FART news originates from the twitts and tweets of thoughts and news from the usual time consuming Fart twitter mail from the T-RUMP  his family, Cabinet and Congressional members like DeVos, Carter, Mnuchin, Lindsey Graham, fellow crooks and appointed booger lovers.

His poor speeches most likely come from his douchbag duo of Kelly (Condom mouth) Conway, Stephen ( F*cked up ) Miller  and a few other scumbags … which are his standby excusers and deniers usually getting his lies denied less than 24 hours later.  

And then he can’t read properly on a teleprompter and further looks stupid, even stupider, very much stupider.

Then there is Mick ( The Pr*ck) Mulvaney another blow-job just like Perverted Pense, Or in the case of Rudi “ The Kazooti” Giuliani before the end of his last sentence.  ( Kazooti refers to him blowing his own horn).  The Mafia should have blown his balls off. 

Brilliant and to the point.  In all fairness and defense, many, almost 100 personnel and a myriad of Cabinet members left the White House some mainly to save themselves, some so they would not go to jail.   I call that a good move, some were fired for bad deeds and beat prosecution, caught and had to go, like Scott Pruitt who escaped sixteen federal indictments by quitting, and some got religion and quit or fired for not properly placing their lips on Donald fat ass being abusive or just worthless. (His picks) 

The Future of these folks depends on, If and when the Donald gets Impeached, Article 25 in effect with  lots of proof;  or Assassinated Best Choice overall is a $1.38 well spent bullet;  Because they were loyal to T-RUMP,  there will be retaliations, repercussions and new faces will be seen in Washington.  Regardless…



Our GOP Senate is a bunch of cowards who forfeited their pledge and duty to the people of the United States.  They need to be removed. They are the Eunuch-cons…  Con-men who have no balls period...

Its time for them to go, they forgot what they are in the Senate for.  Not all, but we have a ball-less ( a true lack of testicles and courage and a devotion to bribes, spins, greed and other deviate enterprises) empty GOP controlled Chickenshit Senate full of the old gray haired losers who did nothing, do nothing, cowards, bullshitters and liars, cronies and clones and get paid 197,000 dollars a year to vote the way, not of conscience but of party and get richer on bribes and insider information and deals we’ll never see. 


Meanwhile, the US Office of Special Counsel says White House adviser and recent face-lifter Kellyanne Conway shouldn’t work for the government anymore because she violated the Hatch Act during TV appearances. That’s a 1939 law that bars federal employees from engaging in partisan politics while serving in their official roles. 

The rule is a workplace guideline, and violating it is not a crime. The counsel's office (no connection to Robert Mueller) said Conway broke the rule by trashing Democratic presidential candidates. The White House pushed back, saying Conway's actions aren't violations. 



Lord, I thank thee for the grace shown to Sara Not-A-Wara Sanders and the mercy you showed that fat-ass bitch with the big garbage fed mouth.  Please forgive me. No one in the history of real news has been hated as much and they are glad to see her gone, but the damages she did will remain.

I had prayed she would burst into flames because of the shame and pain she caused my fellow compatriots who had to endure that overdose of frickin lies and stupid answers in the press room.  Let her go back to her demented father Mike Huckabee and his bullsh*t  fake religious commentary lies and they can sing KuBaYa together.

She will be remembered as a diaper smear on the minds of those who had to attend the normally hallowed ground, and sacred to the truth, the Press Room where facts and truth were brought forth to the real news people (FOX not included) to relay and advise the public.  

Under T-RUMP  she has completely decimated the entire news world with lies, fake news and a demeanor befitting knuckle dragging apes.  ( I apologize to the apes,  most troglodytes have more brains than Sarah and behave nicer).  


Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for first lady Melania Trump who last year was warned for violating the Hatch Act that bans government employees from political campaigning, replaces Sanders in the role. She will also serve as White House communications director.

Although Grisham didn't hold the most esteemed role in the administration, she quickly became a well-known name for her fierce support of Melania and the Trump family. Not only did Grisham pen a passionate op-ed defending Melania against her critics, but she reportedly helped oust one of the first lady's adversaries from the White House. Paging Olivia Pope, anyone? 

That all being said, Grisham had a life before the Trumps, a background some American citizens might be curious to learn about given her June 2019 promotion to White House press secretary. For instance, how did Grisham manage to climb up the political ladder? Does Grisham have a personal life outside of her hectic job? We answer these questions and more in the untold truth of Stephanie Grisham




CNN)  President Donald Trump’s pick for the top spokeswoman job at the Treasury Department repeatedly spread conspiracy theories that suggested then-President Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim who was sympathetic to America's enemies. 

Monica Crowley, who was appointed by T-RUMP last week as assistant treasury secretary for public affairs, made multiple comments spreading these false claims on her personal blog and in at least one tweet between 2009 and 2015, according to a review by CNN's KFile team.

Crowley also endorsed a story claiming Obama was an "Islamic community organizer" trying to conform the United States to Sharia law and claimed conspiracy theories about Obama's birth certificate were "legitimate concerns." During Obama’s presidency, Trump was one of the most prominent voices pushing the so-called birther conspiracy theories questioning Obama's birthplace. 

When he was seeking the presidency himself and under continual questioning, Trump finally admitted that Obama was born in the US but offered no apologies or explanation for the years he spent sowing doubt about Obama's origins. 

Conservative commentator Monica Crowley in talks to join Treasury Department after interview with Donald T-RUMP.  She definitely has the “ bang appeal”   Donald like so much in his position choices, mainly horizontal…

Crowley, formerly a syndicated radio host, columnist and Fox News contributor, was originally chosen by Trump in December 2016 to be the senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council. She withdrew herself from consideration for that position after CNN’s KFile team uncovered extensive plagiarism in her book and doctoral thesis. 

Monica Crowley, President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s pick for a top National Security Council job, plagiarized numerous passages in her Ph.D. dissertation, Politico Magazine has found. But she is not new to plagiarism.  An examination of the dissertation and the sources it cites identified more than a dozen sections of text that have been lifted, with little to no changes, from other scholarly works without proper attribution. In some instances, Crowley footnoted her source but did not identify with quotation marks the text she was copying directly. In other instances, she copied text or heavily paraphrased with no attribution at all.

This finding comes on the heels of CNN’s Saturday report that Crowley, the conservative author and commentator whom Trump tapped as senior director of strategic communications for the National Security Council, plagiarized more than 50 passages in her 2012 book What the (Bleep) Just Happened, copying directly from conservative columns, news articles, Wikipedia and in one case a podiatrist’s website.

Despite the news, the Trump team continues to support the appointment. “Any attempt to discredit Monica is nothing more than a politically motivated attack that seeks to distract from the real issues facing this country,” a transition spokesperson told CNN. The transition team did not reply to requests for comment for this story.

Crowley submitted her dissertation, titled “Clearer Than Truth: Determining and Preserving Grand Strategy: The Evolution of American Policy Toward the People’s Republic of China Under Truman and Nixon,” in 2000 in partial completion of her Ph.D. in international relations at New York’s Columbia University. Today, the thesis is kept on microfilm at the University of Michigan and accessible via ProQuest, an academic database.

Crowley was previously accused of plagiarism in 1999 when a reader in California noticed similarities between a Wall Street Journal column she wrote and a 1988 Paul Johnson piece in Commentary. After the discovery, the Journal published an editor’s note in that week’s Friday edition that read, “Had we known of the parallels, we would not have published the article.”   Crowley’s position does not require Senate confirmation.  Crowley did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesperson for the Treasury Department also did not respond to a request for comment.



Donald J. Trump is an experiment in real time, but with no control group. The story's primary concern is Trump's cozy relationship with Sean Hannity, Fox's chief blowhard correspondent. But it also shows just how much Trump behaves like a typical Fox News viewer: He consumes far too much of it every day and far too little of anything else. He lacks reference points for what is happening in the world outside a closed information system tailored to a particular ideological agenda.

There is, for instance, a remarkable story about Trump's shifting viewing habits. He went from watching a number of cable news shows during Executive Time each morning to just Fox & Friends, which he now live-tweets—often using the text of on-screen chyrons verbatim, or misquoting the hosts:

So where does Fake News come from.  These articles and excerpts of interest by a variety of great journalists, and much lesser talented ones like myself are about topics we cover and care about with an abundance of occasional personal comment thrown in.  

I am privileged to know some of these great writers, cartoonists and creative commenters, and to bring their world to you.  Most important is that they bring you the truth.

 I try to add some humor, insight, disagreement, predictions to the fray.  The truth is what he calls fake articles whenever he leaks some stupidity and gets called on it, then it becomes fake news.

Hitler did the same thing and the people believed him, if they didn’t believe them he simply shot them. In the end Hitler shot himself and was burned. He didn’t obviously believe in himself.   I wish Donald good luck and hopefully a clean shot from a  .338 LAPUA from any source.  I will send flowers... a bouquet of Ragweed, Water Hemlock, Nightshade, Belladonna, White Snakeroot. Castor Bean Rosary Pea, Oleander  and Poison Ivy… and a 2 liter bottle of 1986 Chateau Aqua Regia from Chernobyl.

But T-RUMPS main fake news comes from three sources, bullsh*t from Conway and Miller, or his own sick mind…  Then the next stage is,  it gets carried by the fake FOX team, picked up by the media as false and the fake news starts all over. presenting the four HORSEMEN OF HORSE SH*T….