I wrote about myself in the Ladder because I believe something I have done all my life which is what I call Seek And Discover (SAD not SAT) gave me a good start on my lowly voyage and I wish to share that encouragement for those out there who might need a little push.

My mother called me intelligent, independent, inquisitive, obnoxious at times and insolent when focused and She was right. I joked about her ability to bullseye with a frying pan at twenty feet as exceptional.  Otherwise, her words got to me, too often she was right, they were harsh at the time, because I was focused and I was wrong.  Thanks Mom, rest knowing I finally woke up.…

Two of my teachers called me a few names I rather not mention here but I held the record for truancy, detention and no one has come close in fifty years at that school and I managed to make two rapid advances skipping grades two and eight because I had excellent advanced for my age reading and comprehensive skills, combined with a great librarian friend, my coach ultimately graduating two years earlier at just sixteen.  Sometimes self taught is better.

Maybe,  just maybe some kid out there will find out good things are out there and you just have to seek, bypass distractions and you will discover.  The world today does not give you an E-ticket like Disney did in the 80’s for the rides.  

Welcome to my world.  I made it ! 76 years old.  No secrets, I never thought I would last this long.  One the other hand, I don’t drink to excess, one’s enough, quit smoking cold turkey in 1978,  I joined a gym at 74 for ticker strength, I enjoy cooking good healthy worldly food, in about four plus ethnicities.  

I admit, I am a foodie!  I delve, experiment, and think Asian, even made Miso soup from scratch using shaved Bonito and nice Sushi/sashimi this week, Indian Curry’s, Moms Jewish delights, all kinds of Italian and some Cajun when I can get safe live shrimp, mixed with some French ideas, and possibly some food from Klingon based on the overage of Jalopena, and Habanero peppers I had in the fridge,  sharing heartburns with good friends and in my simple world lived a good life.  I have been blessed. 

I was married over three decades to the most wonderful woman in the world till she passed from cancer in 2007.  She was my rock... not a day goes by I don’t miss her. We traveled together to conferences, trade shows, unique and wonderful places, the best part was WE were privileged to meet incredible real purposeful people, and some that weren’t.  I never found a replacement... I guess my mind was open but not my heart.  

Her passing made me a care-giver to others with the dreaded disease. My current aid is to a two time multiple myeloma patient who went through stem-cell transplantation rearranging her bloods DNA to create new stem cells which like mighty warriors went to their tasks.  We were looking at six months for her and now in August we will be celebrating six years.  My cooking skills are a definitive factor in this miracle, I took a TV dinner diner and converted her to good wholesome fresh food fanatic and lots of greens…

I served my country in wars, made it through a school working part time in the culinary world, and photographing Weddings on weekends.  After I finished with the Military I still have supported my brothers in arms,  serving them with recognition for the troops as a contractor, did charitable work for decades, and some uncharitable work I cannot speak of.

I hold certificates in scuba diving, flew as pilot in Command, owned real planes for thirty plus something years, did corporate work, certified Range Officer in IPSC Competition, manufactured my own products for the Photography industry  in Journalism, Commercial, Wedding and Corporate photography.

I have mentored children, currently being a Cancer caregiver and…  Life, it’s been fair; both exciting;  rewarding;  painful and complete; but living is good, better than the alternatives, and I sleep well at night… 

I owe it all to my High School English Teacher who hated me... and a Librarian who guided me.  

I documented and approved every word of this website. Regrettably though you might not agree with me.  Today I am a consumer advocate writing about many products that are sub par.  I am tough, not quite appreciated but a fair food critiquer, having described some food from the Food Cartels…as “ CORPO GUANO”.

I am a very aggressive political hound again not fully appreciated by some and a story chaser, I suggested Sarah Palin needed a condom on her tongue for all the lies she told, till she got replaced by Sarah [Not-a-wara] Sanders and Kelly         [The Facelift] Conway who needed the same remedy… All three made themselves targets.  They have no one to blame… Three women who burst on the scene doing things almost as stupid as the men.  In some cases stupider and bigger lies.
I have a simple mantra, to tell it the way I see it… 

“ INTELLIGENCE IS THE DOOR TO FREEDOM AND ALERT ATTENTION IS THE MOTHER OF INTELLIGENCE”  Honest to God, my mantra came from something I read on a fortune cookie
Divine guidance is somewhat better a direction than some tweets

UNFORTUNATELY - No politicians, (exception the rare good ones), the many fake or otherwise full bodied scumbags, fake preachers, religious leaders, perverts, pedophiles and other scumbirds, were injured during the writing of this blog  …which is a preamble to my book,  and website even though I had wished a few would have had something really deserving and unfortunate things happen to them.   No animals were injured, I do stop for turtles crossing highways and rescue Pelicans and Gulls trapped in fishing lines.  Corrupt politicians can drown for all I care

If you cannot afford an attorney, my nephew will be available at the usual exaggerated attorney fees for malpractice cases so I can get my cut.  


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