And The Whoremongering That Influenced Donald Trump

He was the father of three, including (JR) and John, and was Donalds Paternal Grandfather 
His Spouse: Elisabeth Christ ​(m. 1902)​

Buried  —  Resting place: Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery
Died: 30 May 1918 (aged 49); New York City‎
Citizenship: Bavarian (1869-1905);  American —
In translation:  Frederick, Freidrich, Fredrick, Fredich, all name spellings were used — 
Occupation:  Barber, Liar, Pimp, Whorehouse Owner, Grifter, Deserter, Draft Dodger — 


⾦  Our Story Begins, With Tradition  —  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “ Let there be light," and there was light.  

And Friedrich T-RUMP saw an opportunity, and said,  “ Let There Be Whoring”,  And since I’m already certified as a scumbag,  draft dodger, con, a liar and a crook, scammer, pimp,  prostitution,  and corruption whoring will become our brand and is a T-rump family tradition, I’ll open a whorehouse. And he did.

 Donald and Frederich are no different and his grandfather and father taught Donald the rest.  His Father specialized in cheating, and stealing from workers, illegal workers and showed him the rest of the way, Some one said “ Winning is the only thing , lying is only a tool you use" —  Daddy Said That— Donald Sets Records — 

Another part of T-Rump branding is Draft Dodging — Trump reportedly admires people who served in the military, but his grandfather, Friedrich T-RUMP was wanted by the Austrian government as a draft-dodger,  He was supposed to complete mandatory military service, but managed to avoid it, according to documents uncovered by historian Roland Paul.  

Friedrich’s decision not to complete his military service would later prove to be problematic.  He dodged the draft… the Austrians went after him.  Donald Trump’s grandfather was determined to avoid the draft by any means necessary.  Just like Donald’s father did for him… Scum runs in the family…It’s a tradition just like telling lies and berating people.

Frederich T-RUMP Was An Illegal Immigrant To The United States

Using Forged Papers

⾦  The First T-RUMP Draft Dodger—  Frederick emigrated from Germany in 1885 at the age of 16.  He was eager to come to the United States. However, he didn’t do one very important thing. Trump’s grandfather failed to provide German authorities with proper notice that he would be leaving for America. This move, combined with unfinished business with the military, as a draft dodger would further complicate things for Friedrich.

⾦  The Trump Family Fortune Has A Controversial Origin — PROSTITUTION

⾦  Frederich — The PIMP Of Pimps  — Friedrich moved to New York to join his sisters, who were already residing thereHe then traveled to the far west to open a business and take advantage of the Gold Rush. He later opened Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, taking gold nuggets as payment, reports The New Yorker. Basically it was a whorehouse with food and drink for gold…  Just like Donald T-RUMP made the WhiteHouse into…  a fortune…

According to Gwenda Blair, author of The Trumps: Three Generations of Builders and a Presidential Candidate, miners could use their gold to buy prostitutes at Trump’s establishments. Bloomberg Business Week unearthed an 1899 advertisement for the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which says furnished, private boxes were available “for ladies and parties.” Blair said the private boxes usually included a bed and a scale for weighing the gold used to pay for services performed by the prostitutes.

⾦  He Was Ordered To Leave Germany Or Face Deportation  —  

⾦  Not Wanted In Germany  —  In 1904 Friedrich decided to return to Germany because his wife, Elizabeth, was getting homesick. However, he was later ordered to leave Germany within eight weeks or face deportation. His avoidance of military service came back to haunt him. He was also held accountable for emigrating illegally.

Historian Roland Paul told the German newspaper Bild: “Friedrich Trump emigrated from Germany to the USA in 1885. However, he failed to de-register from his homeland and had not carried out his military service, which is why the authorities rejected his attempt at repatriation,” reports The Irish Times.

NextFrederick T-RUMP did this so he could stay in Germany.  Braunau am Inn is located less than 300 miles from Adolf Hitlers Home  —  

He Begged To Stay in Germany  —  They Did Not Want A Traitor --

⾦  Luitpold Dumped Him  —  Once German officials discovered Frederick was back, things began to take a turn for the worse. However, Trump’s grandfather put up a fight to remain in his home country.  He decided to write a letter to Prince Regent Luitpold, of Bavaria.  In the letter, which was written in 1905, he pleads with the “ Adored, Noble, Wise, and Just” leader to have mercy and not deport him.   However, Friedrich’s pleas fell on deaf ears.  PR Luitpold rejected the request, di not fall for the bullsh*t  like many Americans do today and kicked his ass out or he was going to jail.

⾦  Building Wealth  —  A T-RUMP Fallacy Not a Legacy  —  Was Prostitution — 

⾦  It’s Called Inheritance, Not Skills — T-Rump Lost Close To Half A Billion Dollars 

Whoring paid very well, Frederick was successful and grew very rich from his business. Bloomberg Business reports that after his attempts at remaining in Germany were thwarted, he returned to New York, where he eventually helped his son (Donald Trump’s father, Fred) fund his own business. With the gold whore money.

T-RUMP was a rich man when he left Whitehorse in 1901 to return to his native Kallstadt, Germany, where he later deposited savings of 80,000 marks in the village treasury, Blair recounts. Still unable to regain German citizenship, he returned to New York with his riches. 

That amount—equivalent in purchasing power to about half a million euros in 2014—ended up funding the T-RUMP family’s first residential real estate investments in the New York area, later carried on by his son Fred and grandson Donald.   Pimps in his past, Stormy Daniels and Russian prostitutes , nothing new for the T-RUMPS…

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 7.42.50 AM

Donald Trump's Ancestral Brothel 

Gets A New Lease On Life

The Restaurant And Hotel Is Now A Tourist Attraction — 

⾦  The history of Trump’s grandfather lives on in Canada. The former site of the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which was located in Bennett, British Columbia, Canada is now being transformed into a tourist site. Reports McLean’s Magazine:

⾦  After prospectors found gold, “B City” became the hub of the Klondike Gold Rush …. Fredrick T-RUMP  Donald’s great-grandfather, joined the bandwagon—with no wagon, but rather hired Indigenous locals to carry much of his load—and established the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which also served as your local brothel, and which Parks Canada and the Carcross/Tagish First Nation are now restoring to be part of an interpretive tour.

CANADA - MaCleans — By Meagan Campbell  — June 15, 2017

⾦  There wasn't much left of the flesh-pot that Friedrich Trump built on the road to the Klondike. Parks Canada and a Yukon First Nation are changing that.  ( Friedrich, Fredrick Freiderick are all spellings of his first name a translated from various documents -  

 The Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, owned by Friedrich Trump in Bennett, B.C. in 1899, is being reconstructed by Parks Canada in collaboration with the Carcross Tagish First Nation (Meagan Campbell)

⾦  The year was 1897, and the region of Bennett, B.C. was roamed by the Tlingit people. They were organized into Crow and Wolf clans, hunted game as small as squirrels and were so attuned to the land that they passed on a story of a girl who nurtured a woodworm—breastfed the worm, even—and mourned over its death for one year until her brothers held a ceremony to celebrate its life. 

⾦  It was on this Tlingit land, amid gurgling rapids and porcupine droppings, that the Trump empire began.  “I think he’s lost touch with his roots,” says Jennifer Ingram, a tourist from Delaware visiting Bennett in June. After prospectors found gold, “B City” became the hub of the Klondike Gold Rush, prompting 100,000 Americans and Canadians to attempt a trek so tough that about 60 per cent turned back or died. 

⾦  Friedrich Trump, Donald’s great-grandfather, joined the bandwagon—with no wagon, but rather hired Indigenous locals to carry much of his load—and established the Arctic Restaurant and Hotel, which also served as a brothel, and which Parks Canada and the Carcross Tagish First Nation are now restoring to be part of an interpretive tour. The current U.S. president may own resorts on four continents, but his ancestral fortune began with a two-storey outfit selling swan meat and sex in Canada.

⾦  “Everybody’s gotta start somewhere,” says Donna Laperle, a tourist from California. The Tlingit had little use for gold—it’s too malleable to make tools—but the metal promised money for one German man with drive. Trump had moved from Kallstadt, Germany in 1885 and started cutting hair in Manhattan, but he was no wealthy barber, and when he heard buzz about Bennett, he came, he saw, and he capitalized.

A train conductor and brakeman prepare for departure on the White Pass
and Yukon Route Railroad in Bennett (Meagan Campbell)

⾦  Trump’s trunks contained, among other necessities, more than his weight in bacon, and he would’ve needed to hire Tlingit pack carriers, who translated “newcomers” as “cheechakos.” The Arctic Hotel offered an omnivorous menu of moose, goose, caribou and cranberries, but most of the profit for Trump and his business partner came from alcohol and prostitution.

⾦  “Ladies of the night” often hiked the trail in skirts, and they stayed at the Arctic Hotel to entertain gold diggers, using a scale to weigh gold powder for payment. “I would not advise respectable women to go there to sleep,” wrote a reporter for the Yukon Sun in April 1900, “ as they are liable to hear that which would be repugnant to their feelings and uttered, too, by the depraved of their own sex.”

⾦  In Tlingit culture, girls were considered critical to a community’s spiritual good fortune. At puberty, girls were secluded to a tent for two months to two years so their menstruation wouldn’t bring bad hunting luck to their people, and so they could learn skills like sewing, according to My Old People Say, an iconic work by Catharine McClellan, who spent three decades working with and gathering stories from Yukon elders (girls sometimes snuck out of the “puberty camps” to dance or play with other children, but they would be forgiven).

⾦  Powerful white women also came to Bennett to find adventure, farm cattle and run a competing hotel that was fancier than Trump’s. It was a western whoring mecca.

⾦  Six weeks after opening his establishment, Trump was already scoping out his next location: in Whitehorse. Spotting another boomtown, he and helpers would lift his hotel onto a barge and floated it by river to the future capital city. Before gold yields dropped, Trump returned to Germany to find a wife, Elizabeth Christ, and moved back to New York to have three children and buy real estate on the west coast.

⾦  Trump’s exploits in Bennett were just a footnote in the Gold Rush, and to the Tlingit people, the entire rush was merely, as Parks Canada historian David Neufeld puts it, “a wild weekend party that came and, thankfully, left.”

⾦  Cruise ships now bring cheechakos to Bennett from Japan, Sweden and beyond, most of them not expecting to find a Trump franchise. “Believe me, we didn’t come to see that,” says Gary Graff, a visitor from Kentucky. “We’re grateful that Canadians even let us into the country, given the man in the executive mansion.” The region also attracts cross-country skiers to the Buckwheat Ski Classic, an annual race that began with the explicit purpose of luring beautiful women in the winter.

⾦  Bennett’s national historic site protects plants as exotic as the Northern Bastard Toadflax, and the town has only one resident, a Tlingit woman who maintains her family’s trap line. She lives up the shore from the Arctic Hotel reconstruction project, where artifacts still lie on the lawns—a shriveled mattress spring; a women’s salmon-colored shoe

⾦  I don't believe this will become a hot spot of travel on TripAdvisor or the AAA 


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