My name is AL JACOBSON, and I documented and approved every word of this website.  I am a consumer advocate, photographer, retired and I write in the Tampa Bay area on a myriad of subjects.  Politics, Religion, Food, Sex, and Scams.  Born and raised in NY, living in Florida, and I occasionally speak English, preferring Brooklyn based meta-phonetic syllabication (aka Street English, Brooklynise, Slang).  

I write, scribble notate, alter, in my own patois which is a mixture of the sometimes obnoxious extended run-on-sentence’s of Brooklyn Street language.  An avid reader, reading allowed me to skip grades 2 and 8 and bail from high school at 15 and off to schools of higher learning.  My desire to read my way out of the neighborhood, helped by a great librarian who accelerated my reading and comprehending skills, and working to earn school money from the age of fourteen.  Not a career move but 50 cents an hour was good money then.

I was a soda jerk, working at the candy store, then when I was older , I trained as a line chef, which taught me another passion cooking and eating.    http://www.aljacobskitchen.com  and on weekends as a Wedding and Journalist Photographer, www.aljacobs.com to pay for school, but I found a greater education on the street.

A couple of great powerful and intellectual uncles, pushed me even more.

I am an American Citizen by birth, a droopy eyelid by genetics, and finally somewhat repaired by surgery in 2018, from three generations of American Citizens, who immigrated (escaped the pogroms of Russia)  and settled here in 1917 in Brooklyn .

I love my country, served Honorably in the Military, and having my own Library card at 11 years old, fortunately living five blocks from a public library, long walk for short legs even in cold weather but worth it.

Though I did attend a school of higher learning, and flew my own airplanes as a Pilot in Command for 32 years...(again till I got an instructor, self taught) but I will say it without reservation...

I learned more on my own in the library, later on the web, in inquisitiveness and on the street and from a wonderful grandfather who spoke little English but a great mind in Talmudic study.

I learn something every day.  Age is a race, I push myself to avoid the pitfalls of depression and Alzheimers so prevalent of people my age.  

Having a brother with Alzheimers, research tells us  keeping busy mentoring, challenging your thinking and creativity, good eats, and mental exercise are all necessary to prevent the aging process.

I also learned from a few great uncles who taught me tough wins most of the time (Jesse and Hy) graphic arts, kindness, forgiving, and photography ( Morris) and (Eddie the inventor) who taught me electronics and creativeness.

I have devoted and spent a good part, most of my life, working with charities and groups, building Military Memorials, to this day  salute those who served and those who paid the ultimate price of Freedom and have been lucky enough to mingle with some very patriotic good people I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with, teaching, training and survived.   

I have served in the Corporate world ( just like politics) and owned my own businesses, helped the poor, mentored, fought wars, and now I have to take a stand on the direction our country is going.  My inspiration was my English Teacher who hated me and it was mutual because I did not care for Shakespeare.  I preferred Popular Science and Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien first written in 1954.

I hated Poetry and Shakespeare but as I grow older I appreciate the talent in any venue or scale. 

My English teacher, once commented to my parents.  “He should move to France and study English as a foreign language”.
This was a declaration of war.  I had enough from her, I unloaded, in front of the class during a poetry reading session.

Dear Mrs. Xxxxxx, 
Shakespeare doth not a genius make, for he spake in terms reminiscent of a flake,
His meter I find hurts my ears, his stories I find, bring me to tears, 
And all those marks of selective punctuation, bring me, alas no reservation,
My run-on sentences provide me with expression, I am a story teller
Not a critique of a useless high-fluting fictional boring best seller.
And your classes frankly are quite boring... thus the abundance of high octave snoring”.

That got me thrown out...years later I added to my only case of poetry...

I write as I speak, my works reflect what I seek,
Be it Religion, Food, or Political, my reports can be quite critical.
I seek and embellish the uncouth, when seeking the reality of truth,
There are some doors that I will have to smash open, 
And the words will appear unbroken,
For the liars cheaters and crooks, bringing it out is my quest,
And when it becomes very real, for me that is the best of best 
And I will bring it forth to the top of the heap,
Fearing no one, no man, no beast, no creep...


In school, the main subject I excelled in was truancy, my favorite hangouts while cutting class were all of the museums, The museam of Natural History  y favorite  and the Zoos, Ebbets Field, Home of the Dodgers, National Parks like the Statue of Liberty, and the library. 

I guess I am a touch, see, feel, person, with an average education from the couple years I spent at College.  College was better than high school because you were on your own, I manage better that way.   The library at Eastern parkway and the city Museums and Zoos were my real schools as I picked my own curriculum supplemented by the incredible amount of books and subjects the library offered.  I learned more about dinosaurs from the museam not believing my teacher who told us the cavemen did them in.

They tell me thats how I write, like a Brooklyn kid.  Of the almost 6000 languages and dialects on the earth, “Brooklyn” is surprisingly doing well.  And I mastered it at  GEORGE W. WINGATE HS which Is responsible for the skills I have today which I credit to my English teacher.  

Her favorite paraphrase was “Jacobs to Detention”.   My favorite was questioning “Why we had to read Snakes-spear” no one talks that way anymore.   Her hero was Shakespeare, and if he was alive she might have had an affair with him.  But it did not amplify my reading skills.  For book reports I chose Julius Caesar and got in trouble reading a certain passage out loud.  Like Caesars carnal offering relationship with Brutus on one occasion.  OOOps, off to detention.  Got five stars in laughs from the class though.  

Thus, I always carried my kind of good book in my schoolbag and met several nice girls in detention, I received more education, more ways than one reading in detention.  Besides my science classes and shops, I learned more reading in detention than in class. 

My reading incorporated the works of JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, Lord of the Flies, Brave New World,  Popular Mechanics, Thor Heyerdahl’s epic adventure Kon-Tiki, Fahrenheit 451, Popular Science, the  “Eight Wonders of the World”  travel series on the famous places in the world.  I searched anything, soft cover or hard about Aviation, the Military, Photography.  That was my world, real world.

I loved my shop classes, they taught me fundamentals of creativity, functuality, and turning ideas, from thoughts to products of metal and wood.   Traits I use even today and almost every day of my life.

Michener was one of my favorite authors as he wrote episodic books, which translates through generations in one locale, sort of like Star Trek in differing temporal convergences in the spacetime continuum.  At twelve I had secured a book on Medicine from our pediatrician, and a copy of Greggs Anatomy, big books weighing more than me.  Being in detention allowed me to read and learn at my pace.

I probably read more books than the entire class but could not in any way shape or form digest Shakespeare.  Fortunately the Dean of Boys was pretty much on my side. He wasn’t a fan of Shakespeare either but he was the law.


George W. Wingate High School as a High School is now defunct.   It is now a conglomeration of comprehensive learning in the Prospect - Leffert’s Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It opened in 1956 and was closed down in June 2004 due to poor academic performance.  

It was the first racially correct  (that was the term)  50/50 black-white school in the United States.  I was in the first classes to graduate though my marks in English were passing but not of merit.  Math, the sciences, shop, government and history studies, I did well.  I am still a history nut but embarrassed by todays standards of education as history is not as relevant. Passing SAT tests by any means possible and turning out idiots is not my idea of education.  

A country less than two decades ago was first in the world in math and science and now we are 28th in the world.  I will always believe studying the past is relevant and the keys to the future.  

Obviously others have moved forward and we have moved back.  With Betsy DeVos and Donald T-Hump, we will relegate ourselves and our future of our acceptance of lies, corruption and to mental mediocrity unless you are rich.

Today, I have seven website/blogs, participate in two very small business’s even in retirement, and have learned to write computer code, I carried a camera and notepad for better than 50 years.  I owned my own airplanes and I managed to fly 28 years, saved two planes while on fire, the passengers, and my buttocks on mechanical failures, and bouts with mother nature and learned one thing, self reliance.  

And have always said, “Have the right shoes for the path you choose, sometimes moccasins don’t cut it and you need boots, life can get very thick”, but the main point to remember regardless of your style in shoes, minefields are no place to tap dance.  

I have my own dictionary 



As I mentioned, the wood and metal shops were my favorite classes. Electronics I learned on my own from a study group. The services called it Bomb School.

I remember the first tools I made at Wingate in the metal shop on my own and even today they still talk of the Jacobs Hubcap Remover, not sold in stores, available in Midnight Black and silver powder coat only.  

You too can have a career in hubcap "restoration" for only $39.95. Make it back on your first job even if you only got the front ones! 

Our exclusive rear view mirror (not found on any of the competition) means you can get rid of your lookout and make more money.  And twin handles allow faster retrieval with either hand when the hubcap springs loose.

Lifetime warranty against breakage or corroding unless you are in for life and you threw it in the Hudson.  The warranty is transferable to other hubcap collectors for only  $25.00.  Cash Only! 

It comes complete with instructions for both domestic and foreign jobs.   BUT WAIT! Order now and we’ll send you my new book “ Guide to the Great Bail Bondsmen of America” with a signed autograph by Joey Fonzini (who graduated early from San Quentin).  Joey still holds the record for HubCap retrieval. Fourteen sets in under 2 hours.  

2016 LATE BREAKING NOTE:  Joey made a killing selling over 100 hubcaps,  till he snagged the caps from MM (Made Man) Joe “Broken Bones” Bonamachino’s Cadillac.  That was the last time we heard from or saw Joey but his MOM did receive a case of fine imported sardines with a card from Mr. Bonamachino expressing his condolences at her loss.

And adding to my life cycle education, I got an “A “ in obscene verbiage, techniques, clearances, tactical and technical nukes, radar and confidentialities,  and gestures from the military,  I broadened my repertoire, and my ability to interact with weapons of destruction. ‘ The big ones’.  

Absolutely none of which helped me when I got out with the exception of understanding command and control, leading rathe than following, organizational planning, and I’m darn good with a rifle, pistol and shotgun, not that I was in law enforcement, it had to do with getting shot down.  And those processes were good enough years later to enter competition,... I refer to it as my anti-creative side, understandable.  


But your phone can house games and emails and you can text till your fingers fall of and you can be part of a large club called Facebook or you can Twit your life away.   Actually, driving and twitting or texting at the same can take your life away and it has happened quite often and recently more often. In fact it in 2017 replaced DUI as the major cause of accidents.

"It was expressed as Honk if you love Jesus!  Text if you wish an immediate audience...  How true”.

And the Games. Just when your crowning achievement was shooting fifty guys with a 30-round clip, you get new levels to achieve. Tougher, you are challenged by a higher level. To accomplish what?  Bragging rights, self-indulgence, no wonder we are training a nation of idiots.  From first in the world in math and science to in 2015 and it’s worse now. Here are the results.

One of the biggest cross-national tests is the Programme for International Student Assessment" (PISA), which every three years measures reading ability, math and science literacy and other key skills among 15-year-olds in dozens of developed and developing countries. 

The most recent PISA results, from 2015, placed the US an unimpressive 38th out of 71 countries in math and 24th in science. Among the 35 members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which sponsors the PISA initiative, the US ranked 30th in math and 19th in science. It’s worse as the world develops quicker, not better in some places but quicker.

When kids in Kazakhstan are smarter than our kids I shudder.  And every day more and more of these kids are playing out these games in the streets with real shootings, car jacking's, and gang violence. And that's just the top selling game.  Games imitate life with the shoot them ups, or war games, they are the most popular.

Sports, next year, like a broken record will restart and will again be a clean slate. Time to speculate and critique the teams looking for the edge and opinions. Reality shows aren’t real, Hollywood gossip is either pre-programmed or an invasion of privacy like TMZ,  sitcoms are getting stupider, and soap operas exhibit a different life style. No one dresses or looks that good every day, and do these people ever work for a living?

Truth in messaging has died.


It was simplistic truth, killing was a favored passion !

In the old days of the Roman version of PlayStation, or Gameboy, you bet on the Lions vs. or the Gladiators vs. the Christians. My money and 100% of those attending probably bet on the Lions.  A truly great movie, "Gladiator" finds in the end, the leader needed pacification to control the masses.  Russell Crowe won many awards for his role in the Gladiator. A great movie and story...

Yes honor, bravery, revenge, love, loyalty, good looking gals, ambition, glory, are woven into the movie script. But the gladiatorial games were for keeping the masses entertained. In Roman times the games were big time entertainment. No HBO or Showtime. The plebeians ate it up.  It’s just like a T-Hump Rally, the plebeians, adore his lies and deceits.

But in the end Commodus had the right idea to keep the masses busy and distracted till he meets his end mano-un-mano in the gladiatorial ring with Maximus. Many will speculate that Commodus upon his death and the shape of the coliseum had a lot in common. It might of been responsible for the elliptical ring shaped device called the throne and the phrase "he's in the "sh*tter now". That's why we call them Commodes.

And as history tells us like many of the empires, not just the Romans, many things come to an end. The Roman Empire was dying, it was not of the people anymore.  Sound familiar? So, we have all these distractions today.  Only the scumbags are winning.

Another great insight into the past, go to Best-Buy stores and buy the complete HBO series “ROME”. It is well done, incredible realism and excellent attention to detail. You will be able to draw many parallels from this series.

About 84.00 USD. It’s the fall of an empire because of the same things we are faced with today. Politics, partisanship, greed, and finally death.  ( Many have asked the LORD for the last part, not mentioning names )  

We have a lot we can learn from the Romans.  Those games were brutal and so are the games our kids are growing up with today, the games the adults are playing, like the NRA, immigration, prejudice, etc, etc... our place in the sun, is now being trashed with sunspots and flares... do to a major mistake of the ignorance of some voters and corruption in the system.

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