T-RUMP has done a lot of damage to Florida,  and his stooge and sycophant Ron DeSantis will destroy the State with his lies and hiding truth from the people of this great state.  

He needs like T-RUMP to be a one time elected official and should not be eligible for a second term.  Or hanged… We prefer the latter… 

In conclusion Herr Von Da-Santis, his mentor being Herr Adolfo T-RUMP is the worst Governor the state ever had since Rick Scott the other crook who was just before him.  His claim to fame and now our Senator,  another scumbag who defrauded Medicaid of 1.7 billion dollars… with his face claims…

RON DE SANTIS (Herr Von Da-Santis)

Member of the US House of Representatives
Born:  Ronald Dion DeSantis  September 14, 1978 (age 41)
Political party - DEVOUT T-RUMP MORON
Residence  Governor’s Mansion  — (Should Be Florida Prison at  Raiford FL - Home to Old Sparky Electric Chair)
Education  Yale University (BA)  Harvard University (JD)
US NAVY Lieutenant Commander - Judge Advocate General’s Corps
Given the handle hashtag #FloridaMoron by Florida Voters
Loved by certified and demented  T-RUMP fans, for his aggression towards news people who embarrass him as he is completely incompetent and lies…a lot…and when they ask the same question ten times and he doesn’t answer with truth…

Herr T-RUMP the Teacher …Herr Von DaSantis The Student

Are We looking at a 2024 Ticket  — Not A Winner

The Bottom Line, We Fired The President And Will Go After Desantis Next…


SCUMBAG PRESIDENT, SCUMBAG GOVERNOR, SCUMBAG RESULTS  —  Gov. Ron DeSantis held a second press conference Monday to update the state’s response to the coronavirus and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, which has been slower than expected. So far, only a few thousand people have received the vaccine in a state of 23 million people.  The second one took place at Jackson Memorial Hospital.   The governor also held a press conference Monday morning in Seminole County.

—  Speaking from Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital in Longwood, he started the press conference by saying Orlando Health would begin vaccinations there at seven sites this week.

—  In his news conferences, DeSantis said he would be bringing in more people to help with vaccine distribution. Hopefully, that will mean the vaccines will get to more people.  He wants every hospital to submit plans on how to vaccinate its community. “Hospitals that don’t do a good job of getting it out will have their vax given to another hospital,” DeSantis said.

Cheryl Ferrara is still waiting for her first COVID-19 vaccine. “I was hoping that after a few days, it might not be quite as crazy.”  Harry Scott from Collier County says he got up at 4 a.m. and waited in a very long line to get his vaccine. “Everybody out there wants it; the sooner, the better.” 

OFFSIDE BAR:   Nobody believes a word he says…. As usual, unprepared, no plan waiting for T-RUMP to tell him what to do, he is nothing but  braindead clone of T-RUMP. Initiative is not his strong suite but loyalty to T-RUMP is, Hitler would have loved him.   In ten days he will be alone with no T-RUMP to guide him…

Gov. Ron DeSantis ( T-RUMP Mini-Me)  

Plan For Reelection 

  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is a 2nd Edition T-RUMP Mini-e Clone Right From the Factory, proposed legislation that would provide harsher penalties for people convicted of participating in un-permitted or violent demonstrations. 

  • By the Florida Channels —  it’s shaping up to be another ugly era in Florida.  The nation has clearly spoken with its votes — more than 80 million, the most ever cast for a US presidential candidate. It is a rejection of what President T-RUMP has stood for: racism, division and the road to American-styled fascism.
  • But then, here’s Florida, home to the defeated president.  In Florida, 51 percent of residents who voted, 5,658,847 out of a population close to 22 million, gave T-RUMP the state win — and packed the Florida Legislature with Republicans. Thats OK, as we keep them dying of negligence and sheer stupidity, not wearing masks and going to bars, some will wake up and find out who to blame

  • His  idol dethroned, and emboldened by the solid majority wins in the House and Senate, Gov. DeSantis is taking steps to fashion a fascist, gun-happier Florida and hide from many press questions.  He’s proposing legislation that would treat civil-rights protesters getting out of hand at demonstrations without permits or participating in demonstrations that turn violent like hardened criminals.  Most of Florida’s demonstrations have been peaceful.

  • But DeSantis wants to make it hard for arrested protesters to get bail —  And when they do get it, he wants “a rebuttable  presumption on bail,” which means the law would require the court to presume that what’s on the arrest report is true until proven otherwise.  That’s usually reserved for dangerous criminals accused of murder, sexual assault, rape and all sorts of other serious felonies. 

  • DeSantis also wants to make it a felony to “incapacitate a highway” by taking a demonstration there, as we’ve seen happen in Miami.   And get this: He would make “people participating in violent or disorderly demonstrations” forever ineligible for government employment — or for state benefits.

  • So how does a citizen who wants to exercise his or her right to free speech know ahead of time when a demonstration is going to turn violent?   The American Civil Liberties Union is going to have to move its headquarters from New York City to Florida and hire the Mafia to get rid of some of our really, really sad dorks and schmucks we call Florida Politicians.

  • DeSantis also wants to make “harassing people in public” a criminal offense.  So no more yelling at people inside a restaurant or a store over politics.   He didn’t think that one through very well as most of the viral moments caught on video are about T-RUMP supporters harassing people for things like speaking Spanish and wearing a mask. 

  • But, more likely, DeSantis is looking to put on the books a law to be able to arrest truth-telling Miami rights advocate Thomas Kennedy, who has interrupted DeSantis press conferences to call him out on his mishandling of the COVID-19.    “Shame on you,” the Florida director of United We Dream told DeSantis. “You are an embarrassment . . . We’re getting record-breaking cases every day, and you are doing nothing.”   “You should resign!”   DeSantis doesn’t want people heckling him for the terrible job he’s doing.   He doesn’t want “law and order.” He wants to stifle free speech.   But his threats and erosion of home rule are OK.

  • The governor is also threatening cities and counties with any intention to “defund the police” — whatever that means beyond the world of hashtags — with withholding of state grants and aid funding.

  • Expanding Stand Your Ground  —  But most telling of all is DeSantis’ call for an expansion of the troublesome and controversial Stand Your Ground Law to allow business owners to shoot looters or anyone involved in “criminal mischief.”   He calls it “anti-mob” legislation, but it’s an endorsement of vigilantes and of murder for a minor criminal offense.

  • Desantis Pushes Stand Your Ground Law As ‘Anti-Mob’ Crackdown  —  It’s as if Florida, which let George Zimmerman get away with murdering a Black teen, didn’t already have enough vigilantes and wannabe vigilantes. But these are criminals the GOP likes because the ones we often hear about are Trump supporters.   In DeSantis World, they, instead of their victims, need to be protected.

  • What’s next?    Banning the books Republicans aren’t fond of, sending writers to the slammer. No, it’s not preposterous. The GOP already campaigns fiercely to oust newspaper writers from their jobs.  

Armed Police Raid The Home Of A Leading Covid Data Scientist:

Earlier this year we highlighted the incredible work of Rebekah Jones — A brilliant data scientist who single-handedly created a statewide Florida COVID database to save lives.   Jones worked at the Florida Department of Health until she was terminated this Summer after repeatedly being ordered, by Governor DeSantis, to manipulate and falsify COVID numbers to downplay the number of cases and infections.

DeSantis and T-RUMP wanted to cover up the disturbing failure of their administrations to contain the virus that has infected more than 1 million Florida residents.  Jones refused to manipulate the data and lie to the public — So she was terminated and denied all severance benefits as retaliation.

She then created a data portal based on real numbers to keep Florida residents safe with access to reliable and accurate information.  As a result, DeSantis ordered an armed raid of her home. Police aimed weapons at her children’s faces and demanded she comply with and turn over her electronic devices and any hardware used to operate her COVID database.

This is a disturbing attempt to silence and intimidate scientists: Join us in showing your support for Rebekah Jones as we continue to demand justice→

Just The Way Facist’s Play  — No New Era Of Civility In Florida…

  🎵  Sad to say, I’m on my way,  to silencing this dork the easy way… We’ll put him in jail and forget the bail, and have two whole years to send him to hail….

  • We have two years, We will start a grass roots campaign to dump De Santis and make Florida civilized again and get rid of the Junior Edition Of The Fourth Reich.  We got rid of that schmuck and this one has less supporters… 

  • Unfortunately his bullsh*t has killed many of the good people with COVID and he’s gonna kill a lot more.  We were hoping this election would mark a new era of national civility. But there’s not going to be any moderation to the political discourse from Florida’s Republican leadership. 

  • There’s no end in sight to the mean-spirited pursuit of legislation that targets and marginalizes minority groups.  There won’t be any respite from far-right conspiracy theories and falsehoods, which DeSantis and other T-RUMP operatives in Florida are peddling on Fox News, nor from demonizing political opponents and politicizing the COVID-19.

  • Rather than persuade people to wear masks to thwart the new surge of a virus that has killed more than 18,500 Floridians and infected more than one million, DeSantis is throwing a match onto all sorts of fires. 

  • The state is going to supposedly fight “scraggly-looking Antifa types,” as he called demonstrators in Portland, of which we don’t see much of in Florida. But the governor insists that we do and that they’re a problem.  He’s a frickin liar.  The measures, a threat to civil rights, are steeped in racism.

  • At a time of national reckoning on the sins of our past, DeSantis is trying to make things more comfortable for white people scared of Black and Latino people.   His intention to arm the population more than it already is — and to threaten, deter and disenfranchise free speech — should alarm everyone, no matter the party affiliation.

  • He’s not the governor of all Floridians with independent thinking, like the puppet rulers the NAZIs used in Europe
    (Czech  Croatia, Monrovia) during WWII and over the French Viche…  
    He’s an operative of Trump’s Republican Party with no mind of his own. But no more,  T-RUMP to wipe his tears and tell him what a great friend he is…  

  • Most of this “very robust package” of laws, which DeSantis admits will be “the harshest” in the nation, is a direct attempt to stamp out the peaceful anti-police brutality Black Lives Matter movement in Florida.  That’s why one of his laws specifically penalizes the vandalizing or “toppling of monuments.”

  • The governor says it’s a mandatory six months in jail if you throw a brick at police — plus additional penalties for any mischief if you’re from out of state because . . . I guess the U.S. Constitution doesn’t help you here?  “If you do it and know there’s going to be a ton of bricks rain on you, then I think that people will think twice about engaging in this type of conduct,“ 

  • DeSantis said at a recent press conference surrounded by an all-white cast of law enforcement officers.  Start a war and without thinking you go tough the opposition will go tough.   Hey dumbass,  it won’t be bricks,  it will be bullets and you are like a twelve point deer…  All this, from a governor who launched his campaign using dog-whistle language to refer to his African American opponent — and now vows that this attack on civil rights will be “the focal point of the legislative session.”   

  • Up for reelection in 2022, DeSantis doesn’t think he has anything to fear from Florida voters.  Lets not discount that thought, T-RUMPS not even gone yet and teams are targeting DeSantis…  bigly enough time as the former asshole-in-charge T-RUMP is not there to help and will be in court hopefully most of the rest of his life…Herr Von Santis will make many enemies than he thinks he has … we have two years to plan… 

👺  We Thought The President Was DANGEROUS, Then We met Ron DeSantis…

There are new concerns that more people in Florida may be dying from the pandemic than we thought.  Really ?  According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, our state’s official death toll could be off by thousands.  Researchers are not saying that Florida is being deceptive, but what does constitute a COVID-19 death?  in case you don’t know Ron lies a lot… we believe he is being deceptive …

We asked Jason Salemi, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Epidemiology at USF, to help us crunch the numbers and understand COVID-19’s true toll on our community.  “We believe these people would be alive if it were not for the pandemic, what caused their death?”   “It’s things like heart failure, pneumonia or influenza, stroke diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease,” said Professor Salemi. Combinations matter but bottom line is death with COVID present, that matters you schmucks

According to the CDC report, it’s also likely Floridians have died from COVID-19 but that information wasn’t put on the death certificate.  So, it wasn’t counted in the state’s official numbers.    Right now, it’s unknown how often true under-reporting has happened.  This is not new, Ron Desantis has lied about numbers before, not mistakes, lies, there a difference, he need to be removed.

  • HERD MENTALITY   Ron Desantis … Our super stupid Governor was considering using Dr. Scott Atlas, noted X-Ray Technicians Idea of Herd Mentality in Florida.  Any of this who follow this theory are like the anti-vaxers wit Hep-A and Measles.  It will kill many of innocent people.   Thats where the give 65-70% of the population are given the disease and we become immune.  This is not true.  Atlas is no longer with the WhiteHouse and Stanford University wants nothing to do with him… he is certified a nutcase by the Gremky-Freebish Institute for F*cking Nutcases 
  • A DANGEROUS DUMBASSStatewide school closures because of COVID-19 concerns are not a viable option, and they will not be considered, said Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday.  DeSantis also saluted private and charter schools for pressing forward with teaching their curriculum in person, while knocking public teachers' unions for playing politics with COVID-19, in an effort to keep classrooms closed.  “A lot of our charters really led the way,” he said. Thats a crock of sh*t…
    The governor claimed unions’ attempt to keep public schools closed was to make sure students were kept out of the classroom, " And they were wrong."  DeSantis' remarks come more than a week after DeSantis made 
    an appearance on Fox News' "Life, Liberty and Levin," to discuss his COVID-19 policies, and why he pushed for a phased reopening while choosing not to issue a statewide mask mandate. 
  • “You can't kneecap your own society and think you're going to successfully handle a pandemic," he said. “  think this is really important, we wanted society to function.  He added that Florida is open for business.  “We have everything — like theme parks, all that have been open for months,” DeSantis continued.  Only 25-30%…  "And we have kids in school in person. Parents have the option to opt for virtual [learning] if they want, but they have the in-person [option], which is very, very important.

QUOTE:    You can’t burn down the village in order to save it.   

“  But if we burn down the Florida Governors Mansion with Ron  in it… we could save the state…”

👺  Gov. Von De SANTIS — Kisses Our President Goodby — What Irony  —  

Get the schools open  —  T-rumps battle cry with schools Florida and the willing idiot that listened. they were not ready and were threatened…  Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his administration are doubling or tripling down on opening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping them open even when cases of the disease are diagnosed.  

On a phone call with school district superintendents late last week, Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran urged them to be “surgical” when dealing with covid-19 cases, as opposed to “sweeping” — and told them not to close a school without calling state officials first to discuss it.  Thats just pressure, this T-RUMP loser brings to the table.

A Florida school district wanted to wait to reopen school buildings. Gov. Ron DeSantis threatened to cut it’s funding.    He should be thrown out for such a threat.  In my world he would be instantly thrown in not out, tossed off of the Suncoast Skyway bridge above bull and hammerhead shark-infested  waters after chumming.  

Who does that mini-nutcase think he is…T-RUMP?  —  Well,  he talks as stupid as T-RUMP….Cases of covid-19 are being reported in some Florida schools that have already opened. In Martin County, Superintendent Laurie Gaylord had told him recently that she viewed the reopening of schools as a mission “ Akin to a Navy SEAL operation”…
DeSantis, in an address on school reopenings, then expanded on Gaylord’s comment, saying, “Just as the SEALs surmounted obstacles to bring Osama bin Laden to justice, so, too, would the Martin County school system find a way to provide parents with a meaningful choice of in-person instruction or continued distance learning,” according to a transcript on a state government website.   And these are the people teaching your children, running your state…?

WARNING:  The Overall Death Toll In The FL State Is Now 18,599 People…

And One Million Have Contracted COVID-19


👺  Lies A Dime A Dozen…Truth About His Lack Of Leadership

√ A month into an international pandemic, the leader of the nation’s third-largest state has confounded with conflicting orders.  DeSantis has made erroneous claims — like on Thursday when he suggested no one under the age of 25 has died from the coronavirus in the United States.   

√ He has pushed unproven quack medical cures while dismissing advice from health experts. He has shared wrong information, potentially affecting millions of people, that went uncorrected for hours. Suggested by T-RUMP Hydroxychloroquine, in some cases is a death multiplier more than a cure.  More on this below…

√ Unlike other governors, DeSantis doesn’t hold regular public briefings. He has ceded the biggest decisions, like whether to close beaches, to city and county officials, yet he hasn’t talked to many of them. Early on, he clashed with federal officials over whether Florida had community spread of the virus. Now he’s tried T-RUMP boring dialog meetings and thats not working…

√ He did nothing when millions came to Miami Dade for the Super Bowl  and that sent 100,000 potential spreaders back to their states.  He did nothing to curb the “ Spring Break” crowds congregating on all the states beaches violating the safe distance rules and fifty of them when arrived back in New York were tested and contagious and spreading the virus. He was more than a week too late.  Then the local boaters cause problem number two…

√ He never shut down the outer-barrier islands and left them vulnerable to boaters who came by the thousands and again caused spreading of the disease as they did not observe any rules at all.  THUS Hillsboro county and Pinellas County, lots of boats are three and four in the state in number of those that are sick and dying.

√ DeSantis’ uneven response has made him an outlier among his counterparts across the country. The approval ratings of most governors have soared during the crisis. DeSantis, one of America’s most popular governors a few months ago, has seen his support plummet. One poll found him the third-worst rated governor at handling the coronavirus in the country.

 √ The governor has taken some statewide measures, closing parks, bars and gyms; restricting visitations to nursing homes; and limiting restaurants to takeout and delivery. He also eventually decided to close beaches in two South Florida counties. Still, he’s left many decisions to counties and cities, an approach that has garnered praise, confusion and derision. Almost nicknaming him “ No-balls DeSantis

√ DeSantis’ directives include:  On March 9, his Department of Health issued a sweeping advisory that anybody traveling from abroad must self-isolate for 14 days. The department later clarified that it only applies to people from coronavirus-affected countries.

√ On March 12, DeSantis said “mass gatherings” in the state were canceled, but he didn’t define how many people made up a “mass gathering.”  Some thought it meant “ Catholics only”

√ In the biggest bad move, Desantis declared Professional Wrestling the WWE, of Orlando and Vice McMahon’s an essential Florida business, great for steroid sales and teaching bullying to kids.  he must believe Pro wrestling is real…

√ Some city officials are marching ahead, no longer waiting for direction from DeSantis.  “We’re just not spending a lot of time on trying to pick that apart and decipher it,” Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said.   Meanwhile, local leaders can’t get the governor on the phone. 

 √ DeSantis hasn’t talked to Kriseman or Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer either, they said. DeSantis is participating in regular conference calls that Vice President Mike Pence holds with governors across the country, but he hasn’t done the same with Florida mayors.  ” Sen. Rick Scott, a fellow Republican, called the lack of information coming from DeSantis’ administration “alarming” during a March 7 interview. 

√  Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry, also a Republican, said March 12 on Twitter he was “disappointed” that he learned of his city’s first positive coronavirus test from the news, not the state Department of Health that DeSantis oversees.  “Transparency & Communication is the way forward for our citizens,” Curry tweeted.

√ Florida is spending up to $110 million to back up its failed unemployment website, more asleep at the switch and not knowing whats the “ F” is going on… the stupid bastards could have voluntarily fixed it by volunteers and used the money to help the people

√ Ron DeSantis noted for Stupid Moves and T-RUMP following like a trail of horseshit after a parade, instead of questioning Uncertified Drug Use,  dedicated most of a news conference to his efforts to secure shipments of the unproven drug named Hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that T-RUMP often touts as a COVID-19 remedy despite unproven findings.  It aided in the killing of over 180,000 Brazilians after being donated by T-RUMP to Brazil. It has been non-certified in the US for COVID-19.  The same day he endorsed it for T-RUMPS benefitThat same day, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention removed from its website guidance telling doctors how to prescribe and treat COVID-19 patients with the untested drug not approved and dangerous to some patients especially with cardiac conditions.  


( What does Florida Think TWEETSsome profanity cleaned up and combined for brevity )

√  I am all for letting T-RUMP supporters, mask haters, Evangelicals, racists and Nazi’s congregate, protest, rally and hug the sh*t out of each other and with luck all around the GOP Conventions and rallies and with T-RUMP there, no masks. Thats so that many will get sick and die if that what they want.

√  Make sure Stephen Miller,  T-RUMPS writer of hate speeches is there.  Hopefully many of the T-RUMP haters and anti-mask liars, Acolytes and Sycophants, all contact the virus simply for abetter understanding of how they are helping T-RUMP kill others…  16,500 in Florida… and we thought alligators, snakes, lightning, bad drivers and recluse spiders were bad. 

√  Quoting Darwin, Natural selection is wild and sometimes death is the result, both good and bad, hopefully more Trumpets will die off and improve the breed…  When better idiots are made T-RUMP will lead the cause…

√  It might be easy to point & laugh at how stupid Florida is. But please think about those of us who just happen to live here, have been trying our best and are getting dragged along by idiots. That spike you’ll see in a couple weeks might include me or one of my loved ones… because some idiot is not real with truth…true…

√  ‘Very, Very Scary’: Officials Dumbfounded as Florida Beaches Reopen, 3 Days After Death Spike  and “This move is so dumb that I had to make sure it wasn’t fake news,” a city commissioner tweeted.  I understand the desire to not be caged.  I also understand the desire not to suffocate on my own phlegm.

√  Let the MAGA people do whatever they want, that’s a good way to turn Florida blue and again I say let all the “ Make America Great Again”  people gather and party like it’s 1999, go to beaches, church, T-RUMP rallies, hugging, kissing, etc.  
It will be MAGA Genocide, that’s one way to clean house of the Republicans, if they aren’t alive to vote they can’t harm us anymore.  
Me and my SW Fla. neighbors continue to social distance and stay safe.  

√  I love Florida, especially the Keys, but I say this sincerely: . Aerial snapshots of people flocking to a reopened Florida beach made waves on the Internet.   I understand the push to get back to work. We all have bills to pay. 
Problem: The Dead don’t pay bills… I don’t remotely get the rush to the beaches in some sort of childish own-the-libs hissy fit.   

√  Public demonstrators for Liberate Florida movement, open beaches and bars should be required to wear permanent wristband with message if infected: DO NOT INTUBATE OR VENTILATE.  Just pump him full of Hydrochloroquionone,  Lysol or Bleach till he blows up.  Life’s a beach—then you die.  

THE T-RUMP CLONE  ( Many Contributors to CNN Origin)
Also known throughout the Southeast Coast as the mini T-Rump Clone… and he and Pence are as close as T-RUMPS Hemorrhoids are to T-RUMP.    The horrific and incompetent handling of the spread of COVID-19 in Florida has finally exposed Governor Ron DeSantis for what he is: an extremist ideologue who is also not very good at his job.  

From the very beginning of his ascent to the Florida governorship, DeSantis ran as a Trump acolyte. He received his endorsement after repeated appearances on Fox News in which he defended T-RUMP against any sort of criticism. 

  • His platform while running was extremely right wing.  
  • Opposing common sense gun policies that would prevent tragedies like the Parkland shooting
  • Criminalizing undocumented immigrant families
  • Supporting for-profit prisons and immigration detention centers, 
  • Opposition to any sort of meaningful regulations for industries that are destroying our environment
  • He fostered a T-RUMP Bill on taking office, through the Florida Legislature a bill to criminalize immigrants
  • He signed a bill restricting some Floridians who paid their debts to society from getting their right to vote back under Amendment 4. 
  • He supported arming teachers in our classrooms and defunding our public schools. 
  • He started a “presidential protection fund” to “protect” T-RUMP from impeachment.
  • It’s the abysmal handling of unemployment benefits for those who are suffering through this crisis that has catapulted DeSantis to national disgrace. There seems to be an endless amount of stories from people struggling with the state’s unemployment system, which was set up for failure by DeSantis’ Republican predecessor Rick Scott.

Cooking The Books and Lieing About the Virus Numbers…CAUGHT

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s faltering response to soaring new COVID-19 numbers in his state is descending into acrimony, after an accusation his administration is “cooking the books” in an effort to hide the true impact of the devastating pandemic.

Rebekah Jones, who says she was fired from her job in charge of the state’s official Covid-19 database in May for refusing to manipulate its figures, claimed on social media to have evidence that employees at Florida’s department of health “ Have been instructed this week to change the numbers and begin slowly deleting deaths and cases so it looks like Florida is improving next week in the lead-up to July 4,  like they’ve made it over the hump’”

“They’re only reporting all these cases now so they can restrict reporting next week to make everyone think it’s over,” she said.  DeSantis, a Donald T-RUMP loyalist who has refused to slow Florida’s reopening or implement a statewide mask mandate, angrily dismissed the claim, calling a reporter from the Miami Herald who asked him about it“embarrassing”.  

A month after berating reporters whom he said “waxed poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York,” that scenario has been realized, with New York joining New Jersey and Connecticut this week in ordering visitors from Florida – among other badly affected states – to quarantine.

Hospital systems around Florida are reporting steep drops in the availability in intensive care and other beds, even as the department of health changes how it records such figures.

Perhaps more wounding is veiled criticism from fellow elected Republicans.  While DeSantis resists calls for a statewide mandate on masks, municipalities including Miami have enacted the requirement; Miami’s mayor Francis Suarez is proposing $250 fines for those who refuse.

Herr Von De Santis… A Devout Moron T-RUMP Activist  (Related Story)

THE WHITE HOUSE after T-RUMP arrived… It was all a kumbaya of self gratification.  “Full blown” is an understatement.  Never have I witnessed such ass-kissing and succulation on a level by a bunch of stooges since Hitler gave out free beer in the Hof Brau Haus.  We needed the three stooges Moe, Larry and Curly to officiate this gang, a gigantic day for the cabinet who sounded like idiots with praise and wonderful thanks and energy for the fake president for the great fake job he is doing.   It was a two Zantac day, the nausea from this photo-op course in ass-kissing exceeded the Vince McMahon “Kiss my Ass Club” in Professional wrestling.  

Here is the segway… T-RUMP begets Linda MaMahon who begets The Governor… all pals…

You might note that the T-RUMP appointee ( she was a two million dollar donor) was selected for the post of Secretary of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee.  T-RUMP Approved former World Wrestling Entertainment head Linda McMahon (wife of the ass being kissed in the photo) to lead the SBA and updating her position, she did nothing… helped no one, just a sham…  

But the WWE Headquarters Orlando, Fl for their Raw and Smackdown, NXT staged and rehearsed Wrestling shows.  Big money involved. 

My friend said that was like hiring a prostitute to run the only 1,412 cloistered nuns out of 66,608 sisters in the United States. They take four final vows: chastity, poverty, enclosure and obedience, and they follow a rule of silence.  Her vow is money,  fake realty and power…plus the usual about of steroids and athletic blunders in this cave man exhibition…

Herr Von DeSantis Lends his Lips To The Fire

So ass-kissing from the squared circle to the Congress now has a strong advocate for tradition. And that during the time of closures, when business for the COVID-19 were shut down, T-RUMPS Herr Von DeSantis claimed he was only allowing the ESSENTIAL safety, food supplies, medical and professionals to operate during the shutdown.  Several businesses were snuck into ESSENTIAL STATUS.

Former Sec. Linda MaMahon calls T-RUMP,  T-RUMP calls the Governor Herr Von DeSantis, his personal Florida Bitch and they get Essential status… The Gov. has brought lying, about Covid Deaths,  cheating,  ass-kissing and stupidity, threats, law and order lies and collusion to a new height which in Florida, we are accustomed to, most of our officials are crooks and is their life after T-RUMP…Yes we have  few new cases we will be focused on…

Rebecca Jones  —  Whistleblower - Raided By Herr Von DeSantis Gestapo…
TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Monday raided the home of a former Department of Health data analyst who has been running an alternative website to the state’s coronavirus dashboard, alleging that she may have broken into a state email system and sent an unauthorized message to employees.

But Rebekah Jones, who was was fired from her job in May as the geographic information system manager for health department’s Division of Disease Control and Health Protection and who has since filed a whistleblower complaint against the state, denied having any role in the alleged intrusion into the state web site and instead said she believes Monday’s action was intended to silence her.

Early Raid — Jones said state police came into her house at 8:30 a.m., at gunpoint and, over the course of three hours, swept her house and took her cell phone and several laptops that contained COVID-19 data that she has accumulated over several months.

“This was a threat,” Jones said in an interview with the Times/Herald at her home Monday night. “It is one thing to point a gun six inches away from my face and threaten me. It is another to point it at my 2-year-old’s face.”

Her lawyer, Lawrence Walters, called the state’s claim that she accessed the state email system “baseless.” He said the raid “could be retaliation” for Jones’ public defiance against her former employer and said the state’s seizure of her computers could be an attempt to undermine her lawsuit.

“Access to our confidential and privileged information shouldn’t be used by our adversaries in a litigation,’' he said. “It’s extremely rare. It’s close to unprecedented, and it’s dangerous for the judicial system.”

Allegation of manipulated data

Jones was fired in May after she complained in an email to users of a state data portal that the state was manipulating data. She announced that she had been removed from overseeing the dashboard and hinted that she had been stripped of the responsibility as a result of raising concerns about the state’s commitment to transparency.

The FDLE said in a statement late Monday that it issued the search warrant after suspecting Jones of being responsible for sending an unauthorized message to members of the State Emergency Response Team charged with coordinating the public health and medical response.

The Nov. 10 message, obtained by the Tampa Bay Times, urged recipients to “speak up before another 17,000 people are dead. You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late.” At the time of the message, Florida had reported 17,460coronavirus-related deaths among Florida residents and non-residents.

The FDLE said in its statement that the search warrant was issued for Jones’ Tallahassee home and it began an investigation “after receiving a complaint from the Department of Health regarding unauthorized access to a Department of Health messaging system which is part of an emergency alert system, to be used for emergencies only. Agents believe someone at the residence on Centerville Court illegally accessed the system.”

Jones denied any involvement in the hack…
“Hacking is not something I ever thought they would accuse me of because I have never displayed any capability of doing that,” she said. “I’ve never taken any computer courses or anything like that. I do statistics in a software program designed basically to do all that stuff for you by clicking stuff.”

In an affidavit signed by FDLE investigator Noel Pratt on Dec. 3, he concluded the email message was sent to approximately 1,750 accounts before it was discovered. Pratt said in the affidavit that he tracked down the IP address of the computer associated with the email and it directed him to Jones’ home address, which he said was probable cause to conduct a search of her property and seize her computers.

Jones said FDLE agents told her the Department of Health’s inspector general’s office gave them her IP address. “I guess they just signed off on that and showed up at my house with guns,’' she said.

Serving the search warrant…

The FDLE said that when agents arrived at Jones’ home, “they knocked on the door and called Ms. Jones in an attempt to minimize disruption to the family.

“Ms. Jones refused to come to the door for 20 minutes and hung up on agent,’' the statement said. “After several attempts and verbal notifications that law enforcement officers were there to serve a legal search warrant, Ms. Jones eventually came to the door and allowed agents to enter.”

According to the video from inside Jones’ home, which she said she took using a camera on a bookshelf, police pointed guns at her and ordered her husband to appear. “Come outside the house,’' they commanded, asking who else was in the house. She replied it was her two children and husband.

“Come down the stairs, now,’' police shouted. “Police! Come down now.”  Jones yelled: “They just pointed a gun at my children” and that is where the video ended.  Jones said it was not true that she refused to open the door. She told the Times/Herald that the delay in opening the door has to do with her taking the time to get dressed.

She also said that if she had been able to hack into the email she would have used a different number of COVID-19 fatalities.  “If I was really that skilled that I could hack a system, and I was going to make people feel bad about this, I at least would have the number of deaths right, because it didn’t include any of the non-residents.”

She said that in May, “DeSantis publicly said I’m not a data scientist, I’m not a computer scientist and I wouldn’t even know what to do if I saw a database, and now he’s accusing me of hacking one,’' she said. “It’s a real 180 there. I’m not a hacker. I don’t hack. I don’t know s--- about computers. I know how to do statistics.”

The fact that the state is now in possession of her laptops and cell phone will expose her sources, Jones said.

“The most damning stuff that they are going to get from that equipment is the information about all of the employees from the state who have talked to me over the last six months,” Jones said. “And, the fact that I promised them I would never tell anybody who they were, or where they worked and I have failed to protect them, really f-----g pissed me off.”

Praise for Florida’s dashboard…

Jones had attracted national attention for her work creating the dashboard, which had been singled out for praise last spring by Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force. After she was removed for what the governor’s office called “insubordination,’' Jones created a competing dashboard. Her version draws upon state data but offers an expanded menu of metrics, including data the state was not making public at the time — such as hospital bed availability by facility, a key number, especially now as the number of confirmed cases soars.

She also developed the COVID monitor, a dashboard to report nationwide coronavirus cases by school, data which Florida officials collect but for months refused to make publicly available.

In July, she filed a confidential whistle-blower complaint with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, which she said is expected to release its findings soon. She also wrote in an op-ed in the Miami Herald in July that other state workers were being silenced for expressing their concerns about the state’s handling of the coronavirus and its data collection.

On Twitter Monday, she accused DeSantis of orchestrating the raid.   “They took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country,’' she said. “They took evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was about a security breach. This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo.”

She added: “This is what happens to scientists who do their job honestly. This is what happens to people who speak truth to power.”

Jones said the raid won’t stop her from continuing her work. “I’m going to buy another computer tomorrow and go back to work,’' she said, adding that she was proud of her ability to build her own web site and “hadn’t missed a single day.”

The governor’s office did not respond to requests for comment.   State Rep. Anna Eskamani, an Orlando Democrat, retweeted Jones’ original Twitter post and added the comment:  “Horrifying. Why are guns being drawn out for a “data breach?”