Dear Friends And Followers — After more than 60 years involved in the photo industry, in every aspect from photojournalist, lab owner to and the  retail/wholesale heavy shooting end of the business, I’m looking forward to the softer more selfish side of the business, like taking it easy and retiring from any stimulus other than whats good for me.  A few changes in store...

🌇 No more trade shows in Vegas sometimes three times a year, for thirty-five years since most of those shows have nothing to do with photography anymore.  

🌇 Weddings, I’m 78 years young, and not fast enough to challenge the 100-200 dollar Wedding Shooters.  But COVID has killed the wedding market, gatherings, occasions, caterers, florists and just about anything related to weddings.  

🌇 I covered the last three elections,  It’s not the same anymore.  Press pools, Getty, REUTERS,  and others,  and you ask what newspapers? 

🌇 More and more cellphones are now upgraded with variable lenses... cell phone and the growth of social media, other web sites, social media has changed how we communicate and how we get hacked. 

Time to retire, fourth attempt… a winner…

Stories From The Cave  —  If we go back to the beginning of story telling mankind, the first writings were preceded by pictures scraped and drawn on cave walls with bone and charcoal.  These were the first storytellers, of the hunt, of the strange beasts, of victories and life.  Some of these drawings were incredibly accurate.  And some I have photographed are hanging on my walls

We may have evolved a millennium in time but we still have stories to tell and those stories have been portrayed for the past century on walls just like the cavemen did only we used slides, a screen and a Kodak projector.  And in some cases an unwilling audience asking the battle cry of the bored asking...  Are we done yet?

Slides To Digital Conversions - No More Kodak Carousel Projectors

I designed and build my own scanners something we have been doing for forty years as we were just not satisfied with the units from Nikon and Kodak.   We know many of these slides are dusty from age, possibly the box they were stored in has deteriorated and location hasn’t helped them.  We bring the images back to life.

  • Each slide is treated with filtered compressed air to remove loose debris.
  • Your slide is corrected to the proper orientation.
  • We apply color - exposure correction on each slide as needed. 
  • We check each slide individually and make corrections as best we can.  (Free service)
  • We advise you of some slides which may be too far gone.  
  • All by hand - All work is done in house, nothing leaves the premises, complete confidentiality.  
  • All corrections  are done in Photoshop. 
  • Just so you know, you probably might not be aware of is they are slowly fading, degaussing and gathering dust, just lying there in shoe boxes or Kodak Carousel Trays.   
  • NOTE:  Personally, I have no problem with art pictures, nudes, exotic art.  I worked for Playboy and taught classes, shot wars, crashes, you name it,  but nothing involving children, pedophilia, or of that sick nature… 
  • Now with the digital era, the older social events like the Kodak Carousel slide show for the family are as dreaded as getting allergy shots. 
  • Your attic is as bad as the cellar up north.  In Florida temperatures in the attic easily hit without ventilation, 125-130 degrees.  Add another twenty or thirty degrees from global warming and it can lite up the house with a fire and film is combustable.  
  • Slides are very flammable, with a carton of film slides in their paper holders, and a bow drill, thats all you need to appear and you too can be a hero on Naked and Afraid making fire.  The paper slide holders add to the growth of the fire.
  • I want to take your slides and will convert them into digital for use so they will work on all formats cellphone to TV’s and you may then toss or otherwise dispose of the old slides.

Kodak Went Under  —  

KodakLAND, the land in Rochester home to KODAK  has been closed and buried for fourteen years.  No one answers the phones,  not even the ghosts, there are none, no phones, no ghosts.  Kodak sold off its trade name to anyone and everyone willing to pay license fees, mostly Chinese import companies selling all kinds of Chinese export products and the buyer thinking they are buying a US brand.  

Our machine turns slides into digitized high impact, high resolution images that can be Sorted, culled and rearranged on most computers.  The individual image may be altered and cropped, color corrected and duplicated with effects in most programs.

The memories are fading by the day.  I can save a high percentage till they reach a point of no return with little or no image or the color has faded, or a bad slide to begin with. Rarely do we hit some that have been destroyed.

KODAK K-10 ASA10 SLIDE FILM  (On a Queen Size Bed)

You can forget about repairing the one projector you have since there are no parts.

The parts needed for repair are not available anywhere, no company, no warehouse, no repair stations, the technicians are either retired or dead.  

The only parts you might find are salvaged.  Good working projectors are units I convert but are getting rare.  

Kodak made a change in their design at one point and the older machines which is 50% of sales( guessing) models and redesigns are not usable at all.  That leaves 50% which then is subject to wear and tear, usage and servicing.

I Manufactured My Own  —  S2D PRO SLIDE MACHINES — 

•  I have been in the photographic industry most of my life, as a lab-retail store owner, and a shooter.  I worked since I’m thirteen in school and seventeen in College Journalism,  US services in War, 450 Weddings, Lots of Commercial, and covered Pro Sports, I ran a photography school. With the death of Kodak (and half the industry followed)  I felt we needed a better way to convert slides.  

•  I had a working knowledge being a lab owner as to what needed.  I was also a Kodachrome fan and had shot thousands of slides on just about every brand imaginable.  A fire one day convinced me that slides were not a good storage solution and storage of all that stuff and difficult to find specific shot... off to the shop.

•  I had a working prototype in three days, a model with the quality of a machine that could cost double from the competition and better resolution and performance than an overpriced, over costed, over bullshitted cost justification commercial model.  

•  The clarity and definition of these supersize prints, was to demonstrate our building simple in many cases is better if you put into your product quality components,  more modern engineering, simplify the construction to keep costs down, and combining more modern optical and scientific advances you have a better slide trap.  

  • We will convert your slides in to digital Imaging suitable on phones and TV’s.  Then your call, if they were bad and needed rebuilding the color of the slide they are useless and can be pitched.  It amazing when someone brings in ten carousels and leaves with a thumb drive or a DVD of the images in his pocket.  Nine times out of ten I get told to ditch the Carousel trays and the projector.   Currently not buying old machines.  I do not consider repairing any.  I convert them, only if a certain model for our use or they go to the dumpster.

The Kodak Carousel Criteria  —  Safety Warning And Disclaimer  

  • There were two classes of Carousel,  basically in the middle of their production run from the 60’s the change took place.  The older ones are totally useless and when they stop, trash them.  A retired Kodak employee who worked as a tech told me when they were built they were designed to last the warrantee period as a minimum and after that you were on your own, they needed service, which no one did.  
  • The parts and solutions for all models, are not available, the parts are not duplicatable, we have been down this route with 3D printers to replace the gummy bear gears that have turned to gum. Not worth it.  
  • I am not encouraging anyone to make this a (DIY)  Do-It -Yourself project.   Just too many things can, and usually will go wrong resulting in loss of currency and possibly severely cut or burnt fingers. This is all about liability, I will not for liability reasoning offer any suggestions, clues, or repairs.  High voltage, 240 AC, very sharp metal, confusing construction, fifty springs and joints, gauge tools you don’t have and so forth.
  • These are  extremely complex mechanical, servo-motor driven high voltage combinations in the projector world with  thirty to forty variants with, as we have found, similarities outweighed by changes.  Thus we treat each machine independently to stabilize it for our project on an individual basis.  Another problem is it’s all exposed inside and shorts of a high nature do occur and this unit is a capacitor driven 240-V rig. 

Real Factual Numbers


At 24mp setting the compressed jpeg is 5.856 KB, opened file is 68.7 MB and image size is 6000 X 4000

At 12mp setting the compressed jpeg is 3.552 KB, opened file is 34.4 MB and image size is 4240 X 2832

At 6mp setting the compressed jpeg is 2.240 KB, opened file is 17.2 MB and image size is 3008 X 2000

Slide Scanning


With our high resolution professional scans, your images will look great on a TV, monitor, LCD projector and capable of making a quality 11x14 print easily.  

Same old expression good slide, good print.  Good slide we can do 20x30’s.  Bad slides some can be improved, not all. Just like the computer business, trash in, trash out.  But we have tools to improve bad in some cases. Actually remarkable at times.

We accept slides in carousels or bulk wrapped?  No problem!  Your slides will be kept in the carousels and bulk will be returned to you. 

If you do not wish the carousels back, we’ll offer a credit on your account and wrap the slides in airtight configuration to stop further bleeding and ship back to you free. 

If you want the useless carousels, the postage gets expensive.  Generally older Carousels, rust, old plastic, and lock up, after all some are 50 years old easily.  They do go bad, many do not want them back if their carousel is not functioning.  To date we have not found any other use for them. Once a year, I make a landfill run.

Special Format Slides


55¢ -75¢- 95¢ a slide.  (BASED ON VOLUME -  DISCOUNTS)

These are slides that may have come from Europe or elsewhere  with oversized locked plastic cases. They have to be done manually as taking them apart could injure the slide itself.  They were made by GEPE and used in some locations with anti-Newton Ring coverings. 

They are grey and white, some with glass in a thick plastic.  t Fortunately since I invest time and energy in developing these state of the art digitizers, we added the new manual  “PHOENIX” model to our four conventional machines to handle particularly tough digitals like these.  

Without taking your slides apart. No harm will come to your slides.

Currently we are doing 1000 of them and the Phoenix has risen from the ashes.  Slow and steady, these Euro slides are something else, extreme heavy duty and the film plane has to be perfect for reproduction.  

Slide Errata  

As long as the slide is 2 x 2 inches cardboard or plastic, these rates apply.      

•  35 mm  film in 2 x 2 inch  cardboard or plastic mounts

•  35 mm slides in Glass mounts .  Most common sizes set in glass work,  some other sizes are not. They must be removed from the glass, re-mounted in cardboard or done on the Phoenix machine.

•  35 mm Half Frame  in 2 x 2 inch mounts.  The image is half the size of 35 mm.  And we use a high resolution to overcome the small format

•  110  slide in 2 x 2 mounts.  110 slides in 2 x 2” mounts are the same price as the 35 mm and treated as half frame.

•  126  mounted in a 2 x 2mounts.  The film size is square, not rectangular like 35 mm.

•  127 SuperSlides in  2 x 2”  mounts.  127 mm slides were called SuperSlides

•  110 Pocket Slides in 1x1 mounts)  VERY RARE - 110 slides in 1x1” mounts, were also known as “ Pocket Slides” and require special handling, using the Phoenix manual machine, and keeping prints if desired to small sizes.



  • Good images result in 24 MP returns most (depending on crop) High resolution: to 4,000 dpi  24 MP.
  • We orient and color correct each slide nominally. Some require more aggressive corrections because of exposure and natural aging of the slide.
  • Severely bad slides requiring restoration are figured on an hourly basis.
  • Quantity discount pricing for large repeat customers under our commercial program.
  • No extra charge for slides in carousels, in fact its less and you could get a credit for the Carousels you won’t need.
  • Dust & scratch reduction is automatic and more severe slides (those where the dust and dirt are embedded into the emulsion) might require additional processing.
  • Photoshop Professional Touchups Available


Loose Photographs And Documents

The term shoebox scanning came from the customers themselves, a huge amount of photographs not in albums were simply placed in shoeboxes and used for storage and transportation.  If you do wish to keep them after scanning, you would be better off using freezer bags, sealed as shoeboxes draw critters and things that eat cardboard and do the photos for desert.

This service is for loose photographs, slides are handled in the previous section.  No longer will families  need to argue over who has the family photographs. Using a specially designed High-speed Kodak® scanner to provide quality scans of your precious memories.  

Not just one or two photographs, rather your entire shoebox (again the most common packaging we receive)  of up to 1000 prints for one low price.  The scanned images are saved to a high quality CD or DVD as jpeg (.jpg) image files.  

The disk is returned to you in CD-DVD, plain marked envelope or on a Thumb Drive.  Additional drives and CD or DVDs are available at time of purchase.  We retain a copy for up to one year for duplicates.  Critical,legal, court, photos and documents denoted are done by hand and not part of this mass scanning and get a certificate of authenticity.

Your photographs are then protected from the ravages of time, weather, crayons, humidity and poor storage conditions.  Additional copies of the digital files are available for other family members.   Please don’t let your precious photographs fade away everyday the ravages of time are taking their toll. 

NOTE:  We are not Kodak, we don’t judge, and our services are local and your documents and photographs never leave my care, nor shared with others, but Note:  We are not critics of your social endeavors nor do we care about whats on the photos, we are over twenty-one and partied when younger too, other than:

Any photos containing pedophilliac nuances are not acceptable.  Photos, a baby bare butt or diaper baby is acceptable,  but child porn is not.  Sexy photos are Ok if both or more parties are in agreement.  Any photos containing bestiality or other deviate form is not,  and if you wouldn’t show it to your mother, don’t ask us to digitize it.

Shoebox Preparation

COMMON SENSE -  As this is a high speed, low cost service it is important that all photographs be properly prepared for scanning to avoid disappointment.   Preparation is important for the total process to work, but it’s quite simple.  Your preparation efforts  enhance the final product.

  1. First, only loose photos may be scanned,  please remove all photographs from albums and album pages.  It’s a good time to get rid of those folks you hopefully will never see again or just send them to the jail of their choice or the county prosecutor.  We found the garbage can works best.

  2. Make certain there is no hanging tape or sticky substance on the photographs.   Most can be removed with a damp rag or alcohol, being very careful. Test it on a part of the photo that is not important.

  3. Remove all staples, paper clips, welding materials,  grenade trip wires, and booby traps, as these will damage the high-speed scanner.  

  4. Sort the pictures by size and their correct direction.  

  5. Pictures may be from wallet size (2½ X 3½) up to 8 X 12. 

  6. Bundle each size and direction separately.  A 4 X 6 index card or any cardboard is a handy way to separate your bundles.
  7. You may want to sort from the last image to the first image as the scanner feeds from back to front.

  8. Photographs with legal or important data on the back, will need to be sorted separately and marked with a note, or flagged in some way for two sided scanning.  This counts as two pictures.

  9. Again photographs must be unmounted and not in frames, mounts or heavy cardboard which will not go through the scanner. Regrettably Polaroid and Kodak Instant Prints will not scan though the Alaris system.  These images may be added as “Manual Scans” at additional cost on our other scanning devices.
  10. Federal law prohibits the scanning of copyrighted images, UNLESS you have a written copyright release from the copyright holder, which is generally the photographer.



◻️  All photographs are facing up?  

◻️  All photographs are loose? 

◻️  All photographs are unmounted?

◻️  All photographs sorted by size and direction?

◻️  All photographs have no paper clips, staples or sticky substance?

◻️  All photographs that are mounted or thick backed including Polaroid types placed separately

◻️  All photographs are no smaller than 2½ X 3½

Price Schedules

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning up to 1000 photographs                    $99.00 - $129.00

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning over 1000 photographs                     $10.00 per 100 over

Shoebox Scan, price for scanning smaller  amount than 125.                 $  PROPORTIONAL