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In The True Irish Pub Style —  An Irish Pub is not just a bar or a restaurant.  In Ireland, the pub is the heart of the Social Community Life. It is a community gathering place for friends and musicians. A true Irish Pub is distinguished by its "Craic" an Irish term meaning a combination of the music, the drink, the conversations and the spirit of the surroundings. 

Since 2008 Finley's Irish Pub and Eatery located in Largo Florida has been giving folks a confortable place to gather, eat great pub food, watch a game and listen to some good music. So put on some "Green" and come visit them. Open 7 days a week from 11 am to midnight and they say "It's another fine day for a Guinness".

The true flavor of Ireland permeates every aspect of this establishment, from every sign, Irish pour drafts, to our distinctive recipes and music. Our staff exudes the natural warmth and good-hearted ambiance of the Irish, who are sure to keep your stomachs, and pints, full to your heart’s content.

Their Food Was Top- Notch and Traditional But Reasonable     We hadn’t been there for quite a while,  Covid and my partners Chemo kept us away from crowds.  Stem cell transplants are rebuilding their immune system danger to transplants.

Then really bad winters played havoc up North  relocated more visitors from North Carolina to the Midwest and North to NY and Chicago,  drove seating to limits 2019-2020,  and then Covid clinched it last year.  

Canadians were scarce as their GOV’t insurance curtailed travel.  That left space for more northerners and dangerous driving conditions.  Finally the tourists and snowbirds have started to go home in April 2021.  And we started to venture out…  And a few windows of eating out have re-opened.

We can get into places that usually are too busy by getting there early, have a smaller lunch and then dinner early, at five PM dinner was available and we went right in.  

We last ate there in 2015-2016 and had a few take outs for lunch.  Now and then traditionally at night there is also one event going on the weekends and on their calendar is posted here here.  Always something going on.  Entertainment, parties, occasions, beer-fest, Craft beers, you name it, probably at some time or excuse there was a reason to be there.

Since opening in 2008, my goodness, the place inside has doubled in size with IRISH pub finery,  all kinds of signs and stuff hanging following the theme, and lots of people having a good time with noise typical of a sport bar whether be Irish or Chinese.  The emphasis in most sports and theme bars is on beer, wine and good cholesterol laden food.  Her it seems it all about people having a good time during bad times.

There were out door verandas (seating and tables) for the smokers.  We last ate there almost every Monday night because they had a two for one special of fried fish, cole slaw and fries.  And they do a good job and the Monday night fish fry two for one has become a tradition.  They have it down pat, crispy, not greasy, light and the food came out hot including the fries, done perfect, the tartar sauce was excellent, with Malt on the side and Cocktail available….OH, I forgot on Mondays it’s two for one, and we are regulars there on Monday…  

Monday Night — 2 For 1 — Fish and Chips Fry

Any Monday,  —  Two For One Fish And Chips —   The place is overwhelmingly friendly and the staff is accommodating.  We got there to beat the rush exactly at 5:00 PM.   The food came out fast and hot, very hot and my two for one beer was ice-cold served in an iced glass and a bargain.   This fish was cooked perfect, the fries hot, comes with Tarter, Malt on your table and Cocktail available, just ask.  Service…top notch, lots of smiles…  Life is feeling normal again… 

The menu is extensive not expensive, portions are good sized and if you have a desire for a good shot of a Single Irish Whisky and they don’t have it, neither does IRELAND.   Happy Hour Every Day From 11 To 7  —  2-4-1- On House Wine And Wells With Reduced Draft Beer Prices…  Check the calendar at the link below because something different is going on every night.

Any Thursday, — In  JULY  2022  —  Low Country Boil  —  Varies by The Month

SIDEBAR:  Good quality fish properly fried at 350-365 degrees and allowed to drain excess oil…makes people happy.  Nothing wrong with it.  Once a week, fried is OK, I watch my cholesterol.  

Being a chef, during college,  learning the trade and a hated critic today, working in the business, for my personal cooking and preference,  I do not fry in my condo.  And we are not allowed on our terrace’s with any kind of cookery because it’s a covered terrace — Fire Department…

I enjoy Italian, Asian Fusion, Jewish, French and Mexican cooking forced to using the electrical stove top, using A Convection Oven and Burton Induction burners and heavy cast iron metal Most condos don’t have gas lines.  LODGE PANS, where “ Heavy metal really originated”.  And my ALL-Clads are all I need

You can work around it.  Cast iron is back after the disasters with cheap Chinese crap touted by former chefs with facial recognition and who would sell their soul to Lucifer for a paycheck.  Cast iron is trending in good cooking today and once you understand how it works, it changes the results of your food…to the better…older is better    Mom was right.

I DON’T FRY… HUGE REASON  — The largest percentage of homes and condos built do not have ventilation over the stove that exits heat and burning oil to the outdoors via a standpipe to the roof.   The microwave sitting over the stove merely shunts the air laden with boiling oil back into your kitchen and leaving a nice tacky coat on all the cabinet surfaces.  Sooner or later there goes the coverings from heat and oil… attacking all kinds of dirt and bugs… plus a nice surface if there could be a fire…