E&E Stakeout Grill  √√√1/2 ⬆️

Ranked #1 of 11 Restaurants in Belleair Bluffs

100 Indian Rocks Rd N  —  Belleair Bluffs, FL — 33770-1778

+1 727-585-6399   

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 HEADS UP :  Intimate, Consistent, If  Stay You Above The Fray And On Weekends Busy.  You Need Reservations, Even Though They Don’t Work Half The Time -- 

But At Least You Have Something To Argue With.  You May Expect To Wait Since They Tend To Overbook —   

Also If You Are A Couple Do Not Take The Aisle Seating OR You’ll Get to Know Every Waiter On A first Name Basis — 

We felt lucky, a family who I helped during the hurricane that hit us gave us a gift card with the E & E label on it. 

I have dined there before,  a few  times and knew what to expect. This is the place to eat in Belleair Bluffs, a upper scale near to the expensive homes beaches and Largo, and located in a strip mall of all things with a wine store next door and a coffee shop two doors down. Talk about noncompetitive symbiosis.

It is a tight fit, and maximized for dinner.  Overly large persons will not be comfortable.  They overbook and it gets packed , I’m surprised they didn’t take away parking spots and put chairs and tables out there.  Our hostess was a bit testy. at first  It is wheelchair accessible, If you pick the right times.  There is also a less expensive dinner menu during the early bird times. There are also specials daily and with a little twist so you know.

The 12 oz NY strip is high end probably Prime at regular pricing but the special is Choice one lower grade. This is normal in the industry, the Choice is in most cases excellent, OK just less marbling. Nothing in this restaurant is less than top shelf and their Choice is better than most other places claims.

This is a busy place especially during the tourist season, parking is usually quite full, and you should make reservations and be sure to get the early. 

We did our reservation over the computer, but I have as much faith in their computer as they are part of my business, so make sure a day or so ahead of your reservation call ahead and verify. I did not, and thinking the confirmation came back I did not confirm my confirm...

As the Gods would have it, they or the computer lost our reservation. Thats why I'm mentioning it. The ladies at the reservation desk, which were very nice to us though very busy, I mean very busy, said it was a possible user error  —  I explained I doubt that since I am an IT guy  — They changed their tone. 

I call it poorly written code, since I had verification on my phone and showed it  --.  but it never reached the desk.
I will call next time and forget the computer IF I EVER GO BACK.  Never the less, they were very testy at first but accommodating after a while and we 
went on the walk-on list and twenty seven minutes later we were seated.

They handled it with little inconvenience to us as my partner was getting really hungry and for health reasons need food now.  Then they were very accommodating.  Maybe my weapon  in my shoulder holster showed under my coat, when I grabbed my phone, I don’t know.

I ordered the Short Ribs with mashed and veggies, included Caesar salad with unique croutons, their signature bread, like a small simple french bread baguette served with a balsamic reduction sweetened, and Italian herbs, quite nice. I’m making some tonight, inspiration.  

Getting back to the Short ribs...Short ribs?  A southern name for a very popular dish.   Their Short Ribs, I knew in a previous life in my mothers kitchen, as a braised beef in a beef wine reduction. My mother simply called it beef stew, less the wine, Mogen David might be too sweet for the dish.  

My Spanish friends called it Filet Salteado with Chorizo in it, and my Southern friends think of it as the beef lovers    ( like a big chunk of beef ) version of slow cooked pulled pork done with beer in a croc pot or slow cooker, beef loins cut and slow simmered for six hours in good rich beef stock and a sweet red wine, how can you miss and add lots of pearl onions, small or baby green peppers in colors, and so forth. Served over a bed of either mashed or sliced potatoes, or even an egg noodle base.  Sometimes with crumbled blue cheeses on top of the meat.

This was very tasty, slow cooked in the reduction, nurtured and then devoured.  Delicious, a tad salty so taste first, but excellent, just do not salt it. I didn't have to. They have the most unique salt shakers I have ever seen. Thin tall silver towers and the opening is on the side. But taste first it may be salty enough.

My guest had the shrimp with Linguine and veggies and also the Caesar salad. She is,  I’m beginning to think addicted to shrimp and most of the time we go out she will order shrimp. 

Waiter Service was excellent as it is in most better places and E&E has been around for a long time and the quality was there. A most enjoyable meal - Cost for the two including tip was about 50.00.  With current financial conditions expect it o be higher almost 50% higher.

My main complaint is the layout, it’s very tight and that takes away from the atmosphere of the evening.  Don’t accept the two seaters in the aisle, you’ll get to know every one of the waiters.  And expect to wait, because they overbook.  Go earlier than usual or later —  You’ll get better seating than the bleachers and wait less.