“Voted The Quack Shack For 2016-2020”

BRASH STATEMENT:  T-RUMPS Choices of White House Physicians, the Team Players for the T-RUMP charades and lies, snake oil salesmen, boogie-men, quacks, has beens, or been had, disgusting, off the wall nutcase and voodoo practitioners appreciated and elevated in lieu of the Science Professionals.

We needed Science for truth and to provide valid information and save people from dying.  His obvious cognitive, ignorance and sheer arrogance do to his fathers influence and mantra…  if you got the money you can lie all you want and winning is the only thing…  His problems ( lies and fraud) going back as far as the Vietnam conflict… the man’s bone spurs were imaginary to keep him out of the draft….

Dr. Harold Bornstein - 

THE CARDIAC “Cosmetologist

Dr. Harold Bornstein said he lost his patient after letting slip to The New York Times that he'd prescribed Propecia. A "raid" -- his term -- of his office by Trump associates ensued. That term has since been disputed by T-RUMP.

The first doctor of the Trump political era was Bornstein. Trump’s physician for more than 30 years, with flowing hair and dark circular glasses, looks like something of a John Lennon throwback. 

He's the one who declared in a weird letter back in 2015 that, "If elected, Mr. T-RUMP  I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency."

That he should still be healthy has never made any sense and, if true, it’s not fair to the rest of the human population that has to watch its weight and burn calories.  That led to some serious questions about how thorough a doctor Bornstein was.  It was so strangely worded that CNN’s Drew Griffin asked him at the time if it was a joke. 

Bornstein, who said his office had been, essentially, raided by Trump’s head of security Keith Schiller, a lawyer from the T-RUMP Organization and “  large man,” and that they had taken Trump’s medical records, without signed paperwork, leaving him feeling,  " Raped, frightened and sad."

A source with knowledge of the transfer of records said it was not a raid and that there was confusion at the time because Bornstein could not operate his copy machine.  What exasperated T-RUMP and led to Bornstein's dismissal was his admission to The New York Times that he'd prescribed Propecia to help Trump grow hair. 

"I couldn't believe anybody was making a big deal out of a drug to grow his hair that seemed to be so important. And it certainly was not a breach of medical trust to tell somebody they take Propecia to grow their hair. What's the matter with that?" Bornstein told NBC News.

Simple, T-RUMP thinks he Samson and his hair, that 1970s look is cool and very important to him.

Jackson's medical report on Trump in January made clear he was still taking the drug, but the disclosure that time does not appear to have had any ill effect on Jackson's career. The ill effect would come later, from the VA nod.

Dr. Ronny Jackson Navy Rear Admiral  -  Drug Dispenser For The WH…
Dr. Ronny Jackson lost Trump as his patient after a painful and embarrassing short stint as Trump's nominee to head the Veterans Affairs Department.

Jackson, the clean-cut Navy rear admiral who administered to T-RUMP as White House physician, was not quite as effusive, but he did repeatedly crow about Trump's good genes during a White House news conference early in 2018 and said Trump had excellent health despite high cholesterol.   That performance somehow got Jackson the nod to be VA secretary despite his lack of experience running a large organization.  You praise and lie for the President and he lies and takes care of you.

After whistleblowers raised multiple questions about Jackson’s management style and medical practices . He was known as “ The candy man” for handing out prescription sleep and wakefulness aids on overseas trips and there were reports of drunkenness on those trips. 

Jackson removed his nomination and was also removed as Trump's personal doctor. New allegations that he may have mishandled the medical information of second lady Karen Pence have since been reported by CNN.

Avoiding an investigation, Ronny resigned his commission and is going into politics in Texas. Good luck, you betrayed your commission and trust…   it was during his Ronny Run Drugs tenure T-RUMP took the cognitive test and T-Rump brags about remembering five words. 

Dr. Marc Siegel —T-Rumps New Directum** of Cognitive Thinking  

One of my favorite reporters and honest interrogators is CNN’s Brianna Keilar who deftly showed how she disemboweled the latest  T-rump acolyte… Dr. Marc Siegel and the phony conversation he had with the Presidente Demente Donald… 

It was a catastrophe, a phony made for TV reality show suck-off between Donald T-RUMP telling Siegel,  “ He was his COVID-19 Guide,”  the FOX News doctor on Thursday gushed over the President’s ability to recall five words.  
Siegel was just gushing with praise…:  “In a sense, that interview was a cognitive test. As you know, he is extremely sharp on every second “ Siegel said on Fox and Friends”  “And he did a test and revealed on TV where he basically, you know, went through how great his memory is.  

CNN’s Wonderful Brianna KEILAR:  “So since Dr. Marc Siegel is the president’s guide in this historic pandemic,” Keilar added,  “ it is worth looking at what the good doctor has advised millions over the past few months on”.   

  • She played video of Siegel claiming at the time that the “ worst-case scenario” for COVID-19 was the seasonal flu, contrasting the Fox doctor’s comments with the top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci explaining a week later that the virus was at least ten times as deadly as the flu. 
  • Keilar also showed segments where Siegel parroted the president’s criticism of the World Health Organization and played down the potential of a second wave adding that the US has plenty of testing for when teachers and students go back to school. 

And I Thought Mike Pence was a Sycophant
More lies… Hey Siegel,  you had nothing to do with that test, it was the drug dealing tests the Admiral gave months ago and was thrown out by most Scientists and Doctors as a joke for quick qualifications in prison for example…  We secured five copies of the test and the funny part we saw none of those words below.  Either you are dumb, or a liar and you must have confused  the Hippocratic oath with the hypocritical oath because you are a friggen hypocrite…and we picked liar…


So we looked into this test classified as a quick dementia field test, it’s made to be easy and simple, only nutcases can fail it… any seventh or eighth grader will get a hundred on it…it quickly determines a persons status toward further testing. But as T-RUMP see’s and calls it an entrance exam for Harvard Law…  Hopefully if he takes it again…we suggest a real cognitive test by real doctors and professionals. 

We Sampled The Cognizance Exam That Supposedly T-RUMP Took   The last five questions “ Get very hard” he told Wallace of Fox TV.  So hard, in fact, that T-RUMP had previously told Fox’s Sean Hannity that doctors at the Walter Reed Medical Center, where he took the test, were “ very surprised” and impressed, evidently telling him:  “That’s an unbelievable thing.  Rarely does anybody do what you just did.”  T-RUMP said,  “The doctors said very few people can do that, very few people get that”.  

WARNING - DATA NOT VERIFIED:  Once again T-Rump never discloses the names of these imaginary ghost doctors to verify the truth of his statements and craps all over the reader with lies.   

Humor  —  The Lie Detector Test
Trump “constantly” talks about ordering polygraphs during major leaks, according to a former White House official. “He talked about it a lot,” the former official said. 

After reading and watching reports about his Presidency, “He’d be angry and ask, ‘Why can’t we stop these leaky things?’”  So we thought if he wants his subordinates to take a lie detector test, maybe he should be first as an example… Oh he leaks most of the leaks, keeps the drama going

In his case a LIE DETECTOR TESTso we asked a profession lie detector examiner if T-RUMP could take a lie detector test.  
“ He said are you crazy?  He’ll blow every fuse in Washington DC and kill the power grid, enough said…”  As usual T-RUMP didn’t listen… and did his own…

Not Humor  —  D.I.M.E.N.T.I.A.
EDITOR: T-RUMP is never far from his script and his pad, without the ability to speak on a subject with clarity he needs a speech written for him and he reads it when he understands the words.  He comes across as being not that literate, when your entire school career was a fake lie too with other students doing your homework,  and taking your tests, you probably spent your time playing ball even with your fake bone spurs you used to beat the draft,  I call you a friggen lowlife dodging bastard for that and so do 58,000 dead soldiers from the war, don’t tell me what patriot you are…YOU ARE A COWARD !

T-RUMP - A simple statement — It was the kind of utterance that makes professional transcribers question their career choice:   “ … there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign, but I can always speak for myself — and the Russians, zero.”

Dr:   When President T-RUMP offered that response to a question at a press conference last week, it was the latest example of his tortured syntax, mid-thought changes of subject, and apparent trouble formulating complete sentences, let alone a coherent paragraph, in unscripted speech.

He was not always so linguistically challenged.  STAT reviewed decades of Trump’s on-air interviews and compared them to Q&A sessions since his inauguration. The differences are striking and unmistakable.

Research has shown that changes in speaking style can result from cognitive decline. STAT therefore asked experts in neurolinguistics and cognitive assessment, as well as psychologists and psychiatrists, to compare Trump’s speech from decades ago to that in 2017; they all agreed there had been a deterioration, and some said it could reflect changes in the health of Trump’s brain.

In interviews Trump gave in the 1980s and 1990s (with Tom Brokaw, David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Charlie Rose, and others), he spoke articulately, used sophisticated vocabulary, inserted dependent clauses into his sentences without losing his train of thought, and strung together sentences into a polished paragraph, which — and this is no mean feat — would have scanned just fine in print. This was so even when reporters asked tough questions about, for instance, his divorce, his brush with bankruptcy, and why he doesn’t build housing for working-class Americans. 

The Presidents:  Endorsement Of  “ Dr. Stella Immanuel” The VooDoo Queen

👺  Dr. Stella Immanuel blasted Facebook and Twitter after it removed her controversial video touting hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for COVID-19.  T-RUMP retweeted a video in which a controversial doctor says masks don’t help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that FDA warnings against hydroxychloroquine — a drug promoted by President Donald T-RUMP — and are based on fake science.  

👺  The doctor, Stella Immanuel, has previously made bizarre claims about space aliens, sex with demons, and the danger of Magic 8 Ball toys. Sex with demons, that should appeal to T-RUMP… he’s done about everything else.  Yellow showers in Russia with prostitutes, affairs while Melania was pregnant, etc.

👺  For the record, Twitter took down all posts related to her claims, citing them as an examples of dangerous misinformation, they also took Donald Jr’s Twitts too and banned him for twelve hours for lies and dangerous content… 

👺  Before T-RUMP and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made, Including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams.  ( You gotta be frickin kidding me…)   And, despite appearing in Washington, DC to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “ Reptilians” and other aliens…”

👺  But both Facebook and Twitter eventually deleted videos of Immanuel’s speech from their sites, citing rules against COVID-19 disinformation.  The deletions set off yet another round of complaints by conservatives of bias at the social-media platforms.  Immanuel responded in her own way, declaring that Jesus Christ would destroy Facebook’s servers if her videos weren’t restored to the platform.  

👺   Dr Stella said that she has treated three hundred and fifty patients with hydroxychloroquine and none of them have died or had any side effects, including her diabetic and asthmatic patients.  “Nobody needs to get sick,” Immanuel said. “This virus has a cure.”  

👺  Calling the studies and pharmacists that have doubted the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine fake studies, the doctor called out experts like Dr Sanjay Gupta and other surgeons for dismissing the effectiveness of COVID.   She further likened doctors that ignore the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine “good Nazis," she blamed the physicians for being responsible for the deaths of their patients that have died of COVID.


Dr. Scott Atlas —The Newest Creepy Quack Doctor

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald T-RUMP has found a new doctor for his COVID-19 task force — and this time there’s no daylight between them.  He’s on T-RUMPS page and quickly found himself right next to Pence somewhere near T-RUMPS ass.  Careful two heads don’t occupy the same space with DeSantis and Nikki Haley looking at that prime real estate there.

BIO: Dr. SCOTT ATLAS, A graduate of the FOX school of bullsh*t, with honors “ Magnet Cum’s Loudmouth”  has been appointed by T-RUMP.  Formerly a frequent guest and liar on Fox News Channel,  joined the White House as T-RUMPS  pandemic adviser.   

Atlas, the former chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center and a fellow at Stanford’s conservative Hoover Institution, has no expertise in public health or infectious diseases.  And is a Devout Moron who reads X-rays

EDITOR NOTE:  A frequent guest on FOX Fake news should send up a flag, in this case a surrender flag as this guy is worse than the others, and extremely dangerous when his lips move. Just another wacko, gone off the rails and needs to be flushed.  

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Blix should resign from the Pence fake group and leave T-RUMP hanging with his lies, people are dying because of lies and corruption and adding another jerk to the mix is Negligible Homocide… 

They should be re-established on a strong front of truth and supported and vested with the Democrats to help with the virus and the political problem aiding the virus.  Someone has to take Donald out, his moves will kill 418,000 Americans and his remover will be a hero and save lives.

His History  —  But he has long been a critic of COVID-19 lockdowns and has campaigned for kids to return to the classroom and for the return of college sports, just like T-RUMP.  He was only brought in to counter Dr. Fauci.

“Scott is a very famous man who’s also very highly respected,” Trump told reporters as he introduced the addition. “He has many great ideas and he thinks what we’ve done is really good.”  

ED:  Warning, comments coming from the biggest liar in the world, might not be true… and he is considered by most as not a good judge of character.  This doctor is a quack and perfect for T-RUMPS quack ideas… Only reason he is on Fox is most other stations call him nuts…

Atlas’ hiring comes amid ongoing tensions between the president and Drs. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, and Deborah Birx, the task force’s coordinator. While Birx remains closely involved in the administration’s pandemic response, both she and Fauci have publicly contradicted the rosy picture the president has painted of a virus that has now killed more than 190,000 people in the United States and infected millions nationwide.

  • Atlas, the sole doctor to share the stage at Trump’s pandemic briefings this past week, has long questioned polices that have been embraced by public health experts both in the US and abroad.  He has called it a “good thing” for younger, healthy people to be exposed to the virus, while falsely claiming children are at near “zero risk.”

  • In an April op-ed in The Hill newspaper, Atlas bemoaned that lockdowns may have prevented the development of              “ natural herd immunity.”   “In the absence of immunization, society needs circulation of the virus, assuming high-risk people can be isolated,” they wrote, this man is sick

  • Full Coverage: Virus Outbreak… In television appearances, Atlas has called on the nation to “get a grip and argued that there’s nothing wrong” with having low-risk people get infected, as long as the vulnerable are protected.

  • “It doesn’t matter if younger, healthier people get infected. I don’t know how often that has to be said. They have nearly zero risk of a problem from this,” he said in one appearance. “When younger, healthier people get infected, that’s a good thing,” he went on to say, “because that’s exactly the way that population immunity develops.”

  • Public health experts have long bemoaned Trump’s efforts to politicize the virus and have encouraged him to let doctors and scientists lead the nation’s response. But they questioned the decision to bring on Atlas, whose expertise is in magnetic resonance imaging and whose research has focused on factors impacting health care policy.

  • “I think he’s utterly unqualified to help lead a COVID response,” said Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor who specializes in public health. “His medical degree isn’t even close to infectious diseases and public health and he has no experience in dealing with public health outbreaks.”  “Its very clear to me,” Gostin added, “that the president brought on somebody who will just be a mouthpiece for his agenda and a ‘yes’ person.” 

  • Gostin expressed concern that T-RUMP was sidelining other doctors, including Birx and Fauci, because he had soured on their advice. “In the face of an epidemic that’s killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, that’s unforgivable,” he said. “You want clear independent advice from people with long experience in fighting novel pandemics and he has none of those credentials.”

  • Kavita Patel, a primary care physician and health policy expert who served in the Obama White House, said there’s little that can prepare a doctor for the crucible of a presidential staff, let alone working for the famously volatile Trump.“I expect Dr. Atlas’ time will be marked with highs and lows and hopefully he will realize that the country really needs credible expertise and guidance, not partisan bias,” said Patel. “By being partisan or political while having such an important role, doctors undermine their credibility and ultimately dilute the role of science.”


"The Oleander Conspiracy”

Snake Oil Scumbags  “Con-alition”  T-RUMP,  Mike Lindell,  Dr. Carson

(CNN) Former crackhead, born again Devout Moron and Certified Time Spent drug dealer, Evangelical nutcase, and Bullshitter… Mike Lindell (aka the “MyPillow Guy”) has long been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest allies. He’s called T-RUMP the “ Greatest President" ever and suggested that Trump was chosen by God for the role. ( Query:  The one that lives in the Penthouse or the one that lives in the Basement ?)

And because Trump likes people who like him, the President has been similarly complimentary of Lindell. “ Boy, do you sell those pillows," Trump told Lindell at an event at the White House in March.  Sounded more like a TV Commercial,  where the shill opens the dialog.   

Lindell’s pillow, which is touted for its comfort, and cost twice what a good one sells for, has made him a multimillionaire. Lindell has also claimed that T-RUMP has urged him to run for office.  Is it possible these two cons could work together?

Dangerous Territory:
A true con-man and a con president looking for a miracle on Election Boulevard.  T-RUMP has done more than just praise Lindell. He allowed Lindell to take part in a July White House meeting about the potential therapeutic properties of something called Oleandrin, an extract from the oleander plant.   
Lindell told CNN of Trump's reaction to the extract and its possible uses, including as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus.   “He was enthusiastic, as he is on everything that’s going to help people,”   

Important note:
Neither Lindell nor T-RUMP are medical doctors or infectious disease experts.  Certifiably T-RUMPS experience puts him at the top of COVID-19 cure list with his famous Hydroxychloroquine push that killed 120,000 in Brazil more like quacks, con men, snake oil salesmen, inserting UV light into body cavities, and a whole bunch of other liars, bullshitters, frauds, and scumbags and thats just on Monday… DIY hand Sanitizer with Methanol killed twenty,  Pool Cleaner used in and killed 4000 in Bolivia, and shoving a lightbulb T-RUMPS enlightening idea to kill COVID-19 internally we did not follow up on.

Pure Poison 
Oleander plants grow in all states and are used for highway sides, they are hardy, easy to get at but have a slight problem.  Approximately 374,000 plant species are on Earth; humans have used more than 28,000 of them as a form of medicine.  This one is totally a poison, all parts of the plant.  It’s vital to consider both the potential benefits and risks of plant extracts in such research. 

Coincidence:  Lindell was added to the board of (and received a financial stake in) Phoenix Biotechnology, which produced Oleandrin, earlier this month. He’s still a con and would sell his soul again and again to T-RUMP because he knows T-RUMP is a whooping dumbass and an easy mark.  

In and Interview Lindell told Axios that in the meeting,  T-RUMP “ basically said: …’The FDA should be approving it.'"  The White House did not respond to requests for comment. Usually means they are hiding something… 

Anderson Cooper:
All of which brings me to Tuesday, when Lindell was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. It was, by any objective measure, an absolute and total disaster for Lindell — and Oleandrin.  Great job Cooper, you might have saved 100,000 lives as the real problem would be … anything these quacks think up for money…

T-RUMP Joined In Because That What Easy Marks Do… 
To the alarm of some government health officials, President T-RUMP has expressed enthusiasm for the Food and Drug Administration to permit an extract from the Oleander plant to be marketed as a dietary supplement or, alternatively, approved as a drug to cure COVID-19, despite lack of proof that it works. 

Nasty Opinion
I’m at the point of thinking someone that callous and cold deserves to be assassinated and I would call the assassin a hero.  The repercussions of this pandemic will not go away with crackheads leading Science.  These quacks belong in jail and our President belongs in a landfill…  Wake up, this idiot is killing people!

But it is known T-RUMP is a dumb, very dumb, a naive sucker and the phrase in the business of conning someone is called an “ Easy mark”.  Thats T-RUMP, if it went though, money probably would change hands. Already did as Lindell owns stock in the fake company.

Why it matters: A senior administration official familiar with the internal conversations told Axios, “ The involvement of the Secretary of HUD and in pushing a dubious product at the highest levels should give Americans no comfort at night about their health and safety during a raging pandemic.” 

The big picture: Its part of a pattern in which entrepreneurs, often without rigorous vetting, push unproven products to T-RUMP — knowing their sales pitches might catch his eye since basically he is very ignorant with a lower IQ than most of the cons conning him.  T-RUMP will then urge FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to “look at” or speed up approval.  

Strong Warning:    About the Oleander Plant - And Stupid People
Nerium oleander is a highly toxic plant from the Apocynaceae family.   Though renowned for its beauty and use in landscaping,  this Mediterranean shrub is responsible for many cases of accidental and fatal poisoning across the globe.  Many states  have removed it.  Too common now and accessible, easily made into something dangerous by accident or intentional.

If eaten or ingested, any part of the plant, leafs, roots, branches, any part…it causes cardiac arrhythmias, or irregular heart rates, and can be lethal to both humans and animals.  How this plant was used by states as foliage out in the open is beyond me.  Oh and do not plant Oleander next to your house… it attracts TERMITES…   More

National Objectivity
An unusual and highly toxic compound is making headlines after President T-RUMP reportedly supported it in a conversation in the Oval Office.   FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, MD, has resisted any efforts around the compound, according to Axios, but Phoenix Biotechnology director Andrew Whitney has said if he can't get Oleandrin to market as a drug, he'll push for it as a dietary supplement.

The thought of another potentially dangerous compound being touted as a “ Miracle cure" by the Trump administration, like hydroxychloroquine, had medical experts up in arms on Twitter on Monday.  "Oleandrin? Yeah that would definitely end up killing people," tweeted David Juurlink, MD, PhD, of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto.

Juurlink told MedPage Today that oleandrin is “ Akin to digoxin. Too much can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but the main concern is arrhythmias, which can be fatal.”  Jennifer Gunter, MD, tweeted that it’s “  it’s easier to kill a person with oleandrin than COVID-19” and highlighted a case report in which two people were poisoned after eating snails that had munched on an oleander plant.

What makes Oleander -- the word generally covers the Nerium oleander, Nerium indicum, and Nerium odorum plants, and other common names are kaner, rosebay and rose laurel -- so deadly? All parts of it contain cardiac glycosides, the most potent being oleandrin and neriine, both of which are similar to the chief cardiac glycoside of foxglove, digoxin.

According to a 2010 case report and review, oleandrin directly interferes with the sodium-potassium pump of the heart, potentially leading to arrhythmias. Ingestion also causes gastrointestinal effects, and both appear about four hours after ingestion.  Authors of an earlier case report calculated that 4 grams of oleander leaves would be fatal and highlighted a case report in which a patient committed suicide using oleander leaves. That paper estimates toxic blood levels of oleandrin at 1 to 2 ng/ml and a fatal blood level of 9.8 to 10 ng/mL.

So far, there's no published evidence that oleandrin can help patients with COVID-19. A recent study tested the compound against SARS-CoV-2 in Vero cells, but no animal or human data are available for this indication. That study was a preprint in bioRxiv and one of its authors, Robert Newman, is the chairman of the Phoenix Biotechnology scientific advisory board.  FRAUD STINKS OUT LOUD

Oleandrin has also been studied in vitro as a possible anti-cancer medication, but it’s "unclear whether these effects can occur in the human body," according to a Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center info page on oleandrin.  “No one should take oleandrin to prevent COVID,” ( Or for cancer for that matter)
Juurlink told MedPage Today. “ Anyone gullible and foolish enough to take it despite this advice should get their affairs in order beforehand.” ( Wills, DNR, Burial, Last rites, Traffic Tickets, Cremation, etc.)

Importance of Fake Doctors and Fake Cures Endorsed by the President
Even more importantly, the hydroxychloroquine and convalescent plasma episodes sow doubts about the integrity of the FDA, a world-class regulatory agency with a long and storied history of protecting the American public from unsafe and ineffective drugs. 

When the process of approving therapies is so tainted, how can patients be sure any of the treatments they take are safe and effective?  An FDA that is beholden primarily to political rather than public health concerns could also cause harm with an untested vaccine.  And kill millions

If Dr. Hahn surrenders to the president on another product ( Oleander) that is not yet ready for prime time, he would be doing irreparable damage. He would impede further COVID-19 vaccine research while also needlessly exposing tens of millions of healthy Americans to an untested and potentially unsafe and ineffective product. 

Such a step would also further undermine public confidence in safe vaccines at a time when we also desperately need people to get flu shots and prevent measles outbreaks.  Dr. Hahn’s actions at the FDA should concern us all. Amid a pandemic, we do not need political pandering by the agency.  We need it to expedite access to promising new agents without compromising their clinical study and the health of the population. 

The political pressure is caused by one person who should be executed, institutionalized or assassinated and that is Donald T-RUMP, Fake TV Doctor and Fake TV President.

Radical American Frontline Doctors Several are Quacks and Dangerous
HUNTSVILLE  Al  —  An Alabama doctor is facing a backlash from the medical community for remarks he made this week in Washington, DC supporting the drug hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19. Dr. David Calderwood, of Huntsville, spoke as part of a group of doctors who are calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors.”  The family physician of over 39 years told sister station WHNT, “If you do it right, it works amazingly well.”  

WE SURMISE:   In that case if you shoved a lit candle lit up your butt, you would not need a chest X-ray and you could cauterize your hemorrhoids.  If you didn’t sh*t for a week you could change your eye color from blue to brown, every body gets lucky and these are not scientifically safe nor proven trial type tests which along with and have been conducted and proved the HDCQ does not work.

Numerous health studies, as well as federal and state health officials, have concluded that Hydroxychloroquine is not an effective treatment for COVID-19 and that it potentially carries with it serious health risks if mis-prescribed. Thats six real testings, four countries and it has helped kill thousands in South America.  

Deleted by Twitter:   Calderwood’s controversial comments, along with those of the other doctors, went viral after President T-RUMP retweeted them Monday.   Dr. Jeanne Marrazzo, director of the University of Alabama at Huntsville’s Division of Infectious Diseases, called Calderwood and his colleagues’ remarks in the video, “Irresponsible and, frankly, really despicable.” Marrazzo added, “We have excellent, high-level evidence from clinical trials showing that it doesn’t work and that it has some bad side effects.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Calderwood told WHNT he is still trying to prescribe hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19, and, as of now, all of his prescriptions have been denied.  Thank goodness.  A spokesperson for Huntsville Hospital, with which Dr. Calderwood is affiliated, released the following statement Wednesday.
“The Huntsville Hospital will not comment on the physician’s opinions or comments on tape.” They are smart.


ATCH 08-27-2020