Thats where all the real scum is. You will not find much from his recent doctors who gave him fake rave reviews.  Several have dropped off the maps since they lied about him.   One blown out by a Congress who would not vet him, the tipsy drug issuing Admiral and the other whose practice might not appeal to everyone.  

Then he wanted to promote the Admiral, AKA ADMIRAL Dr. Feelgood, the liberal pill pusher in the WhiteHouse.   We also found out hIs Dad, gave three million dollars to the schools he attended  and Donald got an excellent ranking amongst his peers even though it come to the surface he may of  had others take his tests for him.   Some came forth.  He basically in education about a High School graduate with a ‘C” average.  In the brains department and many, many people call him a frikken moron idiot.   

Breaking news  Washington – Two daughters of a New York podiatrist say that 50 years ago their father diagnosed President Donald T-RUMP with bone spurs in his heels as a favor to the doctor’s landlord, Fred T-RUMP, The New York Times reported Wednesday:   For a guy with Bone Spurs to beat the draft , how did he play on so many teams?

Trump received five deferments from the draft for military service during the Vietnam War.  He received four education deferments while he was a college student and a fifth deferment in 1968 for a medical exemption after he graduated. 

Larry Braunstein, who died in 2007, rented a ground floor office in a building owned by Trump in Jamaica, Queens. His daughters, Elysa Braunstein, 56, and Sharon Kessel, 53, told the Times that their father's role in Trump's diagnosis had become "family lore." "It was something we would always discuss," Elysa Braunstein told the Times. She and her sister are both Democrats who oppose Trump, according to the newspaper. 

Elysa Braunstein said their father made the diagnosis to gain access to the landlord and that she didn't know if her father even examined the junior Trump.  

"I know it was a favor," Elysa Braunstein said. "What he got was access to Fred Trump," she told the Times. "If there was anything wrong in the building, my dad would call and Trump would take care of it immediately. That was the small favor that he got."

The women did not offer any documentation to back up their claims. They said their father’s story also involve on how much Fred Trump helped his son through the years, giving him what today would be more than $410 million. And  a second podiatrist, Manny Weinstein, who died in 1995.   Weinstein's landlord was also Fred Trump. 

The White House did not make Trump available for a follow-up interview to the New York Times and did not respond to written questions about his service record.

In October, the Times reported T-RUMP told the Times in 2016 that a doctor wrote him a letter for the draft board about the bone spurs – which Trump said were "temporary" and "minor" – but he could not recall the doctor's name.   "I had a doctor that gave me a letter – a very strong letter on the heels," Trump told the Times. 

Questions about Trump’s deferments have dogged him at least since 2011 when The Smoking Gun published an extract of his draft record. 

Critics have noted that T-RUMP was an athlete who enjoyed playing football, baseball, squash, tennis and golf in the years before his medical deferment.  

"I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young," Trump told interviewer Michael D'Antonio in 2014. "I was always the best at sports." 

"It was a long time ago," Trump told reporters at a July 2015 campaign rally in Iowa. "I had student deferments and then ultimately had a medical deferment because of my feet. I had a bone spur." 

When asked which foot had the problem, Trump – who has claimed to have "one of the greatest memories of all time" – told reporters that he could not remember. His campaign later released a statement saying the spurs affected both feet. 

The late Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam veteran whom Trump said was not a war hero because he got captured, took a veiled shot at the president's medical deferment during an October 2017 C-SPAN interview. 

"One aspect of the conflict, by the way, that I will never ever countenance is that we drafted the lowest-income level of America, and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur. That is wrong. That is wrong. If we are going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve," McCain said. 

Back in 1968, at the age of 22, Donald J. T-RUMP seemed the picture of health.  He stood 6 feet 2 inches with an athletic build; had played football, tennis and squash; and was taking up golf. His medical history was unblemished, aside from a routine appendectomy when he was 10.  And received seven deferments for a minor make-believe problem.

But after he graduated from college in the spring of 1968, making him eligible to be drafted and sent to Vietnam, he received a diagnosis that would change his path: bone spurs in his heels.  The diagnosis resulted in a coveted 1-Y medical deferment that fall, exempting him from military service as the United States was undertaking huge troop deployments to Southeast Asia, inducting about 300,000 men into the military that year.

ED NOTE: It was an honor for the school when T-RUMP graduated, it restored the honor the school lost when he was accepted. His school records are kept locked.

T-Rump Biggest Insult Is To Our Military  —  

  • Three years, 11 months and 23 days after President Donald T-RUMP warned from the West Front of the US Capitol that, “ American carnage stops right here,” the very spot he stood on was engulfed by his own protesters bringing carnage of their own. He replaced it with four years of lies and corruption, threats and fears from a coward, a draft dodging President who bragged about getting away with not serving by falsehood about bone spurs …  
  • A man who called our Soldiers, Sailors, Coasties, Airmen, and Marines, our blessed departed warriors and heroes “ Suckers and Losers”… 
  • When I see him at the Arlington Memorial on Veterans Day or at the scene of the Battle of Belleau Woods in France  I would like to see him shot as a coward.  He is not worthy of stepping foot in either of that hallowed ground, it is a desecration.  For him just another photo-op…  Just like his grandfather, he was a draft dodger and left Austria where he established the T-RUMP dynasty of wealth opening a whorehouse in the NorthWest US. Whole Story-Family Heritage  
  • I am truly ashamed to have called him our President… more like a failed dictator, hopefully and dreaming he should go into the White House bunker with a Walther PPK just like Hitler… and pass.
  • Worse I am ashamed of the people T-RUMP recruited and “ Liberated into NAZI like Gestapo tactics”  the  “ Proud To Be Ignorant”  to intimidate  honest citizens…  Several hatred events with stabbings are attributed to those domestic terrorists…the Proud Boys… and now January 6th. 
  • But the bigger challenge will be when they take those rioters and insurrectionists off the street and convict them, sentence then under the law and we’ll get rid of a lot of crazies so they don’t plot again.  They serve no purpose, useful in our society, we will simply take out the garbage. It started with the leader…
  • Bottom Line — Now we have an insurrection and people killed,  this is the end for him,  and how do you define a real hero, someone one day will step up and put the animal down, he is rabid and sick, you cannot in this case be merciful and you will save lives if he is removed.  


AKA “ CAPTAIN BONE SPURS” by Senator Tammy Duckworth

PROOFED AND VERIFIED:  In the fall of 1968, Donald J. Trump received a timely diagnosis of bone spurs in his heels that led to his medical exemption from the military during Vietnam.  He does not have bone spurs. It’s a lie.  A setup by his fathers friendship with a client who was renting from the TRUMPS.  
He’s the guy in the picture with his ball in his hand and below is his class picture showing the seven or eight teams that he participated on telling the draft board he had bone spurs?   His test grades are sequest-turd under lock and key because his marks are those probably in the idiot - to simpleton range…

Today we know  the truth.  For 50 years, the details of how the exemption came about, and who made the diagnosis, have remained a mystery, with Mr. T-RUMP himself saying during the presidential campaign that he could not recall who had signed off on the medical documentation. The paperwork has been secured.

The deferment was one of five Mr. Trump received during Vietnam. The others were for education.  His experience during the era is drawing new scrutiny after the Muslim American parents of a soldier who was killed in Iraq publicly questioned whether Mr. Trump had ever sacrificed for his country. In an emotional speech at the Democratic National Convention last week, the soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, directly addressed Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, saying, “You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

Mr. Trump’s public statements about his draft experience sometimes conflict with his Selective Service records, and he is often hazy in recalling details.  In an interview with The New York Times last month, Mr. Trump said the bone spurs had been “temporary” — a “minor” malady that had not had a meaningful impact on him. He said he had visited a doctor who provided him a letter for draft officials, who granted him the medical exemption. He could not remember the doctor’s name.  “I had a doctor that gave me a letter — a very strong letter on the heels,” Mr. Trump said in the interview.

Donald Trump’s Draft Experience

Mr. Trump’s public statements about what kept him out of serving in Vietnam sometimes conflict with his Selective Service records.  Asked to provide The Times with a copy of the letter, which he had obtained after his fourth student deferment, Mr. Trump said he would have to look for it. A spokeswoman later did not respond to repeated requests for copies of it.

The Selective Service records that remain in the National Archives — many have been discarded — do not specify what medical condition exempted Mr. T-RUMP from military service.  Mr. Trump has described the condition as heel spurs, which are protrusions caused by calcium built up on the heel bone, treated through stretching, orthotics or sometimes surgery.

Mr. T-RUMP said that he could not recall exactly when he was no longer bothered by the spurs, but that he had not had an operation for the problem.   “Over a period of time, it healed up,” he said.  More Bullsh*t! 

In the 2015 biography “The Truth About Trump,” the author, Michael D’Antonio, described interviewing Mr. Trump, who at one point slipped off a loafer to display a tiny bulge on his heel. And during a news conference last year, Mr. Trump could not recall which heel had been involved, prompting his campaign to release a statement saying it was both.

Mr. T-RUMP  who has hailed his health as “perfection,” said the heel spurs were “not a big problem, but it was just enough of an imaginary problem.”  Sing along with the Draft-Dodging Bastard…


🎼 🎼  That jingle - jangle -,jingle  🎼 🎼
And To Beat The Draft Made Me SuperTingle…
I did not serve my county ever to be sure,
And even as president, my  resume is mostly horse manure
I am Donald always a big hit and a winner to boot…
My dreams and lies became farts and then I lost, nary a toot

One Hitler Was Enough  —  T-RUMPS game plan mimics Hitlers rise to fame and the deaths of 60+ million people, ten percent or six million were Jewish, five million were ethnics and those with special needs but the total of those who lived at that time, soldiers, and civilians, and their progeny of all the countries fighting the Axis powers.   

Thats why it’s called  World War number II.  Obviously the Germans did not have enough of WorldWar I.  We did not get rid of the problems set in place by WWI, instead of a rebuilding into growth it became dangerous Authoritarianism form of government Hitler created and T-RUMPS thinks the same way.  You want similarities just click here…  We call his supporters the…  

We can start by ensuring that future generations will never forget about the dangers of extremism and discrimination that defined the Holocaust.  Thus I am not a fan of White Supremacists, nothing but camouflaged NAZI’s.  He called them good people and patriots at Charlottesville… We saw many of them in regalia at the Capitol Hill Riots… How sad…

Since his grandfather came from a place just miles from Hitlers birth right, must be something in the water.  Now we have death threats, against those who do not believe he lost the election and a New Jersey Federal judges son was shot dead at his front door, violence is not an answer to problems, it just extrapolates more.

Especially when we get lied to by T-RUMP again, and again, he is a liar and a fraud… his days of forgiveness are over.  I  have known about him and his scams for fifty years and I’m searching for something good.  I have never found it in him.  He is a White Supremacist though he denies it.  Because they vote for him, and will do his bidding if needed.  A modern day NAZI… 

He has hurt and killed people I know.   And  raft dodgers do not sit well with me, as five of my friends who never came home from that place in the far East overseas…  It is and was a sign of cowards and financially secure folks who cared little about what their country was doing.  Neither his father or grandfather ( grandfather was another draft-dodger in Austria) ever served this country. 

He lied about his heels, his faked bone spurs and his Dad paid a doctor with favors to write the excuses to the selective service board.  They were looking out for their own butts and didn’t care about anyone else.  It’s always “ all about them”,  thats T-RUMP and he has never changed. 

Over 58,000 American warriors died there, it seems T-RUMP and death travel well together. And when he denigrates the fallen by calling them losers and suckers, I almost cannot contain myself.  And if you need to verify, click the blue subjects and you’ll be directed to the proof  —  and documents  —  



 — The Presidente Demente Donald J. T-RUMP 


When our President who is a conniving lowlife DRAFT DODGER and brags about not being in the military I find his attendance at Arlington is a desecration and should not be permitted and we are adamant about protesting if he ever shows up there again after what he said about our soldiers.

He had stepped over the line and everyone kept it a secret because it is was disgusting to hear and this is not a tolerable action by anyone, except a lowlife liar like Donald J. T-RUMP where each and every day he proves when you think he is at the bottom of the barrel, he goes lower than the barrel into the earth.     Going lower into the soil may place him on the other side of the world and he could meet Lucifer Mestopheles — 

With his disgusting, debasing, denigrating commentary for the past four years,  forget the barrel, the scumbag has lowered the bar and sunk so low, he should be causing earth quakes popping out in China where they will know what to do with him—  

Each day T-RUMPS thinking and distortions got worse and Congress and the Senate just did nothing.  And His leadership was questionable from the beginning and conclusive, he is a coward, a Draft Dodger and we have run out of options.  He has denigrated our men who wear the uniform voluntarily for our country and worse he has called our fallen heroes names like “ Suckers and Losers”.

President Donald Trump launched an unprecedented public attack against the leadership of the US military on Monday, accusing them of waging wars to boost the profits of defense manufacturing companies. 

"I'm not saying the military's in love with me -- the soldiers are, the top people in the Pentagon probably aren't because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy," Trump told reporters at a White House news conference.

Trump's extraordinary comments come as several defense officials tell CNN relations between the President and Pentagon leadership are becoming increasingly strained.   They also followed efforts by Trump to convince the public that he had not made a series of reported disparaging remarks about US military personnel and veterans, which were first reported by The Atlantic magazine.

He Referred To Marines At French Cemetery, in Crude/Derogatory Terms — 
 A former senior administration official confirmed to CNN that Trump referred to fallen US service members at the Aisne-Marne cemetery in crude and derogatory terms during a November 2018 trip to France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.  Other outlets, including Fox News, have confirmed much of The Atlantic's reporting, which T-Rump and the White House vehemently deny.  But they all had witnesses who distanced themselves from T-Rump

Some have expressed concern that the President’s Monday accusations against the military's top brass could have a corrosive effect.   "The President's comments about the motivations of military leaders not only demeans their service and that of those they lead; he lends credence to the very disdain and thoughtlessness he tries to deny," retired US Navy Rear Admiral and CNN analyst John Kirby said.

While Trump has publicly disparaged the service of several high-profile veterans such as the late Sen. John McCain and his former Secretary of Defense, retired Gen. Jim Mattis, Monday’s broadside was on a new level targeting leaders he appointed to carry out his orders.   T-RUMP has also repeatedly touted boosting the defense budget as one of his administration's major accomplishments, citing it as evidence of his support for the military, spending that has also benefited defense contractors who support his re-election campaign.

Top Commanders Exhausted And Worried —  CNN has previously reported that relations between Trump and his Defense Secretary Mark Esper are tense, with Trump believed to be on the verge of replacing him. But, less than two months from the presidential election, the Pentagon's top commanders are growing increasingly exhausted and worried about their relationship with the President, several defense officials tell CNN.

A critical area of concern is how the Pentagon would respond if Trump invokes the Insurrection Act to put US military troops on the streets to deal with civilian protestors as he continues to stoke divisions across the country in the run up to the election. T-RUMP floated the idea last month and, after he first made the threat in June, Esper publicly broke with him by saying he opposed any such move.  

To avoid a new showdown with the White House, for the last several weeks, top military officials -- including General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -- have been getting regular briefings on civil unrest in major cities across the country. The idea is to be ready with alternative plans for state-activated National Guard and other federal civilian law enforcement rather than have active duty troops potentially clash with protesters, according to several defense officials.

Another issue that could lead to a clash between Trump and military leadership is the $740 billion defense bill that would strip the names of Confederate generals in the face of vocal opposition from Trump who said he'd veto any move.  The entire Joint Chiefs have made it clear they want to eliminate what they see as the divisive symbols of the Confederacy. 

Milley did not hold back on the issue in appearance before Congress in July, stating that “ those officers turned their back on their oath," referring to the names on the bases. "It was an act of treason, at the time, against the Union, against the Stars and Stripes, against the US Constitution."


The Battle of Belleau Woods (1–26 June 1918) occurred during the German Spring Offensive in World War I, near the Marne River in France. The battle was fought between the US  2nd (under the command of Major General Omar Bundy) and 3rd Divisions along with French and British forces against an assortment of German units including elements from the 237th, 10th, 197th, 87th, and 28th Divisions.  The battle has become a key component of the lore of the United States Marine Corps.

He also didn’t understand the significance of the battle and asked his advisers,

 “Who were the good guys in this war?" according to The Atlantic.

A White House official condemned The Atlantic’s report and said these “ Accusations” were “ False."  Hopefully that individual,  a Sh*t House Official doesn’t drop into a local bar with a couple Marines and tell them it’s false….  Most of the counter comments came from the usual T-RUMP acolytes Mnuchin, Barr, Sarah Sanders, Mike Pompeo and other scumbags not known for their truth either —   Again there were too many witnesses to hide his remarks.

Less than two months from Election Day, A former senior administration official confirmed to CNN President Donald T-RUMP is navigating the fallout of explosive allegations that he disparaged US service members killed in battle.  that T-RUMP had referred to fallen US service members at the Aisne-Marne cemetery in crude and derogatory terms during a November 2018 trip to France to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

People are realizing how important his removal is to this country and when you sh*t in your pants like he did out of ignorance and stupidity, you change your pants so expect a lot of “ dis and mis” miss-diction to cover this colossal F*ck-up.

The former official, who declined to be named, largely confirmed reporting from Jeffrey Goldberg in The Atlantic magazine, which cited sources who said T-RUMP rejected the idea of a cemetery visit and proceeded to refer to the fallen soldiers as "losers" and "suckers."   The New York Times, Washington Post, Fox News and the Associated Press have all corroborated parts of The Atlantic’s reporting.

Forceful denial. Speaking to reporters hours after The Atlantic report was published, the President said the report was “  disgraceful situation."  "To think that I would make statements negative to our military when nobody has done what I've done, with the budgets and the military budget. We're getting pay raises for the military. It is a disgraceful situation, by a magazine that is a terrible magazine, I don’t read it," he said.


Victims of the Night of the Long Knives - Adolf Hitler, Ernst Röhm, Gregor Strasser and Hermann Göring pictured in 1932…  Hitler is the one on the left, not smiling. Maybe he knew something…  

Röhm and Strasser would be killed in the Night of the Long Knives, which in large part was provoked by evidence fabricated by Göring ( thats the fat bastard on the right mit lederhausen ) and Heinrich Himmler purporting to show that Röhm was planning a coup and for them to get closer to the top of the regime. this is how Hitler took  over, he killed people, T-RUMP fires or denigrates people.

Victims of the Night of the Long Knives  numbered at least 85 people murdered.  It took place in Germany between June 30 and July 2, 1934. 

T-RUMP Thought he Could Bully The Generals…
T-RUMP came into office and his adoration was over the top when supported by some fine military commanders on the highest level.   Obviously that didn’t last when they soon realized they were not working in the best interests of our great nation and basically the President was a complete frickin idiot and moron.  Most stayed on to protect the country from Trump if he decided for example to nuke Puerto Rico or Brooklyn…

The following agreed, that he is unfit for the job and basically unfit as a human being.  We have all their documents on file.  They either resigned or were “Fired” but to a man, they held back on T-RUMP in a high regard… there is a code whereby Military personnel do not comment on politics, some ( actually many) suggested the high regard should have a rope attached to a high tree with a ladder or horse underneath and hang him at high noon.  


☆☆☆☆  Defense Secretary And Honored Gen. James Mattis
T-RUMPS  former Defense Secretary, James Mattis — who had avoided criticizing Trump since resigning 17 months ago — issued a stinging condemnation of the Trump administration’s response to the protests. “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people — does not even pretend to try,” Mattis told The Atlantic. “ Instead he tries to divide us.”

Mattis suggested that Trump had made “a mockery of our Constitution” by using the military to break up a peaceful protest so he could stage “a bizarre photo op.” Mattis was echoing criticism from other former military leaders who have also rebuked T-RUMP.

T-RUMP responded on Twitter by calling Mattis,  “ The world’s most overrated General ”.  He further said  I didn’t like his leadership style or much else about him, and many others agree.  I’m Glad he is gone!  

A)  And as usual the Fuehrer did not
 state who these other folks were who agreed with him,  because there aren’t any,  just another lie and more of T-RUMPS invisible made up friends, he doesn’t have friends only those who fear him because he is a psycho. 

B) I have met General Mattis on many occasions and he has more American Hero in him than the draft dodging moron, his family and his cabinet of losers combined adding all his ex-members of the T-RUMP club in jail to the mix and his communist friends and murderers.  

C) T-RUMP is about the most divisive human being on this earth and quite mentally impaired.  Don’t tell me how successful he is when 120,000 Americans died during his tenure from gun shots and 205,000 have died from COVID-19.  The presidents job is to protect the United Staes and it’s Constitution, he has failed miserably, the worst in history.  He has enriched himself, he has no honor and not worthy of commenting on anyone.  

☆☆☆☆  Gen. John Allen, And Former Chief Of Staff
Now president of the Brookings Institution, also focused his criticism on the president’s threat on Monday to deploy the US military against protesters, and his use of force against a peaceful demonstration outside the White House so that he could be photographed holding a Bible in front of a church.

“The slide of the United States into illiberalism may well have begun on 1 June 2020. Remember the date. It may well signal the beginning of the end of the American experiment,” Allen wrote on the Foreign Policy website.

His commentary followed a similarly stinging denunciation on Wednesday from Trump’s first defense secretary, James Mattis, who described the actions taken on Monday in front of the White House as an “abuse of executive authority” and suggested that Trump and other officials should be held to account for making “a mockery of our constitution”.

A retired four-star Marine general on Wednesday excoriated President Donald Trump’s threats to use the military on protesters and his controversial church photo op on Monday,  writing that his actions “  may well signal the beginning of the end of the American experiment.”

Gen. John Allen, the former commander of American forces in Afghanistan and former special presidential envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS under the Obama administration, wrote in an op-ed for Foreign Policy that  “to even the casual observer, Monday was awful for the United States and its democracy."

"Donald Trump isn't religious, has no need of religion, and doesn't care about the devout, except insofar as they serve his political needs. The President failed to project any of the higher emotions or leadership desperately needed in every quarter of this nation during this dire moment,” Allen wrote.  I never believed that the Constitution was under threat until recently. And I have concerns about that. We should all be attentive right now to how the rule of law is being administered in this country. 


☆☆☆☆  Gen. Mark A. Milley  — Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs 
And Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, reminded commanders that members of the armed forces had sworn an oath to Constitution, which “gives Americans the right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.”

Trump has been the target of harsh criticism from political elites before, and it has never shaken his solid support among Republican voters.  I have called the rock solid Bundt party members of the GOP as dumb as the Hitler fans of the late thirties and that war which cost 60 million people to die.   But Trump does seem to be losing the support, at least temporarily, of swing voters.

NOTE:   Esper and Milley accompanied Trump to the church along with other officials. Neither had any indications of what the president had planned with the bible and the Church, they thought he was going to have a prayer call.  I believe both of them and others were not told what to expect.

As the area was being cleared, Trump gave an address at the White House where he threatened to send the military to cities that did not control protests. Military equipment was all over Washington, D.C., for much of last week, including a Lakota helicopter videoed flying low above protesters. There was a false statement by the AFL-CIO thats Milley and ESper knew what was going on.  Not True

☆☆☆☆  Gen. Colin Powell Former Secretary Of State

Former Republican Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday that President Donald Trump has "drifted away" from the Constitution, adding to a growing list of former top military officials who have strongly criticized the President's response to the nationwide protests surrounding the police killing of George Floyd. "We have a Constitution. And we have to follow that Constitution. And the President has drifted away from it," Powell, a retired general who served under President George W. Bush, told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union."

Powell said he’s "proud" of what a number of former generals, admirals and diplomats have said about Trump's response last week to the widespread protests, adding that he hadn't released a public statement denouncing Trump's response because he felt he had demonstrated his displeasure with Trump in 2016 when he voted against him.

The President's former Chief of Staff General Kelly said he agreed with Mattis. Retired General John Allen says the president's threat to deploy US military against American citizens -- quote -- "may well signal the beginning of the end of the American experiment."

I'm very happy with what General Allen said and all the other generals, admirals are saying and diplomats are saying. We have a Constitution. And we have to follow that Constitution.  And the President has drifted away from it. I’m so proud of what these generals and admirals have done and others have done.

And former Defense Secretary General Mattis said -- quote -- "Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people, does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.”   

We are in turning points. I mean, the Republican Party, the President, thought they were sort of immune; they can go say anything they wanted. And even more troubling, the Congress would just sit there and not in any way resist what the president is doing. 

And the one word I have to use with respect to what he's been doing for the last several years is a word I would never have used before, I never would have used with any of the four presidents I have worked for: He lies. He lies about things. And he gets away with it, because people will not hold him accountable. 

And so, while we're watching him, we need to watch our Congress. I watched the senators heading into the chamber the other day after all this broke, with the reporters saying, what do you have to say, what do you to say?  They had nothing to say.  They would not react.    

☆☆☆☆  Retired Adm. William McRaven 

William Harry McRaven is a retired United States Navy four-star admiral who last served as the ninth commander of the United States Special Operations Command from August 8, 2011, to August 28, 2014. From 2015 to 2018, he was the chancellor of The University of Texas System.  I met him at Socom.

Donald T-RUMP derided retired Adm. Bill McRaven — the Navy SEAL who led the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden — calling him a "Hillary Clinton fan" during an interview with Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday." He also said bin Laden should have been captured much sooner, though he did not explain how the Obama administration should have done so.

The president made the comments after Wallace asked him about McRaven’s criticism of Trump's attacks on the press.   Last year, McRaven, who did not make an endorsement in the 2016 presidential election, called Trump's lambasting of the news media possibly "the greatest threat to democracy in my lifetime" during a speech at the University of Texas. A four-star admiral who retired from the Navy in 2014, McRaven also wrote an August op-ed article calling on Trump to revoke his security clearance after the president pulled former CIA Director John Brennan's clearance.

President Donald Trump needs to step up and provide America with the leadership it needs — or else someone better suited should take over as commander in chief, according to retired Adm. William McRaven.

McRaven, who oversaw the Navy SEAL raid that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, said the rhetoric and acts he witnessed at a change of command ceremony at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and an annual gala for the Office of Strategic Services Society reminded him “why our future may be in peril.”

“What struck me was the stark contrast between the words and deeds heralded at those events — and the words and deeds emanating from the White House,” McRaven wrote in an op-ed Thursday published in the New York Times.

The change of command ceremony, between two generals McRaven said he served with for 20 years, portray solid character and understand the gravity of their responsibility leading their soldiers and had confidence in American values they have defended during their careers.   

“They had faith that these values were worth sacrificing everything for — including, if necessary, their lives,” said McRaven, a SEAL who led Joint Special Operations Command before becoming the commander of U.S. Special Operations Command in 2011. He retired in 2014.Retired Adm. William McRaven said there is “nothing morally right” about clearing peaceful protesters amid national unrest following George Floyd’s death in police custody.

“Trust me, every man and woman in uniform recognizes that we are all Americans and that the last thing they want to do as military men and women is to stand in the way of a peaceful protest,” McRaven, who oversaw the Navy SEAL raid that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in 2011, said in an interview with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday.

“You’re not going to use, whether it’s the military, or the National Guard, or law enforcement, to clear peaceful American citizens for the president of the United States to do a photo op,” McRaven said. “There is nothing morally right about that.”

McRaven’s comments come as the Trump administration has taken heat after federal troops forcefully cleared protesters in Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. so President Donald Trump could visit St. John’s church for a photo with a Bible on Monday.

The United States Park Police denied that they used tear gas and instead, claimed that they used “smoke canisters” and “pepper balls” after protesters “became more combative.”

Although pepper balls have different ingredients than tear gas, both are designed to irritate the eyes and respiratory systems and the CDC designates both of them as "riot control agents.” Media on the scene also reported witnessing only peaceful behavior from protesters.

T-RUMPS Deferment - Fake Bone Spurs Were A Fake Diagnosis By A Doctor   — Two daughters of a New York podiatrist say that 50 years ago their father diagnosed President Donald T-RUMP with bone spurs in his heels as a favor to the doctor’s landlord, Fred T-RUMP, The New York Times reported Wednesday:

Trump received five deferments from the draft for military service during the Vietnam War.  He received four education deferments while he was a college student and a fifth deferment in 1968 for a medical exemption after he graduated. 

Critics have noted that T-RUMP was an athlete who enjoyed playing football, baseball, squash, tennis and golf in the years before his medical deferment.   "I was the best baseball player in New York when I was young," Trump told interviewer Michael D'Antonio in 2014. "I was always the best at sports." 

👺 "It was a long time ago," Trump told reporters at a July 2015 campaign rally in Iowa. "I had student deferments and then ultimately had a medical deferment because of my feet. I had a bone spur.”   Singular, now it is A bone spur…

When asked which foot had the problem, Trump – who has claimed to have "one of the greatest memories of all time" – told reporters that he could not remember. His campaign later released a statement saying the spurs affected both feet. 

The late Sen. John McCain, a Vietnam veteran whom Trump said was not a war hero because he got captured, took a veiled shot at the president's medical deferment during an October 2017 C-SPAN interview.   "One aspect of the conflict, by the way, that I will never ever countenance is that we drafted the lowest-income level of America, and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur. That is wrong. That is wrong. If we are going to ask every American to serve, every American should serve,” McCain said. 

👺The fake lieing president has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, multiple sources tell the Atlantic.
In 2016, Army veteran David Weissman was an “unapologetic, red-hat wearing” Donald Trump supporter. The Palm Bay, Fla., resident would regularly join social media mobs attacking liberals, he later wrote, seeking to defend a candidate who he said rightfully prioritized the armed forces.  Four years later, Weissman — who served two tours in Afghanistan — has now sparked a Twitter campaign of former service members against President Trump, over reports that he derided fallen U.S. soldiers as “losers” and “suckers.”   “I recommend all veterans to use their Military pics as a profile pic,” Weissman wrote on Twitter on Thursday evening, “  to let Trump know how many people he has offended.”

T-RUMP said U.S. soldiers injured and killed in war were ‘losers,’ magazine reports In a video on Twitter, retired Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton, who has spoken out against T-RUMP before, described how his father was shot down while delivering air support to troops on the ground in Vietnam.  “I am stunned that anybody in the United States military would consider you anything but a loser or a sucker,” Eaton said, addressing Trump and urging viewers to vote against him in November. “You’re no patriot.”

As first reported by the Atlantic and later confirmed in part by other media outlets, including The Washington Post, T-RUMP said wounded veterans should not march in a military parade and canceled his visit to a French cemetery for American Marines killed in World War I because he had no interest in honoring his country’s war dead.

The president — who received a NOW EXPOSED AS FAKE MEDICAL deferment from the Vietnam War — also repeatedly questioned why anyone would join the armed forces, notably in comments to his then-chief of staff, John F. Kelly, according to the Atlantic.   “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” he asked on Me.

Military officers are sworn to serve whomever voters send to the White House. Cognizant of the special authority they hold, high-level officers epitomize respect for the chain of command, and are extremely reticent about criticizing their civilian overseers. That those I spoke with made an exception in Trump’s case is telling, and much of what they told me is deeply disturbing. 

In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about a president. Trump’s pronouncements and orders have already risked catastrophic and unnecessary wars in the Middle East and Asia, and have created severe problems for field commanders engaged in combat operations. Frequently caught unawares by Trump’s statements, senior military officers have scrambled, in their aftermath, to steer the country away from tragedy. How many times can they successfully do that before faltering?

Amid threats spanning the globe, from nuclear proliferation to mined tankers in the Persian Gulf to terrorist attacks and cyber warfare, those in command positions monitor the president’s Twitter feed like field officers scanning the horizon for enemy troop movements. 

A new front line in national defense has become the White House Situation Room, where the military struggles to accommodate a commander in chief who is both ignorant and capricious. 

In May, after months of threatening Iran, Trump ordered the carrier group led by the USS Abraham Lincoln to shift from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. On June 20, after an American drone was downed there, he ordered a retaliatory attack—and then called it off minutes before it was to be launched. The next day he said he was “not looking for war” and wanted to talk with Iran’s leaders, while also promising them “obliteration like you’ve never seen before” if they crossed him. 

He threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” and dispatched a three-aircraft-carrier flotilla to waters off the Korean peninsula — then he pivoted to friendly summits with Kim Jong Un, with whom he announced he was “in love”; canceled long-standing US military exercises with South Korea; and dangled the possibility of withdrawing American forces from the country altogether. While the lovefest continues for the cameras, the US has quietly uncanceled the canceled military exercises, and dropped any mention of a troop withdrawal.

Such rudderless captaincy creates the headlines Trump craves. He revels when his tweets take off. (“Boom!” he says. “Like a rocket!”) Out in the field, where combat is more than wordplay, his tweets have consequences. He is not a president who thinks through consequences—and this, the generals stressed, is not the way serious nations behave.

Though he disdains expert advice, Trump reveres—perhaps fetishizes—the military. He began his presidency by stacking his administration with generals: Mattis, McMaster, Kelly, and, briefly, Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser. Appointing them so soon after their retirement from the military was a mistake, according to Don Bolduc, a retired brigadier general who is currently running as a Republican for the US Senate in New Hampshire. 

Early on, the biggest difference Bolduc saw between the Trump administration and its predecessors, and one he felt was “going to be disruptive in the long term,” was “the significant reliance, in the Pentagon at least, on senior military leadership overriding and making less relevant our civilian oversight. That was going to be a huge problem. 

The secretary of defense pretty much surrounded himself with his former Marine comrades, and there was, at least from that group, a distrust of civilians that really negatively affected the Pentagon in terms of policy and strategy in Afghanistan, 

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