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What I do,  is especially important during bad times as we all have been subjected to hardships in one way or another.   This is where you find those who have survived.  The food industry nation-wide business has been clobbered losing to higher pricing, masks, rules , occupancy restrictions, and loss of some good help as they could not survive on what they were earning, no customers , no tips,  and Tampa Bay is no exception. 

I have lost many friends and acquaintances.   The survivors apparent in places I recommend had big established take-out business and they adapted a few small changes and survived --

Many places hired help that doesn’t last, here today, gone tomorrow, some bad attitudes, and should not have been hired.  Literally taking what they get.  Hospitality, Airlines, life in general has changed.  It’s a global thing and some of the business like our politics are a sham and we are laughed at in the world.   It’s not a time for me to go after a place if they correct the obvious. 


1)  I am removing all pricing from those posted here as nothing is the same as we have witnessed and it would not be valid.   Food wholesale is sky-high and corruption and gouging is higher. 

2)  In addition in some case there is evidence of not being able to maintaining standards, not up to par,  I’m ashamed to say it but some places overcharging, poor delivery, underdelivering , shorting, personnel issues, bad food etc and about anything else that says stay away and I am removing them 

3)  COVID created a massive shift in eating out.  First it was bad, closed by .gov and then by contagions, one million people dies.  Basically I am giving them all, a new shot upon re-opening, they may get a clean slate unless I know different, and I ‘ll have to bring them up or down to speed.

4)  What you see here in many of the pictures are shots from websites and image collecting and may NOT BE THE SCENE ON YOUR PLATE — Many of the shots are from good establishments taken by patrons — no problem but something really ghoulish, I will post It If f I took it.

5)  It will make me some friends for the good places  I frequent and some enemies  —  who will read my critiques and reviews, but when you serve garbage, have a dirty place or bad staff, I locate it,  “ Jokingly I drive the garbage truck and I pick up on it”. 

6)  It’s quite a challenge and experience covering the spectrum of eateries, some  good, some not bad but missing something, some really bad and some should have been closed a long time ago.  Some I would not pay what they think is the right price — for a sub par meal — 

7)  We do mark the good safe specific locations as some in franchise like Culvers and Chick-Fil-A  who regardless go by the intelligent book and maintain standards  and they met the “C’s” of the culinary experience.   That is that they be Clean, they serve the Community, have a reasonable amount of Consistency, and Control their service and their individuality.  

8) As I explain here in several ways, politicians create lies behind closed doors about what they promise you, theologians promise you heaven for a fee they will keep and enjoy and some restaurants cook for corporate funds with poor quality and big promotions, toys, TV ads, two for one but the burgers are smaller, Jimmy Dean Sausage  has been shrinking his croissants for two years now   The voter, the laymen and the food customer are all the same, person most of the time under educated — or naive and never vet what they do, and thats why I chase all three.

9)  A special note to McDonalds and the other fast food burger joints, shut down and open in some third world country or Russia and China, your food is still Corporate Crap —  




Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 9.00.37 AM

👺  Subway —vs— NY Times —   Some franchises violate their terms with their franchise, when they contract with lower standards in quality vendors.  Subway wants to maintain quality even in bad times. And created a massive restructure — and upgrade.  And now Subway is claiming a resurrection of their desire to be the best  —  About time, they really upscaled their offerings, new  combinations, brand names and prices increased to a new level.  But every product is top of the line.  And they are enforcing it.

Nothing Was Wrong With Their Tuna —  In the midst of an attack by the NY TIMES that their Tuna was counterfeit was inaccurate and now lawsuits are flowing.   Well,  what do you expect from a GOP paper — Subway went offensive after the attack.    The charges were false undocumented and slanderous.

The Article Was Wrong — Cooked Tuna Cannot Be DNA Tested —  It's impossible to prove DNA On tuna except at one scientific laboratory in the world.   When something high water based is cooked and tested it has lost its DNA, it is destroyed.  So the TIMES f*ked up --
I’m not a SUBWAY fanatic but false claims come from different directions.  And I will defend the righteous when confronted with untruths.  
 It is and has been real tuna.  

Charlie Has Relatives — Tuna is a species with many variants, but all are Tuna.   It  might not be Charlie the Tuna,  but it could be  Sam Tuna, or Harry tuna, or Sally Tuna but it’s Tuna.   There’s a reason people call tuna the “king of the sea.” In addition to weighing up to 1,500 pounds, tuna is full of good fat, protein, and vitamins, a versatile taste, and meaty. Tuna is a staple in various culinary cultures. 

There Are 15 Different Species Of Tuna —  These all belong to the Thunnini sub group of the Scombridae family. Tuna swim throughout the world’s oceans, and they’re fast about it, too. These fish have been clocked in at  75 miles per hour.    Due to overfishing, some species are on the brink of extinction. While we have organizations in place to supposedly protect tuna and the waters in which they swim, these policing bodies such as ICCAT and IOTC fail to enforce protective measures

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 8.34.23 AM



🥰  GOOD PLACES FOR FOOD COMMENTARY—  For the good, on a simple level, it means their food was fresh, cooked properly and delivered in a reasonable time, or their gourmet experience took them in unique and interesting safe directions.  Since the high end $$$$  places usually can afford to have been written about, it seems they get greater coverage and a free meal for the writer, I usually pick the places the Plebeians frequent some after waiting on line for a cold burger.

I do not disclose that I write about food, I am like a mystery shopper  and just pay the bill.  If they are bad I will report the next day about them and publish to:  several sources —   OK. hate me,  it’s ambush writing but the honest —  Something simple I usually alert the owner, I’m not looking for enemies, just good food in a nice place.   And in some cases went in and showed him how to do it better.

🥰  TRIPADVISOR — The most honest of the reporting agencies and the papers, this website and five other sources, and the world if I can.  Most of the time I write the corporate President. My two favorites were letters to McDonalds and Wendy’s.

My letter to McDonalds CEO probably never got to him because he was busy screwing the young  help and taking porno type pictures.  Not the kind MOM would hang in the living room.  They fired him and the courts took back his 109 million dollar severance pay.  Lucky him, in some countries he would be missing his membrainorobilia —  

I pick the locations the common folk try to get a decent meal for sustenance. And if they fail simple standards of cleanliness, and customer service I will come down on them like Thor’s hammer.    And I have also decided that in the course of my travels to comment on “unique eats”… those places that might be a bit off the grid but the foods they serve might be  “Out Of This World”.  

🤬  BAD WEBSITES   —   But low life commentary places do exist,  and they get low-cost commentaries, and ask around, YELP and other resources are well documented as pay as you go and I believe nothing they quote.  

YELP  — We put no faith in anything YELP  says,  most comments are irrational and or stupid, no tracking, always ask owners where they advertise .  I listen to their success and failures.  I ate there on YELP suggestions and wanted to throw the food on the floor.    And of the four, two  were horrid and inspections ranked them low on the list.  

They obviously were not up to par as before the pandemic.  They are dishonest and crooks.  They push ad sales and trust nothing they write.  It is all filtered bullsh*t.   They are looking for paid ads. They get a mass of complaints so who would eat at places they suggest.

GOOGLE —  Is another website thats should get out of the commentary business, as they love everybody, all is great and complaints get lost.  It is one thats appealing to numbers and solicitations and i don’t believe a lot of it is real.  To the faint at heart and faint at culinary intelligence it’s perfect.



  1. There are places out there just not making it, simply put their food, property, staff was sub-pa —   really bad enough nor safe enough for me to participate with.  

  2. Their attitude sent me elsewhere.  Hopefully, for them I usually send a nice letter to the owner and tell him in secret what we found.  Then it’s up to them to do something.

  3. A definitive lack of good food which encompasses taste, consistency, competitive, different, and not updated.

  4. NOT very good management, over worked by bad supervising hours, staff, offerings, service, speed —poor training, poor treatment of the help,   Efficiency, a good location with entrances, and parking,.
  1. Anything involving Human Trafficking  — In the past we have sent several folks to jail for trafficking people and today it is carefully screened.

  2. Confusion, this is the major problem with corporate food places called fast food.   In some cases half-fast food might be a better term.  Bean counters come with programs and never worked the line a day in their life…and it shows —

  3. Many of the locations on the worst places to eat we first discovered almost eight years ago, from time to time we went back to see if there was some kind of improvement in their modus operandi.  Unfortunately  the bean counters and corpo-guano experts did not do better. 

  4. In many cases like the Chinese Buffets which never really followed any rules have gotten worse, some ranked almost dangerous.  There probably some thoughtful owners but on the average my relationship  with them waned as I saw what they are doing against all regulations.

  5. Another schlock house was the entire Golden Corral Chain — must have met the Vigilantes and they hanged the corporate staff from the nearest tree —They all were closed gone, all of them.  Some are trying to reopen finding no market for crap eateries.    —  They are now trying to be high end barbecue places, good luck with that brain-fart.  They had the worst food and many of their places were like pig troughs, thats the crowd they attracted.   

  6. Millennials don’t do buffets well — they are looking for better  healthier food.  The last Golden Corral that I attended one month after their toilet system broke,  and was repaired, and checked by the health people was five years of violations.     Its  customers were bulk eaters, more sugar than the cane fields, it was the diabetic Valhalla — not connoisseurs and it looked like a Human Overweight Obesity Convention.    Our local one was the worst, dirty and violations galore and so far no players.  05/10/2022 — 

  7. Turn Offs Hard parking — Wheelchair Accessible  —  Narrow tables  and Lanes — Bad Chairs — Poor Lighting --Unclean food facility  --  Overall Dirty kitchen and Stale food, old food, kept three days -Unclean appliances, like soda and shake machines. Dirty service trays — 

  8. Reports by the County food  inspectors as to compliance with posted regulations , With a minimum of three visits to correct a single issue or problem — not acceptable —   Repeat offenders should be closed till they fix it— Commentary by other responsible professional critics like Dirty Dining  ( Excellent)

  9. Misrepresenting the product, telling you its local Grouper and its not — Now fish can be DNA'd before cooking — upon port inspectors — 

  10. Closed and Reopened, Revolving Doors as long as you got relatives  (CHINA BUFFET SYNDROME)  All five  of our major local Chinese Buffets were visited and disappointing on three occasions, several involved in trafficking, two went to trial, food stored overnight and put out the next day as fresh, undersized low quality basics — dish marrying — mixing fresh with stale and  they are repeatedly on the fine and closure lists.  

  11. People handle food too much as is common in their countries.  This is common in open air foreign markets like China —  The greatest percentage that I see of failed food places according to the food police  at are ethnic inclined eateries,  Sorry but some owners think they are back in their old country,   Asian, Indian and Mexican regardless of what they call their cuisine.  It is sad because I am a great fan of world wide ethnic cooking and do favor, enjoy and cook their foods but in my home or by my ethnic friends and chefs, I am lucky.  We wash our hands often preparing food or wearing gloves —  


These are places I shop frequently for food or to dine, some for decades, and I recommend because of their consistency, cleanliness and fresh choice food selection or talent behind the sous pan or griller. This is doubly important especially during COVID-19 shelter in place.  Just good common sense 

Addresses for these places in or near Largo Florida are under the Tampa Food Scene.   And they are all reasonable and clean.  None of these places are high priced, and the quality of the food and service is excellent.  In addition, few or no repeated notations with Kitchen police or fined violations I have seen.  And if I did see a violation , it was cleaned in a day.  These are the few I will eat out at because I know things are right.    The little Chefs denote you will see the owner there and running things right.

😃   Fast Food Hamburgers  — Culvers —  My Culver was the cleanest, quietest, best foods with very high standards. Good service, nice people…all cooked to order, no microwave day old burgers, no loud screaming rock music like at overpriced Five guys, no cold burgers like at Burger King,   No Mickey mouse food at McDonalds and decent pricing. Look for Culver coupons with two Butter Burgers for 8.00 dollars.

😃 🧑🏼‍🍳🧑🏼‍🍳 🧑🏼‍🍳🧑🏼‍🍳 Chinese Food —  Zom Hee - Seminole Park Blvd —  Three Generations  ( 35 years)  It is not a Buffet.   I have been eating at Kens Zom Hee for decades and it is the most consistent place I know of for good food, giant portions, fresh quality, cooked to order and great servers and when busy three generations are working there.  During Covid, and before  I do not eat at fake Chinese buffets.  If they don’t do volume, you are going to get “ Old food”. Just tell th owner Al sent you in, his name is Kenny — 

😃  🧑🏼‍🍳 Best Italian Food & Pizza  —  Country Village Inn Largo, Best Pizza and full Italian Menu …  (17 years)The owners are from Greece to Italy to New York and now Pinellas County over two generations.  Best moderately priced Italian store in town, It all real here and cooked to order.  On the south frontage road on US 19 next to Nissan Porsche and Audi — 

I have frequent flyer miles here and we eat there about four - five or six  times a month. Their reputation keeps it busy. And possibly some of the best Pizza in town and my Pizza judge (she’s a Pizza addict) won’t go elsewhere,  my favorite are the Ham and Pineapple, and the Vegetarian. But Im more of a fettichini  guy with sausage

😃 🧑🏼‍🍳  Steak And Meat Dinner Sit-Down   Longhorns At US 19 and East Bay   (  23 Years)  I am on a low meat regimen but when time comes for a steak, I just go to this particular Longhorns, it’s franchised and corporate but with an incredible staff it doesn’t seem that way. Great management, low turnover and a senior cook who have been there 24 years.  Medium priced and I never had a bad meal.   Great team and management, great service and food.

😃  🛒  Steak - Meats - Delicacies For Home — Costco Has Real Quality Meat, Slightly Higher In Price…But Quality, top ranked and fresh and the butcher shop is totally visible and spotless.  The store is busy, quality items and item from other countries you do not see in the standard groceries.   

😃 🛒 Rotisserie Chicken  — Costco  Best Chicken Period!  They won the rotisserie shootout and blew everyone out of the water.  Their Chicken is excellent, and Hotdogs are customer give aways and delicious.  Full COVID regulations enforced and promoted.   The real reason is Costco owns their own chicken Farms and raises proper chickens, other buy from Tyson and three other wholesalers.

😃 🛒 Warehouse  Grocery  —  Costco  **  Higher level of Quality in stock and prepared items then Sam’s, who is Wal-Mart.  Also a very different clientele, prices are higher in Costco but the quality of the food, diversity and staffing is on a higher level.  It’s almost a different market when I shop.   

😃 🛒🛒  Commercial Grocery  —  Gordon Food Services (Clearwater)  ** With them for years, great vendor…we use them for all our charitable events and when we need bulk items.  Great staff and the best sliced meats cut to order.  Buy a half a cooked ham and have them slice it, the best ham I ever ate.  Sandwich width and have a party.  Also they have the best selection of prepared foods in tray you just heat up and serves six to ten, their  Brand Lasagnas are great ( three kinds) and stuffed peppers, Macaroni, Pulled pork, all the work is done, have a party.

😃  🧇 Best Waffles And Pancakes In a Chain   Still I-Hop After 40 Years, and now they are having specials, always cooked to order and fresh.  Stores are clean and many retained their help during our crisis. Most of our local family eateries can do pancakes, and I like the fact I-Hop has variety. 


😃  🛒 Best Grocery Chain   Publix  — Love Their Multi-Grain Breads,  and BOGOS, the store is immaculate, clean and fresh  My store is located at ** LARGO MALL**  Super Publix is 93,000 square feet and well managed, best produce, good management and an incredible friendly staff and complete with a Starbucks, and a Pharmacy of super nice and knowledgeable people,  Ashley, Penny, Diane, and Norman.  

They have no bulk facilities so I use them for small items because of selection — I shop for groceries that are bulk items, Costco, GFS and Sam’s, from their warehouse, Publix is offering Moderna  COVID-19 Shots, a well run organization.  We should see MonkeyPox shots offered soon free with a purchase of Five Pounds of Bananas.

😃  🧑🏼‍🍳  Best Damn Breakfast Close By -- Suzi’s on East Bay Drive — Near Lake A great little joint that only does breakfast and lunch 6am-2pm.   All the favorites, huge menu and they have great Biscuits and Gravy which is a favorite of mine.  Best thing is they are a pair of serious three wood shots from my Golf Condo for a pro.   I would need the whole bag of clubs and an overnight tent.  Cooked to order and busy,  they have a strong local following,  lots of  hard working guys who start their day off with a real meal and lots of lazy people who love food and hate cooking. Go there three times and become a regular, and you’ll meet a great crowd of people, and friendly.


Top Restaurants of Tampa Bay 2019  —  By Laura Riley


10. Cena —   $$$ Chef Michael Buttacavoli has a lot going on these days. He’s been to New York to promote the new Tampa’s Table cookbook. He’s been  to Spain to hunt truffles, and to Sicily to get together with a Michelin-starred chef. Meanwhile, on the home front, Cena, the Channel District restaurant where he has been the executive chef since its launch in 2013, completed a lovely renovation in April, trading somewhat antiseptic decor for warm pigeon-gray walls, black-and-white photos and restful monochromatic design features.

9. Ichicoro Ane  

8. Brick & Mortar  —    Hope Montgomery and Jason Ruhe took the plunge in 2015, shifting from full-time caterers to full-time restaurateurs and part-time caterers. Their “brick and mortar” effort was smallish and homespun, lots of repurposed wooden pallets and funky terracotta flower pots, but it almost immediately took off, St. Petersburg diners charmed by their distinctive and effervescent Cal-Ital aesthetic.

7. Dr. BBQ  — √ $$$This is where I’m starting: “Mac-A-Phoni” is hominy with sumptuous tequila habanero aged cheddar queso under a capper of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Dr. BBQ, the huge, multifangled collaboration between Suzanne and Roger Perry (Datz, Roux, etc.) and competition barbecue superstar Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe doesn’t take itself too seriously. But in other ways it’s as serious as a heart attack.
6. Cafe Ponte  

5. Edison: Food+Drink Lab  —  √ $$$ Jeannie Pierola is one of the area’s most celebrated chefs, pushing the envelope with her own globetrotting-but-still-somehow-uniquely-Floridian culinary take. She has been busy, opening Swigamajig at Sparkman Wharf at the end of 2018, with her Counter Culture opening soon at the iconic Pach’s Place location in South Tampa. Food, service, cocktails and the wine program at Edison continue to dazzle.
4. Il Ritorno —   √ $$$  Review restaurants in a market long enough and you see audacious young chefs grow up, expand their families, buy their first house, grow and renovate their restaurant, reflect on what they learned from mentors and distill their own personal style into something as distinctive as a thumbprint.  Since its expansion and remodel in 2017, his restaurant Il Ritorno has dialed its service level and wine program way up and has offered one of the area’s most incisive signature five-course tasting menus.

3. Noble Rice  —  √ $$$$ Eric Fralick is the kind of autodidact who pushes forward, curiosity about this thing leading to wondering about that thing. Since he opened Noble Rice a couple of years ago, he has taken the small South Tampa restaurant in a remarkable and ambitious direction, moving away from an a la carte menu and toward a seven- or 15-course omakase menu ($125 or $200 per person) with optional sake and wine pairings, reservations only.

2. Reading Room  —
1. Rooster & the Till —  √ $$$I know Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez. I know they are good employers and kind humans. They opened Nebraska Mini Mart in 2018, as well as Gallito at Sparkman Wharf. They also hosted a guest chef series with an all-female cast of noteworthy chefs from around the country.  Meanwhile, they sent out consistent and thought-provoking food. 

They have an amazing team, they keep engaged with national trends while honing their own style, they source responsibly within the limits of our growing region, and like all my favorite restaurants around the country, they continue to detonate the three-quadrant meat-veg-starch expectation of what a dish should be.

I apologize if I offend you, but I avoid and usually do not eat at Chinese, Pseudo Asian Confusion buffets — or many so-called American buffets by choice and my reasoning is sound. It involves food handling and deceitful practices. Again what goes on behind the closed doors of the kitchen.  There is little difference from the closed doors of the Politicians or the fake TV Theologians.  Unless, you work in the industry you have no idea. 

They are for distinct groups of people who love choice, they are tourists, or lazy cooks, too much company staying over, and something we noticed on our last survey at a Golden Corral three or four out of five in a group qualified as extreme obesity. 

And for those who set records in weight, people who free-styled and love it by the pound, they felt redeemed, deemed dinner a bargain, a bargain heading for a heart attack especially with all the salt and preservatives in the food.

I'm semi skilled in far east cooking and  have a real Oriental Market here I trust it it will be a new experience for some and the techniques of true Oriental Cuisine are not that hard  

Understand, most of whats served in the buffets are not Chinese and not up to the standards of better places. Sushi is Japanese, Kim-Chi is Korean, Brown Rice is not Chinese, those Crab legs are seconds and discards, you don’t know how old the Mussels or frozen shrimp are. Most important is how old is the food in those trays — They throw nothing out — 

And one other thing buffet people play with the food in those trays — They sift, they cross-contaminate - as many who come from other parts of the world buy from open air markets and live food — they touch everything —  With COVID AND MonkeyPox now, like on the shark tank, I’m Out!

Larger chains of hotels at resorts in Vegas, or Atlantic City where the management  of the food services are also the house chefs is another story.  In Vegas there are several places I have no problem with their food because I am in the hotel and can see when it is being prepped and on display cooked properly.  

My favorite was the Buffet at the “M” hotel but that is gone since  COVID and the hotel has internally six large serving restaurants of good to excellent caliber in quality and pricing.  And buffets in many places are just not getting the traffic  — 

Fair warning:  Buffets in Vegas are now 45-90- Dollars

🦐 Oriental Market —  M&D Foods - 49th Street and Park Boulevard  —  a True Asian Market - With Live
 products  —  Some of the produce will wink at you,  Live Shrimp, and Live Fish, and Mussels.   Asian people buy fresh, few deal with canned and packaged stocks or prepared corporate crap pretending to be the real thing.

  • Let me make this clear, they are a well known operation — Its the fast food buffets I do not attend — The M&D ethnic market store.  It is just an example of global diligence in food handling.  It is extremely  well run,  clean, I shop there. But it differs from what you might imagine.

  • If you are a  “Gringo” you will be walking around your first time, amazed at what you see.  They should put it on a tourist map. It is so international.  And it is huge — It’s a big store and if it is native to the Far East they have it.

  • You should read about new foods you are trying from sources on the web, and make a list before you shop so you are familiar.  Many of the products have no English equivalent, but most labels on their  products are multi-lingual.   Prices are marked , Everything is sealed except produce — 

  • The help is authentic, and they can converse a little in “ Engleeeesh”,  and a lot in their native languages.  They are perfect at the registers.  They do know how to ring things up— 

  •  It really is a nice operation and must be authentic or you would not see so many people from the Far East shopping there especially restaurant owners and the women. They are real fussy about what they buy and cook.

  • No harm intended,  but many Oriental women shoppers like to touch everything,  move produce between bags, picking and choosing, regardless of what store it is  —  I pick from the bottom or back — It was rampant in Sam’s Warehouses, who are now are starting to seal bags because of COVID and MonKey POX in some cases.  

  • 🐟 This is the go-to store  for those things you see in recipes for Pan-Asian cooking, with ample stock of real genuine items.  And many of these products, accessories, utensils  are not found in typical groceries, spices  and especially better quality and giant selection of Sushi Rice.   
    Also rice is in bulk sizes at great prices.  REAL SUSHI RICE included. 

  •  🦞Their bigger bottles of Rice Vinegar, Fish Sauce, Soy, or Tamari  ( is a Japanese type of soy sauce derived from miso  fermentation for at least a few weeks, a liquid naturally forms around the miso. The liquid that accumulates around miso is tamari.)  If you are cooking Japanese or Far East Vietnamese, LAO or Cambodian, Indonesian,  this is the place to shop —   prices are much better —  Since so much here is imported or live — I have to give a heads up on shopping and this pertains to any supplier, grocery, big, small, market or home grown.

  •  🐡  Sushi And Sashimi  — My Kitchen - I Make my Own — Too much hands on and it’s not that hard once you get into it.   They do a nice job at M&D but I have very few places I trust for these delicacies. Too many are add-on to buffets and not the same thing.  Many complaints to the food police because it is not a refrigerated item after preparation and may have been sitting around quite a long time.  Not that hard to make your own.



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  T. G. I. FRIDAY’S 


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