The Biden-Harris Ticket Saving America From The Two Worst 

Of The Twenty First Century — A Pandemic And T-RUMP

The T-RUMP Cranial-Rectal Dyslexia Nit-Tweets (Certified Lies)


One- T-RUMP accused Obama, repeating a false conspiracy theory stemming from the FBI’s surveillance of T-RUMP campaign associates in the run-up to the 2016 election.  What T-RUMP calls spying was the FBI and CIA looking into why so many people around Trump had meetings and/or worked with various Russians, some of whom were intelligence agents. 

What Trump calls spying was US intelligence agencies doing their job to monitor foreign activities that might affect the US. What we see from Trump is that his own personal concerns are what he's interested in, not the security of the nation. Russians plunking down cash for million dollar apartments in the T-RUMP Tower raised the possibility of money laundering, which is a legitimate thing to investigate as a possible crime.  Lee-POLITICO

 Two- Obama waited till Joe was the winner,  just a smart move as you saw last nightBullsh*t and more bullsh*t and threats by an idiot…T-RUMP fired off a second tweet seven minutes later, implying that there was more to the story behind Obama waiting until his former vice president, Joe Biden, cleared a crowded field of Democratic White House hopefuls before endorsing him.

He went after Harris  - He later weighed in as Harris formally accepted her nomination as Biden’s running mate, making her the first Black woman and first Asian American to join a major party presidential ticket.   “I know a predator when I see one,” Harris said of the president in her nomination speech, alluding to her prosecutorial background. 

Trump returned the favor by attempting to revive tensions between Harris and Biden from last year’s primary, mischaracterizing a high-profile clash over Biden’s record on race issues.


But Harris specifically noted when she interrogated Biden about bussing that she did not view the former vice president as racist. She also never called Biden incompetent.  More lies and distortions and we will bring it all out and we will be relentless.

Trump’s tweets on Wednesday come as he has attempted to counterprogram the Democratic convention for much of this week, making campaign stops in three potential swing states on Monday and Tuesday while holding a coronavirus briefing earlier Wednesday during which he announced his latest effort to scrap the Iran nuclear deal. 


Our Racist President Replays “ The Birther Movie”

As news of Kamala Harris’ selection to be the Democratic vice president broke, Democrats were warning that racist and sexist attacks on Harris would be coming.   First came the Newsweek opinion piece “ Some Questions for Kamala Harris About Eligibility,” which made its way through the pro-Trump echo chamber, including a Trump campaign aide, up to -- inevitably -- the President himself. 

ED:  No, he was just acting, fake Presidents act a lot, but he is neither Pulitzer or Oscar Material,  Rightfully he does however qualify as a traitor to the country or the dumbest scumbag imbecile in the world, number one in the running, beating Putin of Russia and Bolsonaro of Brazil… 

He might have the record for killing people by stupidity over all the other dictators.  If it keeps at this rate we will have a worsening situation with 300,000 dead by the election, now that an number few have ever reached… in under six months.  Good lives, heroes that sacrificed,  loved husbands, wives , aunts, uncles, grandparents, children great people that should be alive today had we moved quicker and correctly.  The blood is on his and his cohorts cowards hands, blame no one else or you are a fool.

"Many People are Saying”
🙄   At Thursday’s news conference, the President gave another variation on his “many people are saying” theme.  When asked about Kamala’s heritage by a statement from a jerk off in California, T-RUMP played the game face…

Quote:  “ But that’s a very serious … you’re saying that,  they’re saying that she doesn’t qualify because she wasn’t born in this country,” the President incorrectly said.   

ED: When T-RUMP says,  “ Many people are saying” … they are the folks who live in Bizarro Land, Marvel Comics Superman’s Nemesis and T-RUMPS imaginary friends.  He has many, you need many to cover over 21,000 lies he has told, documented and certified.  He is nothing but a trash talking liar… And he cannot give you names because there aren’t any…

It’s very difficult for him to remember what he said yesterday since he made that up and like most people with mental illness truth doesn’t matter because they don’t have the capacity to retain data and don’t care about truth anyway.  He just likes to look good and when he is stumped he walks off the stage like most cowards. Twice in the last week, he can’t handle those darn testy reporters…God Bless Them….

His Staff Sucks Too…

🙄   I did not expect that the Oakland-born Harris would be subject to a reprise of the “ birther” attacks used to falsely question Barack Obama’s legitimacy. But having had a front row seat to watch what the GOP has devolved into over the past decade, maybe I should not have been surprised.

At a prominent meeting of Republican officials in the South in 2011, a Barack Obama impersonator was hired -- to tell "black" jokes and walk out to the crowd playing Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the U.S.A." The audience loved it. Mark Meadows, who is now the White House chief of staff, was heard on video saying we should “ Send Obama back to Kenya” in 2012.    
ED:  Who ever said Mark Meadows had a frickin brain in his head or a morale in his mouth, he is nothing but a party geek and turned into sycophant ass-kisser

🙄   And in the basement of the Capitol, at the House Republican Conference, I watched as one Republican member, Louie Gohmert, joked at an “ open mic” to his colleagues, "Kenya hear me?"  Yes, there were groans — there usually are when Gohmert addresses his colleagues because he is a frickin idiot.
Ed:  Louis I heard you got he virus, how poetic and please don’t come back to Congress, actually I hope you don’t make it , you racist bastard.

🙄   All of those anecdotes have a common thread. For a Panamanian-born John McCain, the son of a Mexican-born father Mitt Romney and the Canadian-born Ted Cruz -- no problem. But for the first Black President, and now for the first Black nominee for vice president, the signal is clear: they're not "one of us." They don’t belong here. Thats the T-RUMP way sheer prejudice.   

🙄  The political landscape is vastly different today than where it was pre-Covid-19 — when a strong economy had Democrats scared that four more years for T-RUMP might have been a foregone conclusion and the death of a nation.

But with more than 174,000 Americans dead from Covid-19, 10% unemployment, 70% of the country believing America is on the wrong track and more than half of voters disapproving of the President’s handling of the pandemic, the campaign playbook had to be re-written. 

🙄  So, we’re back to Trump’s “greatest hits," as it were.  His best hit will be a round from a .308 Winchester from a recently purchased NRA rifle bought under the table by a parent  or immigrant who might of lost a child to T-RUMPS stupidity and lack of compassion… 

The Most Important Election In History  (CNN Data)
Americans get it. The 2020 election is shaping up to be the most consequential in decades. In a Pew Research poll released this week, 83% of registered voters said it matters a great deal whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden is the victor in the November election. Contrast that to 2000, when only 50% said the choice of George W. Bush or Al Gore would really matter. 

All signs were pointing to enormous interest in the campaign as Democrats prepared this week to stage their most unusual convention in memory, a four-night virtual gathering featuring speeches by Joe Biden, his VP pick Kamala Harris, Barack and Michelle Obama and Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Democrats seem energized by the choice of Harris and by Biden's edge in the polls. But they are also nervous about whether they can prevail in an election held in the middle of a pandemic and with an incumbent trying to undermine mail-in voting. Pew also found that nearly half of voters polled think casting their ballot this year will be difficult. 

Scumbags First Choice — Corrupt The Voter Pool — Destroy USPS
President T-RUMP  whose ally and major GOP donor Louis DeJoy has been installed as Postmaster General, has opposed new funding for the Postal Service. “On Thursday, Trump effectively admitted that he was doing his best to fix the election by keeping the Postal Service from sourcing the funds it needs to facilitate the scale of mail-in ballots likely needed for this election,". 

DeJoy has suggested that the service may no longer expedite election mail, which typically goes at a bulk rate of 20 cents. "There's a way to utterly frustrate DeJoy's suggestion," Andelman pointed out. “ very voter should put a 55-cent stamp on his or her return envelope, no matter if it is already pre-printed with bulk postage by their election board." 

Suggestion:   Geraldine Lampert argued that another way to get creative about the voting challenge is to draw private carriers such as FedEx and UPS into the process. 

“Over the past few months," wrote CNN legal analyst Elie Honig,  "Trump has made his stance clear, launching increasingly frantic -- and wildly inaccurate, almost hallucinogenic -- pre-emptive attacks on mail-in voting." 

Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee have gone to court in an effort to get states to limit access to voting by mail. The two parties are “ raced for war," hiring "teams of election law specialists" and setting aside "tens of millions of dollars to finance legal battles unfolding around the country."
The bastard should be shot as a traitor to the United States.

Harris Is A Game Changer  —  Comments

  • Harris was born in Oakland, California, and is fully qualified to run for vice president. But that didn’t stop some Republicans from questioning her citizenship, much as T-RUMP had perpetuated the “ Birther” lie that former President Barack Obama also wasn’t qualified.   T-RUMP Replied but…
    Scumbag Comment Removed since most GOP commentary comes from brain dead T-RUMP, clones and acolytes without minds .
  • Democrats rallied around the choice. “  The days of the Democratic establishment taking African Americans for granted are over,”  Van Jones Biden’s selection “  Means that he will have some tough-minded tenderness to complement his tender-hearted toughness for the next four years. 
  • More importantly, it means that Black voters are finally being treated the way a core constituency of a political party should be treated.” 
  • Jen Psaki noted that,  “Harris is not only a historic pick, as the first Black and Asian American woman to be on a national ticket for either party, but she is young, tough as nails and prepared to do the job on day one.” 
  • As historic as her selection was, Harris was also the safe choice, wrote David Axelrod: “ eople familiar with research the campaign undertook to inform its decision told me voters viewed her as among the most qualified to be president on Day One -- a key positive, given Biden's status as potentially the oldest politician to ever serve as president."
  • Errol Louis wrote, “ She is fearsome in debate and comfortable on television, two skills that will come in handy in a race that will largely be fought on small screens rather than at huge outdoor rallies." 
  • For those aiming to defeat Trump, wrote SE Cupp, "Harris is the only viable running mate to help take Biden across the finish line. Nearly every other candidate had major baggage or alienating qualities.” 
  • Biden and Harris have something to prove, wrote Jeff Yang. "The symbolism of this ticket is undeniable," he said. “ Voters, especially progressive voters, will now be looking for the substance behind it — how the ticket intends to address a pandemic that, as Harris noted, is killing an American every 80 seconds; how it will reform health care; how it will protect women’s right to choose;  root out systemic racism;  protect voting rights and reaffirm this nation’s commitment to immigrants.”
  • On the right, commentator Scott Jennings pointed out that Harris' own campaign for president was "a short ride...several primary rivals like Bernie Sanders outlasted her because their authenticity was perceived to be far greater. But winning the vote of one person — Joe Biden, in this case -- was easier than winning the millions of votes necessary to be the nominee herself."
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