For those who believe in TV charlatans, I call them Bablically Declined. If you believe the TV you are suffering from the BD’s.  Some even honor the Graduates of the Tower Of Babel University School of Performing Arts as being real prophets.  (Well,  profits to them)

Perhaps they convinced your mind that purgatory is real and you suffer from guilt, or maybe you haven't been on your knees enough. And the cure is always the same, send in your donation.  Money is the mental key to salvation.  

In many cultures of the world, the Money God, (in the Hindu world is called “Mammon”) is not a good GOD.  Mammon /ˈmæmən/ in the New Testament of the Bible is commonly thought to mean money or material wealth and is associated with the greedy pursuit of gain. Jesus used the term Mammon, “You cannot serve both God and Mammon," ...

Maybe just maybe these tV celebrities would abide by the bible instead of just quoting words and not believing in their heart. It’s a pity almost a billion dollars goes to the wrong things and the poor still starve...

If you think by sending in your money to some TV religious actor, you will get redemption, at least get a plastic bag to place over your head so when you bury your head in the sand so you won’t clog your nose. Your exposed nether end will send a message to others as to where you used to stand.  Then friends will pass by and say, “ So thats where they buried that ass”.  We refer to this as Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia. More commonly expressed in the western world as “ Shit for brains”.  

I am one of those who believe in religion but use a more direct route to GOD.  I do not follow Bablification, I do not need others to tell me how to do it.  Good religion is buried in your heart, never changing, helping others, serving mankind, and if your heart is good and honest, you are godly driven.

Bablification * is the taking of stories, rumors, innuendoes, stories by dubious writers and wizards and establishing a base of believers who send in money with no forethought and sometimes hope translated as greed.    *New  word

Be aware of these "Bablical scholars".  That is one who can talk the talk but doesn’t live his life that way, his goal is your money, he just babbles and plays the righteous game usually wearing some expensive cloak like this cute 500 dollar number featured here available in multiple colors at  www.LuciferStyles.com

Do not get the impression I am against any, belief, religion, faith, denomination, sect or following.  I am not an atheist nor an agnostic.  I am Jewish by birth and belief, somewhere between reform and conservative,  I do believe in my way of faith by the only real answer to a person’s first faith, the birth proxy.  Who or what your parents believed in usually celebrates your beliefs.  Unless, as it will happen down the road other beliefs are imposed, suggested, tried, or have found their path to your heart.

I leave room for those who claim a gigantic spiritual upheaval took place in their life transforming them overnight as significant.  Well,  maybe someone in the electric chair will get to Jesus faster that way. When we research the story, we usually find out that, imagination and guilt eradication to some are real.  Churches are full of redemption, thats why people go there. To some them, fear and guilt are great motivators.  Prisons and the electric chairs are super recruiters for the faithless.

I go after those who use religion as a tool for deceitful personal gain like some of the “ Prosperity preachers”.  Or those who use intimidation to force people to believe their way with threats of punishment, terror or even death like the Taliban. 

And if it involves child abuse, pedophilia or wanton acts on youth, I still have my heavy Louisville Slugger Ted Williams Special on call. When you force your belief on a child mentally or physically, you are fair game and now I am the hunter and I am relentless.  


First do not confuse Fakir with Fake-ir.  Fakir is a noun describing a Muslim or Hindu religious ascetic or mendicant monk commonly considered a wonder-worker.  Any extreme member of any Islamic religious order; ex. a dervish.  A faker is what we have here who use religion as a tool to cheat people.

This section contains a collection of some of the most influential crooks aka “Persons of Faith” using Religion today to scam people. They are going after the "flockers".  Weakness is the key, those who are in despair, trouble, financially needy, physical weakness, health issues, all looking for the magic button.

One segment of this group of "flockers", are those who channel God into electronics. This is part one of Persons of Faith. The TV Preachers or what I like to call "Profitable Prophets".  In other parts of the story we after the politicians who use Religion. Both use and abuse your money, both have the same calling. Send them money and "you will get called" next time they think you are ripe and they are having their next telethon, revival or re-collection.

If you are dumb enough to send them your money, your check, money order, or credit card will be  "heavenly endorsed" by this select "group of profits" the TV Preachers. You are trusting that the money you contribute will feed the poor and needy, and the good LORD will remember you for this deed. 

Right. You would be doing more if you gave it to the “Tooth fairy" and she used it for fluoride.  Likely it will be used for gas money for his 23 million dollar Cessna Citation.  Why walk on water when you can fly over it in style and not ruin your 380 - 600.00 dollar shoes.

Washington isn't the only place you find "chump change". These "ministries of mystery" collectively have raised hundreds of millions of dollars each year even though scandal, indiscretions, coverups, exposure and diligent research and reporting by some of the best have surfaced the abuse.  Are people that weak and vulnerable.  A quarter to half a billion a year says so.  Much of it made Wikipedia, my prime source.  Politicians and Preachers... somewhat of a similarity.

“List of Christian Evangelist Scandals"  there are twenty-eight listed. Seven still under investigation and a whole lot more that will shock you.  Your donations for the hungry and starving are certainly put to good use and must be very encouraging for the poor to know their food could possibly be delivered in a Rolls Royce or a brand new 23 million dollar Challenger Jet.  

Please understand I do not have the room nor the gumption to possibly gather all of it here. There are blogs and websites that expose all these crooks and false prophets some ten times the size and volume of the room and time I can afford on my entire blog.   I will however name names. Starting below you will see the subjects I tended too...


We are a worldwide society of people who follow some really strange customs. These strange customs cross faith, all faiths with doctrine usually found adapted from the “ Written word".  I like to cut to the chase. I see much more harm than good when the written word gets mis-interpreted and false doctrine appears. If you can't handle truth, be gone with thee.  

The biggest misconception today is the proliferation of the thinking that the Church and State are one and this nation was directly formed as a Christian entity by the founding fathers. I don't quite believe this to be true as they had this in the old world and it was what they were escaping from.  The religious intolerance of the church ruled nations.

The art of talking the talk, not walking the walk, and the survey said that Atheists, Jews, and Mormons know more about religion than Catholics and Protestants. It’s true

What exactly is a “person of faith”?  It depends.  If we define it simplistically: “ A person of faith is one who is guided by a set of rules and ideals that supposedly creates a path of ultimate righteousness in their daily walks in life”.  It is their personal guarantee to you of their beliefs.  About 99% of it is bullshit.  I predict and believe those telling you they are a person of faith missed the point, It’s their deeds not their mouth that makes them a person of faith.

Passover and Easter, are written and encircled with great promise for both the Christian and Jew.  But to the Jew, the Resurrection story celebrated at Easter is repugnant because of what actually surfaces during  Easter by extremists injected with the deep lines of hatred.  Passover, a season of Jewish freedom on one hand and Easter a legacy of martyrdom for the Christian and fear of reprisal for the Jew on another.

Jesus, the healer of Nazareth, the enthusiastic lover of his country and people, felt himself called, to deliver the Holy Land from the hand of the cruel Roman, who at that time held Palestine as his tributary province.  His enthusiasm, seconded by a number of faithful disciples and a host of followers, begot in them the thought that their inspired Master was in truth their long-expelled Messiah, the Deliverer of the people, the Savior of the nation.

Christians weren’t so innocent.  The stories of the massacres of the Saxons, Waldensians, and Albigenses.The atrocities against Mohammedans and Jews during the Crusades, that cost the lives of five millions of human beings.  The story of the Inquisition, which, during the five hundred years of its accursed existence, gorged itself on the heart’s blood of hundreds of thousands of Christians as well as Jews.
The story of the St. Bartholomew-night massacre, that cost the lives of fifty thousand human beings, and in honor of which Pope Gregory XIII went in solemn state to church to render thanksgiving, and had a coin struck, and proclaimed that year a Year of Jubilee.

What we read , see and question, The Da Vinci code and Harry Potter - I Loved the movies and the books.  The Catholic Church powered by the POPES, would rather never of seen the book, a best seller, "The Da Vinci Code",  which delves into the conversion of Paganism to Catholicism during the turbulent period of time of the Priory of Scion and the Knights Templar.  It's a fascinating read. I had to read it twice, saw the movie with Tom Hanks and started to define a line between reality and creative writing.  

And Harry Potter, banned by the Texas Board of Education from its libraries.  10 on that board are Evangelicals belonging to one church.   Harry Potter encouraged more children to read, all 600 pages, than anything else those brain-washed board members suggested, the majority being their own cult approved, gospel laden feel good trash. How in anyones mind can they condemn a book about spirits when their own beliefs are all about fairy tales.

The Big Ten - Thats where God is explains the core elements of his plan to the Israelites.  According to scripture, God spoke to Moses and explained the basic ground rules in the Ten Commandments.  He said: -I am the Lord your God - You shall have no other gods before me - You shall not make for yourself an idol -     You shall not make wrongful use of the name of your God. SOMEHOW MAN DID NOT GET THE POINT…

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