When Children Die...

I write about many topics, and there are no sacred cows.   But nothing hurts me more than to hear of accidents and incidents that could have been avoided and are mortal to our children.  In every instance below an adult, usually a family member contributed to the death of their own sibling. That is sad, very sad. 

I cannot keep it in, this is so hurting not only to those involved but to those who care about others , especially about the children who will not see another day in their young lives because of a failure by a parent, an adult or someone in politics that was heavily bribed by the gun lobby namely the NRA.  

The NRA is the prime arm of the gun lobby.  They BRIBE the politicians to support the gun manufacturers and protect them from any and all congressional action against gun control.  Then the politicians now owned by the NRA refuses to listen to his or her constituents of their district and even the NRA members in their districts who voted and agreed that , who agreed more control is needed.

Please...  save the kind words, this is so wrong and nothing but greed and arrogance, a lack of caring, and selfishness from the top down, into the heart ( if there is one) of the Republican party.  It’s all about the money.  Some get rich and some die.

Idiots behind the wheel - It’s a social issue, the guns are not the problems, as the expression goes, it’s the idiot behind the wheel, the finger on the trigger, and gross neglect.  Weapons don’t have brains, children don't know consequence, and neither do some of the parents. They don’t “go off” of their own accord. But and here is the big butt,  ( mis-spelled intentionally to recognize those idiots

        Without access to a weapon, nothing so heinous as taking a life could happen.  Thats why they make safes, locks and other determents to having a finger on a trigger.

When children die from a  gunshot there is one commonality
 - That child did not walk into a Firearms Dealer or Store, present his Mickey Mouse Club Membership card and purchase a weapon with marbles.  Someone had a hand, usually a friend or adult  in ending this child’s life or his siblings life due to neglectful actions by the other person. Blame it on ….

Parental Stupidity - Ignorance of gun safety , placement, under lock and key,  access to children etc.  Some people have acquired guns with no training, nor a knowledge of laws pertaining to their weapon.

Another problem is Genetics - Parents who want children to be just like Dad, only Dads never truly embraced safety.  It’s a right of passage in some societies. Mentions it once goes to the range, and forgets everything.  Most likely he is the same party teaching his children guns are macho, manly and so forth. 

A real culprit is the Media, Television, Computer Games, and Real War - Another problem is the media exposure.  The news media doesn’t do enough to promote gun safety, the TV has entertainment shows are mostly shooting and violence and lets face it we live in a country with 340 million people and about two guns for everyone. Having an ongoing war for 13 years certainly qualifies as one of the main endorsers of violence.

And number one on my hit list are computer games - Where you reboot and re-life certainly sends a bad message. Dead kids don’t get up for another round.  Thats an 8 year old at the NRA show.

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