I had the privilege of working with three incredible young people, Nicktil, Melinda and Jason, seventh graders from a local Middle High School and coaching them with this project.  A nationwide program for children to solve problems in the future, 100 years from now. These are bright young people of strong curiosity, interests and I might add fine manners. They were a joy to work with.  

The subject matter, the topic,  is “ What do we do with an older community possibly living twenty plus years longer than today”,  What kind of facilities in a changing world facing greater population, less horizontal space to live in and health issues might decline but age it self will be challenging we will live longer. 

NOTE:  I will soon publish a white paper on the state of education today and how being politically correct has affected our thinking in education and how the current head in the cabinet is the wrong person for the job, the FCAT thinking, no child behind and all the other projects are so totally off the mark. 

I cannot believe what I have seen and heard from teachers and educators.  When did education become a political problem?  Simple answer, when we went from first in the world straight to the bottom.  The politicians have to look in the mirror. They are ruining our most precious resource.

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