👺  New York (CNN Business) —   Dominion Voting Systems, the election technology company that has been the focus of debunked conspiracy theories about election fraud, is suing MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell.

The company is seeking about $1.3 billion in damages for Lindell's numerous unfounded public statements by allies of former President Donald Trump that Dominion rigged its machines in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 US presidential election.

The 115-page lawsuit filed Monday in Washington, DC, cites Lindell's media appearances and social media posts pushing what they called the "Big Lie" about Dominion's machines — including a two-hour film that aired on OAN and was filled with falsehoods about voting irregularities.

In the lawsuit, Dominion writes that Lindell “ Sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows citing promotional discount codes on MyPillow’s website, including “FightforTrump”, “ Proof",  and  "QAnon."

The filing comes a few weeks after Dominion spokesman Michael Steel told CNN that Lindell is "begging to be sued." MyPillow didn't immediately return CNN's request for comment. 

"Despite repeated warnings and efforts to share the facts with him, Mr. Lindell has continued to maliciously spread false claims about Dominion, each time giving empty assurances that he would come forward with overwhelming proof," said Dominion CEO John Poulos in a statement Monday. 

Poulos added that Lindell's statements "caused irreparable harm to Dominion's good reputation and threatened the safety of our employees and customers."

Lindell promised his followers proof, but instead he "delivered absolute nonsense and fake documents sourced from the dark corners of the internet," said Dominion legal counsel Megan Meier, Partner at Clare Locke LLP, in a statement, adding that Lindell "needs to be held accountable for defaming Dominion and undermining the integrity of our electoral system all the while profiting from it."

The suit vows that "through discovery, Dominion will prove that there is no real evidence supporting the Big Lie. Dominion brings this action to vindicate the company's rights, to recover damages, to seek a narrowly tailored injunction, to stand up for itself and its employees, and to stop Lindell and MyPillow from further profiting at Dominion's expense."

Dominion recently sued Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and lawyer Sidney Powell for about the same amount each after they pushed similar lies about the US election and Dominion.   Rudy Giuliani ( another winner and contestant in the Pr*ck of The Year Contest)  called Dominion’s lawsuit against him an “ Act of intimidation” to “censor the exercise of free speech”    ( err, not free speech, we have a thing about free lies and untruths)  and Sidney Powell another Lawyer        ( Seemingly on leave from the States Mental Institution ) called Dominion’s action against her “baseless.”  ( Should have been called brainless)  Lindell was recently permanently banned from Twitter for repeatedly sharing election misinformation.


Presenting MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Resume…

—  🏅Vegas Card Counter   🏅Former Drug Addict   🏅Jesus Freak  🏅Fake Chemist  —

—🏅  Fake Sleep Expert   🏅Scumbag and Professional Liar —  

—  🏅 Professional T-RUMP Advocate and Liar  —

Defends Himself…Mike Lindell says he expects to lose $65 million in pillow revenue this year because of retailer boycotts over his claims that the 2020 US election was rigged.  That projection, Lindell told Insider in an interview Monday after being served with a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems seeking $1.3 billion in damages, is evidence he isn't pushing election-fraud claims for the money.

"I lost 20 retailers, and it's cost me $65 million this year that I won't get back, OK?" Lindell told Insider. "There's your story. Print it right. Don't try and twist this."

The 121-page lawsuit alleges the pillow mogul used conspiracy theories about the election to turbocharge sales for his company, using conspiratorial phrases as discount codes and placing expensive advertisements with like-minded media outlets.  "Lindell — a talented salesman and former professional card counter — sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows," Tom Clare, the defamation attorney representing Dominion Voting Systems, wrote in the lawsuit.

Dominion Says Lindell Used Conspiracy Theories To Sell More Pillows  —  Lindell has been an ardent supporter of former President Donald T-RUMP for years. A former professional gambler who overcame an addiction to crack, he credits his company's success to his aggressive advertising strategy, which pushed MyPillow's revenue to over $300 million in 2019.

Dominion’s lawsuit says that advertising strategy involves intertwining his personal brand and that of his company to juice sales.  MyPillow has spent tens of millions of dollars advertising on pro-Trump media outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax — both also targets of litigation over election falsehoods. After Trump lost the November election, Lindell falsely claimed Dominion rigged the election. MyPillow sponsored a “ arch for Trump" tour (which was actually a bus) in which Lindell spoke at rallies claiming the election was stolen.

Dominion alleges in the lawsuit that the conspiracy theories are a platform for Lindell to sell more pillows.  "After hitting the jackpot with Donald Trump's endorsement for MyPillow and after a million-dollar bet on Fox News ads had paid out handsome returns, Michael Lindell exploited another chance to boost sales: marketing MyPillow to people who would tune in and attend rallies to hear Lindell tell the 'Big Lie' that Dominion had stolen the 2020 election," Clare wrote.

Lindell told Insider that MyPillow's advertising strategy was distinct from his personal politics. He said MyPillow had advertising and sponsorship deals with the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post, and The New York Times — all outlets he isn't a fan of — as well as about 5,000 podcasts and radio and TV stations.

"I advertise everywhere," he said. "And every spot either breaks even or makes money."
A representative for The Times told Insider it last ran MyPillow advertisements in 2015. The other media outlets Lindell named didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Lindell dismissed the notion that he had a "preconceived plan" to make money by claiming Dominion and Smartmatic, a rival election-technology company also implicated in conspiracy theories, rigged the presidential election. He said a retailer boycott from brands including Kohl's and Bed Bath & Beyond would cost him tens of millions of dollars in revenue.  "Those stores combined did $65 million in business last year," he said. "And now I won't have them this year, or any year. They’re done.


SIDEBAR:  I was in a Kohl’s yesterday with my friend, whom I am a caregiver for and his overpriced pillows sell for 79.00 each and were discounted 50% and the salesgirl said she couldn’t wait for the last one to be sold… And they sell a lot of pillows and bedding.

Pillows are a joke — Not only overpriced, returns, the trauma, but washing will kill any pillow, and people sweat at night and all the dirt from the day winds up on a pillow. And you breath it all night long.  His popularity is not based on science but being a good con and saturation of the airwaves, no one else sells pillows on the TV and Americans being naive and not quite intelligent, fall for all sorts of pots and pans, pillows and car warranties on TV.  They suffer from TV-itus, naive, too much TV and they believe anything, just like how they vote.

And you breath it…. Pillows — I gave up washing them, I buy them on sale. I just bought six Serta’s for 30.00 dollars and have new ones every four months or so.  My laundromat wanted sixteen dollars to wash the pillows and mattress pad…  When changing the pillow cases weekly,  I use Febreze and a spray disinfectant like Lysol on the pillows and air dry them…in the sun on my terrace.   Less allergies that way…

Lindell Says He’s Just Trying To Save America  —  Keep Reading  — Following the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol, where a pro-T-RUMP mob sought to stop Congress from certifying the election results, Lindell only doubled down on election-fraud claims.He met with T-RUMP in the Oval Office, taking notes with him apparently suggesting the president consider declaring martial law.   Lindell saving America is like Hitler saving the Jewish people by relocation…

He continued to push the theories in media appearances and funded a two-hour “ Docu-movie" based on them called "Absolute Proof." He, like T-RUMP before him, was eventually barred from Twitter. They should both be barred from breathing

He says he openly welcomes the lawsuit from Dominion, saying it would offer him an avenue to prove his claims of a rigged election.  “I am happy that I got served the papers today," Lindell said.  To bolster its claims that Lindell tied election-related conspiracy theories to MyPillow sales, Dominion’s lawsuit includes a dozen pages of social-media users saying they’re purchasing MyPillow products to support Lindell's election falsehoods. Which proves many Americans are frickin idiots

Basically the solution will be when they hang T-RUMP, make sure Mike is alongside. Rope is cheap and these morons with Oleander COVID cures might have killed thousands…  please read on and see what a creep this guy really is

Quote From True F*cking Morons — Morons or ScumBirds Flock Together —  

  • The Nitwit Who Can’t Spell Wrote On Twitter —-“Mike Lindell is a true Patriot and an American hero for standing up for the truth.   I’m buying more pillows using discount code NEWSMAX #ElectonFraudHappened #MikeLindell 

  • Another moron wrote —  “The Mypillow guy is being attacked by evil leftists. Go to mypillow.com and spend heavily,” another wrote.

  • Dominion’s lawsuit also claims Lindell used discount codes on his website that tied into right-wing conspiracy theories, including using "FightforTrump" as a discount code while Trump supporters literally fought officers at the Capitol and "Proof" after broadcasting his "docu-movie."

  • But Lindell said advertising partners made those discount codes. “FightforTrump,” for example, was from a podcaster MyPillow worked with — one of the hundreds of radio hosts with which MyPillow has sponsorship deals.

  • He said that controversies over advertising typically increased sales for his company but that boycotts since January seemed poised to cause long-term damage to pillow sales.

“ The T-RUMP Oleander Conspiracy ”  



Snake Oil Scumbags,  The Con-alition”  T-RUMP,  Mike Lindell,  Sec. Dr. Carson
(CNN) Former crackhead, professional card counter, born again Devout Moron and Certified Time Spent drug dealer, Evangelical nutcase, and Bullshitter… Mike Lindell (aka the “MyPillow Guy”) has long been one of Donald Trump’s staunchest allies.   He’s called T-RUMP the “ Greatest President” ever and suggested that T-RUMP was chosen by God for the role.  I think he’s still on crack….

And because T-RUMP likes people who like him, the President has been similarly complimentary of Lindell. “ Boy, do you sell those pillows," Trump told Lindell at an event at the White House in March.  Sounded more like a TV Commercial,  where the shill opens the dialog with “ Wow I didn’t know about these great pillows, tell me more”.

He sells a lot of overpriced bedroom stuff because no one else sells that stuff on TV, people believe TV, people are stupid… and pay double what they are worth.   Lindell’s pillow, which is touted for its comfort, and cost twice what a good one sells for, has made him a multimillionaire. Lindell has also claimed that T-RUMP has urged him to run for office.  Is it possible these two cons could work together?  

Why It Matters and Further Warning And Legal Action:
Senior administration official familiar with the internal conversations told Axios, “ The involvement of the Secretary of HUD and MyPillow.com in pushing a dubious product at the highest levels should give Americans no comfort at night about their health and safety during a raging pandemic.”  

Some of these T-RUMP followers are so dumb  they believe these untruths and they are dangerous.  So stupid they will try anything.  That why the warning is posted  T-RUMP was asked, then urged  FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn to “look at” or speed up approval.  And he threw it out.   

Fortunately…FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn, MD, had resisted any efforts around the compound. It’s deadly.
According to but Phoenix Biotechnology director Andrew Whitney has said if he can’t get Oleandrin to market as a drug, he’ll push for it as a dietary supplement. 

The thought of another potentially dangerous compound being touted as a “ Miracle cure" by the Trump administration, like hydroxychloroquine, had medical experts up in arms on Twitter on Monday.  "Oleandrin? Yeah that would definitely end up killing people," tweeted David Juurlink, MD, PhD, of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto.

Juurlink told MedPage Today that Oleandrin is “ Akin to digoxin. Too much can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, but the main concern is arrhythmias, which can be fatal.”  Jennifer Gunter, MD, tweeted that it’s “  it’s easier to kill a person with oleandrin than COVID-19” and highlighted a case report in which two people were poisoned after eating snails that had munched on an oleander plant and an earlier case report calculated that 4 grams of oleander leaves would be fatal and highlighted a case report in which a patient committed suicide using oleander leaves. That paper estimates toxic blood levels of oleandrin at 1 to 2 ng/ml and a fatal blood level of 9.8 to 10 ng/mL.   

Leader is A Pure Poison  —  A true con-man Mike Lindell and a con president T-RUMP looking for a miracle. The  perfect storm. T-RUMP needs a winner.   T-RUMP has done more than just praise Lindell.  He allowed Lindell to take part in a July White House meeting why people are dying about the potential therapeutic properties of something called Oleandrin, an extract from the oleander plant while other people with good products don’t get that chance.  Alfred E. said “ Put a fuck-up in a room with aback of people and an hour later the other fuck-ups will 

Lindell told CNN of Trump's reaction to the extract and its possible uses, including as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus.   “He was enthusiastic, as he is on everything that’s going to help people,”.  Thats Himmler telling Hitler what a great job he’s doing and they brought Dr. “ Do Little” Carson along as the shill.    Neither Lindell nor T-RUMP are medical doctors or infectious disease experts.

Crackhead Meets Crackpot —  Object Crack Poison

Just what we need quacks, con men, snake oil salesmen, inserting UV light into body cavities, and a whole bunch of other liars, bullshitters, frauds, and scumbags and thats just on Monday…  Add DIY hand Sanitizer with Methanol killed twenty,  Pool Cleaner used in and killed 4000 in Bolivia, and shoving a lightbulb T-RUMPS enlightening idea to kill COVID-19 internally by rectal flushing, we did not follow up on.   People just don’t like their Netherland played with.

FOLLOW THE MONEY:   Mike Lindell Was added to the board of (and received a financial stake in) Phoenix Biotechnology, which produced Oleandrin, earlier this month.   He’s still a con and would sell his soul again and again to T-RUMP because he knows T-RUMP is a whooping dumbass and an easy mark.  

Cons like Lindell are savvy ay playing people wit big egos…thats T-RUMP summed up in three letters…EGO   In an Interview Lindell told Axios that in the meeting,  T-RUMP “ basically said: …’The FDA should be approving it.'"  The White House did not respond to requests for comment. Usually means they are hiding something… 

WARNING:   Oleander Poisoning — Extremely Dangerous
POISONOUS INGREDIENTS INCLUDE:  Digitoxigenin, Neriin, Oleandrin, Oleondroside
STRUCTURE:  The poisonous substances are found in all parts of the Oleander plant:   Flowers, Leafs, Stems, Twigs with equal strength, people have died by using oleander twigs and branches for toasting marshmallows, snail and other lower forms who ate Oleander and then in turn eatenahemselves died too.  If exposed or eaten handled call…

 POISON CONTROL (1-800-222-1222)

Nerium Oleander, Rosebay;  Yellow oleander poisoning is a highly toxic plant group from the Apocynaceae family.   Though renowned for its beauty and use in landscaping,  this Mediterranean shrub is responsible for many cases of accidental and fatal poisoning across the globe.  Many states  have removed it.  —  Thevetia peruviana poisoning is treated the sam as Oleander poisoning occurs when someone eats the flowers or chews the leaves or stems of the oleander plant (Nerium oleander), or its relative, the yellow oleander (Cascabela thevetia).  This plant is extremely toxic, and a single leaf may kill an adult.   The limit is low , FOUR GRAMS Can Kill You!

👺  Mike Lindell  - The Pillow Guy New Co-Conspiritorialist T-RUMP Cohort Asshole Of The Year
First it was Hydrochloroquionone, killed 200,000 in Brazil, T-RUMPS friend…whom he sent three million doses after it was stopped by the FDA,   then Lysol and then this schmuck comes up with an Extract of Oleander Which Is A Poison Second To Curare… He was a druggie in the past and a scumbag today, and took it to his friend, self purported scientist  and genius Donald T-RUMP who wanted it fast tracked by the FDA as a COVID cure…

Fortunately the FDA rejected the proposal instantly. Even with pressure from the imbicile President.  I can only imagine their scientists and professionals in the back room thinking —  “ Who dreamed up this sh*t” — “ What were they smoking” — “ Lindell must still be on drugs”  —  “Who got paid off, was it T-RUMP?”  —

His pillows are overpriced and not worth it…  KOHLS, Mayfair, Bed Bath and Beyond, HEB,  no longer will sell his products and more companies are expected… to drop his lines… he wanted to sell us on using Oleander and he as we say about those who are acolytes, Scum-birds of a feather, stick together…   T-RUMP and Lindell… Other companies and some on the air will not show his promo, he is a fraud… thats why he’s back on TV.  

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was permanently banned from Twitter on Monday night for "repeated violations of our Civic Integrity Policy," a Twitter spokesperson told CNN.

Between the lines:  Dominion Voting Systems has threatened to take legal action on Lindell over his spread of misinformation related to the 2020 election. The ban comes as he weighs a run for governor of Minnesota.

My Pillow CEO and ‘ Friend' of Donald Trump has settled over a dozen lawsuits for falsely claiming to be a sleep expert and saying his product alleviates medical conditions in his popular infomercials.

  • My Pillow chief executive Mike Lindell has settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought against him in eight different states, DailyMail.com can reveal 
  • He's been accused of fraudulent advertising and bogusly claiming to be an sleep expert in a string of federal lawsuits
  • Lindell  was front and center at a White House press conference Monday and was introduced by President Donald Trump as 'my friend' 
  • He gave a bizarre address from the Rose Garden podium in which he called for more religion in public schools and urged people to read the bible  
  • Lindell, who is worth about $300 million, is a reformed alcoholic and crack-cocaine addict, a Republican and a staunch T-RUMP supporter and liar.

Birds Of A Feather Pillow Screw People Together  —  The CEO who Donald T-RUMP introduced as ‘ My friend’ and invited to speak at a White House press conference, Monday, has been accused of fraudulent advertising and bogusly claiming to be an expert in a string of federal lawsuits, DailyMail.com can reveal.

My Pillow chief executive Mike Lindell delivered a bizarre address from the Rose Garden podium in which he called for more religion in public schools and urged people to read the bible during this time of self-isolation.

The conference centered on COVID-19 hospital equipment shortages and Lindell's is one of several businesses to have pledged help. He has offered to devote 75 percent of his workforce to manufacturing cotton masks and hopes to produce 50,000 a day by the end of the month.

SIDEBAR:    Notice how T-RUMP leans his head when others are speaking, crooked people do that a lot.

T-RUMP PRAISE:   The 58-year-old founder’s ‘ ff the cuff' cameo put My Pillow at the top of Twitter's trending column as Trump praised his patriotism and offered him the microphone with the words, 'Boy do you sell those pillows it's unbelievable what you do.'

But now, court filings obtained by DailyMail.com can reveal —  My Pillow chief executive Mike Lindell has settled more than a dozen lawsuits brought against him in eight different states, Mike Lindell spoke at a White House press conference Monday and was introduced by President Donald Trump as 'my friend'

They contain repeated allegations of fraudulent advertising, price inflating to 'dishonestly' promote 'Buy one get one free,' offers, falsely claiming to be a 'sleep expert,' and, the ultimate in fake news, using respected news outlet logos on his own website to mislead consumers into thinking they are endorsements.

The company's first infomercial which prominently featured its founder as an 'expert' aired in October 2011

Lindell's website has since removed the logos which included the New York Times and Wall Street Journal mastheads as well as USA Today and FOX Business – a show on which has often appeared.

But legal documents from a class action filed in California in 2016 in which he was accused of Fraudulent Inducement, violating a host of business and professions codes and unfair trade practices include a shot of the website in which they are clearly visible.

According to the lawsuit not only did Lindell ‘ deceptively and fraudulently use the logos of third-party news reporting entities on his website,’ he, ‘ alsely and deceptively represented to consumers that he (an imbecile)  is a ‘sleep expert.

Lindell, a reformed alcoholic and crack-cocaine addict who once spoke of going two weeks straight without sleep before his own drug dealer cut him off, has claimed that the idea for the company came to him in a dream in 2004.

Back then, the Minnesota born pillow magnet was a functioning cocaine addict. Then he discovered crack and his descent to rock bottom picked up pace.  Within five years he had lost his house, his marriage and very nearly his business.

He claims that on January 16, 2009 he offered up 'one prayer' - that he would wake up without craving the drug. He went to sleep and in the morning the desire was, 'just gone.'

The company's first infomercial which prominently featured its founder as an 'expert' aired in October 2011. And, according to the California lawsuit, material on the company website as recently as 2014 listed a string of medical conditions and ailments that the product bogusly claimed to alleviate. 

Bottom Line:  A Con Is A Con, Is A Con, Is A Con….etc

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