There is one thing the GOP does right!   Obstructionism and Dancing around with facts.  ... The GOP attacks evenly, every recruit spinning the same lies, regardless of whether it on TV or print.   The pitch is to the same drummer, with the same beat and after numerous talking head interviews on the TV, it’s the same coordinated rhetoric.  Just like these super marching dancers. 

Several, some retired or should be like Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz, Meadows, Nunes and ISA, would make nice dancers in KIMS army.  Vile and attacking, all on the same script, no solutions, no answers just attack, sometimes personally.  Thats how scumbags fight.  

Now NUNES the ranking member of the DEM-GOP impeachment team has gotten caught with his pants down. He may have been one of the conspirators working with Giuliani.  With all the lies and smoke he was pushing, he may be next.  Long time coming for this ass clown.

The “ Stechschritt” or high kick is intended to intimidate the enemy by demonstrating both discipline and devotion”.   In the West however,  it was determined the step is used to get or kick the person in front of them to go into the minefield first.  Note the leg of the soldier just to the right of the officers hat, concentration, she’s really close to the butt of the one in front of her, now thats precision “sh*t -kicking perfection!



These are the famed North Korean Goose-steppers, Rocket-man’s personal show group just back from a world Communist tour of incredible precision and graceful coordination.   They easily out-shined groups from Africa, China, South America, Mesopotamia, Iran, and the combined Syrian/Lebanon Hezbolah team.


The GOP really does remind me of those fabulous dancing soldiers you see in all Chinese, Russian, North Korean, Iranian soldier formations.  The Iranians are a little more vibrant and use a faster pace.   The goose step with bounce is a modification of Hitlers Storm troopers and have made it worthy of appearing on  “ Dancing with the Red Stars”. 

But they were up against the high kicking famous Russian steppers, “ The SpetzMasters”.  And as the picture shows their precision is incredible. But a few flaws were noticed: This gave them a 96.

The angle of the hats collectively not even ( -2 points)and the inside guy ( front left) leg is not high enough ( -2 points) these are critical points in Red Star Competition.  And they do this while holding a SKS rifle weighing 3.6 Kilos (8 lbs.) with Bayonet with one hand by the butt.   No other teams competing could match this.  

They were recently temporarily transferred to a new station in the Russian City of  Dogonaoish ( pop.1391)  near Novosibirsk  ( pop. 1,473,754)  according to the 2010 Census.  Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia and they will practice there and stay try to stay warm.  The inside guy was transferred out of the team and turned in his rifle for a shovel and pick where he is studying Geology under the Tundra elsewhere in Siberia.

Facing serious challenges from The North Koreans who have developed a pacy, highly stylized form of the infamous military march, which is said to have originated in 18th-century Prussia.  It’s a little bump they added, quite nice, worthy of a ten in Red Star productions, International dance competition.  But they only got a nine last year and mysteriously the two of the judges who were from China and Iran respectively died from a strange disease related to polonium poisoning. The Russians took first place.



A strange anomaly in North Korea is the toilet bowl hat.  The style of the hats they wear denotes rank.  

Higher the rank, the bigger the hat to accompany the huge amount of technical information and populist cranial crap that Kim Jung Un wrote about himself.  Praise, worship and self adoration en-mass so they can write them down in their little books they all take notes in.  

At a press party the other night one of the journalists commented when these Generals are around Kim Jung Un they all take notes, applaud, complement him, smile and wear their big hats.

On KIMS left, your right Colonel General Fok-tup is teaching his top officers not to submit blank sheets of paper with  너 바위 보스 or neo bawi boseu. (Translation: “you rock boss”).  He wants to see what they wrote, since he can’t remember what KIM said either.  

Another commented,  Why thats like when Mike Pence and the other stooges in the cabinet get together!  He  was right, I never thought of that.  Maybe we need to get them bigger hats.  But a junior officer commented,  “ How could Pence get his head up Donald’s ass with that big a hat?  The room went silent for a moment and then every one burst out laughing. 

The little family killer questions them the next day and if they are without notes, they will be with-out heads.   It was also noted the men wearing these toilet bowls on their heads must have epoxied them to stay in place or they would blow off during sandstorms or rallies the little Hitler throws.

The toilet bowl hats are expansive, not expensive to allow the crap information and propaganda, somewhat really stupid, idolatry they are made to expand and not injure their thin braincells.  

Thus, Junior Officers grow into their own stupidity and idolatry and basically lack any form of thinking or culture in a positive way.  Cranial dyslexia is a common ailment of this society. Commonly known as “ Shit for brains” it is also suffered by T-RUMP.

The line soldiers only get Mao caps since they don’t have to think. They only have to dance and shoot and dodge bullets which might be a new competitive sport in the Summer Communist Red Games called “  Survival Series”. 

They also serve as Porto-lets when needed in the field.  Since crap flows downhill, they can stand on their hats, the larger surface making it an easier target.  Lower ranking soldiers shown above are earning their big hats if they live long enough and have a long way to go. 

 Profile:   KIM JUNG-UN