The Wall That Mexico will Not Pay For - T-RUMPs Biggest lie… and recently 6/2020 the Supreme Court said no Military Assigned money by Congress may be used for it.  The price of the wall will be 21 billion dollars.

US Taxpayer   21,000,000,000   Mexico Taxpayer  000.00


Lots Of Promises, Love Letters Lots Of Photo-Ops, And Grand Standing Images Regardless It Turned Into A Magnum Sized Expensive Bullsh*T Session And No Treaty… Kim Jung Un Beat Three Presidents, T-Rump Was A Lapdog Layover Loser… And Kim Laughs At Him…

North Korea has blown up -- as in, completely destroyed -- an office used for talks between itself and South Korea. If ever there were a sign that the relationship between the adversaries is deteriorating, this is it. The building has been closed for months due to the coronavirus, but it was obviously a symbol of goodwill between the nations. North Korea says it decided to raze the office as yet another retaliatory measure against South Korea after defectors used balloons to send anti-North Korean leaflets of the DMZ. 

The country recently announced it is cutting all ties with South Korea over the incident and will remilitarize parts of the Korean border that have been dormant for years. It's illegal -- and extremely risky -- for average North Koreans to consume literature or entertainment that's not approved by the government. Experts also suspect North Korea’s recent actions may be its attempt to gin up a crisis.


Simple, No One Will Lend Him Money In New York … So He Sells All His Condos To Russians And Uses Their ( Now Laundered) Money To Support His Buildings… The Cash Is Handled Through Deutscher Bank And Co-Signed Or Backed By The Russian VDB Bank… Thats Why Putin Is Such A Good Fiend… Friend… Putin Owns the Pr*ck

CHINA Ed Note:   Donald’s imaginary love-fest with Xi Jinping is a farce…  it’s all bullsh*t , because Donald is no match for the Chinese industrial giant and Donald’s words carry no weight,  just like his twitts.  The Chinese are not just into egg rolls and roast duckling, they are in everything that can be stolen, cloned or manufactured and soon  will possibly surpass us…

Wake-up America, T-Rumps bragging about relationships is falling apart and the war between what I call the Occident and the Orient is resulting in a factual trade war.  Worse, the collaborations, allies relationships and simply friends and trade partners is dwindling whereas China relationships are growing world wide… the great relationship T-RUMP  talks about must make for great laughs in the Chinese capitol… and a new round of fortune cookies should be hilarious…especially those written by the Chinese hacker Won Dum Fuk

From its incursion into disputed territory on its border with India, to rising tensions with Australia, Fareed argues, China is alienating neighbors.   “Thanks to its actions over the last few years, under Xi Jinping,” Fareed says, “China today finds itself in the same strategic situation as the Soviet Union did during the Cold War—surrounded by countries that are growing increasingly hostile to it.”  But they are getting aggressive, dangerously so.  The End of Hong Kong

Dangerous Game Of Chicken With The Peking Duck
Tensions between the US and China are running high, but at Foreign Affairs, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd writes that the two powers’ emerging “cold war” could become a hot one. 

Domestic politics are part of it: With President Trump rattling US sabers at China and Democratic rival Joe Biden “determined not to be outflanked,” Rudd warns that the months leading up to the US election will be marked by “a dangerous political and strategic cocktail: a weakened Trump, an uncompromising Biden, and an under-pressure Chinese President Xi ready to pull the nationalist lever” and gin up even more anti-American sentiment at home.

An accident could set things off. Mirroring political tensions, American and Chinese boats and planes have grown more aggressive in conducting maneuvers in Western Pacific waters, and it “is far from certain” that protocols for avoiding collisions “will be effective with the rapid increase in air, naval, and other military assets in the area, where there is already a history of near misses between U.S. and Chinese military ships and planes,” Rudd writes. “The South China Sea has thus become a tense, volatile, and potentially explosive theater at a time when accumulated grievances have driven the underlying bilateral political relationship to its lowest point in half a century. … 

The general pattern of near misses in the past has shown US aircraft or naval vessels swerving and changing course at the last minute in order to avoid collision. It is not clear, however, whether these procedures, or those of the Chinese navy and air force, have now been adjusted to a more offensive posture.


As the US standoff with Iran hurtles forward, it’s revealing some truths about us power, influence, and alliances. among them, is that America can no longer ensure the security of gulf oil shipping on its own, and thanks to domestic us oil production, it lacks the incentive to assume such a demonstrative  responsibility…  The standoff is not only a test of American power, or of T-Rump’s personal handling of a crisis situation, it’s testing T-RUMPS  entire foreign-policy doctrine of unilateralism… after T-Rump  has alienated US allies, he finds himself in a confrontation where he might actually need them, many argue, he’s on his own.


Donald T-RUMP made friends with the new dictator of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro,  and Jair followed Donald’s advice concerning how to make Brazil great…  he fell for t-rumps bullsh*t lies and  t-rumps medical knowledge destroyed brazil and made it number two in the world in one month with death by covid-19, another great achievement for the exalted one…but results count  more Deaths:  92,254   COVID-19 Cases:  1.4 Million Citizens In City As Noted  But Total For Indigenous River People Unknown as there is no reporting system.  


While Beirut’s massive explosion yesterday appears to have been an accident, Lebanese political analyst wrote that it’s a tragic reflection of the country’s longstanding problems.   Prime Minister attributed the blast to a stock of 2,750 metric tons of ammonium nitrate—more than 1,500 times the quantity of the same compound used by Timothy McVeigh in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing—that had been stored in a port warehouse since 2014.  

Don’t tell me they needed almost 2800 tons for Avocados…  That was for making bombs and missiles. The faster Lebanon dumps Hezbollah and befriends Israel great things could happen, same for the Palestinians who lack compassion and leadership of cooperation.  Together they could build a trilateral area of business and travel, unique cultures and become dynamic, just eliminate hatreds and the past, and look towards a future, if not,  more explosions of all sorts.

“There is a pervasive culture of negligence, petty corruption and blame-shifting endemic to the Lebanese bureaucracy, all overseen by a political class defined by its incompetence and contempt for the public good,” Itani writes. “It’s unclear what combination of these elements let a bomb-in-waiting sit in a warehouse for almost six years … 

But the catastrophe, while exceptionally severe, is the result of business as usual in Lebanon. The country is familiar with explosions, and it is just as familiar with disasters caused by failures of public services: a garbage crisis that dates back to 2015, an environmental catastrophe in 2019 and power outages this year that last up to 20 hours a day.”

Lebanon has been in trouble: The country’s economy has collapsed this year, arguing that an 85% devaluation in its currency was the latest sign that Lebanon’s political system (in which power is shared between Sunnis, Shia, and Christians) is more prone to patronage and inefficiency than to reform. 

At least 135 people are dead, many more are missing, and more than 5,000 are injured. Beirut’s governor says about 300,000 people couldn't return to their homes after the blast, and at least half the city’s population now have homes that are “unlivable for the foreseeable future.”

EDITOR:  T-RUMPS imaginary Generals, those fake friends he invents with no names in his twisted imagination and Mark IV  Bullsh*t  Brain rotating from Crainial-Rectal Dyslexia have advised him this was an attack…  Trump is  sick, no real General, our hero’s whom I have served with wants anything to do with this imbecile liar and fraud.  Thats why there are never any names, T-RUMP invents people, no-one believe him, they are invention generals of his imagination from the land of Bizarro, who was Superman’s enemy…in Marvel Comics…



Other Treaties, Agreements, Joint Ventures, and Military Co-operation, Cancelled or Failed 

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