Jesus, the healer of Nazareth, the enthusiastic lover of his country and people, felt himself called, to deliver the Holy Land from the hand of the cruel Roman, who at that time held Palestine as his tributary province.

His enthusiasm, seconded by a number of faithful disciples and a host of followers, begot in them the thought that their inspired Master was in truth their long-expelled Messiah, the Deliverer of the people, the Savior of the nation.

He threw himself into the current of his people's delirious hope, and, like many another enthusiast and revolutionist, was swept by his ardor into destruction. They acclaimed him in public procession, in the capital of the tributary nation, "King of the Jews!" and he accepted their acclamation. 

It might have been a harmless delusion, had not Rome, at that time of constant seditions among the people, been especially vigilant against would-be deliverers of the tributary province, and especially severe against agitators, prophets, and Messiahs.

That acclamation was heard by the garrison in the fortress of Antonia, close to the Temple. It meant the doom of the acclaimed. He was seized in the dead of the night, and made to pay the penalty of his love for his country and people by a traitor's death upon the cross, at the hand of the cruel Roman.

This is the summary of one of the saddest lives of history, of one of the noblest sons of Israel, which has told at greater length in the preceding discourses of all of humanity. Thus stripped of mythical accretions and ecclesiastical falsifications, it is the Jew's story of the life and deeds of Jesus, the Rabbi and patriot of Nazareth.

If one reduces this to the simplest of terms today, it would be expressed as the MEDIA ran with the story.


•  Jesus having been a Jew, loved not hated the Jews and the beloved of, not hated by the Jews.

•  Jesus was not tried by the Jews, his condemnation and death was at the hand of the Romans.

•  He was not the innocent victim of the vengeful persecutions of the Jews.

•  Jesus died a traitor’s death (Crucifiction) at the hands of the Roman Governor Pontious Pilot because of his political offense against Rome.   He was accused of being “The king of the Jews”  which went against all Roman Law. 
Joseph Caiaphas, known simply as Caiaphas (Hebrew: יְהוֹסֵף בַּר קַיָפָא‎; Greek: Καϊάφας) in the New Testament, was the Jewish high priest who is said to have organized the plot to kill Jesus. Caiaphas is also said to have been involved in the Sanhedrin trial of Jesus. Outside of his interactions with Jesus, little else is known about his tenure as high priest.

•  There is no proof of his having died by Roman law a heretic’s death.  According to Jewish Law, there is no proof of Jesus having been condemned, in legal proceedings, for the crime of having cursed Jehovah.  The Jews having had no motive adequate to the bitterness of their persecution of Jesus.

•  Jesus never having preached a doctrine, performed a deed, advocated a reform, that was not strictly Jewish. •   He never expressed thoughts of separating himself from his people and of founding an anti-Jewish creed.

•  The Church extremeis  is permeated with unbelief. The pulpit is harassed by doubt;  to be contrary to history and reason; it knows that mankind is not yet saved, despite the story of a Savior having come.

•   That mankind is sinful still, despite the story of a suffering Messiah. Absorbing the the transgressions of man; that there is not yet peace on earth nor good will among men.

•  It is the humanity of Jesus that has appealed to mankind, not his divinity. It is the religion of Jesus, the Jew, not the theology of Christ, the God, that has conquered the world.

•  Pragmatically, it was Jesus, the man, served to the sorrow-laden, sinful and fallen, this is what conquered the hearts of men. not Christ, the God, who ascended in the sight of man, to take his seat at God’s "right hand," whatever that may be, in a "Heaven," somewhere in interstellar space.

•  If we just had the old Testament there would be an inspiring biography of a leader and teacher of whom both Jew and Christian might well be proud - the Jew for having reared him, - the Christian for having given him to the world;

•  If one lives by the new testaments, there are paradoxes. It speaks of the duty of loving the enemy, and does not even love the friend. It speaks of the duty of resisting no evil, and yet inflicts evil where there is not only no offense but even no resistance. It speaks of doing good to evil-doers, and yet does evil even to its benefactors, the Jews.

•  Even though on Friday last it was the theme, throughout Christendom, that Jesus died for man, it is my conviction that Jesus has not, as yet, begun to live for man.  If Christians really believed the life of Jesus they would live it, and living it, the Jews would not be obliged to tell a story of martyrdom continuing even unto this day.


This section is dedicated to those who stir the pot of religious controversy with outlandish thoughts and actions. Who or what are they?   Religion to some is all about the money.  Lots of it. A ritual promoted by some as tithe-ing or giving to do the Lords work.   

Hmmm, the Lord does some really good stuff without money.   Plagues, burning bushes, water works, he got rain  for forty days and simple rules.   So whats the money bit about. 

We’ll really delve into that later in another piece as we expose these “ Prosperity Preachers” and we are talking about a half billion (thats with a “B”)  a year getting into the wrong hands.  All these rules are designed to have some kind of financial meaning on the surface and to control and bond the masses money. 



Many claim to be great reviewers of this collection of stories called the Bible.  Especially around election time, and also on death row.  Funny when it gets down to someone not showing up the next day, whether the politician lost in the primary, or the felon earned both the positive and the negative 8.000 volt leads, it seems  “The Bible is always invoked when someone is leaving”.

The most popular version, the King James BIBLE is composed of and has lots of good and bad guy stories, about thieves, prostitutes, polygamy, snakes, good and bad leaders, followers, wars, killing, intrigues, cheating, bribes and fornication, lots of fornication and lots of slayings.

But it can't handle the competition. And many oxymoronically righteous people spend days, months, years and lifetimes to be able to quote the great thoughts, parables and gossip.  Yet these are the same folks who condemn all the other books which contain good information, written by real people and those who support science in other books.  

Historians and teachers have reason to be deeply concerned over the latest actions taken by the Texas Board of Education regarding social studies curriculum standards.  The board has moved aggressively to put its hard-right conservative stamp on what students need to learn about the American past.  

Among the changes made by the board was the elimination of Thomas Jefferson from a list of thinkers who had inspired revolutions around the world.  Conservatives object to Jefferson’s support for a clear separation of church and state.  I see them for what they are, they simply don’t understand nor think in terms of accepting other peoples thoughts and aspirations.
In the old days, I just see them as a bunch of zealots, and selfish scumbags.   

You think the Jersey Shore TV Reality crew has a bunch of nuts.  They rewrote decency and ambition, good taste and morality.  Ironically,  so does the TEXAS SCHOOL BOARD also known as the “ TEXAS TALIBAN”  who recently rewrote history based on their strict religious beliefs basically enforcing their viewpoint on others.  

This is against the basic tenet of Church and State. Nine members of that board, recently were elected in a landslide, since they had bused the churchgoers in to vote them in, and are “ Bablically Declined”.  It affects us all as many states follow the Texas school board guidelines and that means a generation of children getting indoctrinated in creationism with books that play down science and upscale creationism. 

The problem is many states too poor and lazy to get their own school book board, go with Texas decisions on the subject.  Great news, this leads to those districts with more secular schools and a further deterioration of the school system.  Your kid will be exposed to ADAM and EVE and a snake instead of the proven theory that Amino Acids triggered by water vapor from asteroids landing on the molten mass called earth containing a catalyst that created the first cells on earth.

And the earth, and the other planets rotate around a sun and thus in a moment in the spirit, God decided earth was good and the home resales on Venus weren't that good, and the golf courses on MARS had too may sand traps so he stuck with earth. What do these idiots really think? It goes beyond me.  

Pathetic, I have witnessed in a middle school here, the 1000 page book devoted to the Social studies with only six of those pages about WWII.  Half the kids could not name who the enemy or the AXIS powers were.  We learn from the past to help plan the future….no wonder we are in a mess.   I guess the past and the sacrifices don’t count anymore.  Maybe this explains the dumbing down of the American students in Math and Science levels in the world.  However they do text well.  And that will become important as these students deficient in math and science will seek jobs in the Coffee bean picking fields which by virtue of their dexterity will earn them 1.50 an hour.

This Good Book Club bans miracles other than their own. Lest us not forget, enough strange miracles, to teach Harry Potter a lesson or two.  Harry never parted water, sought plagues, turned people into salt, or did the Zippo lighting fluid burning bush trick.  

Harry potter did his miracles (and notice no mortals were wounded in the course of Potter events), without large rods, no big staffs, just a small 12" Merlin Inspired Deluxe Leather Bound wizard stick made from cocobolo wood.  Available on line.

And for those on a budget with smaller wizards in your house, just liberate some chopsticks from your local Chinese restaurant, some spray paint, and when the paint is still wet, just sprinkle some sparkles on theme. 
Hint: Use Chinese chopsticks, 9 inches long vs. Japanese chopsticks 7.5 inches, shorter and too pointy.

Potter did other strange stuff. Thats called fantasy.  I find that pretty amazing since the loyal readers of this Good Book Club often call the Potter books blasphemy and out of the box.  Thats just it.  Who's box? Not mine.  The Good book has a lot of fantasy. The Potter books taught more kids to read than any school system can and it wasn’t a kid read, tough adult words, and it encouraged kids to read and look up words and learn.

The greatest incentive to reading than the school board ever dreamed up.  The difference, Potter was real fantasy, the religious right promotes fake fantasy. More than the good book did. It got them excited about reading. The Good Book sometimes scares kids...  And just so you know Shakespeare did a lot of begetting in his books and in Julius Caesar, one scene with Jules and Brutus talks about oral sex quite graphically.  Ask prejudiced idiots to do a job and you will get prejudiced idiotic results.


And the stories come alive by Hollywood Standards. I often recall the scene where Charlton Heston, playing a gray haired MOSES, parting the Red Sea, and in his deep bass voice bellowing  “Let my people go”  just after he broke the main plumbing lines and flooded their homes and basements, polluted the water, and encouraged the roaches and frogs to proliferate.  

And in the same movie, Yul Brynner, playing RAMSES, with that stare, his three quarter magnificent profile quoting the memorable line "So it shall be written, so it shall be done".  And the court scribe yelled back  “Hold that thought chief, I just ran out of ink and got to find a fresh squid”.

And how can you forget Delilah (Hedy Lamar  stroking the Black Olive Oil laden hair of Samson (Victor Mature)  and screaming “ Yuck, you smell like a day old salad, don't you have hair spray"?

Sounds like Washington, great hair, lots of stale acting and day old salad oil. So we have to put the whole thing in perspective and that is: 

Acts not parables, Deeds not showmanship and fact, not fiction. Thats the lesson the bible should be teaching.

My goal is to make you think and question. To make you go up, not down. Critical, with a sharp tongue and a bit of humor, thats just me.  I write because it keeps me sane. It's my medicine.  

Others may grab a AK-47 Kalashnikov, some grab a bottle, I grab two fingers to ward off anxiety, frustration and a deep sense of loss, I do miss my soul mate, my wife of thirty one heavenly years, she was my medicine and my life, now freedom of expression, as she wished it, took her place.  She was my best fan. Like I said I am not a sophisticated writer, I am proud to be a Brooklyn wise guy with a sense of humor, thats who I am. This is about what I think.

The problem is the over-believers, “ The flockers”,  as I call them, wish the Church and the State to be the same.  And we only need one set of guidelines to conduct our time here on the earth. And that the United States was born under a specific religious conviction. The only discourse is they think it was born under theirs. I don't think the "United States of Jesus" would fly.  This is Taliban, ISIS, ISIL thinking at its best.  And all the religions of the world feel the same way. 

It is simple, the LAW of the land is the LAND of LAW.  Equal and fair to all.  Religion is the morality of the land is and is governed by choice.  Granted with no morality, people will test the law. They usually lose in some manner.  They have nothing to do with each other. 

You can make a bad choice against the members of your church. People do it all the time, they begat, fornicate, conjugate, and gossip all the time.  And then they are forgiven. (Yea right)  But shoot someone, and see if the members of the forgiving congregation wants you as someone renting the back bedroom. 

Bill Maier once explained the difference in the Christian world versus the Extreme Muslim world. A Christian man gets up on Sunday and hears his neighbor mowing the lawn, yells at him and pays little attention to it.   An extreme Muslim gets up on the Sabbath, hears the mower, gets his AK-47 and shoots the guy.  One takes religion for what it is and the other takes it for what it commands, literally.  We have the same nutcases on some of the TV channels.


I could see in a strong Peyote Vision, the first Bible Hospitals. No doctors, no nurses, no medicines or treatment machines, no books other than a bible in each room.  Radical thinking, thats why we have to have law, to take these children or adults away from the influence of nuts and idiots and get them real medical aid.   

It happened, that a husband and wife decided for their son that he should not receive medical aid and die, as it was Gods will, and he (the child) had little input as to whether he should die or not?  They are lucky, I was not present with a baseball bat because I would probably beaten some sense in their heads.  A judge intervened and the parents were charged with neglect.  He received court ordered treatment for the cancer and he is alive today.   Thank goodness for the separation of church and state.

Other children were not so lucky this year it seems, I cannot write about it, because I am not neutral on this.  I exhibit controlled rage, anger and fortunately many of them live far away or I would be banging on their door and bringing the child to a hospital with or without them.

My own religion, I am a half baked Conservative Jew, middle of the road, the level of belief I chose far from the left, the fake Jewish Jesus lovers Christian TV than anywhere else,  and the almost maniacal right wing 18th Century Orthodox. 

I am very aware of Judaism's Orthodoxy element, the Ultra in some cases extreme faction of the Jewish belief that has its own following as does the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Goth world.  It bothers me. For there will never be peace because of these ultra groups, even my own.  

Peace in the Middle East, never, not till these factions understand the value of life, not death.  A belief in the now and not the hereafter promises made by soothsayers, “ Babelists and nutcases”.  There is no next world, make the best of what you have here. 

Live a cautious benevolent lifestyle if it suits you but don't hate, hurt or kill anyone who has not chosen that path. Fanatics are fanatics whomever they call their GOD.  Share bread not hatred,  Amen… and to my Arab friends forget the 72 virgins, for martyrdom, dead is dead, it’s a lie stupid! 

A group in the Episcopal Church is trying to raise to the rank of Bishop, a known Lesbian. What a stir this caused in the Church!  As long as her beliefs and actions are kept to herself, thats her business. I am quite sure on any busy Sunday in any busy church there are those with many secrets to hide.  After all they are all there to get forgiveness for their sins, aren’t they!   They sure bring them there.  

According to the Gospel of John, the Pharisees, in an attempt to discredit Jesus, brought a woman charged with adultery before him. Then they reminded Jesus that adultery was punishable by stoning under Mosaic law and challenged him to judge the woman so that they might then accuse him of disobeying the law. 

Jesus thought for a moment and then replied, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” The people crowded around him were so touched by their own consciences that they departed. When Jesus found himself alone with the woman, he asked her who were her accusers.  She replied, “No man, lord.” Jesus then said, “Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.”

What do the words freedom of who you love and inclusion mean?  They seem to be forgotten when controversy arises.  Hmm, we never did this before?  Good to be the first, the masses will flock to you. It would probably bring thousands to their Church, thats what it would do by showing the openness of love and not hate or looking down on some because of gender or sexual. 

The Church comes down hard on adultery, and other common practices involving sex.  And my dear mother would say, “ And they should talk, they are the biggest provocateurs when it comes to deviation”.   Welcome those who think and feel differently, maybe they will change and maybe they will accept, and be accepted.  Like a Bishop has the time to philander 24/7. 

The strongest offense comes from the... "FOUNDLING FATHERS",  and this one really gets to me because I understand what abuse is. I know first hand, it was the first hand that whacked me with a book because I mispronounced a word while reading the Torah and practicing for my Bar Mitzvah appearance.  It knocked some sense into me because I went the route of the Conservative Jew instead of any extremes.

The Catholic Church and it’s liturgical science confuses and scares me.  Some of the clergy need to be just more than let go by the Church, they were shipped elsewhere, swept under the carpet, given non-public jobs.  In my world they should be castrated, and then dumped on a deserted island. 

Yes, I believe in capitol punishment for certain capitol sins.  I don’t have sympathy for those beyond conclusive a shadow of a doubt who have caused permanent or irrefutable harm to others without cause. And those who have taken advantage of children deserve to be castrated.

They are the "Foundling Fathers".  Corruption, indecency and abuse, physical or mental, in either the political or the clerical arena should not be tolerated.  Because they both have a jurisdiction over people's thoughts and psychological futures.  Entire lives forfeited and changed by an indecent act upon a child.   

And we let the Church police itself.  Why are they not behind bars. Because the church itself is corrupt and lives in the dark.  Lest you come up with a better answer, greed and power rule here, by virtue of fear motivation and eventually the excommunication from the club.  Play the game or be cast off into oblivion, hell complete with fire and brimstone all on one E-Ticket.  “E” standing for Expulsion.

According to the John Jay report commissioned by the US Bishops, allegations of sexual abuse were made in 1950-2002 against 4,392 priests. The number is generally believed to underestimate the problem. A few bishops have released the names of accused priests, but no official list exists of US priests who have abused children and vulnerable adults. On the website is the most complete list currently available, culled from media reports and legal documents with many photos, assignment records, and source articles.

There are fewer convictions because the legal standards for criminal cases are higher than for civil cases and often criminal statute of limitations has run out for adults who were sexually abused as children by clergy. The accused are often influential and well liked in their communities. 

The ‘do-gooder’ citizens are often in denial that such a Godly figure could possibly have committed one or more of these crimes. The clergy that molests children generally do so with children from broken homes or dysfunctional homes or the poor. The churches hesitate to report clergy to police making the police officers jobs extremely difficult to build a case on

Often parents of the sexually abused child decline to be interviewed and 99% of children abused by clergy will deny it. If a clergy is suspected of the sexual abuses of one or more children they are moved out of state and thus have committed no crime and are innocent.

I am dismayed at the coverup of this corruptness in the Catholic Church. Is the Catholic Church the only sect to be blamed? NO.   But it was the one that was heavily defended and swept under the table by the HOLY SEE.  I'm afraid, the answer is yes. Till the media really started banging the stories around. Thats the bad part. It should never of been, nor ever tolerated by the SEE. They knew what was whispered and going on. 

Compare it to big business, it is big business. It is probably the most profitable business in the world and when the donations and profits started to dwindle, something happened.  You see the “ Follow the money answer" to most questions is prevalent, everywhere. It never rose high because those in charge may of condoned or performed the same acts themselves.

The Pope Benedict XVI refused to defrock an American priest who confessed to molesting numerous children and even served prison time for it, simply because the cleric wouldn't agree to the discipline. The case provides the latest evidence of how changes in church law under Pope John Paul II frustrated and hamstrung U.S. bishops struggling with an abuse crisis that would eventually explode.

Documents obtained by The Associated Press from court filings in the case of the late Rev. Alvin Campbell of Illinois show Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, following church law at the time, turned down a bishop's plea to remove the priest for no other reason than the abuser's refusal to go along with it.   "The petition in question cannot be admitted in as much as it lacks the request of Father Campbell himself," Ratzinger wrote in a July 3, 1989, letter to Bishop Daniel Ryan of the Diocese of Springfield, Ill. The paperwork denial excuse.

With the church still recovering from a notable (number) departure of priests in the 1970s to marry, John Paul made it tougher to leave the priesthood after assuming the papacy in 1978, saying their vocation was a lifelong one. A consequence of that policy was that, as the priest sex abuse scandal arose in the U.S., bishops were no longer able to sidestep the lengthy church trial necessary for laicization.

The Holy See is the episcopal ( not to be confused with Episcopalians) jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome, led by the Pope.  It forms the central government of the Church. As such, legally diplomatically, and in international law as a sovereign entity, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole Catholic Church. 

So lets once again, call it what it is, in financial terms, a profitable business. Thus, where do we put this blame for the damages done by their salesmen and regional manager representatives. Lets put the blame on the CEO, you can't blame the manufacturer. 

As my attorney would say, go for the money.  If the Church has all this power and control and globally is the recipient of many claims from many countries then lets get to the source.  It all comes down from the top.  The CEO, his General Sales Managers and his staff.

Just like in politics, the standing leader is the target of opportunity. Anything the last administration did that is now failing is still blamed on President Obama. The difference,  Obama had little to do with it. It took the last guy eight years to screw things up this bad.

The present Pope may of been involved. The investigators have written proof.  That old,  “A few bad apples ruin the bunch is a dose of well....three bulls".   The SEE controlled their worthless lives, hid them, swept it under the expensive carpet, gave them a new sales territory, worse, a new base to draw from, and in some cases outright lied. 
There was coverup from the Vatican to the streets of Boston and many many other US and International cities.

Loved the movie and the book.  The Catholic Church powered by the POPES, would rather no one ever would have seen the book, a best seller, “ he Da Vinci Code”,  which delves into the conversion of Paganism to Catholicism during the turbulent period of time of the Priory of Scion and the Knights Templar.  It's a fascinating read. I had to read it twice, saw the movie with Tom Hanks and started to define a line between reality and creative writing. 

A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity. The book does get very close to reality about a subject that might not be real to some and the basis of belief to others. 

The theory that true lineage of the faith is passed down through the woman,  just as it does today amongst the Jewish faith,  really upsets the Catholic Church.  The coven just won't buy it because it would kill business they carefully construed oner the years.  Best use of fear motivation on the planets, sorry the Baptists came in second.

The good old boys club who have rejected women for years in the church would turn upside down if it was true that Jesus's lineage is alive and well and passed down through a woman.  Does that mean they would have to give all that money back they have been taking for years and stuffing it in the Vatican?  Never happen, they will quash and quell any attack against the “Gold old boy's club"

The art of talking the talk, not walking the walk….  The Survey said "that Atheists, Jews, and Mormons know more about religion than Catholics and Protestants”.  Hard to believe but  "The United States is a nation of religious illiterates," says Boston University professor Stephen Prothero, whose research on Americans' spiritual ignorance inspired a new study that has religion teachers and ministers aghast. 

"We have a weird kind of Christianity in America if Christians don't even know what Christianity is," says Prothero.  A significant number of Christians don't know the basics about their own professed faith or other major religions, according to the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life survey, while atheists and agnostics have the highest "Religious IQ," correctly answering 20.9 questions in the study's 32-question quiz. 

I can agree with this as other survey’s about voting indicated the American voter generally votes by name recognition or party affiliation rather than who is better suited for the job and best qualified.   Did you know that in a recent survey only 42 percent of Catholics could correctly name the first book of the Bible.

  • Top Guns – The Atheists Team at 20.5
  • Runners up - A Tie Score Jews @ 20.31 
and Mormons @20.3
  • White Evangelical Protestants with 17.6
  • White Catholics @16.0
  • White mainline Protestants @ 15.8
  • Black Protestants @ 13.4
  • Hispanic Catholics @ 11.6 

Pew's Alan Cooperman suggests that atheists tend to grow up in a religion, then consciously give it up after much thought and research. 

  Methodist minister Adam Hamilton factors what he calls Christians' lack of introspection and curiosity into their relatively low scores: "They accept their particular faith... to be true and they stop examining it," he says, and, in turn, don't bother examining other people's beliefs. "That, I think, is not healthy for a person of any faith.   "

Still, do atheists actually know more about Christianity than Christians?  

Mormons scored the highest on questions specifically about Christianity; white Evangelicals came in second.  Both Atheists and Jews racked up points on questions about Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism.

  • 89% of respondents knew that public school teachers can't lead prayer in the classroom under Supreme Court precedent.
  • 8% of total respondents knew that Maimonides, the influential medieval theologian and Rabbi, was Jewish. 
  • 57% Jewish quiz-takers knew the answer.
  • 45% Catholics didn't know that the church believes communion wafers and wine become the actual body and blood of Christ during Mass.
  • 42% couldn't name Genesis as the first book of the Bible.
  • 47% of Protestants could identify Martin Luther as the writer who sparked the Protestant Reformation

Professor Prothero makes a strong statement here: It is a "civic problem of the first order." People make many decisions based on their faith or religious leaders, and if we don’t understand the basis of other faiths, or our own, "We cannot make sense of the world." He says the cure for our “ National epidemic of religious illiteracy" is "mandatory public school courses on the Bible and the world's religions.