Our politicians are apparently powerless because bribes power the weak Congress and money really runs the game.  They call it the party line, we call it NRA bribes.  ( Many others through lobbyists)   Our do-nothing elected officials  are meaningless, they don’t, nor do they challenge the events with solutions... they tell us they will pray and we should pray.   They tell we’ll talk about it later but they never do.  If that is not a reason to get rid of them what is?

You see prayer costs nothing, a few flowers is inexpensive and a sign of respect but changes nothing.  In economics prayer is still cheaper than flowers.  It’s the common folk, friends and human beings with a heart that bring the flowers, the teddy bears, stuffed animals, homemade crafts,  and notes of love.

Orlando,  Florida, Paris, Nice, Turkey and Belgium, and the people did what people do when it comes to tragedy.  Prayer, for the dead, prayer for the wounded survivors and prayer for healing of those living, we pray looking for the good side, hoping the angel will come down or astride a white horse and make things better.  It won’t happen.  The other guy shows up time and time again.  it just doesn’t work anymore, the blood is flowing more than ever…

Prayer is a tool to make people feel better for themselves.   Prayer by officials is a way of doing nothing but looking good in the moment for the press.  Prayer, in reality it changes nothing.  Politicians love it, it’s the excuse they use when they are looking for an exit, thank you for being here and we’ll pray for you, exit stage left.  

Does it mean don’t pray or think good thoughts?  No, prayer and good thoughts are for our salvation but rarely change things.  We have to make things better.  The real answer is taking action, doing something.  This kind of hatred won’t  stop because of prayer.  Being a volunteer, responder, working with authorities to make better neighborhoods, getting rid of snitch mentality, sharing love not hate, those things work and to be a giver when there is nothing one thinks physically will help. 

The real question is the catalyst, what really brings this on.  It is HATE,  nicely enhanced by a really sick bigoted individual who ran, cheated and won the highest office in the land on the GOP ticket, and it exists all throughout the world.  We love but we also hate. Greed, jealousy, avarice, all contribute.   The coin has two sides.   It became front page, a hatred of Muslims, currently and  the Presidency, and it is embarrassing for this country to allow that bigot the press time to promote that hatred.  

In his year as President, have you seen as much corruption, cheating, lying, mist-truths and sheer falsehoods than any other President or leader in the history of the world with the exception of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin?

Are your actions and words creating violence.  If it bothers you the way others lead their lives by custom or fear, what have you done about it.   If it’s their customs and not harmful, learn about them.  If they live in fear, find a way to help.

Day after day I am affronted with statements or branding of people, their beliefs, and their physical or spiritual makeup, simply put, Its nothing but PREJUDICE and HATRED  and  being used to cement some really stupid brain cells provided by today’s TV twenty-four seven media repeating the lies, corruption, cheating and scamming, basically or categorically, of the spinning in todays politics.  

And I learned something, from ethnicies from all over the world.  Many are cautious about those who professes too strong a link to GOD, and should be watched.  Don’t think so, read my articles on the FAKIRS, those TV guys with GOD’s personal cellphone number and receive messages everyday from God.  I had suggested they take lie-detector tests but the companies were afraid to test them for fear of the machines bursting into flames. 

Think of it, sounds like Donald Trumps propaganda Twitter account.  If some manmade GODs offer redemption and those followers wear it out loud and proudly on their sleeve, watch out.   Godliness to me is judged by acts of the heart not words, words are cheap.  

HATRED - THE ORLANDO SHOOTING - In a unique town and the Evangelicals
The locals witnessed the announcement by the president of an Orlando-based EVANGELICAL Christian law office, Liberty Counsel, ( aka by the common folks as Wacko-Do, Wacko-do, Inc.)  run by Anita Staver who had recently announced that she would be carrying her Glock .45 into Target bathrooms. 

Liberty Counsel’s Anita Staver is best known for representing Kim Davis when the Kentucky county-clerk refused to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. Now she says she needs her Glock to protect herself from “perverts” who would take advantage of Target’s newly announced trans-friendly bathroom policies. 

What do these imbeciles drink?  No one is that prejudiced and stupid.  Another sick low form of life with a degree in stupidity.  Hopefully her gun won’t go off in a Target bathroom, the girl cleaning the restroom would have to be paid hazard pay. 

It was in Dade County that singer turned Florida citrus spokesperson Anita Bryant in 1977 organized what she deemed a “Christian crusade” to repeal the county’s newly passed anti-discrimination ordinance. 

Fundamentalist Christian radio and television programs soon discovered their audiences were mesmerized by Bryant’s descriptions of gays and lesbians as pedophiles chasing after your children, and Save Our Children’s astonishing success became the blueprint for using virulent homophobia to build a politicized fundamentalist Christian base.  

Save Our Children begat ( popular Bible word) Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority, which in turn begat the litter of anti-gay, anti-feminist organizations that now make up the religious right.  

Anita Jane Bryant (born March 25, 1940) is an American singer and political activist. She scored four Top 40 hits in the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s, including "Paper Roses", which reached #5 on the charts. She was also a former Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant winner, and was a brand ambassador for the Florida Citrus Commission which marketed orange juice from 1969 to 1979.

In the 1970s, Bryant became known as an outspoken opponent of gay rights in the US.  In 1977, she ran the "Save Our Children" campaign to repeal a local ordinance in Dade County, Florida that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. This involvement significantly damaged her popularity and career in show business.

Who knew years later that hatred and prejudice would rear it head and show what hatred is really like, and the result was the attack on the nightclub called the Pulse.

THE ANGEL OF DEATH IS ALIVE   מאַלעכ-אַמאָוועס 

From a different perspective, live and let live, The Jewish name for the angel of death is  Malekh-amo-ves  (malakh ha-mavet)  from the old testament.  The angel sent by God to bring about death is known as malakh ha-mavet in Hebrew. There are no references in the Bible to a specific angel of death but the concept is found frequently in Rabbinic literature and in Jewish folklore. 

Maimonides quotes with much approval the Talmudic saying that Satan, the evil inclination, and the Angel of Death are one and the same. In Yiddish slang a man with destructive tendencies or one who is always running down others is called an Angel of Death.   And with the horrific images and stories of the killings in Orlando, Charlottesville, Las Vegas, the Church in Texas, and now Parkland, Florida, the fallen Angel is doing his thing.

With those atrocities fresh in our minds, it is  time we solved our problems not prayed over them.  They are solvable if we get rid of the obstacles, namely our politicians and the lobbyists of the NRA and the bribes they support our elected officials with.

People in positions of leadership, add the leader of our great nation, a woefully sick man mentally, President TRUMPS involvement in something he never should have opened his mouth about, the insane right winger Steve Bannon, the imbecile bigot and lunatic Stephen Miller  and FOX Faux news, and paranoia spewers who are so far right, they are not allowed in left-turn lanes are the presidents support team. 

They are the sellers of hatred and with a demented man in charge,  sales are doing well, business is picking up unfortunately.  The death angel is very happy.

After the mass shooting at Pulse, there are stirrings among the LGBTQ community to make gun control part of the gay agenda. Earlier this week, over 80 LGBTQ organizations signed a petition calling for universal background checks and banning sales to “suspected terrorists and those convicted of violent hate crime.”

There are good reasons to take on gun violence. With gay marriage checked off the list, there is room for a big new fight where love can win over fear. Taking down the NRA, responsible for Mateen’s easy access to an assault rifle, can provide some measure of justice for those injured and killed. 

And the forces pushing for “common-sense gun control” can certainly use a more radical group of advocates with the patience and experience to build the kind of popular support needed to reverse Justice Scalia’s mistaken D.C. v. Heller opinion and return the Second Amendment to its original meaning.

For this level of change to happen, however, the tussle over guns will have to move beyond background checks and banning sales to people on the no-fly list. Meaningful change will require gun-control advocates to become part of a larger anti-violence movement led by those most impacted by violence. 

That is, by working-class trans and LGBQ people of color like those who were dancing at Pulse the Sunday night before last. Without knowing the details, we can guess that such a liberating movement would likely work to end not only mass shootings but also interpersonal violence and state violence at the hands of police and prisons.

It’s a tall order, but 10 minutes at a Florida gun show makes clear that our country’s current gun culture will not be changed without a culture war—all the more reason to jump in. As Justice Scalia himself conceded in his sneering 2003 dissent in Lawrence v. Texas, the LGBTQ community has proven itself time and again to be very good at winning culture wars.

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