Pizza Hut 




This gets interesting because we actually ate at the same place two weeks in a row. Went back five or six times because it was good the first time. And it went downhill from there. When my friend and I have to do some shopping after she gets off work we swing into someplace quick for a fast meal and then off to the mall or warehouse like Costco or Sams. 

Sam's Pizza in the store if fresh is better, loaded with goodies and they sell by the slice or take out and it's less. But not Gourmet.

The first time the service was great and we ordered one of their specials all the pizza joints have down around twelve dollars for the supreme which is a concoction of meats and veggies all in one mess.  It was pretty good, served fast, it was hot and fresh, the two of us ate the whole thing, and we were off.  

I commented to her how well that worked out, it was on our way, pull in, eat and pull out off to the mall and no dishes.  The Supreme was $12.00 plus drinks.   CON:  The crew is loud and noisy here.  Too much "Jabbin in the Hut".  If that was the manager, the provoker of much of the screaming and yelling , he’d be gone in my book the next day.

The second visit was just like the first, we basically ordered the same thing and we ate and we were off on a shopping challenge.   CON:  The crew is loud and noisy here. But service was OK, the pie not as good as the first.  But the banter the cool chit chat was too loud by the staff.  I really didn't care to know who the help was mad at and who was sleeping with who.

I walked in, alone, the fellow greeted me and asked if I was dinning in or to go.  I motioned dinning in, I took a seat in the booth and figured catch up on emails.  When I looked down it was twenty minutes and no one approached me. Adding to the confusion was the fact the place was empty except for me sitting in a booth.  Whats worse was two of their employees were eating their dinner less than twenty feet away.

I was not wearing my stealth suit. I only wear that when in the summer when some of these restaurants and chains leave their back doors open and I get a few shots sometimes of what the back looks like. You would not like to see what I have seen.  Meanwhile the happy and still very noisy crew was “ Jabber-working" which is Tatooine Language, fourth planet from the Boraxa Galaxy  (pronounced Taetuin) for jerking each others chain and I'm sitting keeping a booth warm. 

I thought of a little stunt, I took my Apple 4S and looked for the phone number of the store by their address and went to call them and order a pie for table four since the three pie makers were so busy doing nothing and the rest of the staff was out to lunch.

I got frustrated trying to figure out the direct line and just got up and walked out. Twenty minutes, too long, and I pulled out, went two hundred yards on East Bay Drive and pulled into a Taco Bell and that became another waste of my time and the end of TACO BELL as a food source. They are in the basement next to the garbage cans.

We dropped in same weekday night and ordered a Large Supreme Pie and a small Buffalo Wings in Mild Sauce.  The wings (called boneless) were the worst concoction I think I ever ate.  My friend took one bite and carefully parked it in a napkin. I scrapped the overpowered vinegar and hot sauce combo off and finished the chicken (?). The pie was drier and not as good as the last two times.  This place steadily went downhill. Sayonara and not recommended.

Swamped with work, my friend picked up a pie to go for us.  The worst pie I think I have ever eaten. The foundation was thin enough to be called a cracker not a crust.  My gal asked me if I like my cardboard.  I replied I have had better cardboard.  The Tomato sauce was non existent. The cheese had the consistency of rubber.  The olives and meat must have been borrowed from Taco Bell.

I try to give every place a last chance and frankly this place is worse, not better. Last night we re-ordered similar to what we had last year.  A large pie, and the only extra was chicken.  Plus an eight piece boneless wings,  split half Honey Barbecue, and half Buffalo medium.

Again the Buffalo sauce was too spicy hot to eat and I like spicy foods. The nuggets were overcooked and like rocks. The pie has almost no sauce on it at all,  just a dried layer of red something, and the cheese was as thick as a postage stamp. The chicken on top was indescribable.  I have no idea of what they use for chicken.  My partners drink came complete with a gnat in it. Only good thing was the server,  was doing a good job in spite of the 35% capacity.

UPDATE 2020 - We do not comment to the people on the job about a problem.  Most of the time problems are corporate, management, training, and unqualified leadership on all levels.  It’s not the poor bastard working for minimum wages problem.

We did do a little backstage interviews and I would not work for them.   I have to stay in the background or there would be no secret shopper.  I just let it loose on the corporation and ten websites.  It’s their problem and that store was dumped and a smaller version opened in a mall about a half mile away.  

BREAKING NEWS  — Pizza Hut and Wendy’s largest corporate Franchise with 1200 stores filed for bankruptcy and reorganizing, many of their stores should be closed if they  expect to keep a brand