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25856 Us Highway 19 North
Clearwater, Florida 33763
Phone: (727) 796-2318


It's about yearn. I had a yearning for real Pizza, I had cooked the whole weekend, I made a huge Pork Loin Roast and Linguine, and still had 4 pounds of leftovers, nothing light.

There was nothing left in me, that wanted leftovers. My gal friend said she felt the same way and lets do simple, lets go get a Pizza.  I like pizza right out of the oven.   Now - The thirty minute ride on home delivery is not my style.  That was years ago and we still eat at this place because it’s not a chain, has a hard working owner and staff and the food is consistent and of high quality, the place is immaculate, clean and well done.

I hate cheap franchise Pizza that sucks.  That starts the "cardboardization" of the pizza whereas it turns to cardboard.  And with cheap Pizza available starting at five dollars, due to the PIZZA WARS,  the six dollar and ten dollar specials you are getting basically what I call cardboard, catsup and imitation cheese. But pizza is nothing more than bread covered in various and sometimes unusual items.   If you went to Italy pizza was really born from leftovers.  They only serve it to tourists.   And many go overboard on the oil and you see it in the cardboard.  This is number one on my goto when hungry mode and my partner agrees, we eat there three to four times a month.

The Story of Country Pizza Italian Grill

Family dining and hospitality is a tradition in Greece as old as history itself. In 1952, after a two-week cross-Atlantic voyage, nineteen-year-old Arthur Alimonos arrived on Ellis Island with empty pockets but dreams full of bringing his homeland’s traditions to America. Rising in prominence among the finest chefs in New York City, he spent years mastering his marinara sauce and pizza crust, till opening a small eatery in Brooklyn in 1956. No longer penniless, he labored tirelessly with the help of his wife Angie, to open restaurants in Hartford, Connecticut; Greenfield, Massachusetts; and Athens, Greece. Combining dedication to excellence with the famous hospitality of his homeland, Arthur had created a recipe for success in American and abroad.

In 1977, Country Pizza Italian Grill was established in Clearwater, Florida, where it quickly became a local favorite and won awards for best pizza. In those days, word-of-mouth was the only advertising; today it is the truest. Customers come from out of state just to taste the pizza. And the Alimonos family continues the tradition. We still hand roll the dough; we still stir the sauce, and we still bake using old-fashioned stone top ovens, just the way Arthur did fifty years ago. And you can taste the difference. That’s why at Country Pizza Italian Grill, our motto is: “Taste – Tradition.”


BEST CONSISTENT PIZZA AWARD  —  Voted Best Pizza in the city and a strong, very strong recommendation to try their food by my friend Al Jaconetta, we finally dropped in to Country Pizza Inn’s location on the service road for US 19 between East Bay and Ulmerton going southbound.  Basically from East Bay turn either right or left onto the southbound access road for US 19, and stay in the service lane. About a 1/2 mile look on the right. A quaint colonial style building.

Not the easiest place to find but once you get there, you'll want to go back. Moderately priced, excellent portions, each customer we saw leave had a takeout doggie bag with them, good service and a very clean nicely comfortable (elegant for pizza places ) environment. And right from their website they said it all and now I'll say it. 

THE LUNCH AND DINNER MENUS  —  Good places are easy to write about.  Most of the time you agree to merely reflect what they think of the job they do.   Bad food places become political, you have to dig to find the problem, how far you go with comments and you give them a fair second shot. This place was easy as it had a good recommendation and it was as close to expectations, in fact exceeding them as you can be.  

Screen Shot 2022-07-03 at 8.31.42 AM

The proof is that we eat there once a week, its convenient,  consistent and comfortable and we see the same customers quite often so they must think about the place like we do.

Quote Me:  ”With nearly 40 years of success, they have developed a unique and proven casual dining concept. Their restaurants offer a casual dining atmosphere including a unique selection of pizzas, mouth-watering pastas, ribs, appetizers, meal-sized salads, entrees and desserts. The restaurant is perfect for couples, families, and groups of all ages”. 

Their All You Can Eat Lunch Meno Is A Local Area Favorite 

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We ordered a Large sized pie with everything they put on to make this the "House Special. It comes as a cross between a flat edged pie and a Chicago deep dish. So it is deceiving, there is a lot there built in layers. Pepperoni, Ham, Italian sausage, Cotto salami, Mushroom, Green pepper, and Onion.  We barely finished it. Yes, I was quite full, but it was so good I just went for broke.  Best pie in a long time. 

Their philosophy is simple, they have a formula. Think like a customer, deliver outstanding food value, and quality. Our growth strategy is to build on steady, carefully managed expansion and a commitment to customer satisfaction.  They have two locations and as we try other meals we will bring them here for you to see.  It was real  easy to write about them.

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Condensed Commentary Over Two Decades 

2009 -2022:   "We have eaten there fifteen times since and they are consistent, all the meals were great and even the one takeout pizza was wonderful, I like this place, well managed.  The portions are huge, the sauces spot on, for appetizers the shrimp and wings are great” 

“ After 40 or so times eating at this restaurant, each year,  I am emphatic when I say the quality, value and authenticity of this restaurant is outstanding and it has never wavered in more than thirty times we dined there.  Even friends from NY commented on the quality, quantity and great food we were served and he also almost fell over when he saw how reasonable the bill was.  Must have been he’s a cheapskate and he paid the bill” .

“ Probably once a week for five year is lots of times we ate there.   We have eaten there and it’s as good as the first time.  And the hostesses and waitresses are great.  Even during the COVID crisis, we ordered food to go.  Next I suggest to you to peruse their menu of other selections of Italian Dishes. Here is their menu: