsters.

"Pro" It represents professionalism (first three letters, PRO) deeply embedded in protectionism of the brand relationships activated by a minutia part of the brain known as the cranial-rectal dyslexia cross vortex. "AKA something for brains syndrome" 

"Pry" Closely related to Heston Syndrome, “You’ll pry-it from my cold dead hands” another old fart gone fanatic with dementia. Maybe he walked on polluted water. 

Prefornification (pre-forne~if -i-kay-chun) The ATTEMPT to arrange and engage in lewd and lascivious acts between or by a person of authority such as a Senator, Congressman, Chief of Staff, Ranking State, Federal employes etc. with an aid, helper or volunteer.  
Pre-fornication is an invite to obvious copulation and requires some type of reward for services rendered such as promises of promotion, payment, recognition, endorsement, travel, or even an ongoing fun affair. It may be rebuked and easily is compromised by threats of public disclosure using a small recorder or underwear cam. The fornicated may then extract reward with a process called "Black- Mail" which has nothing to do with the Postal Service.

Putz, Putz's, Putz'i  (Brooklyn Bridged Dictionary) (Pu~tt-z) Another unique word with several meanings expressing all Jewish emotion from love, stupidity and hate. More is made of "How it is said or used" then the word itself.  Putz is sometimes confused with the word "schmuck". 

Schmuck is an insulting term also with variable meanings. Putz can be a fool, an innocent in the wrong place. Example: "What a putz for marrying her". -or- "What a Putz, giving tap dance lessons in a condemned building'?.  Schmuck is more severe if used in those terms.
Ponti-fartication (-noun pond-if-far-kay-shun)   Words issued by the Vatican about the abuses they covered up and denied and the use of the time worn "a bad apple in a good crop" excuse. Right on, originally we thought this was just in the US but now it's a world wide epidemic of those with the courage to come forth and stand their ground. Some of the abuses that came to light in Europe involve hundreds of Children. Even the Holy See is not above the law.

Polithical Liars —  Republicans,  Reptilians, GOP, Good Old Pr*cks et al.
POLITHICAL is a new word in the Jacobs dictionary and since so many of our politicians never speak truth they are ‘Polithically Corrupt”.  It includes double meanings, falsehood, lies.

Pr*ck ( Pre-ick) (Noun)  Name given to dirty, harmful persons,  a place or thing, form of scumbag 
Pr*ck Usage =      Donald T-RUMP, others Mike Pence, Barr, Carson, DeVos, Kushner, Hannity, Giuliani, and others
Pr*cked Place =   An area subjected to a lenticular pointed object
Pr*ck Thing =       A male member used to make women pregnant.
Used In A Sentence:  “ He pricked me and now I’m having a baby and the sad part is I was pricked by a pr*ck”

Q  —  📕📗📘📙

Quacktacular  —  Something that tastes as good as a duck, but doesn't quite reach the high standards of ducktacular  duck,  usually expressed by Republican big shots, those with enough graft money to afford duck if it was not prepared correctly, they would say it was Quacktacular — 

Queerd  — A combination between queer and weird, also used by Congressman who suddenly found out their bill was voted down  —  Somebody Queered the deal!

Queerdo  —  A different way of saying cool and weird but can also mean the person who Queered the deal — 

Quendolla  —  The area between a girls breasts, usually accented by stuffing the bra with toilet paper, make-up, hormone creams, and push up bras to get attention and used by several of the Reps in Congress —  

R  —  📕📗📘📙 

Religi-cons ( rai-lige-i-kohns)  The Evangelical base of the GOP party, who believe in biblical babel over the Constitution and science and tend to support imbeciles over truth when the script goes their way.  Not particularly brilliant and they fall for every lie told to them as long as the bullshit train stays on the rail.  they are prime supporters of TRUMP, Americas favorite scumbag.

Reutilize  — The end result of long debates and admission that the other party was right and that your thinking was stupid/ and or full of it.  

Rectummaker —  Someone who is either a contributor or paid employee who talks a lot of sh*t that has a low percentage of belief in the hopes that dumbasses respond to the commentary which is based on the ancient theory of data collection which is…. “  SH*T GOES IN, SH*T COMES OUT”

Refuddiate   (adjective  ree-dudd-eye-ate ) by Sarah Palin  Actually the word is RE-FUDD-I-ATE which refers to the on-again-off-again relationship her daughter Bristol has with the boyfriend who acts like Elmer Fudd. Bristol is just re-fudding herself. Now that she got a little FUDDING, she is dumping Levi again.  Just another foo-pah from the intellect of Sarah Palin and her ghost writers who aren't too much brighter than her.

Revelathions  (rev-e-lath-sions  I did an interview the other day, with a gentleman who spent forty-five years working on the railroad as an engineer. He probably covered a zillion plus miles and still remembers steam engines. While casually chatting, he said, "There was and is nothing wrong with the Federal Government". "The founding fathers did a heck of a job in designing this great nation". The real problem is the five hundred and thirty five “  conductors we hired who think they own the friggen railroad”. 

Republicannot   (re-pub-lick-can-knot)  A poor political sponsored sole suckered into a party of nothing, they contribute nothing, they add nothing, they just bitch, moan and complain about everything but have no suggestions to make things better except if it makes them more money through bribery, backdoor deals, trickery and other scumbag techniques.  Hopefully when the vigilante committee is brought back into action, some of these political hacks, cheats and liars will be bending branches from some tall trees...

S  — 📕📗📘📙

Schmuck (shi-muc-ck) This most popular word adapted by both Yiddish scholars and American Street Linguists (A.SL.) represents the frugal approach to wordology.   In other words, how we make simple words expand their usage by different meanings simply by adding a few additional words.  Not without consequence though as the wrong use of words could start a war,  a divorce or you getting you schmuck cut off — Choose care fully 

😀 For Example: While pontificating to the French President you flatter him by saying,  ‘ What a cunning linguist you are”  This could backfire if his wife overheard it.  Schmuck is one of those words.. 

😀  Technically “Shmuck” Is A Yiddish Word Meaning The Whole Penis:    However some groups, specializing in Penis slang,  and shortening say with authority it refers to the part thrown away during circumcision by the Moile. (Moile is a Rabbi certified as a penis chopper)  T-RUMP is best described as a true schmuck and he should be thrown away

😀 NOTE: A deeper vicious meaning is the expression “  He’s a schmuck with ear laps”.  Thats a schmuck that was cut with the balls attached to it…  a real insult…  It is very common to use it with discussions about Politicians.  Usually by the opposition.  But more so lately because of a higher percentage of politicians are schmucks today.  Size of politicians schmucks is determined by position.  Again an example would be  Donald J. T-RUMP who is a huge schmuck. 

😀 But it is also used in Yiddish humor as it is derived from the German word for jewelry, or decoration.   If used wrong in common conversation, as in "He wore his schmuck well on his sleeve" just might not fly.  You could be meaning how nice the decorative cufflinks looked with the shirt. Confusing,  I would not use this word amongst Orthodox Jewish Groups.  You might be the schmuck missing his schmuck.

😀 However, the English usage of “ Schmuck",  is widely understood to mean someone who's a little stupid or a bit of an idiot. But not a danger, or with malice, or threat to you.   A "Schmo" is a soft variety of schmuck.  Hardcore advocates see "schmock", being both a word for the whole penis as has been said, and also a strongly offensive insult.  Eng. “pr*ck”.  Example: “ Without reservation Donald J. T-RUMP is a SCHMUCK of the highest order”

😀 Yiddish Derivation - The word came into the English language from Yiddish (Yiddish: שמאָק‎, shook , where it has similar pejorative meanings, but where its literal meaning is a vulgar term for a penis.  The Online Etymology Dictionary indicates that the term derives from Eastern Yiddish shmok, literally “penis", from Old Polish smok, "grass snake, dragon".

😀 In The German Language  - The word Schmuck means “  Jewelry, adornment”. It is a standard grammar nominalization of the German verb "schmücken" (to decorate) and as such unrelated to the word discussed in this article. The same is true for the Danish word “smuk", which simply means beautiful.

😀 In Jewish-American Culture - Leo Rosten writes in The Joys of Yiddish that schmuck is commonly viewed among Jews as an obscene word that shouldn’t be said lightly.   Lenny Bruce, a Jewish stand-up comedian, wrote that the use of the word during his performances in 1962 led to his arrest on the West Coast, "by a Yiddish undercover agent who had been placed in the club several nights running to determine if his use of Yiddish terms was a cover for profanity".

😀 In Popular Culture -   ¨ Although schmuck is considered an obscene term in Yiddish, it has become a common American idiom for “ era  or "idiot". It can be taken as offensive, however, by some Jews, particularly those with strong Yiddish roots. 

😀 IN COMEDIC ROLES  -  Allan Sherman explained in his book The Rape of the A*P*E* that, if a word is used frequently enough, it loses its shock value and comes into common usage without raising any eyebrows.

The term was notably used in the 2010 comedy film Dinner for Schmucks, in which the plot centered on a competition among businessmen to see who could invite the biggest idiot to a monthly dinner.   In her review of the film for the New York Times, film critic Debbie Schlussel took issue with the movie's use of the term "schmuck", and with its use of Yiddish at all, adding: “The more correct title would have been ‘Dinner for Schlemiels'.”

She added, "At The New York Times, where the word is still considered potentially offensive, the title of the film may be mentioned only sparingly. Still, advertisements for the movie would probably pass muster", and suggested that the main characters in the film might be more appropriately called "shmendriks".

LOVE:  Your closest friend marrying Lady Gaga.  “What a smart schmuck, and his schmuck, I wish them both well".
  Winning the lottery;  "How did that schmuck get so lucky".
 "He switched the winning tickets'?   "I'll kill that schmuck".
 "How did a schmuck like that invent the electric fork". 
   "Gotta love that schmuck, he gets all the action".
  "Now there's a real schmuck, he was circumcised by a far-sighted moile”.

Schmuckolas  —  The Repulse-ican side of the Senate who do nothing pledging their loyalty and crookedness to McConnell  just like the Gestapo did with Hitler — Lock stepping every corrupt vote in the Senate including Citizens dark money.  Once again the GOP earns their title of Good Old Perverts --

SARDASTICNESS  —  Thats how I write — Sarcastic and sadistic —

Scumbag  (s-cum-bag)  A word formally banned as being obscene, most recently brought to the surface and accepted by the British, due to the arrival of people like the backward GOP base and a couple right wingers so far right they are wrong, stubborn, loud, uncaring and setting new records in hatred.  

Thus scumbag became an OK word used by the news to describe someone like TRUMP with new lows for truth, and telling lies at about 75+%.   Total 02/08/2019  over 8000 Lies by Politifact and papers doing fact checking. 

Truly, his lack of caring, his narcissism exemplifies the title of King of The Scumbags. And what a kingdom, his family alone decrees a new level of scumbagisim  then theres the cabinet, then his lawyers, then his friends!  The Trojan company should hire him as a spokesperson.    His circle of influence is bigger then the giant of the scumbag world, the  “Mucho elephante grande size” made in Mexico for pornographic Mexican movies and TV shows featuring Mexican Wrestlers.

Scumbirds ( Skum - burds)  When covering politicians you recognize their pitch as being the same crap the fellow on the same party was lying about.  Sort of a version of “Birds of a Feather” syndrome.

Sphincterization (spink-terror-i-zay-chon)   The art of putting fear into words for the purpose of selling your product, twisting minds, forcing people to do strange rituals.  Sometimes called RELIGION. Almost everything in the worlds today uses a form of sphincterization since all ads start off with a problem.  Luckily their product solves that awful problem.

Sardastic  (zar-das-tick) Carefully chosen words used at a poignant moment in time encapsulating both sarcasm and carefully placed humor, or is it humor and carefully placed sarcasm.

Scamnation  (skam-n-a-cion)  Religious references or Words expressed by Politicians when they invoke the Lord into their line of bullshit as when Mike Pence the biggest fake of all VP who wears religion on his sleeve and his Mickey mouse underwear quotes the bible and works for Trump, Jesus said he will suffer in Scamnation...

Succulation (suc-u-lay-chun)   Writers using this technique always get the latest and greatest because negativism doesn't exist in their world.  Everything is wonderful and they are a team player. They write in "hypo-typo"  and their world is as perfect as the products they speak of.  They often appear on the Martha Stewart show since her world is perfect too or relish the words of Lou Dobbs, a paid conservative liar and assassin and as close as that cafe latte` on your desk.  Often used but not to be confused with brown-nosing or ass-kissing.

Suckinacious (suc-e-nay-shus)  The art of describing another Congressman or Senator with such favoring terms as “The distinguished Gentleman from Do-a-pig, Arkansas”.   Used on a daily basis in Congress and at Committees it tones down the real meaning of what would really be said if the person saying it was honest enough and had the balls or breasts to say what they really mean.  If so, shootouts in the halls of Congress would not be by outsiders.  You would hear something like, “  Would like to thank the readily bribable and accessible blundering idiot from Do-a-pig,  a man of great stature, he uses the bigger urinal in the mens room, not the kids since he pisses on everybody”.

Senatate  (Sin-ah-tate) is a new word in the JACOBS POLITICAL DICTIONARY and explains the phenomena of the top side GOP of the SENATE run by “ Mitch the bitch McConnell’ and the failure to look at an amazing five hundred bills put forth by the Democratic house that never saw daylight in the Senate.  Its verbiage possible comes from Master-bate which is what the Senates GOP side is well known for. " SEE ALSO JERKOFFS” 

T  —  📕📗📘📙 

Tory (Tore-Eee)   Read up on Irish bandits. The word Tories was originally used to describe rural bandits in Ireland. In the 17th century it had become a term applied to monarchists in the House of Commons.  A few years back it represented Hollywood Producer Mr. Spellings daughter and her reality show.

Trumpisteria —   T-RUMPS rally people found out their 84   IQ is higher than his— 

“Twitillation”  (twit-le-laysh-on)Cranial-Anal Hallucinations  a new word, what do you call it when two nit-twits talk to each other?  Twitillation! Any conversation on twitter with TRUMP on one end and an asshole on the other. Also known as   “ Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia or the street version Sh*t for Brains…

Talking points (Expression Eng.  taw-king-poy-ents)   Political slang for Spears. When asked a question where the truth might just be embarrassing to your product, party or your candidate you dodge it by using a talking point. Think of talking points as a quiver full of short sharp deadly spears tipped with curare and a smile.  You throw up the point just like you throw a spear hopefully with malice and injuring your opponent.

Example:  "How good is the new Health Care Bill”?
Talking Point Answer.  “Could be better with the right Credit Card ”.

Example: Sarah Palin when asked, “Did you really sell the airplane on eBay”
Talking Point:  She replied Obama is against the NRA. Truth: The plane was sold privately, it failed on eBay and he is not against the NRA, he would like to see the proliferation of non hunting, military weapons off the city streets. Big difference, bigger lies.  Alaska lost a ton of money on that deal and the state lost an asset.

U  — 📕📗📘📙

Uncle Fred (unc-L-fr-red) A phrase used to denote someone who has too much discretionary money and no talent, can't spell and is the sign maker for the TEA PARTY  —  but he's cheap.

-Ular  —  Put this at the end of all of your adjectives and you'll be cool as pie!  Examples: "Gayular, Awesomeular, Coolular, Sweetular, or Gay-ular, Awesome-ular” 

UA.B  —  Ugly Ass Beast 

UD.I.  —  Unidentified Disco Injury - Those little bruises you find in the morning after a night out, and have no idea how you got them. 

UF.B  —  Unidentified fat bitch or Unidentified fat bastard 

Ubar  —  A word used to emphasize the greatness of something. Can be used in conjunction with 'fully' i.e. Thats fully ubar! 

Uber  —  The highest or most extreme of its kind: EX:  uber-nerd; to an extreme degree: uber-cool; also spelled 

Ubercool —  Very/big/large eg. uber cool, uber headache, uber scared, uber crap 

Uber Dung  —  Meaning any thing that is bad 

V — 📕📗📘📙  

Vulcherization (vul-chur-i-say-chun)and a live news camera leads to Wopperistic (wopp-er-iz-tick)
The carcass driven insight given by politicians and religious leaders who swoop down on tragic news events when you are trying to cover a story with their own spin and persona. An example would be “ h-Oh Donald T-RUMPS here". Now that's vulcherization at it's best!  The most dangerous ten feet in the world is the distance between Donald and the camera  “ an that’s wopperistic” as used in a sentence to acknowledge and then blow-off the other guys last burp of nonsense.

W — 📕📗📘📙 

Un-worthy  —  Deserving of, as in "that was totally un -worthy," meaning deserving of something stronger like it sucked as an idea followed by laughter.  We hear it a lot in Congress 

W.E.F.O  —  'What Ever F**k Off ' normally used in instances when extremely annoyed by a GOP dumbass — 

W.I.T.S  —  What in the sh*t?  Self explanatory question of a product or intent --

X  — 📕📗📘📙 

X Sit —  Grabbing a congressional seat in the house in a rush not noticing that there was a sharp pencil on it and stabbing yourself — 

X-Piles  —  Those nasty things that show up when you least need them  —  

Z —  📕📗📘📙  

Zaftig  — Jewish word for women whose waistline is equal to their breasts and bum —  Plump women 

also can mean a fat brained idea — What a zaftig idea from that schmuck.

Zah —  Urban understanding you don’t have a clue as to what the jerk is saying   — Means you dont understand and you want them to repeat a lot slower and in english 

Zam-boni  —  A machine that resurfaces ice. Commonly used in skating rinks.  And also is referring to an Italian walking around with his fly open — 

Zang —  Just another way of saying  “Dang”  and the alternate for a bro singing a song in the past tense that sucked - Like he just Zang that song !  —  If he was good he Zinged it!

ZING — Opposite of Zang  — 

Zapazeron— loonie  —  Whipping out your penis in the ladies room and getting arrested 

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 8.33.30 AM

📕📗📘📙   “ WHO ME"  —  My name is AL JACOBS and I documented and approved every word of this and my website.  I am a consumer advocate, I photograph and write in the Tampa Bay area on a myriad of subjects.   Fraud Politics, Fake Religion, Bad Food,  Dirty Sex, and  Corporate Scams — Not exactly paradise with Global Warming and Hurricanes this year — 

 🔘   I am a night Owl — Coffee drinker and a Vigilante — There is no shortage of news on the local, state, and federal arenas involving scams and when it comes to scumbags, well —  

🔘   Florida is a haven  from the Governor Herr Obenstuper Von De SANTIS who drank the Potomac polluted water of the Washington Cesspool Trumpism, Corruption and outright a lying bastard,  not of the people,  but with a goal of being the emperor, if T-RUMP fails, a run with or against T-RUMP in 2024  — 

🔘   From our previous governor who scammed Medicaid out of 1.7 billion dollars,  got caught and ran for office two terms in Florida, and then Florida idiot voters, using facial recognition and TV commercials to judges put him in the US Senate. 

🔘   Our entire state Senate and Representatives are corrupt. Congress in Tallahassee which is nothing but the political modern version of the Gestapo lock stepping to the GOP leaders  —  and you thought Chicago was bad — 

🔘   We are festooned with crooks, corruption, drugs, whore-mongering, groping, and thats just the elected Politicians, Pastors and Priests.   Wait till you see the articles on Religious Righteous Renegades of lust, pedophilia and perversion who operate here.  

🔘   Nary a week goes by, when another person of claimed religious inspiration gets busted for Pedophillia or affairs with the congruents.   Our Board of Education in addition to secular religious school Coaches, Teachers, Music Ministers, Youth Ministers, and persons of leadership all meet the criteria for our jails.  Our hotels give out the Gideon Bible in every room.  So do our prisons, but I suspect they get used for other purposes.  Clogging drains, toilet paper and shiv or knife handles of paper mache.  

🔘   Maybe those who take advantage of children using worship as a tool will read a little, praying they won’t get put in general population.  Pedophiles and women beaters do not do well in our incarceration facilities.  When they find a pervert bad things do happen.  Well deserving — 


🔘   Tracking Word Usage  -To decide which words to include in the dictionary and to determine what they mean, Merriam-Webster editors study the language as it's used. They carefully monitor which words people use most often and how they use them.

🔘   Each day most Merriam-Webster editors devote an hour or two to reading a cross section of published material, including books, newspapers, magazines, and electronic publications; in our office this activity is called     “ reading and marking." The editors scour the texts in search of new words, new usages of existing words, variant spellings, and inflected forms–in short, anything that might help in deciding if a word belongs in the dictionary, understanding what it means, and determining typical usage. Any word of interest is marked, along with surrounding context that offers insight into its form and use.


🔘   The marked passages are then input into a computer system and stored both in machine-readable form and on 3" x 5" slips of paper to create citations.

🔘   Each citation has the following elements:   the word itself, an example of the word used in context, bibliographic information about the source from which the word and example were taken

🔘   Merriam-Webster's citation files, which were begun in the 1880s, now contain 15.7 million examples of words used in context and cover all aspects of the English vocabulary. Citations are also available to editors in a searchable text database (linguists call it a corpus) that includes more than 70 million words drawn from a great variety of sources.


🔘   How does a word make the jump from the citation file to the dictionary?  The process begins with dictionary editors reviewing groups of citations. Definers start by looking at citations covering a relatively small segment of the alphabet – for example gri- to gro- – along with the entries from the dictionary being reedited that are included within that alphabetical section. It is the definer's job to determine which existing entries can remain essentially unchanged, which entries need to be revised, which entries can be dropped, and which new entries should be added. In each case, the definer decides on the best course of action by reading through the citations and using the evidence in them to adjust entries or create new ones.

🔘   Before a new word can be added to the dictionary, it must have enough citations to show that it is widely used. But having a lot of citations is not enough; in fact, a large number of citations might even make a word more difficult to define, because many citations show too little about the meaning of a word to be helpful. A word may be rejected for entry into a general dictionary if all of its citations come from a single source or if they are all from highly specialized publications that reflect the jargon of experts within a single field.

🔘   To be included in a Merriam-Webster dictionary, a word must be used in a substantial number of citations that come from a wide range of publications over a considerable period of time. Specifically, the word must have enough citations to allow accurate judgments about its establishment, currency, and meaning.

The number and range of citations needed to add a word to the dictionary varies. In rare cases, a word jumps onto the scene and is both instantly prevalent and likely to last, as was the case in the 1980s with AIDS. In such a situation, the editors determine that the word has become firmly established in a relatively short time and should be entered in the dictionary, even though its citations may not span the wide range of years exhibited by other words.


🔘   The size and type of dictionary also affects how many citations a word needs to gain admission. Because an abridged dictionary, such as Merriam-Webster's Collegiate® Dictionary, has fairly limited space, only the most commonly used words can be entered; to get into that type of dictionary, a word must be supported by a significant number of citations. But a large unabridged dictionary, such as Webster's Third New International Dictionary, has room for many more words, so terms with fewer citations can still be included.


🔘   Change and variation are as natural in language as they are in other areas of human life and Merriam-Webster reference works must reflect that fact. By relying on citational evidence, we hope to keep our publications grounded in the details of current usage so they can calmly and dispassionately offer information about modern English. That way, our references can speak with authority without being authoritarian.

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