One of the few tele-moniests I can stand. For about five minutes. This guy is so good at what he does the other creeps are jealous and can't stand him. 

Because instead of the hell, fire and brimstone, the fear and devil mongering, and the constant harassment to send in money, he preaches positive thinking, feeling good about yourself, your family and then, only then does he tell you to send in the money. 

Almost 90 million dollars last year and an estimated 30,000 parishoners and supporters in his congregation.  If talk is cheap this guy has turned lead into gold. This is alchemy at it's highest level but with digging and investigating, there are few complaints against what he does except from the competition, the old school, the narly thinking fear mongers of hell fire and brimstone and "Jesus is the only way", anything else is blasphemy.  (Mostly jealousy since a lot of the fire and brimstone preachers using fear tactics,  don't attract smart people)

Barbara Walters, mentions him as one of the “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006". So far he has not been involved in  sex, drug, or molestation, cheating, robbing, or stealing, normal scandals like the other "Do as I say and don't do as I do" like others mentioned here. 

Robert Schuller, recently dismissed as the head of the church he founded also believed in the power of positive thinking.  We call it Positive Motivational Christianity.  Another slightly heavier gospelite is Joyce Meyer.

Joel Osteen's motto, theme, mantra is "Discover the Champion in You."  He is the son of Pentecostal Preacher the late John Osteen.  39-year-old Olsteen had he gone one the motivational speaking tour might give Tony Robbins a run for his money but when you are taking in 90 million dollars a year you don't look for another job.  Good looks and a drop dead gorgeous wife adds to the charisma with couple has with smiles and a positive message compared to some of these charlatans like Murdock, Robertson, Oral Roberts, Popoff and a few other jerkoffs.


His wife is stunningly beautiful and right by his side. She can talk too. No jezebel hookers on this beat. Other than a flight attendant she didn't get along with, a small gift to the FAA and getting off the plane she is fairly clean in the ring of fire preachers bed warmers.  The Federal Aviation Administration has fined Victoria Osteen, wife of Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen, $3,000 after determining she had interfered with a Continental Airlines crew member aboard a flight late last year. And this week, a flight attendant filed suit claiming she was assaulted by Victoria Osteen during that flight to Vail, Colo., for the Christmas holidays.

At least some people aboard the Continental Airlines flight were less than pleased after waiting about two hours at Bush Intercontinental Airport while the Osteens left the plane and their luggage was removed, said a woman who witnessed the incident.  “She was just abusive,” said Sheila Steele, who said she was sitting behind Victoria Osteen. “She was just like one of those divas.”

A church spokesman said the couple and their children left the plane voluntarily after the incident Monday and took another flight to Vail, Colo.  Joel Osteen has paid the penalty, which is not an admission of guilt.


In his sermons, Joel Osteen does not mention God. Joel Osteen instead talks about life and it's lessons. I believe he feels when God has something to say, He will say it and do something about it.  It’s just his advice on how to live a happy life that has been thought of by other people first, “Think positively about yourself” and other such nonsense as his competitors on the GOD tithing business trail have said. 

Nonsense? Positive thinking is nonsense? Maybe to any Bible thumping, down in the bushes, hell loving, holy rolling, messengers of the true word!   In other words, the crackpots who have gone too far and would make great Taliban recruits.

Joel Osteen inherited the business from his father. When Joel Osteen became the head pastor of his church, he had barely finished one sermon and he does not have any Bible training. 

It has been widely reported that Osteen attended ORU in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a two year period without receiving a degree.
Likewise, it has been reported that he has no higher level training in religious matters or Bible studies. In an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight in January, 2011, Osteen mentioned that he had never attended seminary.

Maybe thats the secret of his success, he didn't do it the same old, same old way.  The way the thumpers teach the other thumpers, and give them degrees in what? Story telling and threats. Parables and impossibles. Laboring sermons about things that can't be proven. The boring, lying, cheating way these others operate and hasn't learned any of the fear tactics his fellow belchers of brethren intimidation use so copiously.


Unless you have been living on another planet you have no doubt heard of, or even seen America’s smiling pastor Joel Osteen, head of Lakewood Church, one of the largest professing Evangelical Christian congregations in the world. 

What needs to be understood here is that the only way someone like this could even be considered an Evangelical is due to the disturbing low ebb of discernment today in the Body of Christ. Here is a man who at best has such an alarming simplistic message concerning Christianity–and at worst is yet another of the many Word Faith teachers currently infesting our Lord’s Church–an alarmingly arrogant breed who are now fearlessly spouting their doctrines of devils.

AJL:    After reading this statement, I thought Holy Sh*t!  Real Holy Sh*t.  This and other statements by the competition just brings out their jelousy, thats all there is to it.  Thats the extent of the complaints we searched for, nothing about corruption, stealing, begetting, pedofiling, et al.  His stauchest complaints came from the competition, the old school Bablifiers and Babelists.

They can't stand someone who tells stories of life, not Bablifications and smoke blowing.  I thought for a while if I were in the ocean in a lifeboat with others, and a storm was approaching.  All the pastors  and  preachers in the boat were into their speil about being saved, he would stand up and say, lets get rowing, that might work.  At that point I would pitch the other idiots overboard, as useless, lighten the boat and grab an oar.

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