Money Management 101 By T-Rump and the supporting cast of liars and crooks known as the GOP is a scam.  The GOP ACOLYTES of T-RUMP support tax breaks that make them millions and you get a twenty dollar bill in your paycheck but lose on the cost of living.  Ivanka and Jarrod Kushner came out with 640 million dollars after the last Tax break the government made, nice paycheck for those who did nothing. How many millions did you get?

Rule One —  Make the rich richer because all of our politicians are in that category.   Plus the bribes they receive from those they defend like the NRA and the giant food cartels both kept alive and millions of dollars in bribes to the GOP party.  Inflation look at food prices owned by four major companies and no competition.
Again higher food prices are more profit for the rich, you get screwed.

The GOP mantra  “ The Rich get Richer” and money will trickle down and quote Reagan — it don’t frikken work, didn’t work for Reagan, Bush or T-RUMP tried it and it failed too.  But the rich made millions and now inflation with finish many off. 

You Supporters Get Screwed —  Thats how it works in Washington and on January Sixth, some people thought they had the right idea by making their presence known but unfortunately being a Republican lacking common sense and truth and believing lies, they attacked the wrong party.  A sheer show of stupidity and sickness in our morale core.

Our stock market —  Where the rich get richer and the poor get screwed —  I am not against the stock market  and having a healthy stock market is only good if that's your millions in it.   The majority of Americans living paycheck to paycheck is not what the market can do for you.  

 It’s the equivalent  of the Vegas crap shoot.  When T-RUMP brags about the market, he had nothing to do with it, fools believe that.  It won’t pay your bills or put food on the table if you are not heavily in it.

🏦 Here is truth…if you believe the stock market…is your salvation… you are an idiot, unless you are the 2% rich in this country.  The stock market is for the rich 2% and their funding not yours. You get fake nothing tax breaks…really ?   And maybe a few points on your 401K account.

If  you are middle class it means nothing, it is just a report on the health of certain companies,  and for the GOP base and evangelicals ignorants as the economy is something for T-RUMP to sell. And they are very susceptible to his lies and cheers and dumb enough to believe T-rump how great things are…

If you are losing your home, sleeping in your car, out of work, no financial help from .Gov, if the pantry wasn’t open and you were starving.  Thanks Mr President, the stock market is not your friend…neither is the President. Thats why he lost, retold us the market was great …with almost thirty million Americans out of work… 

Our National Debt —  Our National Debt may be found at    https://www.usdebtclock.org   010/04/2022

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  • Those tax breaks you thought or were told were for you were lies, they were never intended for the middle class and it did not work out well.  You got twenty dollars more in your paycheck and lost thousands in tax benefits.

  • Keep cheering, wear those MAGA hats and t-shirts, make believe you are patriotic, make America great again.   It was Paul Ryan’s copy of the Reagan Trickle Down Theory.   Reagan was a great man and a lousy economist.  His plan never worked, it created the 2nd worst recession then.  Later seeing and being advised by idiots Bush43 Tried the same thing and drove us into the 1st worst recession besides the Depression of 1929.

  • Bush43’s plan dropped the market to 6000.  It was Obama that fixed things not that schmuck currently renting out the WhiteHouse and who turned it into a sh*t house of lies and 12 trillion dollar loses on the real deficit, what we owe the world.  Currently toward 28 trillion dollars and about 4 more trillion when we do the corrupt books under T-RUMP.  Your kids and their kids will suffer and our standing in the world will drop meaning we won’t be as financially stable as we enjoy.

  • You are not supposed to know this and so many GOP and Evangelicals don’t care it will get interesting… trade will be a dirty word and countries T-RUMP pissed off have other places to go…  Chinas economy is getting stronger and we are getting weaker.  Paul Ryan’s plan made him and others millions and then he quite Congress and got out of town, we have a recession… but it made millions for the rich.

  • Let me place that in simple street terms, “  It was a financial scam and you the dumb supporters got SCREWED.” The rich made millions upon millions and Donald friends and McConnell’s cohorts were happy.  Estimated at over four billion dollars. Where was your share?  You got screwed. Hear me SCREWED, BLUED, AND TATTOOED AS STUPID AND YOU STILL VOTE FOR THESE BASTARDS.

T-Rump Promised —  When he took over in 2016 he promised to eliminate the debt in eight years. We said it would never happen and I’m about to receive a $50,00 check for betting it cannot be done and my betting partner agrees I was right.  I knew enough about the FED and that Crony Mnuchin that T-RUMP got that money for the tax breaks knowing he’ll be long gone when people wake up….sad…

  • In our politics today, If the T-RUMP Team™ wins in November, we’re told that everything will fall apart. It already has, you the middle class just don’t know it yet since no one is talking.  Our economy is in deep water and no paddles or lifejackets.

  • But it is never discussed, too inflammatory.  The disastrous state of our public finance and runaway national debt is one of the most pressing issues facing our country. But a new report from the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Budget shows that we’re in trouble.  “Under current law, trillion-dollar annual budget deficits will become the new normal, even after the current public health emergency subsides,” the organization warns in its introduction.

  • Meanwhile, the national debt is projected to exceed the post-World War II record high over the next four-year term and reach twice the size of the economy within 30 years,” the report reads. “Four major trust funds are also headed for insolvency, including the Highway and Medicare Hospital Insurance trust funds, within the next presidential term.

  • Things are already bad—and they’re only getting worse.  The national debt just recently broke an astounding $27 trillion. That’s $216,000 per US taxpayer.   It’s important to analyze debt figures relative to the overall size of the economy. Under the status quo, the federal debt is projected to hit a 109 percent debt-to-economy ratio by 2030. Under T-RUMP  it would hit 125 percent over that same time frame.

  • Even if deficit outcomes were similar, a scenario with lower taxes and less government spending is highly preferable. It means Americans get to keep more of their own property, less economic harm from anti-growth tax incentives, and less intrusion of the government into the overall economy.

  • But, we should still take from this report an underlying economic lesson. Absent limits on their power, politicians and government officials of all partisan stripes cannot be counted on to enact fiscally responsible policies.  They will always have a strong political incentive to simply splash the cash now for votes and stick the bill—and future fiscal crisis—down the line for future Americans to deal with.

  • This phenomenon was aptly realized by the Nobel-prize-winning economist James Buchanan, who founded the school of thought known as “public choice” theory.   Public choice theory applies the understanding that rational people act in their own self-interest to the incentives faced by government officials, who are too often naively thought of as benevolent actors who simply act in the “common good.”  Thats a toad load of bullsh*t.

  • This doesn’t mean politicians are evil or even bad people; it means they’re just like everyone else in government today… not acting in the public interest.   We used to call them criminals and crooks…now just greedy self-centered lying bastards.

Barack OBAMA Did A Much Better Job…  TRUTH 

  • When Barack Obama took over, he inherited Bush 43’s worst nightmare.  The real truth is the GDP rose from $14.4 trillion in Q1 - 2009 to $16.8 trillion in Q4 - 2016, a cumulative increase of $2.4 trillion or 16.6%.
  • And that was some of the lowest in history by former President Barack Obama.  Real GDP per capita rose from $46,930 in 2009 to $51,523 in 2016 (a record level), an increase of $4,593 or 9.7%.  Currently our debt under T-RUMP is 27,044,000,000,000.  (Twenty-Seven Trillion, 44 Billion)  The rich got to it in Paul Ryan’s, former speaker Tax Plan. Both politicians and the rich scored and the middle, lower class, and poor starved.

  • If you are on Heart Medicine, please take it when you see the debt clock, and read the entire rest of this mess.  The stock market has nothing to do with your financial success.  T-RUMP’s fake tax breaks and his work in collusion with Mitch McConnell, and Traitor Paul Ryan, another scumbag in the Senate planned and used that money and then before he could be arrested, Paul Ryan ‘Retired”.  

  • But the tax breaks to his rich friends and Congress and the Senate just like how T-RUMP got rich robbing the banks in NY four or six times with some believe fake bankruptcies and fake declarations for credit which the entire T-RUMP herd is under investigation for.

  • In economics, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is used to calculate the total value of the goods and services produced within a country’s borders, while Gross National Product (GNP) is used to calculate the total value of the goods and services produced by the residents of a country, no matter their location.

  • Bigly Lie As Usual.  You voted for him, that makes you an accomplice.  Our current National Debt is 27.044 Trillion dollars and T-RUMP promised we would have no debt if he was president for eight years.  

  • From Obama at 16.8T  to T-RUMP at 27.4T,  the financial genius, Donald T-RUMP a graduate of the Wharton Business School added eleven trillion dollars to your kids futures.  Considered one of the worst students Wharton allowed in because, Daddy gave them millions…Estimates go as high as fifteen years to get rid of it because cleaning T-RUMPS mess is harder than most can comprehend.
  • Some ( like his relatives) say some of his exams were not taken by him, he was good at shinning shoes in military high school and playing ball.  If you listen carefully, when he is doing his stand-up nightclub comedy act, his reading ability is nowhere near, he comes across as a ninth grader. He has trouble with words. repeats himself, signs of Dementia

  • There is a prospectus of another six to eight Trillion dollars additional because of additional poor leadership and what it might take to repair, for-stall, improve, rebuild our country.  It would take decades, not years to repair.  T-RUMP pushes the Stock market for the rich, for voter pledges and money and the US is basically broke… we are up to our ass in debt thanks to him…

EDITOR NOTE:   Due to our computer blowing up from reading the lies in the dated matter we could not verify whether it was a T-RUMP promise of debt elimination in the 10,000 lies group or the 11,000 lies group, as it was mentioned in both. Today 08/24/2020 he has 25,000 bonfied, certified and fact checked lies. Unfortunately they are coming so fast we are weeks behind but rest assured new lies for you simpletons are there every day… he will not let you “ Liarists” down.   The man has no truth in his veins, he is a chronic liar.

Read This Out Loud To Your Cohorts — 

The stock market has nothing to do with the nations health or if you are middle class or poor and will not make you rich.  The numbers you see on the TV  screen are the numbers reflecting the trade wealth of the companies involved.  

And that means senior management makes the money and huge stock holders make money… not you, all you have is the risk and you will like Vegas probably lose as the bigger stocks take over the smaller companies… You have been played and screwed — Regardless have a nice day and no sense dwelling on it because no one really cares about you in government  

Checks And Balances —  

  • The majors of the DOW thirty corporations like Amazon, Google and five or six others are keeping the stocks high thirty two thousand,  they are heathy companies doing business covering some of the losers numbers.   Amazon as an example has crippled all the department store shopping it safer and cheaper to order on line.

  • Retail chains, strip malls and businesses and if you drove around you will see the closures. Stores and Malls for rent or gone. Those closures represent people with no income since Congress  MAINLY THE GOP, TOOK A VACATION while people are starving.  

  • They are all rich,  have food and money, and richer since the pandemic by four billion dollars given by friends in the government and fraudulent .    A combination of COVID-19 and BAD REALLY BAD Leadership is to blame. Some call it a perfect storm.  

  • Many, most of those chains will not reopen, sixty percent of small black business ownerships will not survive but their money went to big business, airlines, corporations, and friends of the T-Rumps and Kushner's  in the stock market.  Over ten thousand fraud violations occurred. This is a typical T-RUMP and McConnell operation. No compassion, no help.  Congress is frozen and people are starving.

  • Look around you, you can’t be that much of a genius if you see the lies and still remain loyal.  Besides closed stores and malls, bars and restaurants, we have almost 16.8% unemployment, due to climb when checks don’t arrive.   And the rise we see is in violence.

  • If we need violence to affect change we need vigilantes, all they used was rope, lets take some of these crooks in Washington, hang them and like the vigilantes give them fair trail after.

  • Highest since the depression,  26 million plus out of work, evictions, kids can’t go to school, and people starving.  People thrown on the street evicted.  That’s not America.  And again more will die from Covid-19 due to his stupid, ignorant rhetoric and lies about what happening. There is no truth, just his endangerment of the people.

  • It is not well the pandemic with the first cold spell will draw people indoors and thats a problem. The leaking ship that is the T-RUMP presidency has a hole in its hull the size of his egotistic job-approval rating.  And it’s easy to see why some prominent Republicans are stepping away from a leader who has suddenly been transformed from a fearsome Twitter monster into the man mocked as “Bunker Boy.” 

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