Most vices and setups start with either a clamp you mess up that fine Victorian table your wife found and paid too much for at an auction or a piece of cast steel or fancy engraved bronze casting you paid too much for.   Thats just the way things are.  A Caddilac or Mercedes will get you the same ticket for speeding that a ten year old  Ford pickup will.  Yes a few features are better than others and quality certainly does have advantages but to the beginner or newcomer ( sounds better) there are frugal workarounds.

Somewhere here I mentioned I had Lansky sharpeners and spares that after twenty, or forty years were used up and I do not use Lansky’s on my fine Japanese or Wusthof chefs knives, but they had usable parts….  (Fanfare and more stuff to save reused from my personal junkyard)  

  • All my jigs, vices, and holders have magnets for bases… 
  • One of the clamps was used as a base for the magnet and as a bottom half of the X-acto Vice … .
  • The other two clamps got married to one of my Perfection brackets. ( Home Depot - Staircase step Builder) 
  • The head of the Lansky became a vice head for large streamers… 
  • With magnets on the vices, I had either a two vice set up, or one vice with one of my pawns… 
  • They were fitted with rubber on the inside of the clamp, so as not to scratch
  • The “ Clamper” retains all three holes in the top for various accessories…
  • I can also hard attach a vise with no magnet...
  • Two clamps offer tremendous stability. 


That provides magnetic base for Vices ( up to three)

or other tools as needed…


When clamped in place it becomes as strong as the table itself, very tight.

The two circle rubber feet at the top of the photo make the boards perfectly level

It’s also scratch proof.



  • Once again size matters and storage is important when thats all you have to work with
  • I made two of these extension boards to use on any of my desks or workbench
  • They double the actual usable working space
  • They create a focus point
  • They allow my legs to fit under and adjust where I want to put  my vices in distance from me
  • The clamps and the width of the opening were made by “ God" What did I do to be so lucky to have an absolute perfect size and a perfect fit to hang and tuck under.
  • When in place they do not move…period… tough stuff
  • 100% leftover parts and tools not being used, now invaluable as far as work are is concerned
  • The bench provides perfect storage space for the boards
  • All of my additional accessories, magnet based, work with these boards
  • Lights for precise work, cell phone holder, spool holders and tools used for soldering, clamps and vices for electronics are happy-happy and singing Kumbaya.