O’Reilly is another of the Beck, Hannity, clan. The  spores of Rupert Murdock’s UUFU - The Unfairly Unbalanced FOX NU's.  He is the elder statesman for FOX and one of the few who are college educated.  He aways claims no spin, but we have jails full of those who claim things they didn't do it and I don't trust them either.

Sidenote: The other is  Neil Cavuto, FOX business reporter, and "anal-ist" editor, bullsh*tter, story teller, but his truth button went off when he left a mike open and one of the other guys from another station caught his remarks.  

He cheats. He reported twice the amount of people at a TEA Party. The promoter when asked by Cavuto said something like 2000 and he said, can't say that, we'll make it 5000 or more.  Thats because Beck is an instigator of these events and a fellow ANAL-ist and one lies and the others agree with it 24/7 with no time off for good behavior.

O'Reilly's prime time commentary knows no bounds.  Appropriately called The O’Reilly Factor, its goal is to target anything from new angles subjectively, in reality it is to critisize and shock you pretending to be the one that uncovers all these foul deeds.

Truth is secondary. Controversy is number one. That is the mantra of or the modus operandi of the FOX crew. O’Reilly has successfully branded The O'Reilly Factor with the slogan “The No Spin Zone”. That’s like putting the Ayatollah Kakameemee in the same league with Mohandas K. Gandhi.  He is agianst anything in place including his favorite target the President.  Recently quoted " There is a new rhythm now with the new president. You also have to freshen your show, you have to change your show; you can't do the same show for 14 consecutive years. Like I said show biz and news. Truth is the third player of that team’, like I said. you got it Bill, truth is last on the list.

Other notable insults and assaults include but are not limited to a legal excursion with Ms. Andrea Mackris, a former producer who accused him, of sexually harassing her and possibly others. According to a complaint leveled by Ms. Mackris, O’Reilly subjected her to a series of his carnal fantasies, including one involving Mackris’ “spectacular boobs”.  She won the settlement.  We could not verify the "boobs".

O'Reilly is controversial; these Murdoch soldiers are from the same mold. News is not news, stories are tools for ratings.  The magazine Media Matters and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting  checked O'Reilly's reporting on a variety of issues, accusing him of distorting facts and using misleading or erroneous statistics.

After the September 11 attacks, accused the United Way of America and the American Red Cross of failing to deliver millions of dollars in donated money.  It was never proven.  O'Reilly reported that “the organizations misrepresented their intentions for the money being raised by not distributing all of the 9/11 relief fund to the victims’.  Quick to respond, Actor and global humanity activist George Clooney accused O'Reilly of misstating facts and harming the relief effort.

A world-class charmer, O’Reilly referred to the Iraqi people as a “prehistoric group.”  His foresight really comes across as in the same broadcast, O’Reilly noting that, his solution to the intervention in the Muslim world, is simply “What we can do is bomb the living daylights out of them, no more troops, no more hearts and minds”.

In 2003, O’Reilly called for a boycott of French products, including French fries in retaliation for French President Jacques Chirac’s objection to the Iraq war.  At least he could be right about the fries.  Switching to baked or mashed potatoes could lower cholesterol significantly. He might have done a service to the Cholesterol Generation for that thought.

O’Reilly has also consistently railed against what he calls the “War on Christmas,”. He is aghast at the commercialism and an affront towards the solemnity and sacredness of a holiday.  His keynote was the trampling death at Wal-Mart of the security guard.  I might back him on this as I consider Wal-mart as the breaker of the American Dream.  

But this is a tactic that most of these jerks use.  Each time you really go over the top to get the controversy and ratings you take a “safe subject like religion”, patriotism, baseball and apple pie and make a full court press.  Sort of like fishing, throw the bait out, they bite and then slowly drag them in, and then release them. 

Beginning in 2005, O'Reilly periodically denounced George Tiller a physician who specialized in second and third trimester abortions often referring to him as "Tiller the baby killer".  These barrages of insults and denunciations often “trigger” the extremist side of some groups. In this case it did, Dr. Tiller was murdered on May 31, 2009. He was approached and shot by Scott Roeder, who is an anti-abortion activist. 

The Salon Media Group’s Gabriel Winant has asserted that O'Reilly's anti-Tiller rhetoric helped to create an atmosphere of violence around the doctor.  Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal  wrote that O'Reilly "clearly went overboard in his condemnation and demonization of Tiller" but added that it was just as  "irresponsible to link O'Reilly" to Tiller's murder.  O'Reilly has responded to the criticism by saying "no backpedaling here … every single thing we said about Tiller was true".

In early 2007, researchers from the School of Journalism published a report that analyzed O'Reilly's "Talking Points Memo" segment. Using analysis techniques developed in the 1930s by the Institute for Propaganda Analysis, the study concluded that O'Reilly used name-calling, frequently engaged in and consistently cast non-Americans as threats and never "in the role of victim or hero."  

So he did well and if Dr. Joseph Goebbels, the father of twentieth century spinning and the author of the Third Reich mandate were alive he would be smiling.

  •  O'Reilly responded, asserting that "the terms Conservative, Liberalism, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Progressivism, Centrism” and were considered name-calling if they were associated with a problem or social ill." The study's authors claimed those terms were only considered name-calling when linked to derogatory qualifiers.  Much ado about nothing, but the point was made Goebbels lives on…

The purpose of his visit was to promote his latest book, "Pinheads and Patriots"; and O'Reilly is known for capturing his audience's attention. He knows how to stir the pot.  And he did on The View, as a guest, he said, "70% of Americans do not want the Mosque built near ground zero".  OK, FOX polls always say what O'RELLY says, because they poll selective favorable audiences. But thats not new. The point here is that a majority feel the pain of 9/11.  And it has fostered hated toward the entire Muslim world.  

Emotionally many Americans agree it's a bad idea, though Freedom of Speech and religion says it's OK to build there. So there are two correct answers to this quandary. The emotional one and the legal one. I do, I think prudently it might be smart to look for another location. It's one of those sensitive acts that hurts a lot of people. Even though, 70 families who buried their loved ones were Muslims. It also might become the number one retaliation target in the US. Plenty of Tim McVeys out there. 

But it was his reference to "Muslims" (as an entirety) were responsible for 9/11. Passive inclusive racist statements are dangerous.  Though many people agree with O'Reilly's words including all Muslims, to fully comprehend the escalated state of hate America finds itself in today but there are those who believe that all Muslims are Islam is evil and Christianity with righteous. 

Hmmm, seems hundreds of years of Crusades used that approach before. Christianity, equally violent toward Muslims lasted a hundred plus years. Joy Behar and Woopi Goldberg walked off the set.  Hatred sells both books and TV ratings when used properly. 

Bottom line, O'reilly is a hate promoter if it sells his books, and Joy and Woopi were unprofessional and Barbara Walters didn't bring a bat with her. She looked more stunned than in control.

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