We send people to Washington to represent us and share our views, solve problems and make a more perfect union.  Instead they are the problems, lingering around too long by a system of financial rewards being bribed to the point of uselessness, total out of touch with their constituents, but in touch and controlled by their benefactors.

And in the case of the speaker John Boehner, who is leaving the House having had enough pressure from the TEA PARTY which is tearing the GOP apart.   He is a good man but was constantly confronted and pressured by the TEA Party.  Already the idiots have surfaced looking to take his position over.

I might as well be out front.  I vote as a NPA, no party affiliation.   I gave up on parties, slogans, macarena dancing, tweed rings weird accusations and theories, lies and cheating.  I left the Republican party.   Not to say some of the politicians on the left don’t share the same stripes, it’s just the GOP does it a lot better or worse depending on how you see it.

In the past I voted Republican about forty five plus years, straight ticket, party card holder and verbal marching volunteer.  I guess I was a Goldwater and Reagan Conservative, because they were frugal in the size of government, but they had morally compassionate leanings for those of lesser financial stature.  

They crossed the great divide of the partisanship mountain range, were well accepted on both side of the fence and with Tip O’Neal the “Gipper or Dutch”  Ronald Reagan managed to keep things moving along not exactly as much as needed or wanted but a positive experience.   The “Gipper" had three enduring qualities. 

A strong but likable personality, with the ability to carry a personalized message.  People bonded with him. The instinct to surround himself with good people who knew their job.  And he was an honest broker who cared for country first, himself second.

The parties have become corrupt clubs, bribe inspired and loyal, sold, bought, and paid for.  I pick a person, I search, dissect, track and investigate that person and I am a bulldog, knowing where to look and how.  I'm not a political party stooge, I hate political parties.  I'm convinced that is not the Republican party I stood with for all those years. 

Jokingly when asked who could solve the partisanship dilemmas, I suggested a clone of  Iosif (Joseph) Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, or more commonly known as  Joseph Stalin. They would work together or there would be 535 apartments for rent in DC which would help the rental and funeral business’s.  It’s really sad Washington is broken. 

Im sick of the electoral rhetoric, the Democrats calling the Republicans a bunch of goose stepping white haired old Southern Loons, not totally true, thats only 65% of them.  The other 35% are born-againers self proclaimed Evangelicals who never quite grasped the theory of the separation of Church and State.   

And I hate Republicans blaming fellow Republicans and Democrats for shaking hands with President Obama.  You would think hand sanitizers hadn’t been invented.  I include Santorum, Cruz, and Huckabee, the trifecta of zealotry, and the usual crew who sling Jesus like hash at a road diner, and don’t really live the life they profess.   Based on the scamming voter registration tricks the GOP is backing, prejudice is again rearing it’s ugly head, it never went away, just stayed dormant but on the rise.

The Party chased me away with their stupidity, selfishness and greed fed and bribed, controlled by big money and corruption after the Supreme Court opened the gates of hell.   Pushed and controlled by the Tea Party, spenders like Adelson and the Koch Brothers, big money with threats of primary challenges.  

Henceforth the party mantra is based on the fact I have declared tea partiers “ TEA or TEAT POTS".  Just remember the mantra, "TEA POTS scream and whistle a lot, but other than for putting out boiling water, totally useless”.  We had also considered TEAT POTTERS but that was too sexist, until my friend attached the fact most of their ideas suck.   Most of the 65% consider women based on how these loons voted as unimportant and insignificant 2nd class citizens.  I’m waiting for the frying pan revolution when some of the southern white hairs get their brains spilled all over the road. 


And when twenty people get killed by a screwball with a semi-automatic weapon and the NRA shrugs it off as a common event, they should be held accountable. I have  solution for the NRA, since they spend the dollars of their members dues (millions) to fight gun legislation by donating to the politicians with bribes. Calling it anything other than a bribe is ludicrous.

Bribes and threats of political suicide if you vote against them.  My solution,  federally declare them a profit organization dedicated to helping the families of the deceased providing for those killed by their policies. If they got the bucks for bribes hold them responsible to those suffering from their position.

Lets declare them the insurance provider for the GUN country.  When a child or innocent is killed have them cough up a cool million for the family.  Then, I would say things were fair and balanced.  They pay Wayne LaPierre a million a year to twist the truth, why not pay the victims of his actions.  

If the bribe of a federal official to determine the laws was adjudged in favor of the NRA, in my book that is called a bribe?  And it should be a hanging offense.  I hearby state I will pay for the rope.  I support the second amendment and I am a competitive shooter, gun owner, writer and supporter of common sense laws - enforced. But not the rhetoric I hear from them now.  The NRA are not honest brokers. 

Politicians and polling is likened to a horse bettor checking his tout sheet, a scorecard to see if ones greatest lies are actually working.  If it looks like a crook, smells like a crook, acts like a crook, and wants your vote or money for whatever cause they claim to support you with, most likely it is either a political or a religious based crook.  

We have a large section of our "friends" we elected not because of their skills or patriotic beliefs and the honest will to serve but many were the lesser of two evils;  Or we were not informed enough and believed the lies and spins put out by the paid professional liars hired by these political hacks.  

Or as Fareed Zakaria explains it,  "voters usually decide in the voter booth where they will usually select a name they recognize”.  And just like the proverbial cockroach these money changers like Karl Rove turn up at every election with some title or position and claim God is behind them.  Remember Mr. Mephistopheles claims to be a God too.   

In politics, I just target the liars regardless of political stance or affiliation or what they just lied about as a talking head.  And we did not leave out those who were busy banging secretaries, continent hoping for love in all those Argentine hotspots which never fully made it, or those chasing Senate pages around in addition to the usual bribes, favors, cheating, and all around scum bagging some of them are known for.  

Label me what you want.  I like “Conservative/Liberal”.  Basically, I am middle of the road and my thoughts are not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, nor nutcase aberrations of common sense.  I am independently thinking, and vote no party affiliation.  

Almost  14 years of hellish obstructionism, wars, war, war, all the lies, spins, conflict, anger, deceit and well, filthy politics and corruption are still doing well, plenty of cannon fodder for me.  OK, a normal political year adding "but not advertising, the obvious no-no subject of racism”. So this would be my world, maybe a little harsh at times but in some cases well deserving. 

Go to any restaurant and you see a table full of people all texting and calling others and ignoring who they are with.  I have a good friend who took his daughters cellphone and threw it out the window at 60 MPH when he really got pissed off at her.  Her Mom was talking to her and she took a call and told her Mom to wait, to hush, her friend was on the phone.   

He stopped the car,  told her after we go eat, you can then go live at your girlfriends house.  If she is more important than your mother and family, just get out of my house.  And when you are 16 we'll see whether we let you drive or not.  Tough love, whats tougher was he meant it.  

A year later with no phone she got the message.  She has a simple phone again. She has to leave her cellphone off if using the car which is restricted to daytime by FLA law.   She is allowed only one other teen in the car with her.  The only phone she has is prepaid minutes and he can control that.  Minutes based on how she helps Mom around the house. 

The car is wired for, distance, location, speed.  Dad is a pro-active Dad.  He knows pain, he has been here before. He lost his son and his son’s friend, gone in a car accident the girl’s brother caused.  He was a couple years older than her, just wasn't very lucky.  Dad lost a son, the son’s friend, and was legally challenged by the other boy’s parents.   Tough love, but it was the answer with his daughter.

I believe in openness and honesty in government, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others.  With discussion, discourse, trials and testing for new programs and politicians who regardless of party work together which is what we hired them for.  

Unfortunately, the inmates are running the institution.  And almost four hundred unsigned bills and programs in one year went to waste along with the integrity of the Republican party’s job in Congress which suffers from a 9% approval rating, I gave them a zero and thought I had been generous.

The stuff our problems are made of are floating to the surface just like that oil in Florida.  Banks lost to deregulation, the Mortgage business fell to deregulation, the Auto industry, Enron, the Wall street vs. Main street deregulation, and finally loosening of the offshore drilling regulations.   

All were too big to fail, but all too entrenched in the secret deals and bribes of those sworn to protect us and our constitution.  Some are coming back as we have a resilient economy but not to the levels needed. 

But they did fail because the profits went to a few and did it at the expense of the middle class.  And once again the taxpayer is screwed. When the government employees and agencies became friends with whom they were supposed to watch, no oversight. No parentage, no control.  

And just when the economy is failing, we find out where the money went. The average Congressional Senator, and Congressman's income went into the millions at a time when the average homeowner was about to lose his car, home, his kids future. Let the censures and dismissals begin, soon is not soon enough.

I believe in balanced budget but not when it robs the poor to feed the rich. Thats an unbalanced budget.  I believe in flat tax, term limits, and 535 new refurbished cells reopened in Alcatraz for the crooks in Washington who have accepted bribes for favors.  I believe in government doing what it can to help the poor to have a better life by offering a hand, not handouts.  

Our values are broke, soon you and I will be going broke. Tax reform is badly needed. The tax code supports the rich,  not those who really need it. And the problem is the tax code is written by the wealthy for the wealthy and does nothing for the other 98% of the country. Unless we have the chutzpah to elect people of the middle class to represent us…. The answer is FLAT TAX. The problem is, to be elected is all about money.   And read on and you find both the Catholic Pope Francis and the writings of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi saw greed and wealth as enemies of mankind. 

The economy is broke, you stop manufacturing, you stop growing. When major U.S. firms and aquisitioned companies went broke or were in trouble, they went offshore on their employees. Thats what we were told.  Really?  They went offshore because of the profit margin and the stock growth.  The increased revenues because of lower labor and regulatory rates went to the stockholders many of whom worked for the company. The top got paid, the bottom got laid. The stock market paid the rich with money taken from the middle class.  


The Supreme Court of the United States is the highest judicial body in the United States, and is part of the problem. It consists of the Chief Justice of the United States and eight Associate Justices, who are nominated by the President. 

  1. First mistake.  They are not elected by the people.
  2. Then they go through a series of “trials administered by the biggest crooks in the land” and confirmed. 
  3. Once appointed, Justices effectively have life tenure, serving "during good behavior”.   Unfortunately, their term concludes only upon a) death, b) resignation, c) retirement, or d) conviction on impeachment.  Lets change that to ten years and a review for ten more.
  4. Lets add production back to the equation.  They were not included in the job description.  Getting things done is part of the equation.   Some have brain died in office, still showing up every day, producing little or no productive work, they just weren’t notified yet that their brains had passed on.  But still they managed to write numerous books and jurist papers on topics like "Fart  vs. Belch on Illegal Methane Production”. 
  5. What we need is a Supreme Court of selected individuals elected by the people, neither conservative vs. liberal, or any other leaning. 
  6. It's OK to be all about the Constitution, it what makes our country unique but I believe it is not eternal. Eternal in it's tenets, but flexible in how it carries things out.  Nothing is wrong with the Constitution, no one wishes to change it's basic precepts. But, it has to stay in touch with modern times. 
  7. Their robes should be designed and updated by Vera Bradley.
  8. We are all not citizen farmers, there are fewer Blacksmiths and Heraldic scholars.  We are a nation of good people, 350 million strong, depending on a government; of the people; for the people; and by the people and they are the  constituents, with voter registration cards, not the politicians handlers and owners who are called lobbyists, not their corporate friends, they are called bribers.   The Supreme Court is to blame.  Don't take peoples rights away, but don't make a mockery of our laws either. There is a balance called fairness that has to exist and some of their decisions will haunt us.  

I have seen foxes rob a henhouse.  I was a young teen spending summers (for fresh air as my mother explained) near Monticello, NY in a bungalow on a poultry farm.  I learned about Foxes.  Foxes are smart, alert, sneaky, stealthy and slick. Just like Washington politicians.The decision to allow corporations to unlimited funding and donations to politicians amounts to:


a) Shooting the farmers dogs 
b) Tying up the farmer 
c) Writing an amendment to allow foxes the right to defend themselves 
d) Taking down and banning the chicken wire fences.
e) Selling the farm for condos.

On this shot the President was right in calling them out. Already the main cause of corruption in the US is the Lobbyist bribes.  This just made bribes by the corporation in millions of dollars the new denominator in elections.  The "logic" behind Citizens United is that third-party spending can't possibly be corrupting. 

The five-justice majority declared that "this Court now concludes that independent expenditures, including those made by corporations, do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption. That speakers may have influence over or access to elected officials does not mean that those officials are corrupt. And the appearance of influence or access will not cause the electorate to lose faith in this democracy.” B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T.

"Whats happening in our country"? "NOTHING", said both Congressman Boehner and Senator McConnell!  They were right, they are the cause of nothing, the party of nothing. Boehner and McConnell with no frickin answers stonewalled and obstructed  anything that could be passed. They just wasted almost seven years of our time and money. The result "our government is broken, corrupt and owned by big business and lobbyists. 

"We the people" is more like "Wee-Wee on the people"!  Led by Mitch Mcconnell who said, "My job for the next four eight years is to make the Presidents term, his last term. Now that didn’t work, so we surmise he means "lets make it miserable for him and if it hurts the American Public, so what”.  He indicated to those in the party, anything goes”.  

And along came Ted Cruz, who cancelled his Canadian citizenship, and the Canadians wanted to declare a national holiday shouting things like, glad to see you go and go screw with the Americans.  And he did, the TEA PARTY shut down the government.  And when you shut down the government, you lose 24 billion dollars of commerce, and layoff 800,000 decent people, you deserve the label and the accusation of being treasonous.  

They are not heroes they do not understand the rules and actions required by a democracy for radical change. Anywhere else in this world, you would be immediately missing for such an self-serving dumb-ass stunt.  In some countries, hanged or stoned, most countries, just a bullet. In Stalins case, two per bullet, he was frugal.

Now he is running for President with a 4% rating in the poll.  What a self -centered individual.  Let me clarify things, term limits for the Congress and Senate.  Does not apply to jail terms. A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms a person may serve in a particular elected office. Term limits are found usually in presidential and semi-presidential systems as a method to curb the potential for dictatorships, where a leader effectively becomes "president for life".  We recently had an "idiot for eight” who laughed and tossed us into the worst financial situation since 1929 and dumped us into a never ending war against the west.


When I listen to our politicians spieling about the cost and their concerns for the lives of our citizens, I envision a large mass of methane surrounding Washington and hopefully no one lights a match. Frankly they bring more excitement to the bowels rather than the brain. 

I used to think the ignition of flatulence gas was strictly a college prank and the few idiots who tried it, failed, visited the ER and found out the importance of Nupercainal ointment for the rest of their lives.  Obviously Congress is not that smart.

You would think they enlisted the help of Mr. Methane, a noted flatulist from Britain, where else, who actually plays tunes and blows darts through his southern end of the alimentary canal.   Mr. Methane has also showcased his brilliant performance Farting on many TV and Radio Shows during his long and illustrious career. Howard Stern called him, "A true Genius. A huge star!"

Mr. Methane recently appeared on Britain's Got Talent where Simon Cowell called him disgusting.  Disgusting is the same word you can use to describe some of our political leaders. Selfish, corrupt, greedy individuals who think about nothing but themselves and lie through their teeth every time they open their mouth.   

You got to love them when they act out all this passion about caring about health care reform.  What have they been doing for the past thirty years?  Thinking about it?  Suddenly under the camera, they are all experts; magnificent speeches about distressed folks in their district, examples of fraud and corruption and they fail to mention small things like the money they get, the lobbyist bribe money for their re-election, while you get potatoes and onions if you ae lucky and get food stamps.  Mr. Methane has competition, lots of it right here in Washington, and some who have higher rankings.


Have you ever watched the stale and un-passionate scenes being played out by the actors on C-span when the Senate and Congress are in session. There are people in those seats but I suspect some are brain dead and already have made up their mind before the vote based on party lines, heavily supported by the lobbyists who simply put, BRIBE them.

The camera once in a while catches them nodding off under those hot camera lights. Of course it's kept really cold in the Congress and Senate halls because they wear suits and have to look the part. So, if one did pass on, who would know?  When they accomplish nothing, who really cares if who voted for it. 

I think some votes came about because one of the other politicians walked by, grabbed the guys arm and raised it.  As long as your hair looked good you were OK. Thats why the highest paid barbers are in DC. Former Senator, Philandering Scumbag and Presidential hopeful John Edwards and his multi hundred 400 dollar cuts set the trend.   

I believe in fixing up Florida's  "Ol Sparky" with new Corinthian Leather seats donated by Chrysler who was part of the Automobile bailout and Duke Electric updating the capacitors.  For those in the political arena (who all drive cars with expensive leather interiors) when they get caught with their “pants down”.  

The soft leather seat with pants down will make them feel at home.   And I believe death penalties should be shortened from twenty years to twenty months, or in the case of cheating officials, twenty hours and in the case of pedophiles, rapists, serial shooters, less than 20 seconds issued on the spot when found beyond a doubt ‘ guilty”.

And if life is not better thru chemistry, as in the executions botched, just bring back the firing squad. For years it worked.  Stalin saw it differently as he would put it:  “Truly, if you get rid of the problem maker, you get rid of the problem"!   He had strong answers and fast solutions, no one could ever say he didn't listen for a minute or two and then he shot down the opposition.  Literally after he had heard enough.

In England, someone deserving of the death penalty gets thirty days to settle his affairs, not twenty years of prison hotel accommodations, some with private rooms, free medical and dental, free lawyer service for ridiculous time, TV, lots of recreational time and money wasting appeals.  Now with advancements in DNA, we can deal with absolutes and save a ton of money reducing the prison population by one-third. (Somewhere around two million plus incarcerated)

The drug problem can be simply handled by infusing the sources and supplies druggies and independent corner drug peddlers sell with chemicals that will reduce them to amoebas if drugs are taken without proper medical authorization or OK.  Drugs will kill you this just makes it quicker. It’s a frugal thing, funerals would be up, crime down since   less people wanting to try the bad stuff.

Dealing with China is no better than dealing with the devil. We have merchandise on the shelves that is not made as well, dangerous (lead etc) to our children and homes (drywall). Thank Wal- Mart for killing the Mom and Pop small enterprise John Boehner likes to quote as the basis for growth in our economy.

And the loss of one job for every employee they have. Theres a million jobs right there.   Small businesses went broke, simply no one around to support them and the anti-productive government policies simply did not allow a fair fight.  We lost. The whole theory of trickle down economics and support the rich to stimulate the economy backfired.

"We call this tinkle down economics”.  Someone got pee’d on. It is also closely tied with treaties we made with other countries which need a review which won't happen since so many in Washington are bribed by these foreign influences. Travel through NEW England and a few OLD Southern States and look at the myriad of closed up and boarded factories.  It's a two fold killer. 

It killed the jobs today, and the jobs of tomorrow. Some workers were kept on to dismantle the plant they worked in, they were asked to pack and ship the plant overseas. Today there's not a jury I would serve on if those men had burnt that plant down. I probably would of applauded them. I might of help light the torches.  NOT GUILTY.

Those plants are gone and not likely to become anything else because of what killed them. We taxed, OSHA'd and EPA'd them to death. They had no choice but go offshore.  Now we will pay the price. The 10% real unemployment mark might just be the norm for the unemployed in the US. There is no incentive to start another company here, we just don't compete.  It took eight years to just about drive everybody out of here. 

We sent them to the nations that we are forced to buy off now. We buy from them because the major one, we owe more than a trillion dollars (it’s a big secret) to for a war that netted us nothing but dead and wounded.  The perfect storm, an attack and a born again madman who learned nothing from the Crusades.  

China and India. We used to sell to them. They are taking that money and investing in better schools turning out the engineers, scientists and mathematicians of tomorrow while we have some of the fastest texter's and cell phone minute users in the world. We are literally mentally masturbating ourselves to death with texting. 

Communication on a vocal level is non-existent. The cell phone has replaced cigarettes as the number one addiction in the United States. And the texters, a nation of mis-spellers, two fingered typists good for picking coffee beans.

Don't blame China for the toys with lead, and just about every thing else thats comes in is possibly contaminated. Add dangerous sub standard tools and parts, equipment and rotten drywall.  We were dumb enough to let them in under an administration that was dumb and greedy.  

I'm in Florida, we got a big chunk of that bad drywall. One condominium complex has 100 hundred plus units made of that stuff that will all have to be ripped out down to the wood, and the owners will have to pay for it because the builder went Chapter seven. Each one took a 150,000 dollar hit.  And we have thousands of houses built with that bad drywall.


We need the line item veto. To make every bill stand on it's own, no more backdoor deals, no more lobbyists, and big business controlling the country. What we have is a bunch of salesmen. It's not what they tell you, it's what they don't tell you. Doing business as usual has been tolerated for too many years, if you want to call it business.  We the taxpayers we pay these people to produce. If they can't do the job, fire them. We didn't hire them to stand there, make grandiose speeches and cause half the problems.

As many of you will notice when you watch C-SPAN, most of the Members of Congress are speaking to an empty hall, thats why the cameras are fixed and don’t pan around. They are just filling the Congressional Record so they can claim they were working.

Just have mercy on those poor stenographers, who have to listen to all this congealed manure while the other "public servants are probably being served by a public servant of their own, a barmaid".  Solution, make it mandatory they have to listen to their own party bullshit and any bill being read for the record requires mandatory attendance.

And while you are at it,  Eliminate the 60/40 vote and incorporate majority rules. No, we are not going socialist, no it's not a trick, we are going majority rules, primal and basic. The 60/40 rule was a great idea at one time but today is misused as a tool.

Then and maybe I'm dreaming, it would reduce the pressure of being a party person, and being what you were elected for. A duly elected official representative of the people. Not a duly elected representative of the party.  Frankly Washington has to go back to work on fixing itself and the country. not fixing elections, and abusing the powers of state.

They lie, they cheat, they steal, and they get caught and walk away. If this was the old West they would be tarred and feathered or worse, if this was Egypt, they would be boiled in oil, cheap oil no less, right from the Sun God EXXON, none of the good olive stuff for these goniffs. (Yiddish for slime ball)

Now they get a censure, a slap on the wrist and next week back to normal.  Why, because they are judged by a group of their own peers and since they all have deals we don’t know about, nothing ever gets done. They are conjoined and sharing the same bloody blood.  We call it the henhouse game. One hen, five hundred thirty-five wolves.  One of them will eat the hen but they all know they could be the one.  So they look the other way.  Tomorrow another hen will be procured.

In the movie Clear and Present Danger, Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan calls out the President who tries to convince Ryan that he now holds "a chip in the big game" by being in the loop of what happened, Ryan can use the President for special favors; the President calls it the Washington two-step.  

I call it treason. Ryan tells the President that he intends to blow the whistle at a Congressional Oversight Committee session despite the damage it could do to his career. He walks out of the Oval Office and begins his testimony to Congress. We need more Ryans

Prime Example the Governor of Florida Rick Scott, got caught stealing from Medicare, but managed like Tom Hayward of BP to get out with 300 million taxpayer dollars as a golden parachute. He had nothing to offer, no political time, but he has money.  He robbed the people of Medicare funds through the hospital chains he built. The losses to Medicare totaled 1.7 Billion (B) which meant some did not get what they were needing so he could become wealthy. He should be running for President of his cellblock, somewhere in that thievery, someone suffered horribly because of him. 

So Florida can look forward to nothing, which is what it got with Scott, a rich millionaire with no experience and a very dark background, little truth, very little transparency, lots of rhetoric, cute slogans and nothing substantial.  This is a joke, no one is a leader and the answers are all party line BS.  

This state is in trouble and the good guys, those caped crusaders looking to solve things are stuck, because they missed a flight, broke down on the highway or overslept or like most Floridians can get lazy sipping on pina coladas, enjoying a day on the beach and eating dinner out in our fine seafood restaurants.   

Get out of the CRUSADES business.  Just look at IRAQ today, about to be overrun by ISIS, ISIL or whatever.  Fifteen billion in aid, we know of, a trillion in cash for bribes delivered by Air Force C-17 USPDM, (United States Personal Dirty Money).  Yes, it's real money and the 7000+ Americans who died in a war to oust a dictator who was replaced by a different kind of dictator and crook.  And now  we have to drop 30,000 dollar bombs on the equipment we outfitted ISIS, ISIL with. Bombing our own vehicles we paid for and donated to the IRAQ Army.  Insanity.  The IRAQ forces must consider Ralph Nader a hero for installing bigger back up lights on their tanks. 

The disdain by the ISIL forces in wholesale slaughter of the IRAQ troops who threw down their arms should of been a warning to the IRAQ forces not to surrender but others still do. The ISIL have no stomach, nor time for prisoners.  In WWII it was like the Japanese “Bushido Code”  

The previous administration, under Bush, namely choreographed by Cheney, Rove, and Rice and its legion of defenders in Washington justified in terms that struck me at the time as highly ideological, fundamentally stupid and slightly right of center in the political arena reasons for our actions.  There were no accurate proven reasons for the war. Simply put lies, that got better by the day.   Wars cost us money BUT some individuals gained heavily from military contracts, they make money.  True to this day. Number one on my list of traitors is Dick Cheney followed by Rove and others. 

It seems few folks knew the true story of the real TEA Party  I didn't, so I researched it, fascinating.  It's a whole different booze inspired moment of time.  With that said, the TEA parties actions back in those days were small in comparison to today’s events.  You could get away with what happened in those days, today we have encompassing attacks like 911, stalemated twelve year wars, techno drones, missiles, nuclear bombs and the fact that we live in a global world and we are a country of 350 million diverse people.

A small government can't run that many people, period. The states can't do it either. There has to be a big government. If you do not understand that last sentence go climb back in your cave.  In the face of Katrina's and Sandy's of the global world, any individual states FEMA program would have failed and lots more people would be dead by now.

As George Bush the first said at the G20, this is the NEW WORLD ORDER  (Go here)  No it's not about the bombings, jack booted troops on our soil, or even the Black helicopters so brought forth by the NRA, more propaganda for membership dues. 

It's about how money rules the world and we are a global economy subject to the pitfalls and competition.  The Colonials never had a Brazil, Russia, India, and China, (the so-called BRIC community) plus Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Germany for competition. They wanted a better price on TEA. The political side came later.

So in 2010, the TEA POT party got greedy and impatient and that cost Republicans. Really inept, weird, strange witchcraft took over with poor candidates like Delaware's bewitching Christine O'Donnell and Nevada's Sharron Angle who would bring slavery back if she could in 2010.  Add TEA POT-HEADS like the medically inept play doctor abortion duo of Missouri's Todd Akin and Indiana's Richard Mourdock this year,  Scott Brown, Allen West and others went by-by.  What are these imbeciles doing anywhere near or even aspirations of going to Washington?. 

The GOP allowed the Tea Party to do its dirty work in 2009-2011.  At every opportunity at town hall meetings Congressman were broached by insults, challenges, being shouted down and not permitted to speak at their own meetings.  So much for the freedom of speech, fairness, and calm intercourse.  

This created a Neanderthal versus the Troglodytes Tactical Plan within the GOP. It still worked for a while till the right people caught on. The GOP thought it had the perfect storm makers, wrong.   It soon backfired as the TEA POTS had deeper and more intrusive pans for the GOP.  They were the right of the right wing. The TEA PARTY had backstabbed the Republican Party.  The old backdoor wazoo trick.  The TEA PARTY, more a coalition with themselves than a party, without a caucus, was born. The press ate it up like maggots on an elephant carcass.  Whatever you think of journalism and the press, forget it.  

Big rallies were held and many showed up.  Just like other political enterprises founded by history's greatest crowd pleasers like Adolf and Benito, Saddam Hussein, Al-Assad and others.  These were patriots, and they let you know with huge rallies, lots of cheering and self congratulations, and many mis-spelled signs. Too bad education was not on their agenda. Learn how to spell you frickin idiots!  

But it worked  and they managed to get in 2010 almost 87 followers in the House, which gave the Speaker of the House Boehner heartburn, severe heartburn.   That cut into his 100 rounds of Golf he plays every year, even the golf couldn’t calm him.  He has since resigned and retired.


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