Donald T-Rump  ( Noted Draft Dodger And Coward) Gave Crimea, The Black Sea Ports,
Syria, And An Invite For Putin To The Ukraine… Then He Gave Xi-Xiang Hong Kong, Possibly
Taiwan, Islands For Bases In The Pacific Rim With Land, Sea, And Air Capability…

He Gave It To The Russians and The Chinese
Oh, so you know those tariffs are not paid by the Chinese, the Wall is not being paid by the Mexicans and thats costing you a personal minimum of  $600-800 a year more. And  go price some vegetables and necessities for your home… The fees are passed on in the higher prices of the goods, how stupid can you be to not understand that simple explanation and it proves the America voter who believes T-RUMP is a dumbass and believes all the lies you were told and you just stand there and do nothing.  Lemmings live like that… I’m frank, crude and harsh, I have had enough of him, you deserve crap,  you voted for it…

How A Coward And Liar Can Change A World Forever…    (Thanks CNN)
This past week, on US President Donald Trump’s watch Russia and China have effectively re-aligned the coming world order. They didn't do it together, but both took advantage of uncertainty and unpredictability that Trump has helped create.

It’s far from clear that the next US President will be able to roll back the consequences of this week, which leave both Presidents Vladimir Putin in Moscow and Xi Jinping in Beijing more decisively in control of their own countries and more able to act assertively.  In other words, Trump has made an indelible mark on the world -- and it may not be for the good.

It is no coincidence that Putin and Xi have cemented their grip on cherished goals, as the clock runs down on Trump’s first, and possibly only, term in office.  

This past week, in a referendum on constitutional revisions so predictable that copies were on sale before the vote, Putin has effectively been made President for life, as Xi has moved equally ruthlessly, taking control of Hong Kong through a new national security law, while telling US allies Canada, Australia and the UK to keep out of China's internal affairs.

Both seem to be of the view the US has neither the will nor the consistency to put up resistance. Indeed, Trump's White House gave evidence of exactly that this week, floundering for a coherent response to allegations Russia paid the Taliban to kill US forces in Afghanistan. The Russian Embassy in Washington and the Taliban have both denied the claims.

Russia Is His Bank
As David Ignatius wrote in The Washington Post this week, Putin "is in the payback business. He believes the United States destroyed his former country, the Soviet Union. He likes the United States to feel pain." He now has plenty of years for more payback.

According to White House deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews: “ President T-RUMP is a world-class negotiator who has consistently furthered America’s interests on the world stage."  After we hang him, we will throw her into an Afghanistan Brothel, or boiling oil for those lies.

Former senior US officials with a very different take. They thought T-RUMP “ delusional” about his ability to bend other leaders to his agenda, believing he could "either charm, jawbone or bully almost any foreign leader into capitulating to his will."  Words and thoughts, no deeds from a very sick man.

T-Rump Allows Russia And China To Take What They Want… 

But Putin “just outplays him,” Trump's "fawning over authoritarian strongmen, his ignorance of history and lack of preparation" jeopardized US national security.  Whether it's Putin's payback or Xi's decision to violate and chip away at the Hong Kong agreement signed with the UK in 1984, both leaders appear to see opportunities.

Go back three years. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dropped into the Oval Office the day after Trump fired James Comey as FBI director. Comey was overseeing the investigation into allegations of Russian election meddling. An official Russian photographer caught the bonhomie, as Trump told his visitors: "I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job."

Two months later, Trump met Putin -- alone -- on the margins of the G20 summit. The White House trumpeted the encounter as a success, highlighting a new ceasefire deal in Syria. The Russians cynically used the deal to freeze the conflict, allowing the Assad regime backed by Russia to pick off rebel-held areas one-by-one.

Trump could have protested, ripped up the deal, forged a new US policy on Syria that would have crimped Russia's growing influence in the Middle East. Instead he bought the lie.  It would be a recurring theme. Trump's former national security adviser John Bolton recalls in his new book "The Room Where It Happened" Trump's 2018 meeting with Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

"Putin had to be laughing uproariously at what he had gotten away with," writes Bolton, after Trump accepted Putin's assurances there had been no Russian interference in the 2016 US campaign.

So fast forward to this year as Putin, in power for 20 years, needed a constitutional fix to hold on for longer. He appears to calculate that despite tightened US sanctions over his invasion of Ukraine, and the poisoning of exiled former agent Sergei Skripal in the UK, T-RUMP won't push back for what he does at home.   He was right. He is now effectively President for life, hoping to emulate Soviet leaders by stepping down only into his grave.

China will not fall under T-RUMP…
Xi’s experience with T-RUMP has been different. Tangled in a trade war, he has had to calculate Trump’s real intent: on money, human rights issues, such as the Uyghurs or Hong Kong, and simply stopping the rise of the world's next superpower.  A diplomat, who had spent many years in Europe, told me in very precise terms that T-RUMP was intentionally preventing China taking its rightful place in the world as a high-tech advanced economy.

I can be sure of what he’d say now as the Trump administration tries to persuade allies not to allow Huawei's 5G technology into their digital bloodstream.  But those allies are less willing to say no, partly because of China’s commercial power but also because their relationships with the US have frayed.

Even the Umglicks, noted fourth world underdeveloped, not so bright till they found fire… had an expression.  “ He who first burns a bridge across a deep ravine should not try to cross that bridge ”
“ Moreover burnt timbers may lack strength
…” they were very observant and mentioned this at the funerals of those they toasted who were hauled out of the ravine…

Only this week German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who Bernstein’s sources say was berated by T-RUMP in phone calls, appeared to reject Trump’s China tactics, saying,  “ Only together can the 27 EU member countries have enough weight to achieve ambitious deals with China."   While Trump has been applauded for confronting China on its trade policies, commercial espionage and intellectual property theft, his tactics face heavy criticism. 

"Now the challenge for the president and his successors is to persuade Beijing, through enhanced US power projection, more able alliances, and adroit diplomacy, that the United States will grow ever stronger in Asia and, with its allies and friends, will robustly confront destabilizing Chinese actions."

All of this will have been in Xi's calculations about Trump, whether he is an existential threat to China's rise to be the world's superpower, or a prelude to a smarter adversary with the same goal.

Xi appears to have hedged toward the latter, choosing to act now against Hong Kong’s determined pro-democracy movement, and pushing the narrative that the West is behind it, before it became a real thorn in his side.  Hong Kong's new National Security Law, promulgated in Beijing this week and immediately enforced on the territory's streets, is a game changer. According to the UK, it breaks the 1984 joint Sino-British declaration of one country-two systems.

Breaking News !
T-RUMPS plans for the T-RUMP Legacy Library have already been formed.  He has declared himself the “ President of Law and Order.”  We understand only a few books will be shown there because the President is a poor reader, combining it with poor judgment, poor ethics, poor intelligence, we see this as a simple request…  Oh, Hitler was a reader, T-RUMP is not.  One of his teachers ( kept anonymous fearing execution) thought he was the most arrogant stupid idiot he ever taught.

Instead he will build a legacy of his great rallies on huge TV screens activated by remotes, supporting his claim as to being the greatest liar of all times and the most insulting pr*ck we ever put into the WhiteHouse which turned it into a Shithouse.

The question is what state wants that library?  He has a clone and sycophant in Florida… In journalistic terms Gov. DeSantis is nothing but a T-RUMP lap dog and just as stupid.   But he’s not long for the job either.

The T-Rump Library Suggested Reading List

1️⃣ The ART of The DEAL by Donald T-RUMP  

2️⃣ MEIN KAMPH By Herr Adolf Hitler ( In English)

3️⃣  The Farts In My Spiel by This Author Soon March 2021  

4️⃣  The Bible if it does not go up in flames

T-Rumps Stand On The Bible Supports  The Evangelical Jesus Cult 
The only schmucks that vote for him religiously are the Evangelicals.   He claims “ The Bible is one of his favorite reads”, Really,  he thinks Deuteronomy is a sexual act…can’t even read a prompter and needs a sixty inch TV for dumb speeches, who is he kidding”?   If he read the Bible, on a scale my convictions would put me up for the next Pope nomination and I’m Jewish.

A religious man he is not, never attended church, his family is not the type.  He is not a believer, liars are not believers because his ass would be burning, and not from his hemorrhoids.   I don’t think God will approve and might just burn his library down, hopefully, with him in it.  Hitler was a reader but when he held up a bible, he then threw it in the fire. T-RUMP claims he read it upside down… about the same integrity.  

All so he make a big deal with the Evangelicals for their votes and they are,  you guessed it, stupid enough to fall for it.  GOD has to bless them, hell will be a busy place with all his believers in false GODS, Commandment Number One.  Jesus will have a lot of work to do saving all those false believers… he might need Moses and Muhammed to help but they don’t want conscripts like that…  
OK, we have word that Mestopheles is on notice for those false Christians called “ Evangelically Declined By Cult”

President T-RUMP has vowed to return order to American streets using the military if widespread protests continue. During a speech yesterday, the President said he would invoke the Insurrection Act, an 1807 law that allows a president to deploy the US military to suppress civil disorder. Some military leaders have expressed concern over his vow, saying it sets a dangerous precedent.  It would not be not be legal… Posse Comitatus.

The moment was made for TV.   It was  multi-million dollar moment, a dumbass stupidous stunt made for his Fake Prosperity Viewers Gospel Photo-OP Base Evangelicals as its goal.  And it did backfire, the man is sick, each day more and more critical, dangerous and needs help now not later. 

So he ordered the National Guard to clear Lafayette Square so he could walk over and hold a bible in front of the Episcopalian Church of the Presidents for a Photo-Op.  Just like Hitler did when he burnt every book in town.  Only the dumb and ignorant can follow such scumbags… but it his interactions on other world fronts that have thrown us back a hundred years that may never be mended or trustworthy.

In case you live in a cave and cook raw meat over wood… Crimea, Syria, threats to the Ukraine, Military Ports of the Black Sea, now Taiwan is threatened, the take over of Hong Kong, Building of huge Island bases in the Pacific, fully functional as war platforms on all branches,  all gifts that embolden the Chinese and Russians as they see him as a huge jerk-off that can be played like a Radio Shack Tape Player, one button. Russia advances on the Ukraine, China is building ports all over Micronesia and the far East. A lover of Putin because Putin co-signs his notes from Deutscher Bank 

He Ignores Problems

👺 Cities have exploded, driven by anger and frustration, in the midst of the worst health crisis in a century and the deepest economic downturn since the Great Depression. The country is heartsick, frightened, divided. And President Donald T-RUMP is failing on every front.  

The President claimed he would use all the civilian and military resources of the federal government, declaring he would deploy “ thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers, military personnel and law enforcement officers” to bring order, to stop the violent protests and Pence stands in place like death warmed over, like a fart in a space suit…

Over the weekend, with city neighborhoods smoldering, Americans were on edge, grief stricken, uncertain about what the future holds. Any other president would have used the role to acknowledge the pain, quell the passions and offer words of comfort and reconciliation. Instead, Trump traveled to Florida to watch a rocket launch, ludicrously striding onto a platform to the tune of “Macho Man,” one of his campaign rally theme songs.  What a schmuck… 

The highlight of the weekend was the President of the United States on Memorial Weekend making an appearance or two, for the Photo-Op  and then showed us even more… He played Golf… most likely very poorly and probably cheated…as he is known as  “ Americas Leader In Golf - Cheating” 

Our President Has Three Negatives Summed Up That Boil In Me
One —  Negligent Homocide —  In criminal law you would deserve to die if you supported the false cause and lies by the idiot in charge.  In a bank robbery, with someone getting killed, regardless of who pulled the trigger, the driver of the getaway vehicle gets charged murder the same as the shooter. By December and the new year , we might have 300,000 dead due to his lying and negligence.

Two - A Draft Dodger   “  Rent Free,  Just Fake Bone Spurs For my Kid for Me”  ( Music by Born Free, words by Fred T-RUMP, T-RUMPS Scumbag Dad)  Two daughters of a New York podiatrist say that 50 years ago their father diagnosed President Donald T-RUMP with bone spurs in his heels as a favor to the doctor’s landlord, Fred T-RUMP, The New York Times reported: They also said he never saw Donald.

Trump received five deferments from the draft for military service during the Vietnam War.  He received four education deferments while he was a college student and a fifth deferment in 1968 for a medical exemption after he graduated. 

His Staff Is A Problem — All In His Image…
👺  We also have to look at those who helped perpetrate this denigration of the most powerful country on the earth.  Enough of the politically correct statements and start putting the blame where it belongs. 

👺  While attacking legal protestors, he was accompanied by most of his staff,  William Bill, Jared Kushner, and  other cretans.  Joint Chief Chairman Milley, Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper who later claimed they were not advised this was a photo-op and preferred not for the Military to be included.  Noticeably,  all were white,  there are few blacks in this administration…  and there were no noticeable Blacks on his walk to the church. Not many blacks in T-RUMPS circle, only when he needs a photo-op.  It is believed he is a racist and keeps Dr. Ben Carson around as a doormat and for background shots.

👺  Thats easily explained, he’s prejudiced, homophobic, mysoginistic, racially against, blacks, latinos and most immigrants, perverse, unacceptable moral behavior, psychotic, a low-life scumbag, degenerate and has more ethnophaulisms ( racial slurs) than Mestopheles. 

👺  It started with a haze of tear gas and police pushing back protesters on the North side of the White House, T-RUMP said in the Rose Garden on the South side of the building that he’d call up US troops to keep Americans safe from each other.  Safe from who, his ass maybe, being a coward provokes internal fears, not each other?  

👺  He did this moments after TV cameras captured in real time the scene of security forces wielding batons and shields -- including a line on horseback -- moving in on peaceful citizens exercising their First Amendment rights nearby in Lafayette Park. Tear gas filled the air as the crowd fled from the clouds of tear gas, turned, regrouped and were pushed back once again by the advancing forces. 

👺  Trump declared himself the "law and order" president, vowing to defend the law, "including your Second Amendment rights." That was a chilling dog whistle to his armed supporters. Anyone who thought the Trump presidency represented a threat to American democracy, anyone who ever thought Trump could unleash a civil war, saw those fears closer to being realized on Monday night than at any time since he took the oath of office in 2017 with a speech warning about "American carnage." 

👺  Moments before he spoke, police had advanced on live TV to disperse peaceful protesters, some kneeling with their hands up, creating an image of unrest where none had existed.   No bottle throwing, no bricks or other missiles.

👺  The Fuehrer earlier, with barely a nod to the police brutality that had sparked the demonstrations, T-RUMP promised a swift  strict rule-of-law response, called smatterings of violence that sprang from large protests “ domestic terror” and said he would bring “ Thousands and thousands of heavily armed soldiers” to help strictly enforce curfews on federal land in DC.  Thats called the 1807 law.  Putin was proud of him, Hitler would be too.

The Stock Market Is a Hoax by Donald Dumb and You Are The Sucker

👺 You have a Stockmarket that is doing well and T-RUMP takes the credit.  Since the rich trade amongst themselves and the middle class and poor are unable to be involved… do you buy food or stocks…?   Why ? Simple… Learn this about how things work because obviously many of you are ignorant of the process.  When I ask whats the best thing T-RUMP did, you tell me the stock market and I ask how much have you invested in stocks… not much, so how does it  benefit you… just ignorance…

A) The stock market has nothing to do with the nations health or if you are middle class or poor and will not make you rich.

B) The numbers you see on the screen are the numbers reflecting the trade wealth of the companies involved.  

C) If the majors of the DO’s thirty corporations like Amazon, Google and five or six others are keeping the stocks high at twenty-five or twenty-seven thousand,  they are heathy companies doing business covering some of the losers numbers. 

D) Amazon as an example has crippled all the department stores, retail chains, strip malls and businesses and if you drove around you will see the closures.  A combination of COVID-19 and BAD REALLY BAD Leadership is to blame.

E) Look around you, you can’t be that much of a moron if you believe that lieing asshole and keep him intact in office and people are dying. We will have 300,000 dead in four months and people who are Trumpets think he’s great.  First where are your brains, you see what I see and you accept it…and second where is your compassion.

F)  Besides closed stores and malls, bars and restaurants, we have almost 16.8% unemployment, highest since the depression,  20 million plus out of work, evictions, kids can’t go to school, and people starving.  That’s not America.  And again by December 300,000 will die from Covid-19 due to his stupid, ignorant rhetoric and lies about what happening. There is no truth, just his endangerment of the people.

G)  The leaking ship that is the T-RUMP presidency has a hole in its hull the size of his egotistic job-approval rating.  Add a gash as big as the 16.4% (including misclassified workers) unemployment rate and it’s easy to see why some prominent Republicans are stepping away from a leader who has suddenly been transformed from a fearsome Twitter monster into the man mocked as “Bunker Boy.”  I’m just an everyday guy who thinks he is just demented out-classed underdeveloped, ignorant, narcississtic, prejudiced piece of sh*t….

ATCH 05-07-2020