In 2020 - we awarded her the lifetime  GOLDEN ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for consistency in constant dumbness, insulting about everything good and anybody that questioned her.   No simple task being declared the biggest douchbag in the world  —

She in surveys was determined to be,  and declared her:  Much dumber than Sean Spicer,  not an easy task;    not as good looking as Kelly McEnany when she was not lying which was rare;  less face jobs surgery than Kellyanne the Con-way,  when in this universe;  not as smart as Stephanie Grisham,  the only smart one) who bailed quickly, reading T-RUMP correctly,  and Sarah finally she left the whitehouse with a load of dirty garbage — which stinks to this day  —  

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 8.37.05 AM

We know a lot about her, her lies, her denigration of people, the coverups and of all the women in the WhiteHouse, she was the dirtiest I believe in History and many sources and journalists cheerfully contributed substance to this page.  

As one who supports Good Journalism, Truth, Honesty and Good Journalists she was the lead for T-RUMP to destroy those factions with the help of Rupert Murdock of FOX news “ The Fake Press “ of  lies designed to bring down exposure of T-RUMPS , lies , Scams and History by destroying the only bastions of truth — the printed word --

When you read about How Hitler one man, managed to kill 60 million people ( not just the six million Jewish people)  he stated by destroying the press, remember no TV, barely had AM radio (reduced to one NAZI station- today FOX news) T-RUMP killed newsprint by words — Hitler just walked in and killed them, prison camps and burnt them down— 

She was a part of all of it—  


(CNN)  Sarah Sanders —  Let the bells ring out load and often !  When you deal with ding-dongs you ring bells  — She said last December 2020 that when her role as White House press secretary ends, she hopes to be remembered as  “ Honest and transparent.”  Who the F*ck is she kidding?   

I’m afraid she’s going to be remembered quite differently because of the actions of her supporting the “ Supreme Ayatollah of Scumbaggery “  her boss, President Donald T-RUMP, his lies and the carrier of his lies and her own failures to live up to the obligations of the office.  

With Thursday’s announcement that Sanders is leaving the White House at the end of June — and looking back at the two years that she has spent there - it’s safe to say that her hopes were misplaced.  She will be remembered as a fat mouthy lieing ignorant obnoxious twitt and vastly hated by the real press. 

Compared To Sara Palin  About Equal On The Douchbag Scale — Several years back I covered  Sara Pain-land, a VP candidate for a month, on tour in Florida.  Never again, you learn a lot backstage, the things voters don’t get to see. 

I thought I was filming the sequel to “ One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest”.  Her tribe was like that TV show the Beverly Hillbillies who found oil on their land.   She found a GOP credit card and blew 150,000 dollars of voter money on her wardrobe. An estimated 50,000 was wasted on other crap for her tribe.  In my final story on her it all gets summed up.

 I have never witnessed a more dysfunctional screwed-up family like Sarah Palin till  found the Huckabee's family definitely on a par.    They score a perfect ten on the illiteracy scale and she was perfect for Donald as he is only a six.   And thought there can’t be any more of these moron conglomerates around. I was wrong — vey wrong — 

Getting back to Sara Not-A-Wara, she went tit for tat with T-RUMP.  He lied 30,000 times and we think she denied or had no knowledge of that 30,000 times.  Some said T-RUMP was a real Pr*ck and if so, she had to of been the condom. Lets not get into leaky condoms — Sarah gets all her smarts from Daddy who is a Trump advocate and liar.  He is also the first in the Huckabee family to graduate High School.  You just can’t make cow sh*t into brains, it don’t work. 

Really sick reporting, all lies, get someone else, and just when things went back to normal, T-RUMP came along and the Democratic party called me.   It was a mistake to answer the phone.  As someone put it mildly , “ He could suck the air out of the room and then in a massive explosion blow it out his ass.   I turned it down, fearing what I might do —  He was a draft dodger and I lost friends,  I have devoted a good part of my life ( 35 years) celebrating heroes and these scumbags come along — 



One job that the White House press secretary has,  is to promote the President’s agenda and try to put the President in the best possible position to make his case.   Just last week, the President did an interview in the American graveyard in Normandy with a highly partisan Fox News anchor.  He should not have been allowed to go there.  His father bought him a deferment to the draft seven times for a illness he does not have. We don’t call them draft dodgers, we call them cowards, scumbags and traitors.

The President proceeded to desecrate the sacred ground by launching partisan attacks at his political opponents in the worst possible setting.   Sanders’ job was to anticipate what the President would say and make sure situations like this never happened.     FUBAR AND CLUSTERF*CK are the most common comments of the regime and it’s participants.



She sang a hell of a lot of T-RUMPS songs -  A companied by her father a base player and total frickin moron.   The most important job of the press secretary, was an absolute failure,  she failed is to keep the American public, the same public who fund her salary, informed through the traditional daily White House Briefing. 

For more than half a century, reporters, acting as proxy for the American public, would meet with the White House press secretary for a briefing almost every day. That came to a screeching halt under Sanders’ watch. 

The press saw her as the enemy.  They had truth and she had lies.  The person who went with fake news, a liar, an ignorant psychotic liar just like her boss and suffering from Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia soon to be renamed T-RUMP SYNDROME and hated by just about every press corps member for her rudeness and stupidity making their jobs a lot tougher…

On April 18, 2019, the first volume of Mueller Report, the Special Counsel Investigation report compiled by Robert Mueller, revealed that Sanders admitted that she had lied when giving a press conference, when she described various things regarding James Comey, the former FBI director. 

She should have gone to jail  — This included lying about the firing of former attorney general Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's connection to the Comey firing, and when she claimed that "countless" FBI agents had lost faith in him. She repeatedly told the press that "countless members" of the FBI had contacted her to complain about Comey, but admitted to investigators that her claims were "a slip of the tongue" and "not founded on anything”. 

When a redacted version of the special counsel's report was publicly revealed, Sanders defended herself, saying that her comments about the FBI agents were made in "the heat of the moment" and unscripted.

Sanders also had lied about President Trump being in charge of a statement regarding the Trump Tower meeting. He worked on said statement with his advisor Hope Hicks, and when the emails about that statement were made public, it was reported that he had helped with it himself. According to the report, Sanders also made false statements about when Trump decided to fire James Comey, as well as lying about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's involvement in the Comey firing.

The revelation of false statements was described by The New York Times as showcasing a "culture of dishonesty" within the White House. Regarding Sanders defending her comments on FBI agents, The New York Times wrote: "It has been a hallmark of the Trump White House never to admit a mistake, never to apologize and never to cede a point. This case was no different."

Sanders' rhetoric about the report was found to be misleading or false. In March 2019, after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Sanders falsely claimed that the investigation's findings were "a total and complete exoneration." The summary of the report explicitly stated it "does not exonerate him.

Sanders repeated her suggestion that the report exonerated Trump in May 2019, as well as falsely claimed that Mueller "closed the case." The Associated Press noted, "Mueller did not fully exonerate Trump or declare that a possible case against Trump to be “closed.” While announcing his work was now finished, Mueller specifically left it open for Congress to decide on possible charges of wrongdoing.


  • In fact, she has not done a briefing in 95 days and has only done eight briefings in the last 300 days.  Many of my Democratic friends have argued no briefings are better than briefings where lies are told. 

  • Briefings, even when the press secretary gives dishonest answers, allow reporters to surface important questions that the public has the right to ask. They also create a public record of the administration's response for historical purpose. 

  • And, while we are on the question of honesty, this was another important failure of Sanders' tenure. Some of it was beyond her control. President Trump, as of April 26,  2021according to the Washington Post, has made misleading or false statements more than 30,000 times since taking and after he lost the reelection.. But to my memory, I can't point to a single time Sanders acknowledged when the President misspoke.

  • Her legacy of dishonesty is enshrined in the Mueller Report explained above and is very telling. Many will remember the day she went after Former FBI Director James Comey, saying the White House had heard from many FBI agents who were critical of Comey's leadership.

  • It was only when she was under oath and facing potential jail time did Sanders admit she made the whole story up. To be clear, she smeared a former high-ranking government official with a story that was made up from cloth with lots of holes in it.  Simply put she made it up and lied.

  •  When the Mueller Report was released, and she was no longer under oath, she backtracked on her story, reverting to key parts of the lie she'd already admitted to. That shows she lacked the moral character to be in such an important job in the United States Government. 

A Corrupt And Total Sham In The White House 

  • Finally, Sanders’ job inside the White House is supposed to include being an advocate for the press and pushing for maximum transparency.  She failed. The normal channels of communication have been shut down. Now, government policy is routinely transmitted through at times incoherent and contradictory tweets.

  • And one news outlet — Fox News -- was and has been elevated to a position as partner of the  Corrupt Republican Administration, rather than functioning as a traditional news gathering operation.  opinionated propoganda disguised as news —  

  • Given President Trump's performance with non-Fox anchors -- see Lester Holt and George Stephanopoulos -- it is somewhat understandable that Trump has talked with Fox News more often than with other news organizations. But it's the press secretary's job to make sure that all the media has access to the President, not just the ones who agree with him.

  • Only time will tell how much lasting damage Sanders has done to the Office of the Press Secretary. As for Ms. Sanders' ultimate legacy, I'll remember her as the press secretary who helped normalize the idea that the press is the enemy of the people. That's not a legacy to be proud of.

In Summation, She Is A Liar, 5th Degree And A Douchbag

  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a former White House press secretary for President Donald Trump and daughter of two-term Arkansas Gov.-turned-political commentator Mike Huckabee, officially launched her own gubernatorial bid Monday.   Arkansas one of the most illiterate states of the bottom ten applauds Huckabee — 

  • Her announcement comes less than a week after her former boss left the White House. It also comes two weeks before the Senate is set to start Trump's second impeachment trial, where Trump is charged with inciting the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 that left at least five people dead, including a Capitol police officer.

  • "I've been tested under fire, successfully managing one crisis after another, in one of the most difficult, high-pressure jobs in all of government," Sanders said in a nearly eight-minute video announcing her bid. "At the table with President Trump, confronting our most dangerous adversaries like China and North Korea.”
Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 7.18.28 AM
  • During her time as press secretary, Sanders was known for her combative media briefings and frequent clashes with the White House press corps. She was tasked with defending Trump's controversial or contradictory statements, often leading to questions about her own credibility

What A Crock Of Shit

  • For example, in May 2017, Sanders told reporters that former FBI Director James Comey was fired by Trump after White House officials "heard from countless members of the FBI" that rank-and-file members had lost confidence in Comey. 

  • But special counsel Robert Mueller's report, released in April 2019, said Sanders' statement was not truthful.   "Sanders acknowledged to investigators that her comments were not founded on anything," the report stated. 

  • Sanders, who left the White House in 2019, reminded Arkansans in her announcement video that she was just the third woman and first mother to serve as White House press secretary. She added that she will "not be intimidated by the serious challenges we face.

  • She vowed to stand with law enforcement officers, prohibit sanctuary cities, including blocking state funding for cities that  "deliberately violate immigration laws" and fight for the working poor. 

She Throws Sh*T And She Will Get It Back  

She comes From a Family of Losers, Her Father!

  • I refer radical left to Fourth Reich Naziism which is what that dumb bitch signifies and why she was so hated by the press corps ) She talks a lot of excuses, denigrated the press corps, makes little rhetoric,  into massive disdain for truth, she is not intelligent just a fat bitch with a big mouth matching her fat ass —   and should be exiled for what she did.

  • Her quote "People - now in control of Washington, your governor is your last line of defense," Sanders added. "As governor, I will defend your right to be free of socialism and tyranny.   Your Second Amendment right to keep your family safe and your freedom of speech and religious liberty.  Our state needs a leader with the courage to do what's right, not what's politically correct or convenient.” 

  • FACT— If elected as Arkansas governor, she'll follow in the footsteps of her father, who served two terms from 1996 to 2007.  He also ran unsuccessfully for the Republican presidential nomination in both 2008 and 2016.  She could win ther because Arkansa is in the lower ten of intelligent states barely generating the middle of average intelligence.  
    Meaning they generally vote name recognition, facial and TV promising Leprechaun golden buckets with every rainbo
    w  — 
     Every state has its  gift intelligence is not one of theirs, , we see ARKANSAS for natural beauty,  Arkansas average IQ is 97.1 ranking the middle of average — first category above low intelligence —  Of the ten dumbest states. Seven are located in the South and are predominantly GOP.  The bell curve numbers are  85 to 114: Average --

  • The 38-year-old Sanders is running to succeed the term-limited GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson. She enters a 2022 Republican primary field that already includes Lt. Gov. Tim Griffin and Leslie Rutledge, the state's attorney general.  NPR member station KUAR in Little Rock, Ark., reports as of Monday, no Democrat has announced their intention to run for governor next year.  Something about too stupid to appreciate what we could help with.

More From The Traitor Moron

Press secretary Sarah Sanders was caught lying several times in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report, and now she’s defending herself with more misdirections.      So what else is new, rope, guns and knives are not allowed in the PRESS Room anymore since many in the press corps would have liked to do away with her permanently and her boss. 

She is rated in her job at 100%.  That means 100% of the time she is lying.  So bad that the press corp meetings were discontinued because not only was she not on the same page with T-RUMP, they weren’t even in the same friggen book — 

Surely her father Gov. Mike Huckabee, a world recognized liar, bullshiter, religious fake, bass guitarist, TV star and certified ass-clown and ASS- kisser supremo in his own right should have counseled her on her actions which are not Christian like.   Nor Jewish like, nor Hindu, nor Muslim, Gothic or Druid like.   “E’mach Gooboozonkin” of the greater Republic of Zoganza  felt she should be toasted for her work as a standup comedian and then roasted for the job she is doing.  He said that fat ass could be great in canola oil, red peppers and cooked for seven hours and it could feed my whole tribe.

During a string of media appearances following the release of the Mueller report on Thursday, Sanders has faced questions about a claim she made during a May 2017 press briefing that she later admitted was false during testimony to Mueller’s team.   In an attempt to justify President Donald Trump’s decision to fire then FBI director James Comey, Sanders told reporters that “countless members of the FBI” had contacted her to say they had lost confidence in Comey, when in fact that was not the case.

On Thursday evening and Friday morning, Sanders repeatedly downplayed that lie as a mere “slip of the tongue.” But as ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pointed out to her in an interview on Friday morning, she used the line about “countless members of the FBI” multiple times in the days following Comey’s firing — a revelation undercutting her claim that she merely misspoke.

“You said it was a ‘slip of the tongue’ when you talked about ‘countless FBI members,’ yet you repeated it twice the very next day,” Stephanopoulos said… “That’s not a slip of the tongue, Sarah, that’s a deliberate false statement.”… They should have cut out her tongue.

Sanders, however, refused to own it, and bizarrely blamed her lie on Democrats.  “I’m sorry I wasn’t a robot like the Democratic Party that went out for two-and-a-half years and stated time and time again that there was definitely Russian collusion between the president and his campaign, that they had evidence to show it, and that the president and his team deserved to be in jail,” she said. “That he shouldn’t be in office, when really they were the ones that were creating the greatest scandal in the history of our country.”

Even at the time, Sanders’s claim was implausible. It was almost immediately contradicted during congressional testimony by Comey’s successor, Andrew McCabe, and reporters made it clear during a press briefing following McCabe’s testimony that they didn’t buy what she was telling them.
When it came time for Sanders to offer testimony to Mueller’s team, she admitted her statement about the FBI rank and file not being fans of Comey actually “was not founded on anything.” But now that she’s no longer under oath, she’s making a tortured attempt to walk it back.

For the worthless Press Meetings held by Sara “ Notawara”  Sanders who holds the world record for knowing nothing, only surpassed by a CORPSE IN THE DC MORGUE known as Jane Doe.  Sara’s abusive and dismissive tone  combined with attitude and failure to show any kind of relationship killed the real Press Corps meetings to cut off negative questions by the reporters.  Hopefully when T-RUMP gets the Dump she should be asked to leave, and if it was asked of the Press Corps they would simply throw her off the roof.


“ BRUNO SANHILDA”,  PRINCESS NOT-A -WARE-A.  She is acknowledged as the senior liar to the Press Corpse  because the meetings she held, are deader than Kelsey’s Balls. 

The star of bullshit and mistruths in the Trump camp now precedes to tell us about divine guidance.  Daddy was a preacher and another TV celebrity bull shitter. Mike Huckaby

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said she believes God wanted President Donald T-RUMP to win the 2016 election, the Christian Broadcasting Network  reported on Wednesday. 

If  T-RUMP  were to drop dead tomorrow, then I would believe God got it right and cleaned up the mess he made.  “I think God calls all of us to fill different roles at different times and I think that he wanted Donald T-RUMP to become President so he could be assassinated for the sixty years of his corruption in business and social issues.

Sanders said: “I think he has done a tremendous job in supporting a lot of the things that people of faith really care about,” Sanders added.  Yes, except we must correct her faith which consists of lies and falsehoods.

Sanders also reassured CBN that Trump’s announcement that he would withdraw the US military from Syria would not endanger Christians in the area.  “Look, the President’s made clear that we support Christians, that we support the Kurds," Sanders said, adding the President has “ Made that clear to Turkey."   No one believes him.

We all know Trump can lie too “ Some of the people all of the time, (his GOP Base in particular) all of the people most of the time “ but TRUMP is different he just lies to everybody and anybody all the time.  A typical scumbag politician technique, he learned fast how gullible the GOP base is.

In 2016, after mis-managing her father Mike Huckabee’s failed presidential campaign, which was his third attempt in which the bass player, TV political star and the toad load of Evangelical Jesus freak bullshit blew out in the first round by voters who had blown him out two other times.  Citing False Prophets, he wasn’t that good a bassist either.

She signed on as a senior advisor for Donald Trump’s 2016 No-Truth Presidential Campaign, handling the Trump campaign’s fake news communications for coalitions.  Trump has NO COALITIONS, she added none. a waste.  She is doing a wonderful job as covering for the bombastic idiot in the WhiteHouse by simply explaining his really stupid comments with her stupider ones so they forget his. 

Her other tactic is playing dodge ball with answers stressing she hadn’t asked the President about it, so according to simple Journalistic questioning, the real question is, “What the F*ck does she do all day and why do we have these useless press meetings.

In a recent WhiteHouse Press Conference when asked questions she replied, “ I didn’t ask him that”, “ we have no record of that “, “ I was not aware”,  ” the President doesn’t recollect”, and other babbled answers , 44 times, with only 38 questions.  

She is as useless as  “boobs on a boar hog”.  About the size of one, she comes across as arrogant and is not enamored by the White House Press Corp who waste all day getting no answers.  She also has a non-cooperative demeanor, is rude and cuts people off,  and a sense of looking down at the reporters.   What a friggen waste of energy!

Sorry Sarah but your usefulness has basically expired and hopefully you will too. You are a waste and so are your two daddies, Mike the Hukster Huckaby and Donald the T-Rump.  You sure can pick them.




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